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A collaboration by shipperK & SM16

A steamy chick lit of lovers finding each other on a winter night in New York City

Rating: M (Please skip this story if you take issue with: swearing, bromance, sex, humor, sarcasm, cavemen – esp the first and last)
Disclaimer: Story inspired by 4 Lions Films’ serial – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. (If we owned this ficverse, Laxmi Raizada would be Boss.)

“The still must tease with the promise of a story the viewer of it itches to be told.” — Cindy Sherman

Read in order & no skipping!


“Until the night turns into morning you’ll be in my arms
And we’ll just keep driving along the boulevard
And if I kissed you, darling please don’t be alarmed.
It’s just the start of everything if you want a new life in New York…” — ED SHEERAN

—with love—

S / K


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  1. Brilliant ! This is the only word that came to my mind after reading this story. You both are wonderful writers and I hope you will entertain us with such brilliant writing. Will wait impatiently for Friday.

  2. forgv me lord for i
    hav sinned !! I din keep my promis !! But now i regrt it !!! I cant bliv that i missd such a good one !!! Its absolutely fantastic ! Well u can blame dan brown !! His inferno kept me busy !! ^__^ so wen r u gonna update next ?? Waitin for it come <3

      1. just amsin shippr !!! U’ill be jus bound to readin !!! Im jus sooo engrossd in tht tht i hav to google almost always to make out things in it !!! I mean i think im jus allured to all the ppl the places n all those artifacts som jus scard me to shit ! No offnce but somtyms i rllly wondr hw it’ill be to wryt lyk this !! I mean does ths com lyk spontanosly or do they hav to think for hours to create a perfect no loop hole twist !!! DAN BROWN Is a true genius though some of his work lyk the DA VINCI CODE turnd out to be offncv for christians lyk me but im least bothrd as long as readin is ther im only interestd in how securd n thot full the plot!! I don mind sacrificin my sleep for that !! N DAN BROWN definitely took my brth away ! U shud rlly try hs work somtyms ! Im thinkin fo readin his THE LOST SYMBOL !! I prologue seems to be catching 😉 n if u hav any favs feel free to suggest 🙂 luv ya loads sty blssd =)

        1. I have such mixed feelings about him as a writer. I did enjoy The Da Vinci Code as well as Angels and Demons, but then I started to feel he was simply recycling his stories. They are interesting and well researched, but not as zingy as his earlier works. That’s just me though. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Nothing beats a good novel, especially when the weather is cold. 🙂

          1. We take turns – whoever is in charge of posting a chapter does a final edit, but last night something occurred to me and I may have made some Minor changes ^^ come back in 14 hrs ish – I need some shut eye – heavy doses of caffeine and THEN laptops shall melt =p

  3. I seriously want to give FWN a try but couldn’t spare time. Hopefully in the 1st or 2nd week of Jan.

  4. I just read almost everything on this entire blog in a single go and oh good lord I am smitten. So amazingly written and yet still so in character!!!! Amazing work!

    1. That must have been one hell of a reading session 😀
      Welcome to FWN Amrit! Glad you found us and enjoying the adventure thus far.
      Do share your thoughts in the peanut gallery for future updates!

  5. My IF friend Mayuri recommended the story FWN. I read all the parts and pretty impressed. Your writing is too good. About night 5- There have been many FFs with consummation scene and many times it feels similar. But the way you wrote it felt quite fresh and was a real pleasure. It’s 31st already and I am waiting for interlude and all future parts!
    Why is Payal so evil to Khushi? How do Payal and Anjali know each other? Loved the characters Aman, Nk and Robbie too!

    1. Welcome Shree 😀
      Glad you decided to join us. (Thank you for recommending FWN Mayuri!!!)
      Nice to hear you liked our approach to their steamy night 😉
      Interlude #1 is already up! The stars aligned and we somehow managed an early update for once lol
      Link is at the bottom of the index – enjoy and let us know what you think in the peanut gallery!

    2. Welcome to FWN Shree!
      Your questions shall be answered in good time ^^
      Do let us know what you think of the updates!

