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Fifth Ave, New York

“I’ll be in the office until six, what are your plans for today?”

“I have two interviews scheduled this afternoon.”

Arnav paused in the middle of fastening the cufflinks onto his white Oxford.

“What interviews?”

“Job interviews, Arnav. I’m no longer an employee of Kumar’s Catering remember?”

There was a notable moment of charged silence as they both relived that first meeting.

Arnav cleared his throat, “Yes, but why are you looking for a job?”

Khushi stared at him speechless. “Rent? Food? Clothes? You know, the basic necessities?”

“I can handle your necessities, Khushi. In fact, I can do better.”

She glared at him, “I can take care of myself!”

“I’m the man sharing your bed.”

“It doesn’t give you the right to dictate my actions out of it.”

He looked taken back and she caught the flash of hurt before he slammed the doors on his reaction, bolts sliding home until he wore a blank mask of polite iciness. A complete shutdown. Shit!

“Right. Do as you wish. I wouldn’t want to overstep my place.”

“Arnav,” she started, but she was talking to his back. He had already brushed past her and out the door.

Khushi stared at the space he’d just occupied, and winced. By attempting to protect herself, she had hurt him. Life had changed so much in such a short period of time she felt overwhelmed. The newness of them was wrought with too many possibilities for missteps and miscommunication.

It was Thursday, and since Sunday she and Arnav have not spent a single night apart. Each joining that followed was just as passionate as their first. He took pleasure in teaching her how much her body could respond to his touch…and how he could respond to hers. She should have been wilting from lack of sleep; instead she was radiant and full of energy.

Khushi allowed a sigh to escape into the room. All her thoughts these days somehow returned to Arnav. It was alarming, but since they became lovers, he had eclipsed all else in her waking hours. He had even invaded her memory, so that she constantly had the taste of him on her tongue, felt the rough warmth of his hands on her flesh. Falling for Arnav would be the most dangerous thing she’d ever done, yet she felt helpless to deny the effect he had on her. If it wasn’t love yet, it had undeniably gone beyond mere lust, and she was teetering on the edge of an emotional chasm.

During the nights he was hers, an insatiable lover, not just for sex but also for intimacy. In what had become a ritual between them, after burning the sheets, he would lift a hand to capture a tendril of her hair and softly demand another night. She slept each of them in his arms, and if she moved away from him he would wake and reach for her.

But something had happened while he was away on Monday. He came back withdrawn. He wasn’t cold, nor was it obvious, but she could sense a weary guard. She was also honest enough to acknowledge he wasn’t alone. She wanted to ignore the doubts, to fearlessly have her heart lead the way on this unfamiliar path, but a heart once bruised is cautious.

She recalled her confession to him in the limo. She had told him the truth. She did feel like she was drowning, and these last few days the sensation was closer to being caught in a storm of wild waves. She would tumble out of control until his arms reached out to anchor her, providing a lull, but one that never quite allow her to fully catch her breath before another wave would roll over, spinning her out towards the open sea again.

Furthermore, she couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that their days were numbered, as if they were on a countdown.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she settled on the sofa and dialed Robbie.

“So what’s our orgasm scoreboard as of this morning?”

“Robbie, I need your advice.”

Her voice was still cheerful, but became tinged with concern, “Trouble?”

“No. Yes. I … I, oh Robbie I’m so confused.”

“Tell me.”


Monday morning

Khushi woke as weak morning sunlight filtered through the windows. For one crushing moment she wondered if it had been a dream, a cruel twisted dream. Sweet Paradise. Then Nothing.

Had she actually been with Arnav last night or had her imagination conjured up the fantasy?

She felt a movement, turning she took in the masculine form beside her. Her breath hitched, afraid he might vanish, this lover who had explored and possessed with such tenderness. It was then that she consciously took in the pressure of the hand that rested on her bare hip, the subtle stings and aches that testified last night’s pleasures. Not a dream. Real. The best reality she had woken up to in years.

The warmth of his body made the bed a cozy nest she didn’t want to leave, especially with winter’s chill frosting the air. His face was turned toward her in his sleep and she took the opportunity to study it quietly. Arnav’s features were stamped with those of an aristocrat she decided with a smile. She wanted to trace her finger along the bridge of his nose, run a hand through his sleep-tousled hair, lean in to press a kiss along that chiseled jawline. Taking all of him in, she felt her body throb with need.

Despite the heady lovemaking, and the promise he had softly demanded from her afterwards, Khushi reminded herself not to make assumptions. The circumstances that had brought them together were still too surreal in her mind. She had known that from the beginning, and had gone into this with her eyes open. However, welling up from the reservoir of her tangled emotions was the need to belong. She was woman, and he was man.

No, she was his woman, and he was her man. As much as he would allow.

Arnav shifted beside her and she stiffened involuntarily. Naked and vulnerable, she lay watching a lover wake up for the first time. For one endless moment, black clashed heatedly with green. But nothing could have prepared her for what he did next.

Khushi held her breath as Arnav smoothed his hand along her hip, pulling her into his chest. His lids, with their thick lashes, lifted and he surveyed her glowing early-morning beauty with a satisfied gleam in his dark eyes.

“Don’t move,” he murmured throatily, brushing her hair back to press his lips into the small hollow below her ear. “You feel so damn good.”

Relief poured through Khushi. It wasn’t awkward; in fact it was just the opposite. It felt incredibly natural to curl into him. She allowed herself to relax and snuggled against Arnav. “Good morning,” she breathed against his skin.

“Morning,” he replied, taking her deeper into his embrace.

Taken. She felt taken, completely sealed from reality and the rest of the world. She would have been frightened, but within the safety of his arms, she could only think of how he had sheltered her while she shattered with pleasure and how tightly he held her while the world slowly reformed.

“I thought I wouldn’t be any good at … this… at sex.” Khushi flushed against Arnav’s chest, feeling mortified. What had made her blurt that out?

She felt him move, suddenly she was on her back with Arnav looming over her, looking mouthwateringly wicked and tousled.

“Well, I can attest that you are very good …at this.”

He took her arms and pinned them over her head with one hand, before resting his other hand near the apex of her legs. It had an immediate effect on her breathing. Ignoring the clamor of voices in her head that urged to guard her heart, Khushi embraced their physical joining. Knowing down to her bones that no matter what came next, she would never be the same again.


Tuesday evening

Khushi was halfheartedly responding to job advertisements on her phone, her mind on Arnav’s strange behavior. He had been distracted since last evening, returning from the office in a pensive black mood. Over coffee this morning, she saw questions in his eyes, yet he didn’t voice them. It frustrated that she didn’t know him well enough to read his moods, and considering how they shifted constantly, it would take time. Time she didn’t know if she had.

She heard the rattle of the door and quickly sat up on the sofa, her heart clamoring in her chest. He was back earlier than expected.

Which Arnav would be walking through the door?

He looked exhausted. She had quickly learned how grueling his work hours were. For all his wealth, he was more slave then master. What satisfaction does he seek in adding more zeroes to his bank balance? What void was he trying to fill?

Khushi moved to the bar, silently pouring him two fingers of Scotch, neat. Some things, she mused, were easy to pick up on.

Arnav accepted the drink with a curt nod of thanks, downing half the liquid while he tugged at the knot of his tie. Khushi took a step back, not wanting to crowd him, but her eyes lingered on his exposed throat, and her body began to stir awake in a way that was becoming familiar.

“Did your meetings go well?” she asked, deciding business was a safe topic.

“AR just acquired two new talented designers. They should inject some creativity for the next Fashion Week.” With a toss of his wrist Arnav finished the drink, setting the glass aside his hands curved around on her waist. Khushi tilted her head back to look at him.

His expression was too shuttered for her to read, but his eyes carried an odd gleam. “Is something wrong?” she asked, anxiety creeping into her voice.

Arnav gave a harsh laugh. “No, nothing’s wrong. It was just a long day.” Even as he spoke, he was shifting them towards the bedroom. Once there, he began to undress her, the action heavy with impatience. Once her top came off, her gaze locked on his face as his eyes traveled over her with visual hunger. Khushi sensed he hadn’t meant for her to realize his reaction, but she heard the audible intake of breath, caught the flicker of relief when she was naked just before he pulled her flushed against him. Feeling his obvious arousal gave her the courage to give into her own desires.

“I think we also need to get rid of this,” she whispered, tugging at his shirt, “and this,” she continued as her hands slipped between them to unbuckle his belt.

He was breathing harder, his body heated even through the layers of clothes. Instead of stepping back to undress, Arnav tightened his arms around her. With effortless strength he lifted her off her feet, carrying her to bed. Arnav fell backward, with her still in his arms, and then rolled so that she was beneath him. A little sound escaped her throat when he used his thigh to spread her legs, and he settled into the valley he’d just made.

“Khushi.” Arnav caught her face between his hands as he grounded his mouth against hers, reaching down between their bodies to undo his trousers. Khushi could sense his urgency, but understanding eluded her. She arched off the bed as he entered, her body unprepared for him, but she pushed her fingers into his hair and clasped his head, trying to give him whatever he needed.

Once inside her, the tension faded from his eyes and she felt his body uncoil. Arnav propped himself on his elbows. “Did I hurt you?” he whispered.

She gave him a smile as her body adjusted itself to him. “I’m okay,” she replied, applying pressure to his head until his lips met hers. The brief discomfort of his rough entry was gone, leaving an almost burning hunger to find release.

He allowed her to set the pace, their need fueling each other’s until they reached the blinding crescendo together. Wave after wave of hot ecstasy drowned out the doubts. For now.


Earlier Wednesday morning

He was still stretched out on the bed, a bronze god against the sheets.

Ignoring her suddenly parched throat, she shook his shoulders. “Arnav, wake up, it’s five thirty, otherwise you won’t’ have time for breakfast—”

Without opening his eyes he tugged on her hand, and Khushi found herself on the bed with him, sprawled over him in a very undignified position. Her eyes widened to huge green pools, and she began squirming in an effort to get back up, but her efforts were hampered since her feet had somehow become tangled in the sheets and she couldn’t get her legs straight.

His hand caught in her hair, holding her still. “I’d rather have you for break­fast,” he muttered hoarsely, his fingers exerting just enough pressure to ease her head forward slowly, an inch at a time, until he could put his mouth to hers.

Then he kissed her like he was out of breath, and she was air.

Khushi’s body locked, her mouth opening to his like a flower greedy for sunlight. His tongue lazily explored the softness of her lips, before easing past them to curl sensually around hers.

She wound her arms around his neck, hands clenching in his hair as her body writhed against his in a delicious dance. Feeling incredibly alive, Khushi soared as her existence focused on Arnav.

Breakfast was forgotten.



“I don’t understand, Robbie,” Khushi stated quietly as she finished sharing the conversation from this morning and how he left, wordless and angry.

“You scared?”

Khushi didn’t pretend not to understand what Robbie was asking. “Terrified,” she admitted.

“That’s normal, babe. This is new. And your first adult relationship.”

“It isn’t the physical…”

“No, it’s the fact that your heart is involved.”


“Honey, do you know how happy I am for you? Not to mention envious? Not because the man in question is Arnav Singh Raizada, but because we’re having this conversation.”

“Ugh, Robbie…”

“Let me finish. This was my wish for you. To find a guy who engages your mind, who can make your body burn and cause your heart beat to go wild. We both know not every woman is lucky enough to find it. Now, before I offer my take, I want to ask you something. Do you think he’s worth it? If the answer is no, then enjoy the sex and when it’s over chalk it up to experience. If, however, the answer is yes, then you need to be you. If he’s man enough, he’ll know a good thing when he sees it and he’ll bend over backwards to take care of it.”

“Robbie, what if I’m not enough?”

“Khushi, you are more than enough. The only one who doesn’t see it is you.”

Khushi’s hand tightened on the phone as she absorbed Robbie’s words. The beginning of things, of love especially, is necessarily vague, chaotic, and exceedingly disturbing.* Could she do it? To live purely for the moment, to take each day as it came, enjoy whatever time she had with him, as if that were all there was, all there would ever be. More importantly, not setting a limit on how much of herself she would give to him.

Her decision now would not be influenced by the cloudy anticipation of passion, but a choice made in daylight hours.

“He’s worth it.”

Robbie smiled on the other end. “Yeah? His ugh… skill in sack not influencing you is it?”


“He may be off limits, but doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a bit of fantasy.”

Khushi laughed. “Thank you, Robbie.”

“You already had the answer, Khushi.”

“Maybe, but it’s all muddled in my head.”

“Just like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. Are you going in for job interviews today?”


“Good. Don’t let him boss you around. Now, you know I’m totally team Khushi, but in his defense I think he’s also navigating without a GPS. Give some room for both of you to mess things up a bit.”

“Okay, love guru.”

“I really should start charging for these sessions,” Robbie mused.

“Uh, huh. How are you and NK?”

“That will require a session of a different kind. Enough about enigmatic men, you sure you don’t want me to go with you today? With your intelligence, you’re truly wasted busing tables, Khushi.”

“Robbie, you promised not to bring that up.”

“But that was over a year ago! What is so bad you can’t even share with me?”

“It’s the only way I can let go. Besides, what’s wrong with earning an honest living?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it, except it doesn’t nurture you mentally. However, if that’s your choice, you know I’ll support it.”

“Thank you. Are you available to meet for lunch tomorrow?”

“You got it, babe.”

“Double date?”

“D word!”

“Oops. Ok, a meet up with Arnav and NK?”

“You’re on!”

“You know, guys don’t get that when you say you’re not interested, what you’re really saying is ‘fight for me'”


“But NK is sharp. If he gets that, please don’t play games of the heart with him. Promise me.”

“Dammit, Khushi.”

“Please? I just want you to have your own happiness.”

“I know.”

Khushi held back the rest, knowing she had pushed enough for now. “I love you, Robbie.”

She heard nothing for a moment, and then a giggle came down the line.


“It just hit me that out of all the things I could be sharing with one of New York’s wealthiest bachelor – it’s a woman’s heart.”

“You’re incorrigible!”

“That I am. Love ya too. Later!”


NK came out of the elevator just in time to catch a livid Arnav storming into his office. Pausing long enough to tell both secretaries to hold their calls, he sauntered in.

“Trouble in paradise?”

“I don’t understand women.”

NK slanted him a look, “You don’t say.”

“I take that back. I understand women just fine. She isn’t normal. Going on fucking job interviews. Job interviews, NK!”

“Yeah, a woman wanting to pay her bills and eat. Insanity,” he replied dryly.

“I can take care of her.”

“You’re not her husband, Arnav.”

“But I’m her – “ Her what? he asked himself, What the hell was he to her?

Lover. Yeah, he was her fucking lover. Of a handful of nights, the logical voice persisted. And since when did you give a fuck about what a woman does beyond the bedroom?

He had always hated it when women tried to suffocate him with emotions, but Khushi, she defied his expectations at every turn. A sensualist wrapped in innocence, gentle femininity guarded by fierce independence, a woman who had so little yet carried herself like a queen.

Her unpredictability was causing him to act out of character. He was feeling more and more off-balance. His formidable control shot to pieces by a slip of girl.

“She has pride, more than most. It’s probably also an issue of space. I would think you’ll be relieved she is so independent and willing to work rather than sit around and spend your money.”

“Of course, but dammit she’s –”

“What is the real issue here, it’s not like you to beat around the bush.”

“I already work twelve to fourteen hours a day, how much more space does she fucking need?” Arnav stopped as he took in NK’s knowing look.

“What?!” he growled.

“Jesus, never thought you would be the jealous possessive type.”

“I’m not fucking jealous!”

“Only green with it. This isn’t about her working, it’s you being an insecure asshole, thinking she’ll meet someone and realize beside your money you don’t have much going for you.”

“Fuck you.”

“I don’t think it Arnav, you do.”   

The restlessness was coming back, eating at him. He stood up, shoved his hands in the pockets of his trousers, and turned towards the window.

“And this is about Trent Matthews.” NK said quietly behind him.

Arnav’s body locked. Dammit to hell. One thing with NK, he saw too much.

Gazing down at the bustling city below, Arnav allowed his mind to drift over the last three days.


Monday morning

After giving in to the impulse to simply hold her, he had pulled her into the bathroom with its black-tiled shower. As steaming water poured over them, his gaze traveled lazily down her body. His blood leapt as he saw pale flesh bloom into rose hues.

“Still shy?”

“I… this…. you make me nervous,” Khushi blurted.


“Around you, my heart beats to this tune-”

“What tune?”

To his surprise, she took his hand and held it over her chest, “Dhak, dhak,” she whispered.

Did she have any idea how beguiling she looked? How much her words affected him? He had to hold himself in check as he took her in. Standing there with bedroom eyes, flushed cheeks, biting down on her lips as water sluiced down her body, she simply took his breath away.

“You shouldn’t tell me that, Khushi.”


