Outtake #1

*Due to the massive confusion over access, we have decided to release the outtakes into the wild. The Lounge will remain a special space for our Epilogue series and Special.*

This one’s for Priya – Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

K & I hope it was an occasion filled with the joy of family and the gifts of friends.

And here’s a little extra time spent with Ponytailed Parrot & the Audacious Flirt!

*Prior to poolside scene*

NK: Khushi has left the building

Aman: You work fast.

NK: That’s why I’m your brother’s right hand man.

Aman: If I didn’t know for a fact you two bang women, I would seriously question your relationship.

NK: Crudely put, but point made.

Aman: What now?

NK: Robbie mentioned she packed a bag… swimwear included.

Aman: Goddammit! Am I the only one who is going without?

NK: Didn’t the traditional saree clue you in? It’s as loud as a schoolgirl’s uniform.

Aman: I’ll bet they put out.

NK: The friend in me is inclined to inform you that I save all our texts. The avenging blackmailer is fucking gleeful.

Aman: It’s not like Anjali doesn’t know what she’s signing up for.

NK: Women are strange, mate. No telling what shit will give them a wild hair. Considering your prior occupation as a man whore, I’m surprised you don’t know that by now.

Aman: Shit.

NK: Yep.

Aman: That Victoria’s Secret model’s number you been wanting – should I text it over?

NK: Nope.

Aman: Like that is it?

NK: What else you got? Otherwise, Anjali is going to have some interesting reading on her wedding night.

Aman: Take that back! Any longer and I’ll be a candidate for Canonization.

NK: Tick. Tock.

Aman: Fucker. Fine. You can have the Mets opening game tickets.

NK: Good man.


5 minutes later

Aman: You coming?

NK: On my way.

Aman: Right. Just got off the phone with Hale. We’re good… You think she’s the bikini type?


“Good morning, Mr. Raizada, Mr. Ryan.” Evan Hale greeted the duo as soon as they stepped into the lobby. As AR Hotel’s head manager he had been privy to many events involving the Raizada brothers, but this weekend was proving more interesting than most.

“Evan, good to see you. Thank you for rearranging your schedule to accommodate us.”

“No trouble, Mr. Raizada.”

“Aman, please. Save Mr. Raizada for my brother.” Aman replied with a wide grin.

“Of course. Do you require anything, or shall we proceed straight to security?”

“Just have the kitchen send up two breakfast specials.”

“Excellent. Right this way, gentlemen.”

He turned and led them down several corridors, finally stopping before a steel entrance. With a few quick strokes and the press of his thumb over the blinking keypad, the door slid open.

Entering the windowless space, they were greeted by five dozen CCTV monitors covering different angles of the lobby, the kitchens, the restaurants, the shops, and every major hallway. The screens filled up two entire walls, each with a recorder directly beneath. The main console was a colorful board of buttons and knobs, including a direct line to the NYPD, to whom they paid a mint to keep on call for emergencies.

The entire surveillance system was virtually integrated, automatically sending out daily status reports to management and a summarized weekly report directly to Arnav’s cellphone.

Aman studied the screens until he located the four covering the aerie.

“Can we get sound?”

The security guard flipped a switch and the muffled din of lapping water came through.

“Excellent, how long do we keep the feeds?” he asked the guard.

“Usually two weeks sir, after which if there are no incidents, they’re erased.”

“Good, I want you to turn off the recording of the pool area while we’re here.”

“But, sir!” Evan looked horrified. “Mr. Raizada has made it very clear….”

“Yes, well this Mr. Raizada will take full responsibility. And I don’t want it mentioned. To anyone. Are we clear?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good, now go take an early lunch break.”

“But… ” Evan’s skin was now tinged with a pale green.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do if anything comes up,” NK assured him.

Aman plopped himself down on a chair after NK literally forced the guards and their distressed manager out of the room.

He grinned at NK, “The things we do for family.”

“I consider this overtime and will bill your brother accordingly.”


“Fuck! Is it wrong that I’m turned on?”

“Fuck me, all I see is red. Wet… red…..”

“Lucky bastard. Damn, I suddenly have a taste for cherry.”


“Do you think it’s bad for the body to take so many cold showers?”

“There are actually quite a few benefits.”

“Besides the obvious, what benefits?”

“It increases alertness, improves immunity, stimulates weight loss, eases stress, and speeds up muscle recovery.”

“Well, hell.”

“Yep, and while we’re on the topic…”

“Go on Dr. Ryan.”