      Thank you Mayuri for thinking FWN is good enough to recommend. Appreciate it sweetheart 🙂

    1. We’re not too fond of IF. WordPress will be the only home for our adventures. ^^
      I’m happy to hear that you like our writing enough to want more 🙂
      I literally started writing 2 months ago, and FWN is our first story.
      There’s a lot of writing juices flowing at the moment, so I do think 2015 will be an interesting year on this site. 😉

  6. i luuuuv u love guru !!!! Fantabulous update ! Sorry girls im lil tooooo short on tym ! Its my last day ! N this myt be the last update that i read ! Coz im going back 2morrw 🙁 3 frigging months more for this to be ovr n then i’ll hav all the tym in the world 🙂 much luv 🙂 stay blssd 🙂

  7. Ladies, I am so glad that Google spits out random results sometimes when you do a search because that is how I stumbled upon your site. Just read chapter 1 and I am hooked. Love Arhi and love mature stories set in NY so you have a great combination for me. About time Aman change from being ASR’s whipping boy to being just as rich and powerful as him. Glad to see him happy but still feels like this reunion was hatched in a boardroom by the matriarch and Anjali’s father. This Devyani sound like she is an Iron Lady in her own way and gets what she wants one way or the other. At least Aman and Anjali loves each other. No wonder our boy ASR feels like he is bored in his personal relationship as instead of a bed mate he is craving for support from his female companionship. Perfect timing for little miss bus girl to make her entrance. But what’s up with Shyam? Is he into Arnav or competing against him? Either way, he feels just as creepy as on the show. The New Year’s Eve was just dreamy and scorching hot. It had to be NY as there is no better New Year’s Eve party for me than the one in the big apple. Off to read the rest and definitely bookmarking this one. Cheers!

    1. I woke up this morning and discovered someone had a marathon session last night 😉
      Welcome aboard FWN raila! I for one am delighted that Google decided to spit out random results since it got you down our rabbit hole 😀

      Much of life is about timing isn’t it? Ah!! Finally, do you know you’re the first person to pick up on Shyam? Most see the creep, but don’t bother to look beyond it. Keep that in mind, we shall be revisiting with Mr. Jha in Night #6.

  8. I really have no words to describe this ff. It is such a unique sensual love story
    With a swoon worthy dark n dangerous Arnav, a darling Khushi. NK n Aman Omg dey r jus soooo adorable.
    Just perfect n I love it!!! Kudos 2 u guys!!!

  9. Lol!! datz inspiration frm reading all those historical romances by gr8 writers lyk Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn etc etc…….I’m embrassed 2 say I’ve nvr read a romance novelafter I discovered Arshi !! Cos itz so addictive!! Surely I won’t be a stranger cos url r awesum

  10. Hey…I wanna read d frst part. Wen wil b it up?? Or should I go fr d second. No I will wait fr d frst part. Please put it up..

    1. Sorry I made the change without consulting you, but I wanted it to be a surprise ^^
      Yum yeah? Sent you the rest through db… Totally lusting over the photos ZZ sent me last night for the epilogue.
      Need to get to that already!

      1. Puh you know I love your tinkering and quite happy to leave you to it! 😛
        Fuck yeah I just looked through them.
        Gave me some ideas. Dangerous ones. 😀
        btw you see the music widget on the sidebar? You have the songs dl? Can we up them?
        I’m not bringing my brick with me – too damn heavy.
        I hate packing.

        1. Someone needs to leash these fingers. >.<
          You're allowed 2 dangerous ideas, so choose wisely before emailing them over.
          We can up, but I only have maybe a third of the songs, get them and I'll up.
          Better yet get me some IPK ones too. I don't know what the hell happened with my rabba ve track.
          Color me shocked. The brick is staying?!! But it has EVERYTHING! Are you finally clouding?
          That's because you overpack. Should I send you Ren's list? He has one for every type and length! @@
          Also… why are we having this conversation on here? 😀

          1. Too many tabs already + I don’t want to open my email – too many people to respond to.
            If I don’t open, I can pretend I haven’t received them right? Right?!
            You’ll change your mind when I send over 4. 😀
            Yes, yes. Cloud makes it easier. I think my brick is jealous.
            Send it over woman! …I’m curious about how neurotic those lists are. lol
            I’m pretty sure I have all of them. Send it to you tonight when I get back.
            Dammit lecture is over, okay I need to haul ass to see my counselor. 10 tonight?

