The Midnight Hour Upon Us

Once more we bid you a sweet end to one of our favorite experiences of being part of IPK Ficverse.

We hope our friends, both old and new, have enjoyed this adventure with us.

We have reached the official end, but there remain the FWN: Epilogues to explore. It was written as a thank you to all our engaged readers. If you have been joining us in the peanut gallery, an invite will be sent to the email you’ve been using to comment. Please expect your invitation on February 28th.

For clarity, please visit our PG Gallery FAQ page. (There’s also a little off the cuff bromance for your enjoyment) ^^

Before you go off to read the final Night, let’s raise our glass with a toast from a well loved poet –

A Clear Midnight

This is thy hour, O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou
lovest best.
Night, sleep, death, and the stars.

– Walt Whitman

As always, happy reading!

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Ending Aman’s Journey of Blueballs :p

Three updates within three days! I found a pocket of time today and since next week will be a busy one for me, I thought you’ll enjoy an extra update now.

A heads up for our VIP Lounge ladies – we’ll be briefly taking down the epilogues to make some changes. It shouldn’t take too long and everything should be all up again by the beginning of next month.

For now… enjoy:

…. tick tock… time for 11 o’clock

Sending you gals into the weekend with another update. ^^

If you have been enjoying the nights, do share our story with other readers. We would very much appreciate the free PR. 😀

Access to the VIP Lounge will be discussed in a note after Interlude #3 goes up.

Enjoy your weekend and as always Happy Reading!


Hello Gorgeous!

Apologies for going MIA this past few weeks. I caught pneumonia and literally couldn’t leave my bed for 3 weeks.

I’m obviously alive, but had to spend this week making up for my missed workload. =(

To all our new readers- welcome!!

To our anxious refreshers – updates shall resume this weekend. ^^

New Update!

Thanks for giving us feedback regarding the testing post everyone. We’ve finally figured out the issue! However, at this point we are simply too lazy to go back and fix it.

Moving forth we’ll send out a blog notice when we update, which you should receive if you’re following the blog.

Now, without further ado, here is: