Outtake #2

6 months 2 weeks 4 days prior to New Year’s Eve

Aman: I’ve found Happiness.

NK: I know.

Aman: I mean I’ve found the One.

NK: I know. Fuck man, no need to rub it in.

Aman: Not my one, Arnav’s one.

NK: ?

Aman: When you get back from the Tokyo conference, I need you to stop by Kumar’s Catering on the Lower East Side.

NK: Need I mention the disaster of the last two?

Aman: Did I preface the last two with The One? She’s it.

NK: Why?

Aman: There’s this indescribable sense of certitude. She’s incongruously familiar on the mind.

NK: How the hell did you get a nickname like Shark, when you’re fit for the theater?

Aman: What is the courtroom, but another stage?

NK: Fine. You have the benefit of doubt. Tell me about her.

Aman: Gracious of you. You know how you sound? Like my brother. And the world could do without two ASRs.

NK: Noted. Well?

Aman: She’s a new waitress for the diner.

NK: Are you out of your fucking mind?

Aman: Since when did you turn into such a snob?

NK: It’s not about being a snob. The vultures who circle him would eat her alive.

Aman: I have admissible evidence that proves otherwise. She may look like a kitten, but a lioness lurks. Just go and take a look.

NK: Why am I held responsible for the burden of proof when you’re the lawyer.

Aman: The necessity of checks and balances.

NK: What’s her name?

Aman: Happiness.

NK: Are you shitting me?

Aman: Want an affidavit?


6 months 2 weeks prior to New Year’s Eve

NK: Pretty. Ok, I get the fuck me eyes.

Aman: Check out the ass.

NK: Seriously?

Aman: A gentleman appreciates beauty wherever he sees it.

NK: Did you get that from Dapper Decorum?

Aman: I see you also follow their Twitter. Brilliant kids.

NK: With a handful of followers.

Aman: Imagine when they’re discovered. We’re ahead of the mass.


6 months prior to New Year’s Eve

NK: I’m a 6’4” man dressed as a homeless street person and she just came right up to me to ask if I had enough money for the subway. She’s insane.

Aman: Which makes her fucking perfect.


5 months 3 weeks prior to New Year’s Eve

NK: Had one of our guys drop a wallet full of cash in front of her yesterday. She just handed it back, not even a dollar missing.

Aman: Hell, I would’ve taken a dollar.


5 months prior to New Year’s Eve

NK: Fuck me. She just paid for my coffee with her tip money.

Aman: Meet me at Gramercy, 8 sharp.

NK: This a date?

Aman: You paying?

NK: Nope.

Aman: Then, no.


Gramercy Tavern, New York

Aman looked at NK expectantly across the stately leaflet table of Gramercy’s private dining room. “Well?”

“I’ll call Chet, we’ll dig.”



“Pull the usual employee’s background check, but that’s it.”


Aman leaned back in his chair, studying the rustic chandelier and wood-beamed ceiling  thoughtfully. He gave the same perusal to the amber tumbler in front of him. Minutes later, he picked it up, throwing back the entire content of bourbon before answering.

“Arnav was fourteen when we first came to New York. The first thing he did was go to the mill with our uncle. When I was fourteen, I was enrolled in the best local high school and playing varsity soccer. Every evening we would both come home at seven covered in sweat, mine from practice, his from labor. After dinner, I plowed through my homework assignments, and then spent the rest of the evening on the phone with some girl.”

“Where are you going with this?”

“I need this off my chest NK. And fuck, besides you I don’t trust anybody to not go to the nearest media outlet and vomit all this back to some reporter.”

“As long as you know I consider this overtime.”

“Dammit asshole, I’m spilling my guts here!”

NK’s expression turned serious. “Go on.”

“We still shared a room then. I woke up one night, it was close to one am, and Arnav was hunched over the desk, pouring over my assignments. He was so engrossed he didn’t even hear me. The next morning, everything was stacked just as I left them. All throughout high school he did it. I never asked him about it since he took pains to hide it. For years I never gave it much thought, until he came home three years ago after speaking at the graduation ceremony.”


“Yeah. It’s something to be proud of, but he looked at the framed diploma with such acrimony. He tossed it behind some drawer, but he kept the shirt. You know what I saw beneath that bitterness? Yearning. And it clicked then. He would’ve given anything to have earned it. Instead I got an Ivy League education, he paid for.”