“It makes me want to do things to ensure it keeps beating to that tune.”

Her eyes suddenly burned into a brilliant green, the innate shyness moving aside for the sensual siren. Soaping up her lithe body, he mentally groaned. The thought of work had never been more unappealing. He wanted to spend the day wrapped around her, wrapped within her.

The bathroom was still steamy from their shared shower. So was Khushi. The fact that she had been obviously ready for him again by the time they got out hadn’t helped to cool him off. As he crushed her lips beneath his, Arnav was giving serious consideration to tumbling her back into bed when the sound from beyond his bedroom door captured their attention. Reluctantly, they broke apart, breathing raggedly.

“What the fuck?” he muttered.

Wrapping a towel around himself and pulling his robe over Khushi, they walked out to see NK, wearing his signature dress shirt with dark denim, grinning at them unrepentantly.

Arnav turned back to Khushi, “Is this really happening? Did he just barge in on us, again?”

Hands over hip, he watched Khushi burst into giggles. Seconds later, NK robust chuckles joined hers.

Schooling his features he turned to NK, “Just to be clear, I’m not finding anything funny right now.”

“That’s because you’re related to Ebenezer Scrooge, pre-ghost visits,” NK retorted.

“You came, you interrupted, you annoyed now you want to tell me why you’re here?”

“You told me to come first thing in the morning.”

“Jesus, it’s barely six!”

“Yeah boss, which is what you usually mean by first thing in the morning. But I see that’s changed.”


“So, are we revising?”

“First, I want your keycard, then find out how many copies Aman made and confiscate them. All of them.”

NK grinned. “She’s got nothing I haven’t seen.”

Arnav growled, “Yeah, but there won’t be any seeing on your part.”

“Like that is it?”

“Shut it. Go grab coffee, I’ll meet you in the lobby in thirty.”

He looked down as he sensed Khushi shaking against him, at his look she swallowed her laughter, but the corners of her lips curved up at him. Unable to resist, his lips twitched in response.

“You still haven’t left,” Arnav prompted NK.

“All right, all right,” NK gave Khushi an exaggerated wink as he walked out.

Khushi turned towards him, no doubt to say something to him about being rude, but he didn’t give her the chance. Maneuvering her against the door, he nuzzled into her hair. His soap on her skin was like an aphrodisiac. A scent his body was learning to crave.

“Arnav,” she breathed.

“Tomorrow night, no dinner, no friends. Just you and me. You with me?”

She frowned at his tone. “Are you asking me or telling me?”

He grimaced. “I’ve learned that asking usually doesn’t yield the right answer.”

“I don’t like being ordered about,” she informed him.

“No? You didn’t mind last night,” he taunted.

“That’s …that’s entirely different!” Khushi mumbled, then straightening her spine she gave him a pointed look. “I don’t take orders Arnav, any more than you do.”

He nodded, conceding her point.

“Now, try that again,” she encouraged.

Arnav tore his gaze from the slightly parted and damn kissable lips to look searchingly into the glowing depths of her eyes. “Will you give me you tonight, Khushi?’ he asked huskily.

“Yes, Arnav.”

“If I ask nicely, are you always going to be this agreeable?”


“Need to make sure you’re sated enough to give in then.”


He grinned, eyes holding hers. Then he leaned in close and whispered next to her ears, “I didn’t think it was possible, but you taste even better than you look.”

“And I thought Aman was the flirt. You’re going to be late if you don’t get dressed.”

“There are benefits to being CEO of your own company.”

“Uh huh,” she looked up at him, mischief spread across her face, “May I choose your weapon of the day?”

“My what?”

“Your suit.”

He laughter this time was incredible to witness. Khushi stared at him, entranced by the sound ringing so richly with carefree joy. It transformed the hard lines of his face until he looked almost boyish.

“I suppose it’s only fair.”

She rewarded him with a beaming smile, then told to him wait in the bedroom as she disappeared into his closet.

She came out with a chrome black Hugo Boss suit, the brand label appealing to her sense of humor, a white dress shirt, and a burgundy tie.

He walked to her, taking both suit and shirt. Turning his back quickly to keep her from guessing the intent in his eyes, he watched her reflection in the dresser mirror. Arnav found devilish satisfaction in catching the shock that flashed across her face as he casually allowed the towel to drop to the floor. Their eyes met in the mirror. Who knew innocence could be so erotic?

Dressed he turned and made his way back to her, “Well?”

Khushi looked at him blankly.

He nodded towards the tie in her hand, moving close enough to make his intention clear. She slipped the silk around his neck and despite trembling fingers managed a precise knot.

At his arched brow, she smiled eyes soft. “I used to practice so I can do it for my father.”

Arnav looked at Khushi, unaware that his own gaze had softened, “I need to go,” he told her.


“You’re here when I get back.”

“Bossy,” she muttered. She hesitated, then went on tiptoes to press a kiss to his cheek. “See you tonight.”


Arnav settled into the seat of the limo, feeling poleaxed. Why had he found her simple gesture so gutting? He scowled down at his phone, knowing if he looked at NK, the idiot would have a knowing smirk plastered all over his face.

This reluctance to leave her was unnerving. Since the time he took his first woman, he had never found it physically difficult to leave one. It fact, he made it a rule not to spend the night. What was it about Khushi that made him break his own rules? And at this point, how much did he really care?

As the limo eased into the morning traffic heading toward AR’s headquarters, Arnav turned to NK.

“There’s someone I want you to look into.”


“Trent Matthews, he’s likely still a New Yorker, but originally from Chicago.”

“Payal Gupta’s husband?”

“What? Payal? As in Shashi Gupta’s daughter?”

“Yes. They just confirmed their attendance for Aman’s engagement party.”

“I thought Garima turned us down? She hasn’t attended a single AR event since Shashi died.”

“Yes, but apparently Anjali sent a separate one to Payal. They attended Barnard College together.”

Arnav was no longer listening. His mind busy processing the new information. Was Payal Gupta the cousin Khushi spoke of? If so, it would make Shashi Gupta her uncle.

Arnav reeled in disbelief. His angel investor’s empire was worth billions. Despite the lax management of his widow, the company still brought in a decent annual profit. Beyond that, Shashi was a family man above all else. If she was related to the Guptas, what the hell was she doing by herself in the city?

He didn’t know Payal well, vaguely recalling a spoiled teenager from some events the family had attended before Shashi passed away. Yet, she didn’t seem capable of the vindictiveness of the girl from Khushi’s past. But how many Payals could there be in New York? That too, married to a Trent Matthews.

When things don’t add up, a businessman knew he had better start subtracting. He needed to acquire all the pieces before attempting to calculate.

“I want you to get all the information you can on Matthews. And find out if there’s a connection between Khushi and the Guptas.”

“Khushi? What does she have to do with this?”

“I want answers NK, not questions.”

“Arnav, have you considered asking her?”

“She’s not exactly a font of disclosures.”

“Didn’t you learn anything from flying fruits?”

“Yeah, how to dodge.”

“Fine, we’ll cross that bridge later. At the moment, we have a bigger problem.”


“HP Daniels.”

“He’s nothing.”

“Usually, but when you corner a wild dog, it bites. He’s been a busy man. We got wires on his devices –“

“Is that legal?”

NK’s pause was brief. “No, and in court, we didn’t have this conversation.”

“Right. Go on.”

“He’s digging.”

“He’s not the first.”

“Yeah, but he’s digging where no one ever has before.”


“He has a plane ticket leaving from JFK airport next week.”

“Where to?”




Monday afternoon

“Is it me or is he even walking funny,” Aman quipped to NK when Arnav entered his office holding the approved agenda for tomorrow’s meeting with their in-house designers.

“You should have seen him this morning,” NK joined in with a grin, “couldn’t keep his hands off her.”

“Are you my PA or his?” Arnav snapped.

“I’m taking a break. I’m legally entitled to one, right counselor?”

“It’s all there in black and white in the HR manual.”

Curbing the juvenile urge to toss something at them, he shoved aside some folders and sat down on the edge of Aman’s desk.

“Fine, since we are all here, and NK is taking his break, I want to know what went on between Anjali and Khushi while they disappeared yesterday.”

“Khushi didn’t tell you?”

“She was- occupied,” Arnav didn’t hear the satisfaction coating the words, but it wasn’t lost on either Aman or NK.

“I’ll bet. Should we revisit the orgasm scoreboard? I’m sure Robbie will be most interested,” NK smirked.

Ignoring the comment, Arnav steered the conversation back “Anjali?’