“Well, turns out there’s no actual science to back up the idea that a cold shower will cool down your libido.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“Nope. In fact it’s known to vastly increase testosterone production”

“Motherfucking Hollywood.”

“Can’t just believe what you see on screen.”

“What the hell do I use now?”

“Might want to look into chaste tree berry.”

“The what?!”

“Also known as ‘monk’s pepper’, it’s like a supplement. Used since the Middle Ages and has proven over time to be effective in combating a high sex drive.”

“How the hell do you know this shit?”

“Never know what life will throw at you, my pa believed a man needs to be prepared.”

“Wise man.”

“He always thought so.”


“They done?”

“Just carried her to the men’s bath.”

“I’m demanding a raise Monday morning. Need to invest in fucking chaste tree berry.”

“If Arnav ever finds out what we did, you’ll be eating it with testicle soup.”

“Aren’t you just the bearer of glad tidings.”

“Just covering our bases.”

“Hell… you’ll at least get me canonized won’t you?”

“You can bet your trust fund on it, mate.”



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124 thoughts on “Outtake #1

  1. OMG!!!!! LOLzzzzz. 😀
    The first thing i did today morning was pick up my phone and check the notification for the first outtake. Imagine my sheer delight when I read, it was a bday gift for me!!! And what a Parrotlicious update. I was laughing like crazy and clapping my hands in glee. My Arnav is now certain i hv officially gone bonkers!!! But hey, HE fell for me all those years ago. He knew what he had signed up for. So he really doesn’t have much choice. 😛

    Coming to the outtake S, my Birdie and Flirty are nuts but real gems, one a true friend in need and the other always looking out for his brother.
    How does Arnav being an ass most of the time manage to get the very best people in his life, I wonder. He has NK, Aman, Khushi as his girl and now even Robbie likes him. I guess this makes up for an agonising childhood and his dark past.

    My comment is still incomplete. Posting in parts, cos typing and editing from a phone and sending it over a very slow net connection is quite frustrating.

    1. Your poor Arnav, but yep, the man knew what he signed on for 😉
      Although…. that was pre-Parrot and Mr. Flirt 😀

      Robbie’s approval is VERY tentative.
      Don’t forget, he only has three strikes, and one is already used up!

  2. My fav parts

    Aman: If I didn’t know for a fact you two bang women, I would seriously question your relationship.

    NK: Women are strange, mate. No telling what shit will give them a wild hair. Considering your prior occupation as a man whore, I’m surprised you don’t know that by now.

    NK my mate, since the dawn of history we women have known exactly what guys want. Even neanderthal gals read a guy like an open book. Whereas you guys still can’t figure out women? You still find us mysterious!?! I mean centuries of evolution didn’t have any effect on your species? Hayee re nandkisore!!

    “I consider this overtime and will bill him accordingly.”

    Wow…. he’s having the cake and eating it too!!! And it’s my birthday!

    “Can’t just believe what you see on screen.”

    I have always doubted the potency of cold showers. 😉

    “If Arnav ever finds out what we did, you’ll be eating it with testicle soup.”

    They are certified nuts. 😀

  3. I can’t thank you enough. U made my day. Both u gals, between work deadlines, term papers, family and friends you take time out to write, with meticulous details may I add and then u spin something so funny as a bday gift for one of your reader friends. I am blessed and a lil teary eyed 🙂

    All I wish on my birthday is a lifetime of health and happiness for the both of u. May u get everything u ever wished for. May everyday be filled with love of family and friends.

    Bye Girls. Thank u once again.

    1. You have been such a wonderful companion on this writing journey of ours.
      I’m glad we were able to add an extra dash of good cheer on your special day ^^

      Thank you for your wishes, the sweetness and sincerity.
      Here’s a toast to finding good friends in most unexpected places 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Priya! 🙂

    Now on to the duo, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. 🙂 What a treat to us! Thank you ladies, such a wonderful tease you two are. 🙂 This was my fav:

    “How the hell do you know this shit?”

    “Never know what life will throw at you, my pa believed a man needs to be prepared.”

    A bit sentimental, a bit crazy, a bit obnoxious, a bit nosy = a whole lot of NK and Aman! Enjoyed it thoroughly. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Priya!

    (Hey babes – I’m expecting a mega WALA dedication on my birthday :D)

    Where to start with this update. hahaha
    Chaste tree berry? How do you guys come up with these?!
    Taking out the Arshi factor, this story will be among my favorites simply for this wonderful duo you’ve created.
    They are so over the top, yet so sincere, how can anyone help but adore them?