“He doesn’t expect-”

“That’s just it. He doesn’t expect. Why the fuck not? He should. He’s one of the most influential men in the world and yet, he has shit to show for it. He’s always been more father than brother. He’s strong. Jesus so strong mentally, nothing could knock him down. But dammit NK, Arnav isn’t living. And I’ve had my head so far up my ass, I didn’t see it. His first million came at 24. He sweated blood for it. Mine was deposited into a bank without fanfare the day I turned 21. Handed to me on a fucking platter! He’s trained himself to have zero expectations from all us. If Nani presents him with an arranged marriage he’ll do it for her. Well fuck that. I’m also a Raizada and damned if I will let him make this sacrifice too.”

“You’re …different. This Anjali’s influence?”

“A woman, the right one, points your compass in the right direction.”

“I get all that, but why don’t you want a look into this girl?”

“Because a girl named Khushi must be a sign right?”

“Logically? No. And from the standpoint of a lawyer, it’s suicide.”

“What of the standpoint of a human being? Does being a lawyer or a businessman take us out of the running? When did we become so cynical?”

“It’s called being cautious.”

“I want a woman who’s fiery enough to breathe him back to life. Thaw that frozen organ he calls a heart. Hell sometimes I don’t know if he’s alive. He operates like a fucking robot. There’s a man beneath that. It’s selfish, but I want my brother back. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

Aman paused as a server entered the room to refill their drinks.

“Sometimes, it’s sheer dumb luck. Like finding a woman who’s pretty, but not pretentious, someone who with a little effort could take a man to his knees, but doesn’t play the games. She’s soft, you’ve seen it, but there’s a backbone behind it. We are so dependent on each other; you know she’s taking on all of us. I don’t want any prejudice on our part. I’m going to love her, NK, because she’s going to give him what he needs.”

“And what’s that?”


“Why now?”

“All my life I just stood by and took from him. Hell it wasn’t until I looked through Anjali’s eyes that I really saw my reflection. The man in the mirror… he shamed me. Youth passed him by and now life is passing him by. The fuck I’ll let love pass him by as well. He’s overdue.”

“He doesn’t share your sentiment.”

“He may have delivered that first million on his own, but I had a hand in amassing our current net worth. And it wasn’t done by going against my instincts. I could be wrong, but hell I need to bet on something more substantial than AR’s general ledger. So we do a criminal background check, not doing so would be senseless, but otherwise we accept her at face value.”

“What of skeletons? We’ve always operated on the principle of better safe than sorry.”

“Everyone has secrets. Anjali and I lasted because she took on mine, and trusted me with hers. An expiration date for a relationship depends on how many secrets the couple shares and how much they trust each other with those secrets.”

“Fuck me. Aman, the romantic, who knew?”

“Oh your turn will come and then we’ll see. I think a dreamer will do for you.”

“What would I do with a dreamer?” NK scoffed.

“If Arnav is ice then you’re a fucking rock. You’re so glued to the ground with your practicality it’s a wonder the sky isn’t foreign to you. A girl with dreams tucked in her heart is a good balance.”

At NK’s stare, Aman grinned.

“Hell it’s greedy, but I want it all for us. What do we have to show for the last six years, but a neat row of numbers in the bank and a series of forgettable lays more interested in our greens than anything else? Best night of my life was a bare faced Anjali in some seriously ugly frog pjs telling me she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the bad boy, but she loves the good man beneath.”

“She sure dug deep for that,” NK raised his drink in toast.

“It took more than a shovel,” Aman agreed readily, clinking glass against glass.

Placing his emptied tumbler down, NK gave Aman a raised eyebrow, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

“Robert Burns wasn’t a lawyer from Princeton… and are you really going to side with a Scot poet from the 1700s?”

“Arnav is not going to like being manipulated.”

“We aren’t manipulating anything… just engineering a desired outcome.”

At NK’s skeptical look, Aman exploded.

“He lives in grey while he gives those around him colors; he’s due an explosion of fireworks. From now on, I plan to be his equal. And if I have to fight him, I will. And if I have to fight you, I’m ready for that too.”

NK studied Aman, an unusual gleam in his eyes, “You’re a good man, Aman Singh Raizada”

“I’ve walked amongst the best. Now, you in?”