“I’m not sure, but somehow Varun came up in conversation and she was upset.”

“Does it bother you?” NK asked Aman.


“About Varun. A woman doesn’t just forget her first love, no matter how it ends.”

“If he was still alive, then maybe. But it’s hard being jealous of a ghost. A piece of her will always belong to him, but I get her now and all the days of our future together.” Aman responded honestly.

Arnav froze.

Did Khushi feel the same way? Was Trent fucking Matthews her first love? For Anjali it was different, Varun was dead. Matthews was still breathing, and if his guess was correct, come next Saturday the bastard would be within touching distant.

He wanted to pick up the phone and demand an answer, but that would akin to laying his damnable organ at her feet. It wasn’t safe or sane to want someone this much, this quick. But she’d been sweet and so damn tight he broke out in a sweat just remembering how it had felt when he’d entered her last night.

He could protect himself against everyone. Had found it easy to do so. Except this woman. It was as if his heart had been waiting for her to approach and walk right in.

He felt exposed, raw with it. Arnav could feel the old tentacles of vulnerability reach out to touch him with ghostly memories, but he pushed them aside. This situation was different, Khushi was different. She had to be. He couldn’t survive another betrayal.


Tuesday night

Arnav lay in the darkness, feeling Khushi’s slight weight nestled against him, both of them naked in a tangle of sheets. She was asleep, her head pillowed on his shoulder, her breath even across his chest, her breasts pressed firmly against his ribs. Gently, unable to resist the urge, he rubbed the back of one finger over a satiny curve. He had discovered to his shock that he didn’t like it when she moved away from him during the night. For a man accustomed to sleeping alone, this was an unwelcome revelation.

He was restless and wanted nothing more than to wake her and bury himself along with these heavy thoughts in her. But he had kept her up for hours last night. Selfishly losing himself over and over in her warm, pliant body. She had responded to ever touch, clinging to him with abandon, opening herself to him whenever he wanted. So he’d allowed himself to feed his craving for her, giving his desire full reign.

When in bed together, they never quite stopped touching, and despite himself, he reveled in it. He’d known one night wouldn’t be enough. So he’d asked her for another to satiate the desire and let it burn out. However, before she drifted to sleep, he had found himself demanding more from her.

He’d done his best to hold her at a distance. But it was hard. And getting harder.

He knew she sensed his withdrawal yesterday. But he was helpless, too used to shutting down the walls to protect himself. He wanted her closer yet he wanted her far away.

If she ran, would he chase her?



“I don’t know what happened, but if it’s eating at you so why not just ask her?”

“I’ll think about it.”

NK sighed, taking in Arnav’s rigid back. He was glad Khushi had entered Arnav’s life, but also concerned. Whatever skeletons laid in her closet, he needed to find out and get to the bottom of it.

Arnav was tethering on an emotional avalanche. He was a man who didn’t love easily, but once he did, NK didn’t think there would be a limit. If such a man ended over a cliff, who the fuck knows what would happen.

He got up to leave, but as he turned the knob Arnav called out.



“She said she has interviews today… It’s not spying, she doesn’t recognize the dangers she could get into in this city.”

NK grinned, inwardly to himself of course. It amazed him how the world thought Arnav Singh Raizada was made of ice, the man had so much affection to give, “No worries, go make a few more millions, I’ll look after your woman.”

With that parting shot, he walked out.

His woman?

Yes, Arnav accepted, she was his woman, and he was her man. As much as she would allow.


So… watcha think?

New Readers – Welcome aboard the FWN train.

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* adapted from The Awakening by  Kate Chopin


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    1. Makes total sense. It was an exciting update to write. We wanted to show where they are emotionally. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Actually, despite the push-pull of their thoughts, by the end, Khushi AND Arnav reached an acceptance of some kind. Will they be openly declaring their feelings? Unlikely, but I think it’s safe to say they are willing to see where this leads. 🙂

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    What I really like was that when they are together, both in bed and out, it’s perfect. The lovemaking, the little domestic moments. It’s only when they are apart that doubts seep in since they’ve been hurt before. How lucky both of them are to have such sensible and caring friends. To me, the crux of this Interlude seems to be that they have both accepted the relationship.

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      Sigh…. you know us so well. Yes!
      That was the intent. Together they are like two halves uniting, but doubts are natural when the brain kicks in. There are still fears, still doubts, but we wanted to show that they accept this for what it is. Either of them can deny the sexual pull, nor the one that is tugging at their heartstrings. Not quite what you expected yeah? 😀

      S & I are delighted with the poll’s results. First, since it didn’t skewer towards any one person too much. Second, the top two weren’t even the leads! That is so awesome I’m stunned and humbled. It will be fun though to see how things change by the end.

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    3. Morning after was total fan service for you, so I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

      It never ceases to amaze me whenever I see these comments for characters other than Arnav and Khushi. Totally awesome!

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      Thank you Mel!

  8. Insecurities.

    For me – it s the central theme of the update

    Khushi is a brilliantly, independent, mature, and headstrong woman. I keep seeing glimpses of a woman who [as I have told you before] has seen elitism and wealth. Her innate grace radiates this with aplomb and the hint of her educational status in the conversation with Robbie eludes to something quite academic and substantial. So the question is – why the low paid jobs?

    – maybe she doesn’t want to be a part of the ‘rat race?’ – but for some reason the seems unlikely to me
    – maybe she has confidence issues – she doesn’t always regard herself in high esteem. Does this insecurity spill into her professional life?
    – perhaps it is because these low paid jobs give her a sense of anonymity – is she hiding from someone? Maybe her own family. Arnav and NK’s interaction certainly seemed to suggest so

    Her thoughts of her relation with Arnav is honest and endearing. It is her first real relationship, and to paraphrase Austen; ‘she was in the middle before she even knew she had begun.’ she is a woman deeply in love, but as she says; something about this relationship is a ticking time bomb which I think Arnav realises too. For an incredibly successful man he is amazingly insecure regarding his ability to safeguard and keep Khushi with him. I think his skeletons my elude to love. Perhaps he has been burned badly [as per your hint] and the innocence of Khushi certainly seems to confuse his monochrome ways. She is the flash of siren red like his burgundy tie.

    But lets decode that red:

    – is it reflective of the sizzling passion which defines their current relationship status?
    – is it symbolic of a cherry and the fact that they are both virgins of true love?
    – is it a blaring siren of danger ahead?
    – or testament to how beautifully befitting red can be to monochrome hues
    – or even all [o none] of the above

    And then Trent?

    He has made Khushi the insecure woman she is today, and he is inadvertently feeding Arnav’s thoughts regarding his preciously fragile relationship with a green eyed woman who turns him into a green eyed monster.

    Ooh what hints, what skeletons, what love and many, many unanswered questions!

    Awesome work ladies xxx

      1. Although I bet on Robbie, Khushi is my personal favorite. I think it’s because when I write her parts, there’s this woman-to-woman connection. She’s falling in love, and it’s a beautiful experience. But for every magical kiss, there are a thousand doubts. Her honesty with herself, with Robbie and to an extent to Arnav, makes me feel so proud to claim her as a member of the sisterhood. I swear, it has come to the point where she leads the story and not us.

        1. I can sympathise with that completely. Quite quickly your ideas can take a back seat when writing as characters begin to dictate what they want to do. But hey; so far they seem to be leading you to a winning story! 🙂

    1. Ah ha! Total smart fish 😀

      Regarding Khushi’s career choice – your last guess is HOT! 😉

      Arnav has always limited his interactions with women (pretty much nothing beyond the bedroom) for reasons yet to be revealed. The dinner, sleepovers and morning coffees with Khushi are all new to him. He’s also a man who likes control – Hurricane Khushi isn’t allowing him that, so the poor man is off his game at the moment 😀

      I’m leaving decoding of burgundy to K, she is going to be hell excited you picked up on that.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments and company Manreet 🙂

      1. Thank YOU so much for indulging me and my thoughts here S.

        Yay! At last finally one of my predictions is accurately hot! Khushi truly is an enigma wrapped in innocent beauty and I can’t wait to find out more about her.

        As for Arnav and his confusion – is it wrong to say that I find it incredibly endearing? I like the fact that he is confused about her, about his feelings and emotions.