    Like Priya mentioned in her above comment – Arnav is damn lucky to have these two guys in his life.
    I hope all the outtakes will be this lighthearted and fun to read.
    But honestly, whatever you two wanna throw at us, I’ll happily read it. 🙂

    1. Blink
      What birthday? My brain is murky of such details 😛

      I feel so lucky as a new writer. One reason I’ve baulked at writing FFs is out of fear that readers won’t accept new characters or the change in dynamics. Yet, S & I have been blessed with an incredible group of people who not only GET us, you gals cheer us on in the most heartwarming way. Cannot ask for more. ^^

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes Priya….and what a treat to have…… 🙂
    These girls do go for the kill….
    NK and Aman are the fantastic duo… a devoted friend. and .a devoted brother ….well as they said if Arnav knew the extend of thier dedictaion to go out of the way …..
    well i did wonder about the cherry refernce from Aman and now i get it……

    1. If we don’t engage or slay you, we are failing at our endeavor ^^

      Continuity is a big thing for me. After we finish an update, we do our best to comb over the other chapters to make sure it all makes sense. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Manpreet. I did have a good one and the warm and sincere wishes from all of you made it even better. I am grateful for the love and friendship that is so utterly genuine and profound that it transcends geographical boundries and distances.
      Thank you S and K for creating this lovely space and introducing me to so many wonderful friends. 🙂

  7. Coming onto my comment:

    I read this. Then re-read this. And I’m desperately looking for your clues!

    But I don’t think I have cracked anything :/

    Here are my thoughts nonetheless:

    1. NK and Aman know Arnav intimately. A bit too intimately. It’s borderline obsessive behaviour! Whereas I can appreciate their little escapade in the CCTV room, it does make me wonder how much else these two can manipulate for their or others benefits. Do the lines of morality blur for them or not? That is the fundamental question for me

    2. chaste tree berry is known to increase libido in many instances. And also helps with PMS moods and pains – is this the red herring??


    1. Manreet – HA! Ok you missed the hidden clue (although reading back myself, it’s so vague we shouldn’t have mentioned it – it’ll pop out after Night #6), but exposed our plans for a running joke with the chaste berries! =p

  8. Happy belated birthday Priya….I think I am too late for wishing you but the first one to wish you a merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. Thank you, Rani. Am truly overwhelmed by all the wonderful wishes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too. <3

  9. Gosh it was funny and crazy. Aman doubting NK & Arnav was very funny. But I must say anyone can mistake them if not for their known interest in women. 😛 😉
    I love NK blackmailing Aman. It’s nice to see them always teasing and pulling each others leg.
    I wonder what will happen if Arnav comes to know that they not only took care of the cameras but saw too. Anyways Arnav is surely lucky to have found such loving and caring people in his life.

    1. The bromance is just so easy to write! Seriously, if time permitted we would be doing endless Outtakes =p

      Arnav did find out – at the beginning of Night #5, but they were saved by Khushi’s presence 🙂

  10. These two are deliciously insane, certifiable in fact 😀
    Ok, I think I picked up on your hint, after waiting for everyone to guess and reading your response to aquagal01… Arnav already found out about this trip to security room…
    So, I think at the end you are hinting that Aman and NK is responsible for something, and if Arnav finds out about it, he will lose his temper. Connecting it with Shyam’s poem… it’s Aman’s masterplan.

    Am I reading too much into it or did I hit the mark?

  11. They both had the cheek to watch the live feed! They are surely in for it if Arnav finds out.
    But it was really sweet of them to have checked the cameras and protecting Khushi and Arnav’s privacy!

  12. Firstly, thanks for the invite.

    Secondly, you gals come up with the most wonderful of passwords… the security code for Arnav’s door… very close to my birthday… but luckily (or unfortunately) at this moment in time, 69 is not popular!

    Loved the conversation between the two gentlemen… ehem.. ehem… but so wonderful of them to be at the back of Arnav in protecting him, since Arnav did not even remember about the cctv until after the fact… and their conversation… I did find it a bit cuckoo upon reading one of the Nights chapter how Arnav and NK share partners… lol..

    1. I told K this password is a guarantee for everyone to easily remember!
      Stick around, we like to throw surprise birthday parties around here. 😉

      Well… they didn’t share at the same time lol. Although… if someone was to hit on Khushi… I think Arnav’s green monster is quite vicious 😀

  13. Oh my God! Though when i read the chapter, i had a hunch that those 2 saw wat happened. But now i know for sure. Oh my God? I cant imagine being in khushis place.. It must be soo embarrassing..

