Night #1

New Year’s Eve, New York

As Arnav Singh Raizada approached the main ballroom he was relieved to find the doors closed. They served as a barrier between him and that world. The thought brought him up short. A barrier? Fuck, when had he ever needed one?

A coiling tension had been clamoring just under his skin since morning. As if forewarning that something was about to happen, something inevitable. Not a man usually given to introspection, Arnav crushed it from his mind as his strides grew in haste.

Arnav reached for the handle, concrete and real, unlike the disconcerting thoughts in his head. Pushing the doors open he stepped into the crushing throng.

The heavy scent of perfume married with aftershave hit his senses with cloying vividness. As he strode across the opulent floor of polished marble, a murmur rippled through the room. Arnav’s eyes darkened with cynicism as they skipped over the stares and loud whispers.

As head of AR Corp., one of the fashion world’s influential conglomerates, he essentially owned every person who had anything to do with fashion within these four walls.

He owned the ridiculously expensive couture gowns and tailored suits, judiciously selected to display just the right amount of flesh and wealth. He owned the jewels glistening ostentatiously on breathing mannequins under the light of crystal chandeliers. They knew it and he knew it.

The crowd shifted to let him through, but for the first time since he made his first million, the sense of thrill was lacking. He felt… restless.

He was younger and far wealthier than most men of his acquaintance and knew without conceit that women found him attractive. More importantly, he was single. Arnav held no illusions as to what he represented to the women in attendance. The ease with which he could pick among them, single and married, made the entire transaction cheap. There was no chase, no challenge, to be had. The hunter had long become the hunted.

Despite his mood, and a grueling fourteen hour work day, Arnav knew there was no escape. After all, it wasn’t everyday that a Raizada bachelor willingly took on the shackles of holy matrimony. Tonight with the crème of New York society as witness, Aman Singh Raizada will announce his engagement to Miss Anjali Jha.

“Arnav, you made it!” Anjali cried happily as she approached.

She was a peculiar woman. When Aman brought her home nearly two years ago, Arnav was sure she would not last the week. She was too traditional, too quiet, too naive for his brash younger brother. Even now she was draped in a classic ivory saree, elegant, but out of step with the modern women around her.

Yet, Anjali in her, too traditional, too quiet, too naive ways, have won his respect. Not only had she managed to capture and hold the attention of a notorious playboy, she did it with grace. More importantly, no one could question her loyalty to family and Aman, something he had gone great lengths to put to the test.

With a rare show of affection he bent to allow a brief hug. “Congratulations. Where’s the lucky man?”

“You summoned?” Aman came forth to hand Arnav a flute of champagne, before promptly drowning the one in his.

Arnav lifted a brow, “Do you require something stronger?”

Anjali smiled, “You two catch up, Amma is waving for me by the buffet table.” Before leaving she turned to Arnav, “I’m so glad you were able to make it, Arnav. Thank you.”

Arnav nodded, waited for her to glide out of ear shot before focusing his attention on Aman.

“Second thoughts?”

“No! Of course not. It just hit me that soon, I’m going to be solely responsible for her happiness. Me, Arnav. Shit, I need another drink.”

“Father or brother?”


“Who spoke to you about being responsible for her happiness?”

“Her mother actually, but her father has been eyeing me all night. You can’t leave me alone with him.”

“You do realize you’re marrying into the family.”

“Right, but they have never made threats to my manhood if I fail to make her happy.”

“Anjali’s mother threatened your manhood?”

“Not in those exact words, but I swear she implied it!”

“Are we canceling the engagement announcement then? Better tell the staff.”

“What? No! How did you get to that conclusion?”

“Since you’re here, hiding from your future in-laws.”

“I’m going to marry Anjali,” steel threaded the statement.

“Right. Then I suggest you man up and go face Mohit Jha.”

Aman scowled, “You know, Arnav, someday it’ll be your turn, and I’ll remember this conversation.”

“Perhaps, but you forget little brother; I’ll be the one dictating the terms of my marriage.”

“I’m sure you believe that. But I hope you’ll meet a woman who ties you up so badly, you can’t think straight, let alone concentrate on the terms and conditions of a damn prenup agreement. Which by the way, I do not appreciate how you sprung that little document on Anjali.”

“It’s a precaution in case of a divorce.”

“For fucks sake Arnav, we haven’t even had the wedding yet!”

At Arnav’s look, Aman continued earnestly. “Arnav, you know better than anyone how I was before Anjali, but I swear the day I acknowledged what she meant to me, everything changed. You may think it’s a ridiculous notion, but being in love is beautiful. It doesn’t make me feel less than a man. If anything she makes me want to be the best version of myself. And I want that for you. We’ve come a long way, let the past go, and let yourself be happy. Now, you’ll excuse me while I go talk to my future father-in-law.”


Arnav watched Aman square his shoulders and marched directly up to the elder Jha. Amused, his eyes drifted cross the crowd, before they caught on Anjali’s smiling visage as she glanced towards the two men. Taking in her expression, an errant desire stole over him. For the first time since he could remember, he felt envy. No woman had ever looked at him with such devotion in her eyes.

He was accustomed to being alone even in a crowd as large as this one. Yet… he wondered how it would feel to have someone by his side. A woman with her hand in his, a glimmer of shared understanding in her eyes as she glanced up to him, a smile of assurance on her lips.

The thought was so disturbing, he refused to entertain it further. What the hell was wrong with him? Fantasizing over some imagined woman when he’d never lacked for one. Arnav’s lip twisted with self-mockery. One thing was for sure: she didn’t exist in his world. If he wanted such a woman he’d have better luck going back to his Lucknow hometown, a place he’d left behind —physically, mentally and emotionally.

“I told you she’s perfect for him,” said Devyani Raizada as she came up beside him. She looked every inch the Raizada matriarch in a navy Oscar de la Renta taffeta gown, one of the few women not draped in AR simply because she didn’t care to please him.

“It appears your judgment is still sound.”

Giving him a warning look, she continued, “Since you’re here, I have someone I would like to introduce you-”

“I’m not here to pick out your next daughter-in-law, Nani,” Arnav interrupted.

“I know you don’t want to hear it, but the Board of Directors has been telling me for years they would be more comfortable if both the CEO and VP of AR were married men.”

“Tell me, is this the request of a concerned grandmother or the dictate of AR’s Chairwoman?”

Her mouth tightened, “Consider it both. Besides, you will need an heir one day, Arnav.”

“And when I feel that biological clock ticking, I’ll let you know so you may choose a suitable virgin and deliver her to my bed.”

“Arnav Singh Raizada!”

“Nani, tonight one of your grandsons is announcing his intentions to marry, enjoy your victory.”

“Arnav, I want you to be happy, any girl will do.”

Arnav laughed with rancor, “Would you accept any girl from the streets as Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada? Will they?” he gestured towards the crowd.

At her frown, he relented. Leaning down he placed a peck on her cheek before heading towards a circle of businessmen.

Devyani sighed, it was moments like these she wished her daughter was still with them.

He’s too stubborn, beta. Watch over our boy. Anjali is perfect for Aman, but our Arnav, he needs a woman strong enough to melt through the ice surrounding his heart.


His gaze settled on the woman picking up carelessly discarded glass flutes from the tables. It wasn’t the first time she’d drawn his eyes tonight. Finishing off the two fingers of whiskey he’d requested from the bartender, Arnav studied her intently before realizing what it was that had captured his interest.

A puzzle piece placed into the wrong slot.

He didn’t know what gave him that initial impression, but the longer he watched her, the more he thought she looked like she should be on the guest list, not cleaning up after them.

She was petite and slender, but there were enough curves straining at her plain white shirt to tempt. Her long hair was swept back into a careless ponytail, in a way that encouraged a man to tug at it.

She suddenly shifted, revealing her face fully to him.

Arnav sucked in a breath as he took in the delicately rendered contours that made up the exquisite face. High prominent cheekbones tapered to a pointed chin that hinted at stubbornness. There were slight hollows in her paleness, as if she were underweight. But her eyes. Fuck, her eyes. The most brilliant shade of the sea he’d ever seen. They shone with startling contrast against the dark strands of her hair.

Mesmerizing, more so because she wasn’t doing a damn thing to capture his attention. Before he could decide what to do with that, she turned again. His eyes followed her movements across the room until she disappeared through the side door marked for staff.

“Sweet, but not your usual fare,” Shyam Jha murmured from behind him, his tone verging on a jeer.

Arnav broke from his trance. His head turned sharply to Anajli’s older brother and the newest member of his Board of Directors. “What the hell are you talking about, Jha?”

“The little thing busing tables. The one you’ve been stripping with your eyes all night.”

Arnav’s mouth drew down in a frown, but he kept silent, knowing anything from him would only fuel the other man’s interest.

Shyam’s gaze narrowed, “Shall we see if she’s available?”

“Do not approach her,” Arnav bit out. But Shyam had already headed in the direction of the staff kitchen, leaving Arnav standing with hands clenched into fists at his sides.

Since their acquaintance, Shyam had never failed to challenge him at every opportunity – business ventures, sporting bets, but most vigorously – women. He’d never given one fuck over this, yet for reasons he couldn’t fathom, he didn’t want Shyam Jha within a mile of this one.


Khushi Khumari fought back the weariness as she started transferring the glasses she’d just collected in to the basin. Exhaustion was hitting hard after being on her feet all day. And hunger.

The highlight of this job, besides the all cash payment, was the food. The staff would be allowed the leftovers, and judging by the number of untouched trays still in the kitchen, there was going to be plenty. In no way did the number of people invited to this party justify the amount of food and alcohol ordered. She mentally shrugged, even as she bemoaned the excess.

“I can’t decide if I prefer the front view or the back,” a voice drawled with deceptive casualness behind her.

Startled, Khushi whirled to encounter a sardonic gaze. A man dressed immaculately in a navy suit was lounging against the door frame. He wasn’t especially tall, but he more than made up for it in build. Muscles strained as if wanting to break free from the confinement of his clothes.

She didn’t like the gleam in his eyes. This wasn’t her first encounter with a wealthy man who viewed female employees as fair game. Reminding herself how desperately she needed to keep this job, Khushi forced friendliness into her expression.

“Is there something I can help you with?”

“That depends.” She watched in alarm as he left the door, closing the distance between them.

“I’m Shyam. Shyam Jha. What’s your name?”

“Khushi,” she responded shortly.

“Khushi. A very sweet name. Sweet as the rest of you I imagine.”

“Is there something I can do for you, sir?” she gritted as she moved back until she met with the solid countertop.

He followed, crowding her in, “Yeah, you can call me sir when I’m buried-”

Fury flashed in her eyes as she swung, palm open, with all her strength. Shyam’s hand lashed out, deflecting the blow and capturing her hand in a crushing grip.

“Such temper,” he chided with patronizing amusement, “were you trying to knock me out?”

“Yes!” she threw back, determination to be friendly forgotten. She tried to twist her hand free of his grasp, but succeeded only in bruising her wrists. “Leave me alone.”

His laugh was mocking as he pressed against her, reducing her to a standstill, “What are you going to do if I say I have no desire to?”

Khushi tensed.

“Is there a problem?” a cold voice whipped out from the doorway. Khushi looked beyond Shyam’s shoulder, stunned to see the man she’d caught watching her when she’d ventured out earlier. Twice she’d felt the burn of his gaze.

She’d noticed when he entered the party, seemingly lost in thoughts.

She hadn’t been the only woman drawn to the raw magnetism. He was tall, all of six feet, maybe more. The black pinstripe suit draped over a honed body, one she suspected wasn’t due to a gym membership. His dark eyes were sharp as they took in his surrounding, every inch of him spoke of wealth. She could have dismissed him like she did the others, except for his hair.

It was really fantastic hair and entirely at odds with the rest of him. Instead of being neat, it was …unruly. She had felt a tingle in her fingers, overcome by the strange desire to tame the dark locks.

“Arnav,” Shyam purred as he draped an unwelcome arm around her, “Meet Khushi.”

Khushi watched as Arnav’s lips tightened as he entered the kitchen, his eyes locked on the hands lingering way close to her chest. The air was charged, edged with tension. The room, despite its massive size, was too small for both men.

For some stupid reason, she gave into the desire to taste his name on her lips, “Arnav” she breathed, and watched as his body lock.

A mocking laugh escaped from Shyam. “Well it seems like the Raizada charm has claimed another victim.” Neither man noticed her shoulders tense over the name.

Scornful eyes turned to her, “Careful sweetheart, he may look like Prince Charming, but he’ll take you to hell right after he gives you a glimpse of paradise.” She suddenly found herself hurled towards Arnav, stumbling until his hand reached out to steady her. Surprised, she stood next to him as Shyam sauntered out.

Pulling herself together, Khushi made to put space between them, but found herself pulled closer, her entire body lined against his hard one. They stood in silence, eyes locked and searching for the answer to an unknown question.

Unable to endure the heat in them, she looked down, “Please, let go,” she whispered.


“I need to go back… my boss-”

“What time are you done?”

“I have to stay until after the party for clean-up.”

“Leave with me.”

Shocked eyes flew to his. “What?!”

“Leave with me,” he repeated as his eyes traveled down her body.

“What do you want with me?”

His mouth twisted, “You know what I want.”

“What he wanted,” she retorted bitterly. Disappointed that he was just like the rest.

“No. Yes. Dammit!”

Disgust curled her lips. “And how does your girlfriend feel about you picking up women right before announcing your engagement?”

“My what?”

“I knew it! I knew it! The minute my back is turned you’re in a tryst. Knew you were trouble the day I hired you!” Khushi jumped at the booming voice of her boss, Mr. Kumar. His beady eyes narrowed before taking in the man next to her.

His scowl quickly cleared, “Mr. Raizada! What on earth are you doing back here? Is she bothering you?”

“No, I had a question for her.”

His face took on a knowing look. “Of course, I’ll make sure you’re not interrupted. “

Khushi closed her eyes as shame washed over her.