          2. Ummm… sure? Just pick and choose, and star the rest for later. That’s my method.
            You can have your four if I get that scene I wanted for eleven. The full one!
            It’s heavy on the neurotic ha! But now I can’t pack without it. =p
            10 works – might be late.
            (Send me Geet too yeah? I think my music files grew legs… >.<)

  11. OMG so I’ve read everything and I’M IN LOVE you guys are amazing writers and your story! The way its heading ITS AMAZING
    I also noticed that certain posts such as the outtakes need a password to be accessed, would it be possible to get this password because I’d love to read what else you guys have to offer

    1. A warm welcome to the world of FWN ganga! ^^
      We have a VIP Lounge, home to the Outtakes and eventually the Epilogue.
      An invite is required for access. We like to have an active peanut gallery, so don’t be a stranger, share your thoughts with us,
      and you’ll find an invitation waiting in your inbox. 😀

  12. I friend of mine recommended your link
    And I am mesmerized by your writting
    absofuckinglutely loved it 😂
    I am not much of expressive person so it’s quite difficult for me to write long paragraph of appreciation
    But still I want to say that your stories have hooked me so bad that I didnt even had my meal
    I loved it please continue soon
    And waiting to read more and I don’t know how to access to your other stories please let me know ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Welcome to FWN madness maryannie 😉
      We are not so big headed that we wish for endless paragraphs of appreciation lol
      Just your thoughts on the story would be awesome.
      FWN is our first full length story, the others are there as placeholders.
      K and I both have a oneshot up, so do check it out!

  13. Won’t u let us newbies get access to the outtakes and epilogue. Am aware that FWN is coming to the end I don’t want to miss the epilogue.

  14. I came to know about your stories 2 days back… I read all the “nights”… Can I have access to outtakes and epilogue please??? I don’t want to miss anything…. Please… Pretty please….

  15. I came across your stories yesterday when another blog I follow shared the link for your blog. I am absolutely hooked into your story and look forward to reading more of your pieces. Can I please get access to the outtakes and epilogue as I don’t want to miss anything in this story!
    Thank you for writing such a touching and beautiful story, it has even made me tear up at parts haha
    Have a lovely day girls 🙂 xo

    1. Enjoying your marathon? 😉
      Welcome to FWN teal! Glad you discovered us. Was this ganga’s blog? Do let us know, we like to thank the lovely people who are kind enough to let others know of our story.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey, and thank you for sharing your thoughts as you read. We love that! You are well on your way to Lounge access 😉
      For for info on the that – check this out: https://ipkkndfics.wordpress.com/vip-venturers/

      1. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂 And yeah it was Ganga’s blog, she’s a very good writer as well!
        And yes I am enjoying my marathon haha, I just keep on reading this and last night when I finally put my iPad away and looked at the time it was almost 3AM. Good thing I have term break right now 🙂
        Thanks for making this story a wonderful journey (I hope that doesn’t sound cheesy haha)

      2. Another question if you don’t mind: Where did you find all these beautiful New York City photos? Did you just google them or is there a website you used? Let me know please 🙂

  16. I figured I should drop in to say hi on your main blog.
    It’s so diff from Tumblr! Looks fantastic and congrats on the success.
    I skimmed over some pages and wow….so many comments and love. 🙂
    Now I’m onto a secret, how come WordPress followers get the updates earlier then we do? 👿
    The icons turned out great K!
    I’m happy to lend a hand, carte blanche for both of you always.

    1. ZZ! How the hell did I miss this comment!
      It is a totally different from our little tumblr cave, but we do need sunlight now and then 😛
      Thanks for hoping in!

  17. heyyyyyyyyy SK its kittyyyy 😉 so i hav seen that i hav access to VIP lounge ! Bt where will i get the password ! I mean in my wordpress account or my email ???? Rply asap <3 much luv n affction
    – kitty purrr <3

  18. welll im an impatient lil witch :p so im gonna send this msg in allll the possible spaces tat i hav access to until i hear frm u 😉 😉 eeeee bare wid me plss honeys 😉 muchhhh luv 🙂
    – kitty purrrr

  19. I have been a silent reader in this ArHi FF for a long time but I just had to express myself now, because this story this journey has been one of the most beautiful tales I have read (and I have been reading for very! long time). Before I sleep I am here checking, before I wake I return to check again. It’s become an obsession a craving because this story about love, commitments, desires, realisations, expectations, truths and lies and I can go on, has helped me understand what I didn’t understand before. Without going way ahead of myself (which I probably already did), basically what I am trying to say is … Thank you. For giving us this wonderful story for putting down on pen and paper (/blog) something that brings back those feelings of the past. I don’t know if I will comment again as a silent reader / admirer is what I usually am on FFs but this time I just had to drop in to say a thanks for your time your dedication to this blog and here are to many more journies. Now I eagerly await the story of the couples to commence and lay another heartstopping journey into my basket of endless love stories for Arnav and Khushi x

    1. Hi Indy! Then I suppose it’s more accurate to say – welcome to the peanut gallery 😀
      Glad you’re enjoying the story and thanks for letting us know.
      I do hope this won’t be a one off since both K and I really enjoy hearing from our readers.
      Totally your call, but do keep in mind, FF writers are fueled by comments!

  20. Just read fwn….
    And it was awesome…
    Must say u r different writer on arhi ffs
    BT lovely
    I love it

  21. Alright lady’s I have just came across this page and for one thing I’m sure i will not be disappointed by just looking at the cast index I’m already loving it can’t wait to start reading it.
    Due to some busy work schedule I might be abit late in reading the updates hope it’s alright with you guys. 🙂

  22. Just came by the story thanks to Indy, I literally read all these chapters in one go. Absolutely loved it, its so different but it works well with the original characters brought from the show.It is obvious a lot of time and care has been taken to develop such an intriguing plot, just when you think one thing, you discover more, and it all works together. I do hope you update soon and won’t have to wait long to read the rest. Your dedication to this blog is amazing, I hope you continue to write, you have a great gift for writing 🙂 .

    1. Thank you for the kind words Naeha, and a super belated welcome to FWN!
      If we continue to write, we hope to see more readers take part in sharing their thoughts 🙂

  23. This has been one sizzling read so far. Having said that, the characters are well developed and balanced. Besides, Arnav and Khushi, NK and Robbie are my favourite.
    The narration is well paced and the writing is bold and fresh. It is risqué and yet tasteful. Good job balancing that.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece of fiction.

    1. Such a belated welcome to FWN abby!
      Glad you enjoyed the story and I hope you’re still around to see its completion. 🙂

  24. Hi, I just finished reading fwn. It’s a wonderful story. Waiting eagerly for the next update. I want to say that limiting access to the vip lounge is not fair to new readers like me. By the time u decide to give access one might just have moved on because the wait would be too long. Hope you reconsider your decision. All the best and bye. Hail

  25. I can’t wait for you to launch Night 11! Despite the note I still find myself hitting the refresh button often. It’s become an addiction now 🙂 waiting eagerly for the weekend and praying you have no more emergencies and can write in peace 🙂

  26. Still waiting. …how to read farewell, winter nights beyond 4 nights?? It’s password protected. …I commented earlier too…god knows where it all goes…don’t know much about wordpress. …can somebody pls help??

  27. I know you guys are busy… but still my thoughts come back here and refresh in case you have updated! lol…

    So eager to read how Payal will now behave and if Trent will divorce him, plus what evil and shameless Sheetal has up her sleeves.

  28. Oh New York, New York…

    In New York
    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
    There’s nothing you can’t do
    Now you’re in New York
    These streets will make you feel brand new
    Big lights will inspire you
    Hear it from New York!

    Ahhhhh… so I am finally here after having caught up with this fabulous story! For me this has everything that I love… New York my city, My favorite Jodi, and say what… the F bomb flying around is something I can totally relate to. Oh and my dear you fashionista’s LOVE it, I am ready any day to walk down Fifth Avenue with you both.