“All in, mate.”


3 months prior to New Year’s Eve

From: nk.ryan@arcorps.com

To: arnav.raizada@arcorps.com

Bcc: aman.raizada@arcorps.com

Subject: Vendor approval list for NY’s party

Arnav: Kumar’s Catering? We’ve never used them before.

NK: They came highly recommended.

Arnav: You vetted them?

NK: Personally.

Arnav: Fine. Send them the contract.



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130 thoughts on “Outtake #2

  1. I understand Arnav.

    His need to protect his own with everything he can, whilst slowly diminishing his own desires in the face of a more favourable outcome for his family is a sentiment I admire greatly.

    He is a man so habituated to living for others he doesn’t know what it means to live anymore, and that his brother is so determined to give him a new lease of life makes him and his partner in crime taken I respect greatly.

    It is interesting the depth to which they researched Arnav’s happiness and yet held back from delving too deep

    “Everyone has secrets. Anjali and I lasted it because she took on mine, and trusted me with hers. An expiration date for a relationship depends on how many secrets the couple shares and how much they trust each other with those secrets.”

    But Khushi’s secrets have the potential to cause the fireworks Aman isn’t expecting. Don’t they? Xx

    1. One technique I really enjoy is revealing aspects of the main character through another. It gives it another layer and POV to ponder. Glad you honed in on the tidbits that makes Arnav the man he is.

      You know by now our fondness for fireworks 😉

      We are the worst editors ever, so let’s not call attention to proof reading. After draft #5000 you just want to hit the damn publish button 😀

  2. Answers a lot of my questions! 🙂 Thank you ladies. 😀 I love how protective and loving Aman & NK are of Arnav. I know a lot of us have said this many a times before but this insight into how Khushi was “engineered into Arnav’s life as Serendipity” gives us an in-depth insight about not only what makes Aman & NK who they are but also gives us a hint of what makes Arnav “ASR”.

    I am really looking forward to Night #7 now, have a feeling it will show us the remainder of the skeletons around our pair-lead, our ArShi. 🙂

    1. We know people were beginning to question our sanity on the bromance side of things. 😀 Do point out plot holes to us. From our outline, we are fairly confident that we have a tight little story, but you know, writers often exist in this cushy bubble. Raise the red flags, we love you for it!

      If there was time, I could go chapters upon chapters about the dichotomy of Arnav v. ASR. But alas, we have to make do.

      I’m half excited, half nervous about presenting N #7… lol it’s such a cluterfuck. 😀

  3. Aman discovered a treasure for Arnav…his own happiness. …for all the sacrifices arnav made for his family Aman felt the need to do something for Arnav so that he too had a life beyond living for others….
    They did test her….her honesty…her empathy. ..

    1. Beauty too 😉
      K & I are both in love with the name Khushi and Arnav…. I think that is blatantly obvious. It just makes delicious fodder for storytelling and metaphors.

  4. K & S, ……Brillianly written !! Absolutely loved it. 😊😊 Loved the bonding between Aman, NK and how passionate they were in looking after Arnav’s interest and needs. The lengths that they went to test khushi, NK being a homeless man, having a full wallet thrown in front shows how important it was that khushi doesn’t turn out to be a gold digger. Those two plotted and planned so well that I felt like saying awwww, so sweet !! 😊😊 Clearly they love Arnav and I loved that line when Aman says that Arnav is “overdue” on love !! I just hope that khushi doesn’t have skeletons in her closet that can make Arnav have trust issues !!

    1. It’s 50/50 at this point isn’t it? Who’s gonna eff up on ‘the night’? 😀

      I’ll be honest. Our original sketch of Aman and NK were not nearly so in depth. Yes, they were important to the story, but this version is truly the product of the peanut gallery. 🙂

  5. can I go back and change the vote on fav character?😄. Thanks for the insight into the brothers’ past n for clearing up how Aman got Khushi for Arnav. loved the witty dialogues. At least Arnav will have Aman n Nk by his side, I’m fearing his heart is gonna be broken very soon…

  6. First of all thank you so very much for the access n now about outtake so Aman wants his brother to live a normal life like others n thinks khusi perfect as she will balance his life as right now he is just living like a robot but Aman wants his brother to live n enjoy like him n have a life partner who will be with him through thick n thin.I just love their bonding n the way they are trying to help Arnav to lead his life normal.

