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  1. R you girls trying to make me fall for Shyam Jha…….I cannot even be pissed at him when he will act as an ass hole. Those calm eyes…..shit! I hate you S and K. Payel is gorgeous and hot and love dimpled sexy Robbie. Go gals hook her up with sexy ponytailed NK.

  2. OMFG – the hawtness of this page
    I bet you guys fought over the casting πŸ˜€
    Miranda Kerr for Robbie is unexpected, but totally works for me.
    I love LOVE Drashti. Always wanted her in a darker role – so its nice you guys have her as Payal.
    Kinda wish you replaced Anjali as well.
    I don’t recognize the actor for Aman….

    Well, you definitely have Mel’s stamp of approval πŸ˜‰

    1. Tooth and nail πŸ˜€
      I think we argued longer over the casting then plot points lol

      Outside of Arshi, Drashti/NK/Lavanya were the ones we both agreed upon – every other character was fought over.

      Aman = Sidharth Malhotra

      On Anjali – agreed! But someone refused to budge on that.

      But otherall I think this cast is pretty ideal. πŸ˜‰

  3. Isn’t Arshi enough? Now you want a love story for NK and Robbie? Maybe. We can’t promise.

    Trent is Cam Gigandet – pretty yummy right?

    We knew we had to have Drashti for Payal since both K and I could care less for Deepali.
    I wanted to replace Anjali too, but K won that round.

    La is a small, but significant role! You guys will be meeting her in the next chapter.

  4. awsome awsome jus splendid work !!!! I did the ryt thing in searchn here !!! Came across som wondrfully wondrfull ffs !!! Waitin for the wintr readin list !!! An awwwwsome cast !!! Cant wait to read it !!! Cudnt help but ask shippr r u ther in FB/TWITTER/anywhere ???? Waitin for a rply !!! Heepsa lov !!!
    -Kitty !!!

    1. Glad to hear it. πŸ™‚
      No facebook and twitter for me. I see my friends way too often, no need to give them an outlet to stalk =p
      Kidding! Actually my job doesn’t allow it, professional reputation and all that.

      So just wordpress and tumblr for me.

  5. ahhh too bad !!! Well can u atlst say wer u r frm !!! I kno i myt be far far away frm u !! But u seem lyk a wndrfull prson ! Well readin now !!! Happy to hear frm ya !!! C ya

  6. Good casting. I would have liked seeing someone else for Anjali as well, but the rest of the cast fits. Of course Arnav & Khushi could not be replaced by anyone else. πŸ˜€ Chris H for NK is what came to mind after reading your description in the chapter and Sid M for Aman works wonders. Drashti for Payal is an interesting choice as well. πŸ™‚

    1. Crap I so need to get back to work.
      Who do you have in mind for Anjali? K needs to be persuaded!

      Sid has that same vibe as Barun doesn’t he? – they can totally work the brothers angle. πŸ˜€

          1. That is exactly the pic I was thinking of sending you girls somehow when I was typing Aditi Rao Hydari in google search for images. Telepathy much? I love the switch S. πŸ™‚ K, please do not kill anyone of us for this. πŸ˜›

          2. S is good with emails. Unless she’s having a rock chick moment.
            I’m usually 3 days behind the world in regards to emails =p

            But we always have wordpress open, so if you send an email – tell us on here and we’ll go check it. ^^

  7. So, K & S, here I come..just went through the cast…Sid Malhotra as Aman = yum. That fellow can carry off intense. Very good choices for the other characters as well. You girls done good. Now that I have these faces for the characters, I can’t wait to start reading! I love it when I can visualize the story…

    Will drop my comments as I go through the chapters..

    Peanut gallery.?!..ha, ha I love it!

  8. Decided to come look at the cast again while waiting for new updates, and gosh, Aman and Shyam are just so good looking omg hahah.

  9. *blinks eyes*
    *rest my chin on my hand*
    *continues to drool*

    Look like a Hollywood movie casting to me.

  10. Eeeeep! This is so much hotness on one page! You guys should put up a warning here seriously!

    Sigh, Sanaya & Barun! It is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine ArShi as someone other than these two!

    Chris Hemsworth as NK is interesting! Aman & Anjali are sweet…. Whoa whoa whoa! Drashti as Payal!!!! Man oh man this is blowing my mind! Sigh Trent and Shyam are so yummy! Must you choose such super hot men!? Sana is perfect as Lavanya!

    On the whole, I love them! But as the characters in the story, the jury is out at the moment so I will let you know whether they fit in with my imagination as I read FWN!