    1. They are coming from the position of being protective. A video footage leakage of such a private moment would capture a lot of internet attention not to mention $$$.

  14. Aman and Nk, love the bromance between those two, man its price less … love the way they always look out for Arnav and NW also khusi. “Fuck! Is it wrong that I’m turned on?”“Fuck me, all I see is red. Wet… red…..”“Lucky bastard. Damn, I suddenly have a taste for cherry.”… I swear those line got me lmao :p p.s tnx for the invite again girls:)

  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp!!! I got in, I got in!!!! I would have danced around and made a whole lotta noise but I’m down with fever so, maybe some other time ya!

    First off, I wanna thank you two for granting me access to the lounge so soon! I was all ready to be given access only after I had commented on all the chapters of FWN but to get it so soon has me over the moon!

    Great pic of the awesome twosome re! Makes it easy to visualize all that. LOL I loved the names “Ponytailed Parrot & Audacious Flirt”. Also about the password, I remember one of you saying somewhere that it is impossible to be forgotten 😉 and now that I know it I sure as heck aint gonna forget it! 😀

    Gawd, bromance between the boss and the secretary! Won’t be the first time I have heard of THAT 😛

    They are naughty boys, I’ll give you that!

    The conversation about cold showers and their benefits had me ROFL. And Aman and Canonization really cracked me up! Boy I’m so glad that I got to read this, this is a laugh riot dude! Now I know where to go if I need a pick-me-up when I’m in one of my moods.

    Thanks darlings!

  16. Pony tailed Parrot and Audacious Flirt?? How do you come up with this stuff? It was hilarious and helped fill a few gaps in the story. I understand it better. I might have to read it all over again 🙂

  17. Hmmm im loving this bromance between aman and nk, but watching your brother being intimate with a girl who going to be you SIL is really NOT RIGHT…. and they are getting turned on! OMG, dont know where to put my face! Is Khushi finds out that they were watching….red will be through anger not blushing!

  18. I was pleasantly surprised to see a mail announcing my VIP entry!! I was thrilled to read the contents and can’t thank you enough girls… I had missed reading the outtakes… but did not bother much… because I didn’t know what it contained. What I was dreading the most was missing out on the epilogue…. but when I read through the Outtakes…. gosh I had a hard time controlling my laughter… as much as the password to the VIP Lounge had me in splits!! 🙂

    Thank you is all I can say to have included me in your list of specials and given me a peek into this bromance… gosh!! These two men-ladies…. that is what I imagine them as, could give a tough time to the best of girlfriends…. If you think that only girls gossip… only girls dream of happy endings… only girls spill out their entire secrets… then these two prove it completely wrong. Their bro-code of conduct is hilarious and I am just glad Arnav has these two by his side, to keep him grounded and happy.

    Muah to you’ll!!

  19. This is so much fun. I almost died laughing when I heard NK mention the advantages of a cold bath and how to combat a high sex drive. Poor poor Aman … hope anjali has some pity on him sooner than later.
    I wouldn’t mind having such hilarious, sexy guys as my best friends. If nothing else, I could still watch them every day;)

  20. Ok this rates LAUGH OUT LOUD… not just LOL. The things we do for love…. the sacrifices we make. This was a true example of that. I rolled on the floor. And I am going to google, what was it? Tree Berry? Oh yeah Chaste Tree Berry… went back and checked. How do you come up with this stuff? Loved it.

  21. I really love Nk and Aman’s characters! No matter how many problems may be going on, these two never fail to make me laugh 🙂

  22. I would like to thank you for the invite. Reading the convo between these two made me laugh. I enjoyed these two crazy guys dialogues. Lucky Arnav having such friends.

  23. Oh god! You guys are hilarious…you have me clutching my tummy in pain, I am laughing so hard.

    NK and Aman are the best. Who else would clear the way for you, so to speak, but they also know how to have fun, hehe.

    Could NK be my personal trainer…I firmly believe I’ll have a much better…muscle tone, if he was. Yep. Muscle tone. That’s the story I am sticking with.

  24. INSANE! THIS IS EFFING INSANE….. I cant stop laughing

    I should have read this before Night 6 I guess. Damn me! I am an unlucky lady :/

    But hell, Aman and NK are going to be the death of mine. Hahaha….. Seriously the things they do for Arnav. That Lucky jerk! He’s got such devoted people around him yet he is oblivious to it. God! I cant believe this !