    I love the concept, the writing, the size of the updates… just brilliant! I am a fangirling…

    Thanks to Arshi67 (Ruchi) for recommending this classic story!

    1. A warm welcome to FWN Jigs! So glad you decided to join us ^^
      Hop in often and do share your thoughts. We are most eager for them!

  29. Ladies keep looking at the pictures and am awe struck with the quality and thecsheer beauty. I realise thse pictures are in the main just photo stock, but to me they are our charactersin all their awsomeness. Brilliant and yeah I can finish reading this story! And hopefully the new ones coming along. Muuwh :X

    1. I know what you mean. K and ZZ does an amazing job compiling the perfect photos. I just piggy back and enjoy the pretty. 😀

  30. Pics for interlude 3(bromance), Night 12(Jadoo hai, nasha hai, uff) and the epilogue(HEA!!) look so promising. Can’t wait. But my favourites ones remain Night 6 and Night 10. Just so dreamy. 🙂

  31. Just started to read but I could clearly say it’s awesome.
    I don’t how I missed this

    I’m going to read further.
    But many are password protected ( pouting &crying)
    It’s really a nice ..

  32. Wow!!! I’m speechless:))!!! I just read the whole story till now in one shot, and it’s brilliant. You guys are amazing and awesome writers:)! The way you wrote about each character, as well as their emotions is unbelievable. Every scene you described felt as watching a movie. Thank you:))!!!

  33. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    I just came across this ff couple of days ago, what an incredible piece of work? So damn into it, didn’t even realise the coming soon title and kept on clicking to read the next. Play boy Arnav but loved him for the way he is for his Khushi. And Khushi, such a warm, caring and so loving character. Aman and NK the sweetest boys. Robbie and anjali are the fairies in this dream world.
    Love this long chapters and its contents. Posh, vibrant, very emotional and too sexy. I could guess slightly what’s coming on the next chapter but want to read it in your words.
    First time waiting for an update of this ff… It’s so damn hard…

  34. 10 months too late but truly grateful to those who mentioned your story in deservedly so high praise – I commented on chapter 12 but would like to add more..

    Your story roamed in my dreams – in a good way.. a girl can dream about the bedroom scenes over and over… until courage takes over and one lets hubby know ;-)) !!

    The wedding mandap on a Manhattan roof top had ASR written all over it.. he’s a dream maker .. you refined the scenes for us.. However I have to say who would have thought Anajli the sensible bride in a bikini on her wedding night, what happened to a gunghat and sitting on bed all coy – I don’t even want to gauge what your epilogue would have as you have set the bar high (but please do entail love, broamnce and a girls night — would be nice to see Lav find love !! )


    1. Now there’s an interesting place to dwell 😉
      Lucky hubby!
      I’ve never understood that coy pose with all those layers of fabric, when the point of the suhagraat is skinship 😛

  35. I’m glad I came to this awesome story two days ago, thanks to Twitter. It’s really captivating and urges you to read on and on till the end, I just could not stop reading all available parts once started.
    Like Arnav says people are multifaceted and all the characters of your story come forth so strongly with all their shades it’s difficult not to like them for who they are. Simply amazing amazing characterisation. I just loved your story, your writing style and this so beautiful blog. Wish I could read the exclusive matter some day.
    Bravo writers!
    I see a new story is coming and here’s a new reader 🙂

  36. Please waiting for epilogue… I have already commented many time over .. Count some of my comments for those who did not and give us epilogue…..please

  37. found this story just today so late but its lovely n i am loving it. i have just read 5 chapters till now n loving everyone here.must say u are amazing n ur writing is so different .
    but i am having problem reading interlude .it asking passward which i dont have. plz help me with it.
    i am new to this blog world n dont know much so.

  38. I can’t tell you how much i love your writing…just fall in love with your story more and more with after every night…
    when are you posting the epilogue???????????
    but dear how can i read the VIP section and outakes.