        I look forward to the ‘red’ analysis 🙂 xx

    2. YES!!!!
      I’m totally delighted you hit on the burgundy. I was just complaining to S that everyone is ignoring our neon color hints. 😀
      I won’t confirm nor deny your breakdown, because that’s no fun =p
      However, here’s some food for thought:

      Khushi wore a CHERRY bikini during their poolside interlude
      Anjali carried a RED umbrella when they met
      The tie she chose for Arnav is BURGUNDY

      Different shades of red carry their own significance. Just keep that in mind.
      After all, it’s Arnavji’s favorite color 😉

      1. I did wonder if the cherry red bikini was a clue, and damn I didn’t even consider the umbrella!

        Red can be:
        – fire
        – passion
        – anger
        – warning
        – death
        – over
        – and or course Arnav 😛

        1. Just keep tabs on the red, they’re like cookie crumbs in the woods ^^
          ….I think I’m revealing my love for fairytales way too much 😀

  9. For some reason, when S announced the interlude in the last teaser I thought we’ll be getting a tiny update. But then I opened my email this morning and get this!

    I’m sending both of you a giant bear hug. Because what a wonderful gift to receive just before the start of a new year.

    Unfortunately I have to go into work. Will come back to read tonight!

  10. Insecurities coming in already😔? Im dreading Payal And Trent at the party… Missed the Arnav-khushi conversations and closeness that had started off in the last chapter, nonetheless, their POVs provided ample evidence to their sizzling chemistry and growing love. Arnav acknowledges how khushi is simple but behaves like a queen…waiting for her past to come out, am sure u’ve made it very interesting!
    I voted for Robbie. She has spunk, is Classy and fearless. And every gal needs a friend like her!

    1. But think of how much a relationship will progress once insecurities are addressed! 😉
      We think it’s interesting, hopefully so will you!
      Another Robbie vote huh? LoL, seems like the Aman fans must be our silent readers 😀

    2. We are in agreement on Robbie 🙂

      Don’t dread Payal and Trent, they make the story interesting! 😀 Besides Khushi has a lot of white knights ready to offer protection 😉

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    1. Awww… a belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday surileena!!!!
      I hope you had a memorable celebration ^^

      As much as I also adore NK and Robbie, we can’t afford to do a spin off. Although thank you for the compliment! It’s a constant surprise to us how loved these two are. Unexpected, but wonderfully so! I will promise that we deliver a proper line for these two 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Aman. S & I did wonder at his surprising second place in the polls! I’ll give you a little hint – the love factor for Aman is going to go up a LOT in Night #7 😀

      HEE, these updates are so long, I think 12 Nights is more than enough. Not to mention all the outttakes, interludes and epilogue.

      Happy New Year to you sweetie!

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    2. You should have told us! Happy Happy Birthday surileena! 😀
      May it be the best year yet!

      We are already writing way more then we intended. Did you know each update was only suppose to be 2,500 – 4,000 words? So far nothing has been less than 5000 LOL

      As much as I would personally love to explore Robbie further, along with her crackling chemistry with NK, we don’t have the luxury. We will however do our best with what we have and give you gals closure on them 🙂

      You will enjoy what we have planned for Aman then. 😀

      1. Thank u soo much …
        AlwAys waiting for more … I totally understand.. Its ur baby n do as u guys feel best … Love it
        As readers v r always demanding more … 😜
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  12. wow… This interlude is just perfect… into Arnav’s past and insecurities…into Khushi’s fears…but both knowing by now that it will be difficult to part from the other as much as holding to them incompletely.. Now…there’s another clue of Khushi not using her real qualification for job hunt…whats is her true qualification ..? When will NK really find the connection between Payal, Khushi and Gupta’s..? Whats the animosity between Garima and Raizada’s..? So much to be revealed .. Can’t wait for next update already..


    1. Happy New Year jyothim! By the way I’ve been meaning to ask you – did you receive the VIP invite? We’ve heard from everyone else, just wanted to make sure 🙂

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this update. We will be addressing many of these questions in the coming Nights – hang tight! ^^

    2. Hahaha, so many questions 😀 Good!
      We’ll address them in the coming updates.
      I think you especially will appreciate Night #6 😀

      Wish you a great 2015 jyothim!

  13. First of all, thanx for giving us a beautiful morning-after. 😉

    I totally support and understand Khushi’s stand of working and staying financially independent. It is quite natural for her to feel, that currently their relationship is nothing more than physical. They have been together, but for a few nights. Although she may have acknowleged that her feelings run deep, there hasn’t been a hint of commitment from Arnav’s side. Besides she has had her heart crushed and tossed, once before. This is where her insecurities and uncertainties stem from. She may also fear that Arnav is way out of her league. When the clock strikes 12, the fairy tale would end and she would lose her prince. And commitment or not, Khushi comes off as a woman who would hold her identity very dear.

    I loved the phone convo between Robbie and Khushi. Robbie is a gem. She is someone every girl has to have in her life. A true friend, a confidante …. someone who brings a ray of sunshine when the skies are gray. Their friendship is worth treasuring.
    Khushi is well aware that NK is a keeper and has no qualms in letting her friend know that she needs to give a chance of NK. RoNK has a lot of potential. 😉

    “You are truly wasted bussing tables, Khushi”… hmm, that caught my attention. If Khushi is qualified, what is stopping her from exploring her talent?

    A high-five to NK for apprising Arnav of the truth of his relationship with Khushi. That he was being ridiculous in exercising husbandly rights over her when he hadn’t given her any promise of togetherness.

    I will come to the ‘Trent’ part in a couple of days, Girls. Am hosting new year’s party tonight. Guests staying over. a bit busy.

    Here’s wishing all the FaWNians a Very Happy New Year. 🙂

    1. Hey, hope you girls had a rocking new year’s eve.
      I am bk with the rest of my comment.

      Girls, lemme take a moment to say you do a great job at penning passion. Your love scenes are scorching yet beautiful, without being crude or vulgar. And it’s a fine line. Setting up the scene in your mind, putting words to the thoughts and then conjuring an impressive love scene ain’t a cakewalk. So gr8 job, Gals. 🙂

      “That’s because you’re related to Ebenezer Scrooge, pre-ghost visits, LOL :-D. Gosh, I adore this guy.

      “You came, you interrupted, you annoyed now you want to tell me why you’re here?” ha, ha… I love their banter.

      Khushi’s past is getting revealed piece by piece. She had once practised to tie a knot for her father. She was close to her dad/uncle Shasti Gupta??
      Payal and Anjali know each other from college days and Payal is loaded…. hmmmm

      “Didn’t you learn anything from flying fruits?”

      “Yeah, how to dodge.” ROFL 😀 Take a bow, Girls!!

      Arnav, one of the most eligible bachelors in the tri-state area, being insecure and jealous, credit to a certain Trent Matthews? And he wouldn’t survive another betrayal? He, as in a lover or a businessman? However amidst all the uncertainties, I am glad he admitted, albeit to himself, that she was his and they belonged to each other.

    2. Priya – you are so bias towards your NK =p

      Thank you for wishes sweetie – mind was absolutely fantastic! I hope that NY party you hosted rocked!

      And thank you so much for the compliment regarding the love scenes. 🙂 Truly I stress over those! One thing I hate more than anything are gutter shots in the ficverse. It just demeans an act I find beautiful between lovers.

      HEE I thought you would enjoy the banter between Arnav and NK 😀 Our PA deserves a raise doesn’t he?

      Arnav is jealous, but I don’t find him insecure. He’s just off his game since Khushi is not acting like all the women who came before her in his life. He doesn’t know what to do with her. It’s this very aspect however that draws him to her. Although, being Mr. Bossy – it also drives him up the wall =p

    3. Hahaha K is so right, the NK bias is very obvious 😀
      I do wish we had room for more RoNK. You know initially they weren’t even suppose to connect this way, but the comments from you gals made us dig deeper and we were very surprised (and pleased) with the result. While they won’t get as much time in the spotlight as Arshi, we do promise to deliver a proper ending for these two. 🙂

      Glad you like the banter between Mr. Hothead and his Level Headed Ponytailed right hand man 😉

      A true friend, a confidante …. someone who brings a ray of sunshine when the skies are gray. Their friendship is worth treasuring. YES! So well said Priya! It’s exactly what we want to show between Robbie & Khushi. 🙂

  14. Once again you two have done a wonderful job. Getting to know what they are thinking about the other. I love this strong headed,confident and stubborn Khushi. Both of them has already accepted that there is more than physical attraction and now Arnav has accepted that Khushi is his woman.
    The morning after was something I was looking forward…..thought that as soon as the sun will be high Arnav will also put his guards up. Insecurities are rearing their heads and with that vulnerability too. Many of the skeletons are out in this update. Arnav’s insecurity about relationship stems from some serious damage in the past. Khushi’s low profile job was something which makes me think that what is it or what who is it that she wants to stay away from? She belongs from a well todo and renowned family and has a good upbringing too so what is the reason that she is keeping herself in disguise?
    Aman…….a man with a golden heart under the flirty mask. Will it be too much if I say that little brother is much more matured and level headed that big B? NK…..what can somebody want if you have a friend like him? ” No worries, go make a few more millions, I’ll look after your woman” God! I just love him .
    I had voted for Robbie……..a true friend ,a genuine human being,smart ,witty and the only girl who is capable of giving Arnav a earful or can take the bull by horn when needed. Apart, Robbie is one of your brainchild, a friend everyone wishes for. I would want to ask you both where is this character inspired from?