    Was Aman doubting on their gender? Bwahahahahaha….. Kya bolun ab ! I am speechless…

    S & K you entertain us so so much that I think just a comment isn’t enough. How I wish I could pay you in a much valuable way 😀

    But anyone’s biggest gift is ‘Love’ and so am giving my ‘Love’ for the both of you. Hope you wouldn’t mind accepting it 🙂

  25. Gosh I wish I had this access when I was reading this..I was going bonkers not knowing the inner story..:)..still will now read everything from the beginning..nothing like that right..thank you ladies…love you..

  26. Thank you for giving me access to the Outtakes………was pleasantly surprised and cannot express my happiness for giving me entry…………hilarious convo………..love both NK and Aman……..they understand Arnav so well and do so much for him…………they love Arnav and are ready to do anything to keep him happy……..finally he is with his happiness……….beautifully written…….

  27. They, hmm…. watched, uhhh… listened! I have the ability to apparently wipe my memory clean… or it could be the aforementioned advancing age… but this part had completely escaped my recollection… Now the odd reference to cherry in the previous chapter makes sense… Now if I remember correctly (really?) Khushi never found out… But wouldn’t it have been interesting if she had… That T*** soup might have been seasoned with some mighty interesting stuff.

    This Outtake made my eyes moist ( and don’t you dare make the obvious comment ) thinking about the solidarity of this mini ( ok not so mini ) brotherhood… The sacrifices they were willing to make…

    You know I am not going to become cliched and ask you how you came up with this stuff… Just one question though… How did you come up with this stuff?

    1. Some things… you gotta keep it between the boys 😉
      Lol I love reading these reaction posts from you. And I’m glad you’re also finding enjoyment in a second reading.

      We are avid readers and consumers of entertainment. FWN suffers?benefits? from many influences. Also, I come from a very large family and K’s network of friends is wide and varied. There are many shades of male within our trio! 😀

  28. hahahaha this is hilarious! I love the bromance between these two! NK and Aman are the coolest friends and the sweetest characters ever! The love they have for Arnav is just so mesmerizing! cant wait to read other outtakes! 😀

  29. this is hilarious.the men know how to have fun! watching… or listening.. they found it as hot as us!! i do hope cold showers work though! especially for aman….

  30. Haha well.. thankfully, unlike others, I got the access not when I was too faraway.. So glad to know that! And gosh what do we have here.! Damn holy hell.. it was a definite laugh riot.. though a little over insane on the part of these two crazy lily pots! What the! Yes I would really love to see if Arnav proceeds this convo with these two.. where will they land up? On the floor? Or on the tree hanging? I am still not over this update.. Gosh what an outtake it was! Thanks a ton, for adding me! 🙂 now off to my nights! 😀

  31. The things they do for Arnav!! But LOL.. They actually watched the whole thing!?! And Arnav knew about that?!? Man the bond these three share is on a different level altogether. 🙂
    And may I say, my respect for Aman grew after this. God knows how he managed to stay celibate with all the happenings around him. 😀 And how the hell did Aman and Anjali happen? I want to know their story.. May be a separate shot or two? 😉

  32. Thanx for the access… Aman and NK are a bit creepy here but definitely funny. Now I know why I found anjilli tolerable in this story? It’s bcz of the delightful character she’s associated to… Aman.

  33. First of all, thank you guys for access! I’ll try my best to do justice to the honor.

    Second of all, THE BROMANCE CONTINUES!
    NK to Aman: “We are best friends. Always remember that if you fall, I’ll pick you up… After I finish laughing my ass off.”
    This quote is so apt for their friendship.

    For such an ass, Arnav has some dedicated people in his life: His employees (who would be reluctant to go on an early lunch break?? not me, for sure!), NK (who is definitely more than just a PA), and Aman (an interfering brother determined to make sure Arnav gets his happily ever after). And soon Khushi and Robbie will join the club. Lucky bastard.

    Is there anything NK doesn’t know or can’t do? I’m beginning to have a small case of hero worship for this guy..

    Poor Khush! She would be so traumatized if she ever found out what these two did. A bit creepy, but I understand the necessity. The lengths these two are willing to go… It’s above and beyond. I love this threesome bromance. It may just be my favorite part of this story.

    Much love,

    P.S. Do cold showers really stimulate weight loss?

    P.P.S. It’s very difficult to pick a favorite. You ladies have given me too many things to love!

    P.P.P.S. Trying to pace myself so that I won’t be high and dry waiting for CC, but it’s so difficult!

