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Hello Ladies! (and Gents?)

Just your Professor checking in. Are we enjoying the story and the visual feast? Our Captain has been amazeballs in doing the heavy lifting with the new site. I’m feeling guilty, but not enough to put in more hours. 😛

Covid has made my heavy work load a lot worst, but I wanted to say thank you to all our active readers. I really enjoy the peanut gallery comments and seeing our characters from your perspectives. I may or may not sneak into the WordPress app during my daily trudge to read those little nuggets. 😀

It’s heartening to see new readers enjoying a story that we started 6 (HOLY SHIT!) years ago. Time flies or what?! K and I have been lamenting how entering our thirties has definitely taken away our Wonder Woman like powers of adulting during the day and fangirling into the wee hours of dawn. For our young babes, enjoy those carefree days!

Now that I’m done monologue-ing, enjoy Interlude #2.

Interlude #2

5 thoughts on “… notey note

  1. Hello S,
    Thanks for the note. Hasn’t life changed? It is wonderful to meet you. I wasn’t around when the story was posted first time. Glad you girls found time to repost the story.
    Take care!

  2. Slight confusion, last chapter said khushis mother died at child birth, here khushi is saying her mother taught her . Which one is it?

  3. Just finally figured out how to follow the blog so saw this.
    But man as long as the nights young we are going, age is just a number.
    If we tell ourselves we are old I swear not gonna be able to get off the couch for days. But thank you for this land of fantasy where unwinding seems easier.

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