Ending Aman’s Journey of Blueballs :p

Three updates within three days! I found a pocket of time today and since next week will be a busy one for me, I thought you’ll enjoy an extra update now.

A heads up for our VIP Lounge ladies – we’ll be briefly taking down the epilogues to make some changes. It shouldn’t take too long and everything should be all up again by the beginning of next month.

For now… enjoy:

8 thoughts on “Ending Aman’s Journey of Blueballs :p

      1. One shots , what one shots , pray tell or even better tell me where to find them! I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to reading beautifully written pieces in IPKKND 🙂

  1. And whomever said that ‘ all good things come in twos’ is not familiar with the formidable IPKKND fandom! ‘ three is a crowd’ hell no, three is even better 😈. For us all things Arshi in two threes fours fivers sixers are welcome ! Need i say more dear K and S.

  2. Another masterpiece. The discovery of ipkknd and its amazing stories from geniuses such as you has been a gift, appreciated more during these times. Thank you.
    Interlude 3 is another gem. The story progression is flawless

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