    P.S. Sorry for the double post in the Trailer section. Am new to wordpress guys, will goof up now and then.

  11. I am a new reader and absolutely loving your stories…

    For the cast: Chris Hemsworth is perfert for NK… god he is to die for πŸ˜‰
    I know love all the casting… but can I request pic for Dragon Lady please πŸ˜€

    1. And hell ya, Hemsworth is to die for πŸ˜€
      We really don’t have anyone in mind for DL… feel free to make suggestions!

  12. Wonderful cast list – loving NK and aman on top of ARHI – oh oh I can’t take my eyes of this screen girls –
    Excited to read the story

  13. Wow start cast is quite interesting…Especially NK and Anjali. Definitely unusual yet thoughtful. Lets see…I am not okay with steamy chick lit.

  14. OMG! So much HAWTNESS in one page! πŸ˜€ *drool mode on*
    Before starting the story I decided to check out the cast and now I cannot take my eyes off the page.
    Apart from Barun, we have Sidharth Malhotra and Chris Hemsworth here.*_* *thud* *faint*
    Okay, I guess I should regain consciousness and start reading the story πŸ˜›

  15. Such a polished cast! I love the photos!

    Let’s see if I can interpret how they are related to each other:

    Arnav with or starting a relationship with Khushi.
    I love the fact that he has a brother. He seems younger than Arnav and jovial (I making these assumptions from what they are wearing in the photos, that deeply open shirt to me shows cheekiness). So Arnav seems to bee broody and dark here.
    Nk is still Australian, from the actor that you have chosen. Is he in a relationship with another Australian, Robbie?
    Anjali is the only one in traditional clothes, a stickler for it? Or are you trying to portray her as reticent and timid?Is she in a relationship with Aman? Are they fire and ice?
    Then Shyam is her father or brother or cousin. (I have to admit to having a little crush on him here *hanging head low, while still trying to sneak a second look at him*…I blame his ruggedness)
    Payal and Trent, they are together, probably married (from her surname). His tie is not tied properly, it shows a certain recklessness, is he the villain here? What does this make Payal: duped by him or an accomplice? More importantly a villain to whom?
    Lavanya, looks flawless and determined, but I can’t get any other vibes for her. Is she in a relationship with Shyam here?
    If I receive an invitation from FBI to profile criminals, I know that I am right…will keep you updated on the status of the post box for the next week. πŸ˜‰

      1. No letters, no phone calls, no pigeons have flown over my house…how will they contact me? Is telepathy a secure message transporter…πŸ˜•

  16. All I can say is Fantabulous Cast!!!!!! Perfect. Just can’t be any better. The best of best. I am soooooo excited to see this cast. I know I am late reading this story. But I am glad, no happy, no jumping with joy that it is late than never.

  17. i had started reading night 1 about a year ago but somehow i managed to lose the page (don’t ask how!) and never find it….until now! btw, i absolutely dig Chris Hemsworth and can really see that Thor-ish Aussie accent in my head πŸ™‚

  18. Finally finished reading the nights.
    Story lines actions words. They weave an amazing tapestry of life that works and works wonderfully well with the characters. You have written magic. If only our Arnav and khushi had remained true to their characters like yours have the show would have been much more.

    Your work speaks. While reading one can imagine them. Talk with them. I wanted to be with the guys and laugh. I wanted to be with the girls and laugh.

    Magnificent work. Hoping to read more of your work of art. Thank you for this one.

    Finally found a few words. It took sometime as I said I was in your world of khushi and Arnav.

  19. Thank you for the access K. This is a much needed respite from the shackles of Asli Duniya.

    Ohh, did someone turn the temperature up? ;p
    Both of you are definitely planning to kill with all the hotness, aren’t you?Barun, Chris Hemsworth AND Sidharth Malhotra in one story!
    It seems like we have a smug Arnav, a chipper NK, and a devil-may-care Aman. Bromance would have been a reason enough to read this story, if I didn’t have countless reasons already.
    The girls are not far behind – alluring, exquisite and elegant, somethings which come across from the stills of Khushi, Robbie and Anjali. Drashti is an interesting choice for Payal, but she looks a little shifty. No? Yes?
    Trent Matthews and Shyam Jha – good looking villians?
    I’ll find out soon…. Might be losing my sleep after all πŸ™‚


  20. Thank you for giving me access. Starting back from basics to not only refresh my memory, but also because this is an awesome FF