    1. I have a very close knit family. And K’s family is … … invested in her life would be a good choice. lol
      This sort of interfering behavior isn’t strange to us. Although, we realize it may come off weird to others. In the end, most family members wants your happiness. How they go about it… well, its what makes people so interesting and unique! 😀

  7. After this outtake, I began reading from the very beginning. Explained many things which earlier I had found out of place, weird, immoral even. But I had decided not to be judgmental and have patience until the entire plot unravelled. I had full faith that you Girls would pan out the story perfectly.

    Things like, Birdie and Flirty barging in on AK’s first morning together. Flirty never missing a chance of audaciously flirting with Khushi particularly with Arnav in the same room. NK and Aman being so certain that Arnav would royally mess things up with Happiness, especially if she finds out about the background check done on Robbie. Aman sending Khushi a handwritten note (that was really sweet), urging her to fight for him, fight for this thing that had transpired between her and his cynical brother, the speciality and strength of which he was so certain of. I mean, then I had thought, why only her? Aman didn’t even know this girl.
    I was a bit pissed actually, when Birdie and Flirty got front row seats to the cherry bikini encounter… a very private moment between our lovebirds.

    But now, I want to hug them…both Aman and NK. They weren’t just looking out for their buddy/bro, they were also watching her back.

    Aman is the epitome of how the purity and love in a woman’s heart can bring out the best in her man. Anjali caused it to happen for Aman and Khushi has made Arnav want to live, not just exist.

    When the truth is out, I just hope Arnav is able to see beyond the subterfuge, right into the warm heart of his loving little brother.

    1. Thanks for placing trust in us Priya! Although… I can’t promise we won’t lead you astray now and then 😉

      Since you hit upon it, I’ll let the cat out of the bag and let you know a little secret. Outtake #3 picks up where NK and Aman leave Arnav’s penthouse after barging in on them. 😀

      About the cherry bikini incident. That wasn’t them being intrusive. I admit we probably focused too much on the humor and didn’t do a good enough job explaining that it was done to protect Arnav’s privacy. As Arnav’s PA, it’s part of NK’s job. They weren’t expecting thing to… escalate the way it did, but knew Arnav well enough to be aware it was a possibility. Had someone from security release such a footage, it would have gone viral, with very unpleasant consequences for AR. 🙂

      No promises as to Arnav’s reaction to little brother’s scheming, BUT a guarantee it will be brought to light. 😀

  8. Finally some of the secrets are out for us to read..
    Aman is doing something for Arnav which only a caring and loving brother would do..I don’t know if his way is right but intentions are honest..sometimes in life you need that extra push from someone to meet your soul mate and Aman is doing just that..he is helping Arnav find his happiness..
    But will his instincts in not doing full back ground check on Khushi backfire on them..but then may be if they had known the skeletons which Khushi has ,they wouldn’t have moved on with the idea of Arnav meeting Khushi…also I think at one point Khushi might confide her secrets to Arnav in the near future because she did say that “All of me for all of you” and that includes their past also..

    1. K and I had so many rounds of arguments on our fairy godmothers. lol
      But in the end, the characters tend to lead us.

      This Outtake was meant to shed light, but leave plenty of smoke 😉
      Trust that our characters will be true to themselves, even if you don’t necessarily agree with their action. Hell, we as the writers don’t always agree with their actions.

      … hopefully that doesn’t sound too crazy. 😀

  9. This explains so much! I’m almost sorry for the people who don’t get access to the Outtakes. 😀

    Two things really shined out to me.

    1. I love the attention you two gave to Arnav the self-made man. It actually feels much more realistic than the route the show went. The years in which he was only a laborer for his uncle, followed by the years of sheer determination to succeed without a formal education. The honorary diploma is also fitting, and I really like how he doesn’t view it with pride, but rather a bitterness that he didn’t have the luxury to go the normal route. Such an interesting window into the hidden man. That he kept the shirt says alot. And if my memory isn’t completely crap – its the shirt he gave to Khushi on their first night. Such details!