    1. To answer that first P.S. Yes! Cold showers are a boon to your health, stimulates weight loss, great for your pores and keeps your hair shiny and static free. 😀

  34. Ha, ha,ha…..
    Let me catch my breath!

    Thank you for giving me access. I love you two moon and back.

    Is chaste berry tree for real? Loved these two.

  35. Ha….ha…top stuff, missed it first time around. Btw….chaste tree berry…really ? Cannot believe these guys had a ‘show’…wow ! Arnav will definitely have their balls for his next meal if he learns of it…I suppose.

  36. Just read this!! That was so much fun.. Lol .. I like these two! Nice buffers for the intense Alpha. Ok let me get back to reading 🏃🏻

  37. This was epic ! XD The things that one do for family indeed. The bros certainly saved a certain Raizada and his lady love from painful embarrassment. Arnav has fallen too deep and fast, so much so that the famous control and shaatir dimaag vanish at just the sight of Khushi.

    These men – you make them so real but also with such delightful qualities that its easy to put them on a pedestal. And now that I have, I think there’s very very little they can try and do, to bring themselves down from that position. Oh what would we do without the bromance!

    Aman-the admirable abstainer, and that too for a year long, that’s like time immemorial in his dictionary, isn’t it ? Certainly award worthy. But one never knows, Anjali might reward him heavily. What more can the man ask for? 😉

    NK – he’s got himself a fan! 🙂

    1. Wait until you reach the second half of FWN. That’s when most of our ladies jumped ship from Arnav to NK 😀 By the end you are expected to tell us your choice between the three men!

  38. yyyiiieeeppiiiieeeè……
    have i ever said that I LOVE U GUYS…!!
    Thanku soooo much for access…!!

    outtake 1
    Gosh… I never thought boys can share such great raport.. NK and Aman are awesommee…❤
    Even their cuss looks sexxy as hell..
    so much they do for Arnav yaa..
    loveeed it…!!!

  39. chaste berry tree?! How do you guys know stuff like that? Well, at least now I’m little more educated 😉

    I love love love their bromance, It was hilarious! It’s hard to pick between NK and Aman, both are my favorites. You know its easy to make people hate a character but make people love a character that is not the main lead? That’s tough but you guys rocked it!

    All of us ladies swooning at the delicious goodness. named (NK, Aman and Arnav).

  40. This was epic! 😂😂😂 They watched it, seriously?! The things these two do for Arnav. I love their bromance. And it is absolutely amazing that these too pit so much thought about Arnav and Khushi’s privacy. Well, NK should definitely demand a hike in pay. Both should be awarded for remaining sane watching these two romance. 😅
    I knew the fact that cold showers elevate sexual drive unlike the common belief but didn’t know about the other good effects, especially weight loss.
    Chaste berry tree??! New information to me.


    Ofcourse if I was in Arnav and Khushis place I would hit them with a chappal (or maybe more than 1 chappal) but right now, they are completely in our favour and I’m lovinnnng it! What an awesome twosome NK and Aman are!

  42. Mind blowing outtake.
    Really Dr ryan has a fantastic knowledge and teaching aman really.
    Can’t imagine what will have happened if that guard was not sent out.
    Haha can’t imagine with all the hot passion at pool and NK gayan what that man has to learn.lol😄😄😄

  43. I have almost jumped ship to Aman from Arnav . Having said that all 3 men are
    Beautiful (odd way to describe men ,I Know ,yet I find it so apt.
    Right from the start I I was ROFL – poor poor ‘man whore’ having to be celibate for a year & NK is right Anjali is not going to put out till the wedding night
    The peeping toms had a field watching Arnav in action -serve them right if they were left high & dry , :))) hoping & waiting for Arnav’s reaction ,and finally Nk comes up with the merits of cold showers and Monks pepper being the better Antidote.
    How the hell did you two girls conceive these 3 ?

  44. “If I didn’t know for a fact you two bang women, I would seriously question your relationship.” xD xD Oh God I’m dead
    That was hilarious; I mean what can we expect from NK and Aman around “Red. Wet.. red.. ” :3
    And that last dialogue about cold showers xD I’ve been living a lie for years (not that I ever put it to use or anything 😉 ), but reading stories won’t be the same from now on. :3

  45. They watchedArnav and Khushi?Oh My! If Khushi knew they put up a peep show for Arnav’s brothers she would die.

  46. thank you sooooo much for finally giving me the acess!!! Loved the update.. The bromance between the two is next level.. Poor Khushi.. Arnav will be furious if he comes to know!!!!

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