  39. So I just stumbled upon this blog today & I have one word EXTRAORDINARY it’s so damn good. You guys have An amazing style of writing, I totally love the witness between the guys & the sarcastic banter. It’s one of the finest blogs I’ve read ❤️ Hatts off keep the good work going further. Loved everybjt of it.
    Looking forward to the epilogue Invite maybe :p

  40. hi……..i am new here may be 2 -3 days old bt i really wana say that ur ff is few of the best nd amusingly awesome story i had readed till now nd i loved the way u write it its quite different nd i love that the most. ………i am here to thank u for such a lovely story nd yes plz do help me i am nt able to open outtake #2 it asking for a password nd i dont no that so plz help me with that……..rply soon will be waiting for it bye love u

  41. Ladiezz…I am back after a l..o…n….g time & that is an understatement even by my standards!!
    sorry…truly sorry!! Maaf kar do..

    I see I have missed the recent updates & the story is ready for an epilogue…so I have my agenda for this weekend ready.
    Will read them & comment as I go through but you girls have fun in the meantime & come back with a dhamaakedaar update, as always…

    PS…I *love* your banners & pictures…

    Ciao…muah & lots of love & hugs!!

  42. hi..just finished reading FWN nd i am already reading it again i just fall in love with all ur characters nd want to read more…its sad that i came to no about this site so late i mean i am reading arshi stories from last 2 to 3 years i got here now bt they say na “deer aye durust aye” so yya i am happy now that i am here..Well i will not mind if u will give me access of VIP section u no right..jokes apart i will like to get access of VIP so do invite me for that nd yes ur one amazing writter bye love u

    1. Welcome to FWN kashish! As long as the site exist it’s never too late yeah? 😀
      If you’re interested in our lounge, do kindly read our Peanut Gallery FAQ page.

  43. As promised, here I am.. I look forward to reading this story. It comes with a recommendation from a friend (Arshi67) whose judgements are not in question (IMO).
    Will certainly leave comments… Is it necessary to read “Outtakes” to follow the story? I see that they are password protected.


    1. Ahhh! A warm welcome to FWN mirabell! You caught me unawares, the plushy red carpet was still in storage!
      Our Louboutin heeled friend is too kind. (Thank you so much for sending another one down the rabbit hole! 😀 )

      Necessary? No. But it does add a layer to the reading (we hope!)
      I’ll have you cover though. 😉

  44. came across this story 2 days a go…sorry couldn’t comment on every post separately, was busy reading whole the story first 😛
    I just simply loved it…every singles is my favourite character….the bromance between nk aman and arnav is something I adore the most in this story.

    and the passion between khushi n arnav is to die for….will miss it 🙁
    in the whole fiction the thing awaited the most was a tight slap to payal from khushi right across her face,which offcourse didn’t came 😛

    wanted to read outtakes please provide its access….n simply waiting for epilogue.

  45. I wanna read the epilogue so badly 🙁 But before that i need to give you two a tight hug for writing this wonderful story. I cant call this a story cause it’s beyond that. I don’t know what should I call Farewell Winter Nights 🙂

    I am so thrilled 🙂

  46. I do believe you guys enjoy torturing us with such teasers. 🙂
    It’s a good thing work is keeping me tied up, otherwise your inboxes would be housing a high number of emails.

    Speaking of, K, when are we going to get one from you?
    Get well soon S! I find drinking green tea with crushed ginger does wonder for the body during flu season.

    1. It’s sweet torment infused with lots of love. 😀
      I drowned myself in tea. System seems to be a go expect I think I’ve lost my sense of smell.

  47. Get well soon … Wow if this is what comes up while you have the flu .. Bleary eyes foggy head and stuffy nose .. And all that .. It has to be given that a clear and present mind means the epilogue is going to be a real hot treat !!! Arnavs dialogue is so perfect for when the realization hits you – oh fuck I’m married !!!

  48. Aww, Professor S is under the weather. I hope by now you have taken a turn for the better. In my experience, hugs from a friend work wonders for recovery from the flu. Here’s sending you some, along with ginger tea, warm honey-lemon and eucalyptus steam.
    And about that teaser, seriously, do you girls know how to entice!! Mr Raizada’s light-bulb moment is such a treat. 😀 Wish you a speedy recovery, S. Come back soon.

    1. I’m dying to be called that lofty title, so thank you dear Supriya for indulging me. 😀
      Oh my, do send anther dose of that eucalyptus steam, my nose have lost it’s use.

      We’ve given you a date! And as promised it’s before the 29th. By three whole days. 😛

      1. You will get there, S. Hard work never fails to make the grade. Eeesh, am I sounding too mom…ish??? Anyway, to me you already are Prof S. That’s what I am gonna call you from now on.

        26th? So in 6 days the final curtain will fall on our beloved FWN. </3

  49. I just thought k outtakes toh I hadn’t read…

    give me that paasword please. I am reading this story again.

    left my thoughts on Peanut gallery.


  50. Oh! Wedded bliss. Hope that Arnav Singh Raizada treats his wife with a little more TLC.

    Take care of your cold and in your bleary state, please do not take the ‘hot’ stuff out! lol. Just kidding. Am so going to miss fwn. (sigh)

    1. So much sighing on the blog lately, when we should be celebrating that after one whole year we’ve reached the end! Lights, tunnels and all. 😀

      1. Yeah, it is THE END, that is why I am sighing. Though am really glad that there are happy endings all around in their lives.

        And, do you realise what it actually means, that there is ‘the end’ for this story? I take it to mean, ‘hooray’ we are getting a new story soon.

  51. Hello ladies, hope you are taking good care of your health.

    Please do not forget to issue me the access to epilogue once you update it.

    Totally waiting for you to update the epilogue. Daily checking to see if you have updated the epilogue. This is fabulous news…… So Epilogue coming on 26th October 2015……….. This is too too fantastic.

    I have subscribed for your blogs. But wanted to ask:

    How to get password?

    Do you require gmail Id? I have one.

    Please reply dear.

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    Coming to my next best couple…NK and Robbie! I love how the character of NK was used as the PA rather than the cousin in the show. You made me fall in love with them as much as you did with Aranv and Khushi. I do relate to Robbie’s character a lot because somewhere i see her in myself. I girl from the small town, who shows to the world that she is very strong yet at the same time, she is just guarding her hurt because like every girl she just doesnt want to get hurt. I love how NK over the course of the story breaks those walls and shows her that forever exists.

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    Coming to Payal…this was the only character in this story for whom my emotions changed over time. In the beginning i simply hated her for what she did to khushi. Her hatred for khushi was too strong which almost made her blind when it came to taking revenge. I still cannot decide if her love for trent was true or not. However, in the end my hatred for her was replaced by pity. I felt bad for her. I guess all she craved all her life was love and acceptance which she never really got. Even though she got shashi’s name she never got his love or garima’s love which made her jealous of khushi.

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    1. Welcome to FWN Aahanaraizada! (May I call you AA? 🙂 )
      Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Such magic words you have stated above! My partner in crime shall find equal delight.
      The goal of writing is to make a connection. If we have managed to feature in a night’s dream and sprinkle a dusting of warmth, then it was a worthy endeavor.

      Haha, are you sure you are ready to venture deeper into our world? 😀

      The path to a writing career has set sail, but perhaps this is a good retirement plan eh S?

      (I suggest checking your email inbox for some kind of invite this week. 😉 )

    2. Welcome! I hated how the entire Raizada clan basically mooched off Arnav’s hard work in the show. Had Anjali actually held a job, she would be more observant in regards to her insane hubby. But alas… who would be around for pointless drama and rounds and rounds of prayers yes? 😀

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    1. Hey welcome back Tara. Hope we see you to the end this round 😉
      Once you finish up FWN, hit up the Rabbit Hole link above. It should lead you down some interesting mazes.

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    Not until I commenced the journey of 12 nights, with Arnav, Khushi, NK, Aman, Robbie, Anjali, and so many other people as co-passengers.
    I really, really want to know, how did this plot and idea pop in your heads? It wasn’t an easy one.. I had to sometimes go up and re-read stuff to comprehend the way the story unfolds.. The relationship dynamics, be it familial or romantic, or even the platonic ones, have been marvellously penned down.
    The best part is about the realistic touch to ALL of the characters..