    S and K this interlude has opened up to so many mysteries . Let’s see what’s there in your paradoras box.
    Happy New Year to all my FWN readers to both the wonderful writers of FWN.

    1. Thank you Rani!

      HEE this Pandora Box has enough mysteries to last all the way up until Night #12 😀 We hope you gals have enough stamina to see it through. ^^

      Little b is way more level headed than big B 😀 But then he’s had an Anjali for two years. Arnav has finally found his Khushi, so things will be rocky for a while yet ^^

      I’m glad Robbie has made such an impression! Pyre also ask us about our inspiration for the characters. S & I will answer it soon in the lounge ^^

      Happy New Year to you too sweetie! And thank you for all the love for us and FWN 🙂

    2. We are honestly getting a bit nervous about all your expectations. Although it’s always nice to hear that we delivered on the promise of the teaser 😀

      I think in life there is nothing more meaningful than making connections with people that will stand by you in thick and thin. Beyond the love story, K & I really wanted to shine a spotlight on the kinds of friendship we cherish. They can be a little nosy, they drive you crazy, but they are always looking out for you. It makes us very happy to see the warm responses to Aman, NK, Robbie and Anjali. 🙂

  15. It was incredible!!!!!!! Very interesting and that was my most favourite moment when arnav felt insecure being khushi’s second love how he frozed 🙂 it was really amazing n touchy plzzzzz update soon n im loving this nk moreeeee 😉

    1. Thanks nhcrnani 🙂
      We are working on Night #6. There’s a lot of work involved since we’re setting up for the maha update in #7 😀

      Btw – who did you vote for in the poll?

  16. What a start for the new year! Thanks for the update and its length ! 🙂
    Before the start of a love letter , a few things to be said.:D
    I voted for Robbie and my love for her character is well mentioned in my comments.
    I liked this new style of writing which was adopted. It put us on edge for whats gonna come next! As well as, reading the same events through different Point of view gives a better perception and understanding of the situation.
    Monday:Well you had already made us anticipate the morning after through the teaser.With all the building emotions and the little teasing, it was a great read. The culmination of Khushi’s thoughts would be, the line which you so well framed “If it wasn’t love yet, it had definitely gone beyond mere lust, and she was teetering on the edge of an emotional chasm.” Maybe its the same for him but as we know our hero is a bit of lacking when it comes to name his emotions!
    I love how emotional, yet innocently charming Khushi is! The Dhak, Dhak sequence was completely aww-inducing!NK-Arnav conversation was totally entertaining.
    “A scent his body was learning to crave.” can be deciphered as A heart which was getting accustomed to the presence of an anchor, a support.
    In all, the monday morning unit was a breeze to read, underlined with subtle emotions and teasing.
    The next bit caught up with Khushi’s past.This investigation will throw some light on the Gupta issue. Now its like the questions tumbling out- Arnav’s past, Khushi’s former days..Wonder what effects will the opening of the Pandora’s box brings. “survive another betrayal”-now that just pops another question in the pool of many. Betrayal from whom? Family, Lover but something surely connected to Lucknow.
    Arnav’s insecurities are well placed and as someone said, “nothing holds backs one more than insecurities.” So until his doubts are cleared, its sure that he will be confused on the emotional front. Well we can say for Khushi that it was not first love because it was one which was plotted and twisted by the end of it.
    And not to forget, I like The-Mr. Possessive attitude 😉
    Tuesday-“What void was he trying to fill?”- This was a well placed question by Khushi. What void and maybe ‘whose’ void?
    “Arnav was beginning to think a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to sate himself with Khushi.”- Dont they say that its the thought that matters??;) Its completely obvious that he finds solace in her, with her, just her..
    Wednesday-Again Robbie does the thing which made her the favourite character.
    Umm..there was something confusing in the conversation btw Robbie&Khushi. Something happened an year ago..”With your intelligence, you’re truly wasted busing tables, Khushi.” “What’s wrong with earning an honest living?” Maybe. Just a Maybe that she was being followed, targeted and this was an attempt at keeping a low status?? Thats why she is hiding her true identity also.
    As glad I am for Robbie being in Khushi’s life, it gives me the same happiness that some people like NK and Aman are there in Arnav’s life. They understand him and are pillars of support for him..
    Through this update I would say that Khushi has that independent streak, she is also constant aware of the what their deal entails and under what circumstances it was formed. This goes on to show how highly she holds her self respect and how she doesn’t let her emotions take better of her when she is unsure of the degree of their emotional entanglement.. Yes, she does seem to follow the ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ approach but nevertheless follows her heart but takes her brain along as her constant companion.
    For Arnav, vulnerability is just the word. But its only fair for him to be vulnerable for, obviously a heart which has been kept with an aid of an icebox will take time to thaw to emotions and feelings.
    The best lines from the update which truly summarises the relationship
    “The newness of their relationship was wrought with too many possibilities for missteps and miscommunication.”- which clearly indicates that factors like Pride&Prejudice along with fear and vulnerability have the chances to act as roadblocks in their relationship
    “she was his woman, and he was her man. As much as he would allow.” & “she was his woman, and he was her man. As much as she would allow.”–
    These lines brings us back to a full circle whose ends are not met..For Now.

    Awaiting the Teaser for Night #6. Thank You ladies for yet another incredible and engrossing update. 🙂

    1. And what a delight to see this love letter waiting for us ^^

      Will be back to give this a proper response. My body is craving sleep after being up so late these past few days. I hope you had a rockin New Year’s Eve!

    2. This writing style drove me nuts! I think we’ll reserve it for the Interludes only. ^^

      The dhak-dhak sequence is actually my personal favorite! How brave is Khushi for sharing something most women wouldn’t dream of saying out loud? Arnav really should just surrender his heart at his point yeah? 😉

      It must be said – you have an uncanny ability to pick up on the key thoughts of our hero. I genuinely don’t think any of our readers has tapped into Arnav’s psyche nearly as well. 🙂

      Ha! S loves the The-Mr. Possessive attitude too 😀

      To clarify on the Robbie-Khushi conversation. Robbie’s comment about it being a year ago is referring to the fact that they’ve had this conversation before, and a year later Khushi is STILL withholding the truth from her.

      Did you take a peek inside our Pandora’s Box? Because many of those guesses are very close. I won’t confirm any since what would be the fun in that? =p But you’re definitely thinking along the right lines.

      I hope we won’t disappoint in the actual revelations of all these secrets ^^

      A heart which was getting accustomed to the presence of an anchor, a support. <– How I adore this comment! Are you a writer yourself RD?

      1. I read the Robbie-Khushi convo again and realized my error of interpretation.Thanks for clarifying K!
        Rightly said,whats the fun if the cat is already out of the bag. Anticipation has its own thrills. And I am sure that both of you will make it more than worth the wait! 🙂
        Me? Writer! Nah! I am too busy reading 😉

    3. Truly you amaze me with the length and awesomeness of YOUR comments 😀

      I like a touch of green in my men. Although, not to the point where it consumes them and stifle their better half. A possessive Arnav to me is simply irresistible 😉

      Yes! With Arnav it’s always the thoughts that matters since the words rarely ever reaches his lips. He has better things to communicate with them 😛

      One of my favorite songs from the Beatles is ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ – we structured the people around Khushi & Arnav embodies the song. Considering how much they’ve suffered, it seems only fair for the universe to deliver such pillars of support. 🙂

      Seems like we have quite a few Austen fans in the house eh K? 😀 You know…. I’ve been dying to try my hands at merging IPK with P&P.. hmmmm…. shall tuck this away as a one shot idea 🙂

      1. I dont have a clue how the comments turn out so long! I am glad to be present here, reading such amazing stuff. I just hope that the comments does a little justice to the awesomeness of your writings! 🙂

        IPK with P&P! We should definitely hold you to it after you present us with ‘Adrift…’ 😉

  17. Gals, I was listening to “The heart wants what it wants…. by Salena Gomez and hope you will like it too.

  18. An amazing update! Loved Robiie’s support. Arnav’s fear is very understanable, hope he talks to Khushi and clears his doubts and over comes his fears. Same goes for Khushi too, since both know they feel for each other and can protect each other.

    Love NK and Aman’s take.

    A very happy new year!

  19. Nice surprise this New Year morning to see your email and this interlude! And more was revealed about Khushi’s past here – there has always been this cloud of mystery around her. And some mystery and suspense keeps the reader always waiting for more and that is exactly what you are doing! There must be some skeletons in the closet with answers in Lucknow?

    And Khushi is still an enigma – does she also have a college education? Seems like it – obviously she is smart but something is making her give it up! And for what – to hide from people because she is running away from them?

    Anjali and Payal went to Barnard? That is interesting – if Anjali really knows Payal then she should definitely be supportive to Khushi later!
    So many possibilities and questions – hope we get a few answers in your next update 🙂

    1. Alright! I’m thrilled you decided to hop into the peanut gallery cocoamob 😀
      If you read our 2015 note, we gave a hint regarding Khushi ^^

      What is a story without some suspense? 😉 I’m glad you gals are thinking along the right directions, but not figuring out the entire puzzle. That means we aren’t doing a half bad job. HEE

      Yes, Lucknow holds secrets. Although THAT particular reveal is still a ways off. Stay tune!

  20. “You came, you interrupted, you annoyed”
    Love it! Think from now on, veni vidi vici will be met with a what’s that?!

  21. ‘Robbie’ really!!!!!!!
    Anyways, I can’t think of anybody else other than my ‘Arnavji’ 😉

    Now, coming to my comment. I am scared looking at the length of others. But, I am not discouraged. All I have to say is, that the images interspersed are so yummy that it makes my imagination go wild. The story ofourse is progressing great, but I want to go inside Arnav’s mind to get an idea behind the urgent need for Khushi as I am a little confused there.

    1. Oh I know it’s only Arnavji for you. HEE

      We love getting notes – whether they are a post-it or a love letter ^^
      The visuals fuel the imagination yeah? 😉

      The story operates on two key premise in which you either accept or you don’t. For all it’s modern day trappings – this is essentially our take of Cinderella. Arnav and Khushi are soulmates who found each other through the guiding hands of fate (and a little help from their friends). They are fighting it with logic, with walls, with fear – but the emotional pull is something we attribute to an unexplainable sense of connection only the universe is privy to. What can I say? We’re romantics 🙂

  22. Sorry, I meant to come back, but you know how family + holidays + quiet time for reading don’t mix too well. 🙂

    This was such a romantic and interesting update!
    I read all their moments together twice. The way you have them interact, it’s just the right mix of sweet and sizzling. Very addicting!

    I love the idea of soulmates, and to me this update showed how Khushi and Arnav are inching towards recognizing that’s what they are to each other. It’s understandable that there are doubts and fears, but the pull is undeniable.

    Their gang of friends again stole the show. How lucky these two are to have level headed people around them. It’s like you turned IPKKND the show on it’s head. In there everyone was too stupid and too selfish to be of any help to Arshi. In FWN you give them a Robbie, Aman, NK. Really, outside of their chemistry, this is my favorite aspect of this story.

    I voted for Khushi. I really like all of them, but I’m so happy to have an interesting Khushi for once, I had to go with that. You have made her so strong and endearing. Give us the next part soon!

    1. Completely understand sweetie. No apologies necessary. I do hope the holidays were enjoyable for you 🙂

      You so get us! Yes, sometimes when it’s the right moment, the right person, everything just clicks into place. ^^ But our stubborn couple has a way to go yet before they reach acceptance 😀

      That’s what drove me crazy about the show. Considering how much Anjali wanted her chote to find the right girl and live in marital bliss, SHE was the problem most of the time. Let’s not forget all the cockblocking =p Robbie is our up yours to the failure of Payal as a supporting sister to Khushi. Glad you picked up on that. ^^

    2. You know how much we love shows that have a strong friendship element. I would be bored to death if we only had Arnav & Khushi to work with. But your enjoyment of them really ups our enthusiasm when we write. 🙂

  23. I don’t know how I missed it. 🙁 Reset the settings for instant alert 🙂
    They both want to be completely each others but are holding themselves to tell this to each other because they are scared to lose. They both are thinking the same thing “as much as he/she would allow”. It’s obvious that they are in love given that they both want to extend their time to a lifetime. There is no doubt left now.
    Ok so not only Anjali but Arnav knows Payal and Guptas well too. And someone is digging in to his past too. Opps looks like the skeletons will start coming out of closets soon. Harsh, painful truths will start coming out in the open soon. I advise them to be with each other to sail through the storm.

    1. HEE, a wise decision 😉

      When you’ve been burned, it’s hard to have the courage to reach out again.

      Lucky for them, there’s a group of concerned friends ready to kick butt in case they eff things up =p

      Expect a floodgate of skeletons soon. Let’s see how our couple flair in it’s wake. I think the question is – are they strong enough yet to withstand the storm? ^^

  24. I’m so sorry for such a late comment, have been really busy because of the holidays with my family and school starting back but better late than never right? Happy New Year to you both 😀

    Firstly I would like to say that I voted for Robbie because I love the character she plays in this story not that I love Arnav any less… He is my favorite in general and one of the best in this story as well but I like to pick favorites based on the story.

    Now coming to the story and the part I have been itching to give my views on. I absolutely loved this update like every other one. But in this I loved Khushi’s maturity and independency that she has… it’s really nice to see her in this way rather than the way the show and some other authors portrayed her as weak and fragile. I also loved the way Arnav completely shut himself off to not show his feelings but then NK saw right through him… One of my favourite things in this update. One thing I am confused about… what was the sudden need for Khushi that Arnav had? And I loved every part with Arnav and Khushi but most of all I loved the fact that he said “she was his woman, and he was her man. As much as she would allow”
    Thank you for this beautiful update 😀 I am really looking forward to night 6! 🙂

    1. Haha there’s no 24 hours deadline for comments 😀 We appreciate your company whenever it’s possible.

      Another Robbie. Damn, I really should have read the peanut gallery before I agreed to the bet with K.

      Who else sees through our bullshit faster than friends? 😀
      Regarding your confusion – it has been brought to our attention that Arnav’s need for Khushi comes across as a bit sudden. We didn’t think so, but shall endeavor to provide better insight in the next update. 🙂

      Hope you’ll like what we have planned for Night #6!

    2. No worries sweetie, your obligation to school and family must take precedence! ^^

      It’s a delight to hear the positive support for Khushi. We want her to be our heroine in every sense of the word 🙂

  25. Wow such a nice new year gift really loved the interlude.the way both expressed their POV about their relationship is nice as they are confused n don’t know what to do with these new feelings which arose when they are together,it’s really nice to see khusi as an independent women n she stands on her decision,I’m now waiting for their pasts to reveil n what is the connection of khusi’s with shashi Gupta.arnav is insecure in his relation n feels Trent a threat as he thinks that khusi might have still feelings for him poor baby don’t get upset she is all yours.

    1. LOL so true. She is totally his, the one who doesn’t see this clearly is Arnav 😀
      Reveals will starting out in the next few updates – we hope you like what we have planned. 😉

  26. Soo much love, its making me cry.. Its such a beautiful update.. Dont no wat more to say.. Love it

  27. After reading the update and all the comments I feel like having a Dr. Watson of my own- what with all the hidden clues and the colour symbolisms and scary past connections..!!! But surely you would forgive me if I get too entangled in Arnav and Khushi and their acidity- inducing romance to connect the dots :p But even the sword of uncertainties perpetually hanging over their heads couldn’t detract from the all-consuming passion and the uncanny connection that they both share.
    Arnav is too smart to be blindsided by anyone, especially when he has NK and Aman with him. He is an uncontrollable force of nature and anyone who has even an ounce of brain would know not to trifle with him and the people he cares about. But sadly he is too busy slaying his own demons to play saviour. It is easy to play on his insecurities and innate fear of betrayal. A vulnerable Arnav is endearing but a smart, in-control, possessive Arnav is sexy-as-hell.
    Khushi is actually the one at a disadvantage here for she doesn’t know what is going to hit her at the party. An emotionally closed-off Arnav is more than a handful, surely a blast-from-the-past is cruelty at this point!!! But she is strong and brave and willing to break free of the shackles holding her back and take a chance again. The biggest roadblock in their way to HEA are their own insecurities and fears and the past demons. The newness of their relationship is both terrifying and exciting and both are treading on shaky, unfamiliar grounds. And now their bond and the kind-of acceptance they both reached in this update will be sorely tested.
    Waiting for the shit to hit the fan..!!! You both are evil!! 🙂