  21. I like this Aman & Anjali pair…here.
    But I always wonder who will suit Aman aptly…from our Indian TV shows….
    Wherever I have to… I imagine him with a blank face…& sometimes Karan Wahi(Barun’s friend)…
    Is there anyone with me in this??
    Suggest some faces for Aman from our dailysoaps who pair up well with our Anjali(Daljeeth)…plz…

  22. Woooh so much difference guys in characters but who caresπŸ˜†πŸ˜† im only bothered about Arahi thank god they are my same arnav khushi..πŸ˜€πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜

  23. A carefully sketched traits brings life to a fictional character. Actors chosen to play such characters heightens expectations. This is no doubt a thrilling compilation of talented actors you’ve selected, hot and sexy balancing the equation of both literal and physical aspects of Farewell Winter Nights. The fair warning in trailer notwithstanding!!!

    Off to read Night I.

    K, please do overlook my ignorance if (for I am sure) my opinion is biased since I not only looking forward to reading more about NK (more than Arnav, no guessing there), but for having my favorite character already decided for me without any idea of who/how they’re penned out!!!

  24. although i know Sanaya and Dhrashti are best friends, it was pretty easy to picture her as payal, the show payal would not have fit this, let’s be polite shall we, crazy character because she embodied delicateness. Love the irony, i’m guessing your minds wanted to revenge shyam for his deeds on the show, hence changing his sexual orientation and making him anjali’s sibling. i’m a goner, with Sidhaarth malhotra as Aman, nice to see him take a bigger role, rather than just someone on the other end of the phone for once, robbie casting is absolutely spot on

  25. The cast looks amazing! Drashti as Payal seems perfect with them being good friends in real life and all. And all the characters looks damn good! πŸ™‚

  26. Looks like an interesting lineup…..
    How You pan out the story with these characters?
    Should be interesting……

    saffron’s Ramblings..

  27. The star cast is hawt! Aww my ArShi! N damn…. NK looks so hot n that ponytail

    Siddharth Malhotra as Aman!! Can this get any better? Love love it

    Aditi Rao as Anjali look sweet…. Well does it make me bad if I love Daljeet as Anjali more! But still Aditi’s sweet face totally justifies Anji!!! N she looks good with Sid too

    Ohh my God! Drashti as Payal…. I cudnt recognize Drashti at first! Looking forward to her

    Robbie looks soo cute! I love her already!

    I really really love Lavanya since IPK days n really wished they got her back n pair her up with NK or sumthng! Never mind… I can’t imagine anyone else other than Sana as La! Looking forward to see what her role is

    Shyam Shyam Shyam!! Awesome casting! He looks hot

    Trent Mathews! Payal’s hubby? Hmm!!

    Okay now I’m going to read the chapters!

  28. Oh great you have changed the faces of mr and Mrs snakewa. Your nk is hawt and our arshi are the best.

  29. OMG. Mr.Hemsworth made the list with Barun. My two favourite actors are making an appearance in a FF regarding a show that I love. And you made Aman really hot like hotter than I would have imagined him to be in the show. I also like how you changed up the cast a bit, its going to be interesting to see if they have some quality traits that were present in the show. Cant wait!

  30. Lovely face off of the characters. Loved to see some changes to the style of the characters.Love Aditi Rao as Anjali jha …
    Can’t wait to read the next chapter with all these amazing cast.

  31. The cast is full of drool worthy guys and sexy gals….But the favorite is Arnav(Barun) all the way…..And Chris comes very close second…..Khushi’s looks is amazing……

  32. As I said in my earlier comment I love the look of the cast. Arnav and Khushi look amazing so do Robbie and NK.

  33. Thats one hellva casting-and that was one of my fav looks of ASR-you know the whole “looks can burn” thing comes to mind. Curious why Khushi has an extra “h” in Kumari-it just stuck out to me so asked.

  34. Thats a drool worthy cast. would love to be the arm candy of any one of the hot men, even Shyam!!! and the girls, boy did you pick a sexy lot!

  35. Awesome casting really! you gals should be professional casting directors. I love Siddarth Malhotra for Aman, he completely epitomizes that character, coupled with Aditi Rao as Anjali – wow! cant get any better!!!

  36. What an amazing bunch of talented people. Specially aman. Cutie.

    BTW you deliberately choose Khumari ?not kumari it means different in hindi

  37. I’m back for round 4 (at minimum), and this time I am committed to penning my thoughts! Thank you ladies for delivering this picture perfect story, it’s the bromance, sass and fire that we all wish for. Excuse me while I pull a Chandler; could there BE a better cast? I could sit here and swoon over this gallery for the rest of my life.

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