    2. I was getting really worried about the behavior of these two cupids. How glad I am to have a better understanding of their intent. I agree with meera – the method isn’t above board, but at least I’m much more comfortable with the why.
    That said, my love for Aman pretty much skyrocketed. He defies all expectation of a spoiled younger brother. He may have benefited a lot from Arnav’s toil, but what he’d doing now, makes big brother’s sacrifice worthwhile.

    Let’s just hope the serpent from their past doesn’t poison all this good will.

    1. Yes, let’s hope 😀

      Thanks Pyre, you have definitely stepped up on interruption of this story. Yes, he did give her the Harvard shirt on their first night. Good catch!

      If we ever write a story that is straitlaced, you have my pre-approved consent to give us a good ass kicking. 😛

      I really can’t wait to see the results of our final fav character poll. Aman seems to be the winning horse 😀

  10. Everyone should have a bro like Aman, bas! Sometimes we think the younger one has it easy and just become selfish. I am the youngest one and I will tell you that just like Aman, I watched the older ones very closely and always look for ways to pay them for their generous, selfless acts of kindness that helped smoothed the way for me. I was one of those who questioned the background check and you have more than answered my question. I actually appreciate the fact that they did not go digging then because they got to appreciate her for who she is instead of the package with the disaster background. I agree with Aman, they need to work on the skeletons in their closets and if they make it still together as a couple after sorting through the nastiness, they will be stronger and definitely will last.
    Reading this now, definitely help explain their intrusion in the couple’s life like the other readers mentioned. I guess they wanted to make sure everything was on track for both Arnav and Kushi, I think they were protecting both and also ensuring that these 2 strong minded characters don’t give up easily. I love these 2 guys and they are a perfect balance for each other. We keep thinking how lucky the Raizadas are to have Arnav in charge but he is really lucky to have his 2 bros watching his back. Their tightly knit club is awesome and to think I always thought guys could not bond this closely.

    1. We are very fond of bromances, couldn’t resist with FWN 😀

      I’m glad we addressed many concerns with this update. We sensed much disgruntlement from you gals. lol Thanks for patiently allowing us the leisure of revealing the story at our pace and design!

      1. This outtake surely gave a bit of a clarity . NK’s advices . Aman’s letter . Aman is so so freaking genuine . I like their bromance . Surely he’s due a much needed explosion of fireworks . Arnav’s journey is so realistic, and so motivating . We got a glimpse of a man beneath . I too want him to live , not just exist ! A good woman certainly does bring out the best in a man . I get filled with jugs of energy to learn more when we the knowledge Arnav. And a river’s flowing . How do I read next part ?

  11. I would like to place an order for an Aman and an NK please.
    There’s been a few ffs where I enjoyed the side characters, but not since Maya’s khushi have I fallen this hard!

    I would’ve love to see Aman in action in the court room. Dreamy….
    LOL so Aman also got his wish for NK – a woman with dreams tucked in her heart! OMG!

    Actually, this one did a really good job explaining why these two were so comfortable with Khushi right from the start. Aman’s letter to Khushi and NK’s advice during dinner is given added meaning since it wasn’t directed at just anyone. They found her, they put her in his path and is literally two steps ahead of them to make sure the thorns are cleared.

    Bromance at its best! 😀

  12. Thank you for adding me here once again. After reading both of the outtakes many things that were blurry have cleared up. And I love the bromance that you both have shown here… it cracks me up 😀 I loved the way you shedded light on who Arnav really is. He gives everyone happiness but has never learnt to take for himself and now Khushi is here for that 😀 And my favourite line from this outtake is :“He lives in grey while he gives those around him colors; he’s due an explosion of fireworks.” Just beautiful and just Arnav 😀

    1. I loved that line too! Told K it was brilliant!
      Hahaha the way you guys have warmed to these two, I wouldn’t be surprised if our end poll as our lead at the bottom 😀

  13. First of all… thank u for the invite.. 🙂 .. getting down to the Outtake.. how.. i mean how do u guys manage to do this.. so beautifully written but not over the top.. aman’s description of ASR almost made me teary eyed esp the part where he wud look at his brothers assignments at night… man..tht was.. something… and NK is being NK ..cautious and practical as usual.. i love the bromance between the 3 of them.. ASR sure deserves some love in his life 🙂 and NK deserves to get his boat rocked 😀

    1. Awww thank you pallavi. Glad this update came across the way we intended. It’s actually one of my personal favorite to write. Something about the Raizada brothers… sexy bastards, with so much heart then meets the eyes 🙂

  14. I loved it. Aman did the right thing. Arnav is so used to give that he has forgotten about taking and expecting for himself. and what more Khushi passed all of NK’s tests. She is definitely a woman giving happiness to others even when she herself doesn’t have much means. This says a lot about her. Kudos to Aman for taking this risk.

  15. Thanks againfor the invite. I read the story again from the beginning. 🙂
    i love Aman and NK. Arnav is lucky to have them. Khushi seems to have passed all the tests they threw up for her. And she did so unknowingly. But how will she and Arnav react when they get to know about this? This is what I fear.

  16. Loved this conversation between the two hunks… and more than that, I loved how Aman is looking out for Arnav now. Sharing secrets can be extremely dangerous if you don’t share them with the right person. Here’s hoping that since Khushi passed the tests set out for her, her past does not cause much damage, if at all.

  17. oh im finally here… wow this was interesting… loved how aman convinced NK to help him out…wow a woman did change him into a more better person….. oh arnav… you gave so much and aman is right now its time for u to live some too…tht scene where aman mentioned arnav going through aman’s assignments was heart touching 🙂

  18. Im touched by amans feelings.. Anjali really did bring the best in him out..
    I feel so bad for wat arnav had gone through..
    I am actually teared up

    1. I’m weirdly pleased by that. 😀
      I have this wretched storyline simmering in my mind for the longest time. Just need the bloody time for it! Sigh…one of these days..

  19. Oh Yes! Its definitely a privilege to be able to go through the out take…
    Thanks for the invite…
    As I thought it is Aman who is behind giving colour back a bit at least to Arnav in his life…
    Absolutely another sound judgement to choose NK as the other musketeer…
    Now that I have read the outtake 1 and 2 it does give a picture of what made Arnav ASR

    1. Glad to have you here!
      The outtakes aren’t really necessary to the story, but it does allow us to indulge in our favorite duo while giving a little extra something to our engaged readers. 🙂

  20. ahaan….so thats how aman got khushi for arnav….
    really amazing….arnav is so possessive about his loved ones…
    very well written…

  21. i was breakin my head thinking how come Nk n Aman didnt do a background chk on khushi… and here is the answer:-))
    Aman is such a sweetheart and thanks to anji.. biig hug to him and small one to nk for bringing happiness(khushi) into Arnavs life… he so deserve it/her.
    I doubt they might be the one that released the kiss pic also.

  22. Oooooohhh finally a sneak peek into how it all began! *rubs hands in glee*

    Aman really does do drama! Drama Queen suits him better than the Shark, NK got that right!

    Thank you for introducing me to this “Dapper Decorum” thing. Will definitely check it out!

    Awwww, they tested her in so many ways and our Happiness has always passed with flying colours! I understand that all this was a necessity given Arnav’s position and all but reading about all that these two did really is unbelievable! They are really something!

    Arnav did what! I felt so bad yet so oddly shocked and motivated by what he did, all the sacrifices done without uttering a single word of protest. Working all day long and reading your brother’s assignments at night to get education. Really just squeezed my heart right there. He’s gone through so much that I can’t even think of and now he truly deserves happiness.

    This line “A woman, the right one, points your compass in the right direction.” deserves applause yaar. Such gems are scattered throughout your updates that it is a pleasure to read each and every word!

    Aman really put it all out didn’t he. Reading about Arnav from his POV just made me feel so damn small and bad..

    The rest of the outtake just overwhelmed me. The bond that these three share is so pure and damn elemental. I have NEVER read something like this and mind you, I’m an avid reader so I have read quite a lot.

    I have no words to describe how I am feeling. Suffice to say that this outtake has moved me to the extent that it is now my favourite chapter of FWN. (see every chapter of FWN has PARTS that i love but as a whole, this outtake beats everything else hands down for me). That is how much it moved me.

    I thank you for sharing this story with us. As a reader, I feel privileged to have been a pert of this stunning tale.