    1. We prefer wicked 😉
      I love reading your comments – why are you stingy with them? 😀

      You have summed up their fears and insecurities wonderfully. Outside of their romance, our main angle in this piece is to have two strong individuals confront their key weakness – the past. It is the only way to move forth. The stakes are incredibly high, because its not just for their sakes alone, there are friendships, family ties, and hearts on the line. Let’s see how they fare 😀

    2. Oh! A Sherlock fan! 😀
      Yes, focus on their acidity, our story hardly deserves so many avid detectives! lol.
      Well, they have entire Night before the big showdown to fortify their bond 😉 You know us, much can happen in a very short time frame 😉

  28. Wished I had read this before giving you my guesses to Shyam’s musing. They have something special beyond the hot passion, the Dhaks, Dhaks are real on both side. He knows it too because he has already broken all his relationship rules with her. But once burned, twice cautious on both sides. Love their perspectives both internally and with their closest friends. Robbie is a keeper as she fully understands, supports and nudges Kushi accordingly. I love Kushi’s feedback to her on NK and her relationship – think this Aussie is smart enough to see past her tough girl exterior and make a go at a relationship with her. Hope she gives him a chance just like she is counselling Kushi. I also love how Arnav’s pov came after Kushi as it explained everything about his withdrawals and mood swing / closure of emotions. Aman is a real gem with his attitude of being Anjali’s present and future as opposed to her past which is dead. Poor Arnie is shaking in his boots about a woman’s first love. Personally I think it is overrated, who wants to cling on to puppy love when there is so many more angles to explore in a mature relationship where you know exactly what you want and how to get it as opposed to be influenced by someone else’s raging hormones. Yikes I have become too cynical now. – anyhow whatever it is for Kushi, Arnav is scared that he will lose her to that puppet on a string who did not have the balls to stand up to the devil Payal.

    I personally think you guys let out many cats out of the bag with this interlude. Payal hates Kushi because she may be Shasti Gupta’s illegitimate daughter and perhaps even having a share in her inheritance. I remember the comment about the apples not falling far from the tree and just connected the dots as to why Payal may have gone psycho with Kushi being the love child of her father maybe. To make matters worse, her boyfriend turned spineless husband also fell in love with her father’s bastard child. This will also explain Kushi’s sophisticate intellectual. Man, this Kushi’s independence is perfectly balanced by her confidence and this is probably what makes her a perfect match for Raizada. I think she has been well educated beyond the high school GED. she is trying to hide who she is as she probably suffered a lot from the riches she had. Funny that Arnav is trying to protect her from the big city wolves for her interviews when she probably knows very well how to deal with these same wolves. As for Arnav, I think you are sticking to the show’s line where his father cheated on his mother and led to the mom committing suicide. Lavanya may be a by product of this relationship and hence a reminder of his mom’s demise. As for why the gossip columnist is on his way to Lucknow, I think Shyam may have fed him a tip.
    I am addicted to this story girls, perfect balance of a modern relationship with all the soap dramas and full of passion. A man after my heart and a strong heroine. What else can make it better? Oh yeah, you already did with the amazing supporting cast of the bros, the BFF and the witch. My poor husband cursed the day I turned on the tV at my mom’s house to see the passion that Arhi was burning through the screen with an almost kiss. I hate Indian serials (my sisters are crazy about them) but I guess I grew up in NA and hence could not relate to bahu-sasuma serials. They did not spare me when I became an IPK addict. So be warned, I will be stalking for updates. cheers!

    1. …. your long beautiful comments… I have this big grin on my face 😀

      (hey S, another one who gets the difference between Arnav & Arnie! 😉 )

      HEE, I do enjoy your thoughts on Payal and Trent. Looking forward to them once we hit the climax ^^ Puppet and devil indeed!

      Oh ho! Did you find our pandora’s box? Your guesses a VERY VERY good. Won’t confirm them, since that’s no fun, but I would say 75% spot on. 😀

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Ugh… we are feeling the pressure to meet all the expectations now that we realize what keen readers we have! Your company is a delight raila, bring on the stalking! 😀

    2. I’m with you. First love is terribly overrated. Who wants to cling onto a puppy when you have a man on hand? 😉
      You have the advantage of reading the updates close together, I think many of our readers forget the last chapter they read as we are slow with updates 😀

      Thank you for the wonderful comments raila! We are always delighted when we are lucky enough to attract engaged readers like yourself. I hope you’ll enjoy the coming chapters!

  29. Posted this by mistake on Hello 2015 page!!
    Well going to and fro through dates is a bit confusing at first but when you grasp it makes an interesting read.
    First you get Khushi’s perspective and think oh.. ASR is holding himself, his defence walls going up to protect his heart. But when you read abt his Monday you understand better..

    HP daniels?? Business rival?? He is flying to Lucknow to get some dirt on Arnav?
    I remember a mention of Arnav’s heartbreak(?) earlier. esp this line “He wouldn’t survive another betrayal.”Was it a relationship of love plus trust? Or the same premise as we saw in the show?
    But things are different here right? Anjali is not his sister. You girls are adding layers of mystery to Arnav and Khushi.
    What’s Khushi’s true profession and why is she running away keeping low profile doing some odd jobs? I think the reason is the woman you mentioned in hello 2015 note.

    1. No worries. K took care of it for you. She’s … strict about where things go 😛
      The writing style was very challenging to tackle! But I’m glad you enjoyed the results.

      HP Daniels = the reporter. Remember when he smashed the guy’s camera?
      My lips are sealed regarding Arnav’s sense of betrayal. It’ll come up in later chapters. FWN takes very little from the show, although we do like to pay the occasional tribute. 😉

      Night #7 will be a big night – stay tune!

  30. Awesome I’m loving every bit of this story…. Oh wat would Arnav do without Aman n NK ….oh I can not decide who I like more…. Can I love all 3 of them ….I love it when Aman n NK gang up against Arnav…. Oh n the scene where NK interrupts Arnav n khushi was hilarious…. Oh Arnav is falling hard …. N is jealous oh Trent … N concerned for khushi…. Awwww feel happy…. But I’m scared what is payal going to to… Off to next chap

  31. That was Incredible. I hope you won’t mind my saying this was my favourite part of the story so far. We got a glimpse of the real Arnav and the way he loves when he falls for a woman. Its all encompassing. He is vulnerable. And protective. And I love NK in this story. And I love him more as I read further.
    PS- There are parts of the story which need a code. Can I please get the code in order to read it.

    1. Why would we mind? Glad you enjoyed the Interlude. 😀
      Heh heh, nice to know our Aussie has so many fans!

      The Outtakes and Epilogue are exclusives for VIPs only.
      We send out invites very other week to active commenters, if it’s something you’re interested in… well then you know what to do. 😉

  32. Khusi standing on her independent grounds… arnav and his possessiveness and protectiveness for khusi…hot sex scenes .. nk kicking the strip club owner ass… need I say more. S&K keep it up.. by the way girls what is this VIP longe all about and how do I become a member

  33. superb interlude…… robbie n nk are a blessing for khushi and arnav. khushi can share everything with her and Nk doesnt even need to hear it from Arnav.
    dear arnav thought one night of sex will be enuf to let go of her, but looks like by end of two nights he very well learnt tht is not the case.
    Poor guy is so confused and worried….. he want to send her away the inute he is satisfied with her and still he doesnt want her to go out for work. Glad that Khushi is strong enuf to stand on her words…. As Nk once suggested guess Arnav shud start learning to crawl…. and looks like tht day wont be far wen he hurt her and beg for forgiveness….
    now the mystery between khushi’s mom and sashti guptas relation…. and what happened an year ago tht khushi decided to look for odd jobs…… am hoping she is a designer……

  34. I am loving this story!
    I admire how Khushi continues to be independent.
    I am excited to read the next updates and I feel that there will be a lot of drama in the upcoming parts. I hope I’m right?
    I really like Arnav as well and I like how Arshi have NK and Robbie as best friends who truly care about them.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  35. Ok I can read the interludes…. thought I had to be on the vip lust. Dah…missed bits of the story! Ok this was so good, bits of ghe next vhapters fell into place! Love the writing, a synopsis of the times they spent together ans apart. Right off to read the others

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