Hello Gorgeous!

Apologies for going MIA this past few weeks. I caught pneumonia and literally couldn’t leave my bed for 3 weeks.

I’m obviously alive, but had to spend this week making up for my missed workload. =(

To all our new readers- welcome!!

To our anxious refreshers – updates shall resume this weekend. ^^

18 thoughts on “Update…

  1. That sounds horrible!!! Hope you are fully recovered and best wishes on getting all your energy back! Sometimes it takes a while to come back to 100%. Take care!!

  2. So glad to know you are recovering. Please take care, pneumonia is a nasty thing to go through and leaves one feeling all drained out. Looking forward to resumption of the updates of course, it’s such a lovely fireplace crackly story. But health should come first, so do take care

  3. That sounds pretty bad ! Hope you r fine now ! A new reader over here ! Love and hugs to you 🌸❤️

  4. I’m pretty much hooked to your story. The narration , the visuals you provoke us to create in our mind are amazing .

  5. Looking after you, your health always comes first….. Hope all is well and will wait for all the updates when you are fit, healthy and ready…..

    Take care….

      1. Neck deep in work, and deadlines are chasing me. But in the current situation being busy keeps one from going nuts, I guess.

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