  23. As I was reading this I had only one thought. This whole outtake feels like the backbone of the entire story. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance to read all this by letting me into the VIP lounge. I have to confess I go through all the comments and your responses to get the feel of being part of the journey from the beginning. I get so much insights into the story. What can I say I’m obsessed. Hope I didn’t creep you guys out 🙂

    1. You know… you are not the only to make this comment. Are we evil for not sharing this with everyone? Totally 😀

      Shyamidutt… I think by now you know how much we love your engagement with the story. It’s what fuels our fingers and creative juices. 🙂

  24. I am here as well… catching up on the outtakes…. Sigh! What a fabulous part it was… to see the bonding between two brothers. Trust me when I say, that in my close circle… where there are two brothers, I have only seen fights and arguments… including my father and uncle. Which always made me happier to have a younger sister. But these two make me jealous. Arnav being so giving… doing things selflessly for his family, making sure to be there for his own people without expecting anything in return… makes him swoonworthy. To see him from Aman’s perspective was a shift in paradigm.

    Well, in today’s world, even if you realize the effort others take for your happiness and don’t do anything about it… it is more than sufficient. Realization is adequate. But when Aman not only realizes his brothers selfless acts of love… and he wants to do something for his happiness as well… I became an instant Aman fan!! It was truly overwhelming to see Aman and NK to go through such lengths to make Arnav-Khushi happen… against all odds… against their past and present… they paved a way for their future. With brothers like this, who needs to worry about enemies… because they will stand like strong fortresses to protect everything that Arnav is.

    Sigh!! I am addicted to FWN… and can’t wait to finish reading this story so I can reread it…. its worth savouring… 🙂

    1. I’m not sure how I missed this comment of yours Mints, but glad I’m going through the PG again. A very valid point. We are so caught up in ourselves – our goal – our future – our social media accounts :P, the people who take the time to look out for another have become a rare breed.

      Heartwarming is it not, when we do encounter it, if only in the fictional verse? Makes me hopeful 🙂

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    It was so emotional and moving to read about the struggles and the yearnings of a young boy who had to grow up at the age of 14 and take charge of the family. My heart aches for the boy who wasn’t given choices, who thought it was his duty to suppress his dreams and desires and was not told otherwise.
    Sometimes I dread to think what if Anjali has not come in Aman’s life and shown him the mirror, made him realize how lucky he is to have an elder brother like Arnav? What if he, like everybody else had taken Arnav for granted and not decided to act otherwise?
    Thank God for small/big mercies like women and their amazing brains:-)

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    Jeez… this story just gets better with age… Its AND mine!

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    “A girl with dreams tucked in her heart is a good balance.” is there a better way to describe Robbie in so less words ??? I don’t think so.

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    1. I was rereading this outtake just now, and while Aman’s speech about arnav’s sacrifices and how he expects nothing from all of them felt heart-warming the first time. It made me cry now.. i honestly couldn’t stop the tears and had to keep dabbing my eyes with tissues every few sentences to clear my blurry vision.
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      1. It gives me such a shot of sunshine to the heart to see that you guys are still here. Promise we’ll get the story back up as soon as possible. ^^

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    Khushi’s beauty isn’t just skin deep. She has a heart of gold and only a person who understands it’s true worth will be able to recognize it. It’s easy to be honest and care for others when your pockets are full; but to do the same when you don’t know when & where your next meal will come from takes integrity & compassion.

    Aman loves his brother and knows very well what all Arnav had to give up & endure in order for him to lead a normal like. No, the best life. Aman owes his everything to Arnav and he probably has known this for ever. But it took falling in love with Anjali to understand how lonely & barren Arnav’s life truly is. He wants Arnav to have that kind of life, and then some. He has chosen double happiness for his brother, and he has chosen well!

    So, NK already knew about “Ms.” Robbie when he did the background check again for Arnav. He probably wanted to do some vetting of his own to see how far these two would go for each other.

    This was a beautiful chapter. It gave some more insight into Arnav & Khushi’s character. We knew from the beginning that Arnav had struggled a lot to be where he is today. But this outtake gave specifics about some of his struggles and it helps understand him & his actions better.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this sneak peak behind the curtains. While these two are far too interfering for their own good, it comes from a genuine desire to bring happiness to someone they care about deeply.

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    1. Hey ! Got a problem here ! I don’t know how but everytime I post a comment it gets posted as a reply on someone else’s comment . I don’t know how?

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    NK and his overtime dues … love that for him!

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    And I have to mention again. Your writing is flawless. I love the dialogues. I absolutely adore the way you write these dialogues. Kudos!

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