    The exponential sexual tension and attraction between ArShi to the sweet, subtle yet powerful love between Aman and Anjali, The tough chic Robbie and the ever-so-awesome NK– I mean WOW!
    The story got me hooked until the end, and girls, you didn’t forget to surprise the readers even at the end. Payal’s true parentage, Garima’s lies, confessions, all of them have been moulded so well in the manuscript that despite being a writer myself, it got me thinking, whether I would ever be able to pen down a story half as good as you guys did!

    No one was the villain here. Everyone had their own set of demons to deal with. Some dealt with them maturely, while others took the wrong approach. Grey shades define human tendencies and nature and that’s realism. I thank you for putting it, rather ALL of it, so well in these 12 nights.
    I wish I could have boarded the flight for this journey long back, but no regrets. It’s always better to be late than never.
    I’m a FAN! Wholeheartedly. Not just of the characters and the storyline, but your writing, and it encompasses everything; from words to flow, and knowing when to disclose what.
    I completed the series in two nights, and I WILL read it all over again. This is not a story that can be well registered without any loopholes in the readers’ minds in one reading, and so I AM going to read it again.

    I would LOVE to read the epilogue as well as the out take too. It would be one heck of a blatant lie if I say I can placate the super agile impatient demons in my mind that won’t rest till I know I have read the WHOLE story to the T.
    And please (pretty please?) WRITE more!
    ArShi deserve to be manifested into stories like these, write ups like these.

    Eagerly awaiting to hear from you.

    Loads of love,
    Smitakshi =)

    1. Nom, nom, nom. Thank you, I was in need of a snack, your words more than sufficed 😛
      Welcome Smitakshi! There are no such things as accident, only fateful opportunities. I’m glad you us.

      I’m thrilled it came across that there are no real villains in FWN.
      Hold off on the second reading until our invite gets to you. 😉

  89. That was one hell of a journey ..
    So beautiful that I have no words to describe ..it was like this enchanted tale of two beautiful people..once that I started to read couldn’t keep my phone down till the last one .every character every emotion striked the chord in the heart and made a impact .The three handsome boys though nk was related by blood . ..I was in aww of their friendship .the first update where Arnav and Khushi meet ..the immediate connection between them .khushi sharing her fears ..nk and Aman meeting Khushi that was awesome ..Arnav blackmailing nk ..unable to procreate ..hehe ;)introduction of Robbie ..I just love her spirit..Khushi is such selfless Girl that she didn’t want anything grand from Arnavs life but only him ..whole of him .the changes that were evident in Arnav seen by Aman.the bond between nk and Khushi ,the concern shown by him .the protective feeling he had was heart touching .one my favourite was when Aman sends a hamper and a note to Khushi ..nk and robbies texts were a treat to read .the date at the swimming pool was soo dreamy ..I was literally drooling over our handsome hunk .arnav dressing Khushi..there were soo many scenes where I was mesmerised and in complete aww.robbie and Khushi their bond was soo good ..like this elder sister who wanted the best for her baby sister and there to protect her always .loved the way Arnav and Robbie had this silent competition on sharing Khushi ..super cute .i felt payal was not entirely at fault here ..it was the circumstances and fate somewhere .arnav and Khushi were both were fighting their demons ,they became one to heal each other .the passion between was scintillating .anjali seemed to be a sweet lovely character .the dragon lady ..hehe nice name .. i don’t even feel capable or feel worthy commenting on this
    Story which was just perfect .hats off to u both :).cherry on the cake were the gifs and the images .i m so glad that I came across this story
    Would be really interested in reading your other work and also the epilogue series .its a request (pretty please ;))
    Will be eagerly waiting

      1. 😉 It was difficult for me to put my thoughts that’s how speechless I was
        Anything else I can read ? And when do I get to know about the invite ?
        Sorry for too many questions 😛
        PS: sorry for the typos in the Previous comment had to type on my phone

  90. Hi,
    Don’t how I ended up here!!!
    Was actually searching for some other story but
    I am in love with this story!!!
    You posted a note saying that


    But I don’t think it had any such thing!!!
    For me it was a modern day, real life fairytale!!!!
    One which had an happily ever after in it!!!!
    Absolutely Love it!!!!
    Loved how gave new characteristics to the old characters!!!
    Such that you end treating them as new ones!!!
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