“No, we’re done,” Arnav replied with detachment. Her knees nearly gave out when he withdrew. She looked up just in time to see his broad back disappear. He didn’t look back.

“Well, aren’t you the little slut,” Mr. Kumar sneered. “Think someone like him, who could have his pick of any fancy piece in that ballroom, would ever lower himself to bed a mere employee? No matter how …available she makes herself?”

Khushi stiffened, but bit down on a retort. “Mr. Kumar, he approached me. Anyways it doesn’t matter, I just want to finish the night.”

“Oh, you’re finished alright. Grab your shit, I won’t have my company’s reputation in ruins by the likes of you.”

“Mr. Kumar, please, I…”

“You have been nothing but trouble for me with all those bastards panting after you. I run a catering service not an escort agency. You have five minutes before I call security to throw you out.”

Shoulders slumping in defeat, Khushi swallowed back pride as she asked, “My payment for tonight?”

He pulled out five crumbled twenty dollar bills and tossed them on the counter.

“We agreed on two hundred.”

“We did, for the entire event. You didn’t work the entire event”

“It’s almost over,” Khushi reasoned.

“It’s more than you deserve, now get out.”

Fighting back angry tears, she grabbed the money and walked out.


It was half an hour to midnight, time for the announcement that would publicly link the Raizadas and Jhas as business partners and future in-laws.

Even as he made his way towards Nani standing next to the elder Jhas, his thoughts remained on her.

What the hell had he been doing? He had never solicited a woman, never had the need to. Yet, leaving her alone with Shyam, who was nearly as wealthy and affluent as he was, simply hadn’t been an option.

He told himself he was relieved they had been interrupted, however, the biting disappointment refused to disappear. The humiliation in her eyes before she shut them bothered him. Women did not feel shame when caught with Arnav Singh Raizada.

Obviously she thought he was the one announcing his engagement tonight. It didn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter, but damned if he didn’t want to go back and tell her how wrong she was. He’ll allow her apologize and if he was still in the mood, he’ll take her to his bed.

In the mood hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he wanted a woman so much. A desire so sharp he felt it in his gut.

The sound of applause pulled him out of the dangerous thoughts. He saw Aman lean in and bravely placed a light kiss on Anajli’s lips as her father looked on next to their beaming grandmother.

He scanned the crowd. Where was she? The catering staff had come out to bring the engagement cake and vintage champagne, she wasn’t among them.

There was something about her that needled at him. A beguiling aura of untamed innocence that demanded further attention. Arnav tried to crush that thought before it could grow roots. For all her big, doe eyes, she wasn’t his problem. He absolutely refused to make her his problem.

Despite calling himself a fool he began to head back towards the kitchen, stopping every few steps to impatiently shake hands and take in the well wishes. Such enthusiasm, you would think he was the damn groom-to-be.

Striding in he saw a staffer stacking boxes of leftover.

“I’m looking for Khushi.”

“Khushi?” she repeated.

“Yes, Khushi.” Losing patience he snapped, “Do you know where she is?”

“She left ten minutes ago, Mr. Kumar let her go. It’s against company policy to mingle with-” she continued, but Arnav was already out the door.


“Arnav, where are you going?” Devyani caught up to him as he pulled on the overcoat.

“I need to leave.”

“Leave?! It’s 15 minutes to the countdown!”

“The engagement is announced, you have a glowing bride-to-be, and I need to go.”

“Fine,” she conceded reluctantly, ” but don’t forget the engagement party is in two weeks.”

“Right. NK knows to keep my calendar clear.”

“I don’t know why you couldn’t wait until after tonight to send him to Monte Carlo.”

“You do know why. The deal is an important one for us. Besides, tonight wasn’t about family.”

Devyani nodded conceding his point. “I’ve arranged a companion for you. A good girl from a nice family.”

At his look, she added, “With the understanding that if you bring a date, she will attend as my guest.”

“We’ll talk later. Tell Aman I still expect him at the office Monday morning.”


Khushi pulled the thin coat tighter across her front. Her teeth had started to clatter the minute she left the building. So stupid, she berated herself as she shifted the strap on her purse higher. The wind blew icy blasts into her face as she made her way through streets covered in six inches of snow.

It was too cold to walk, but she couldn’t afford the luxury of a cab. She’d arranged to carpool with a coworker, but that no longer an option. Bracing, she headed down the sidewalk, ignoring the tears that slipped down her cheeks. Her body was so frozen she almost didn’t feel the gnawing hunger.

Thirty minutes. Just thirty minutes and she’ll be home, where she could put this night behind her. Unfortunately, she’ll be going against foot traffic as everyone was attempting to make it to Time Square to ring in the new year.

Suddenly a pair of hands seized her arm from behind.

Mugged! her mind screamed. She should’ve given up her purse without protest, the way NYPD advised, but she felt so pitiful tonight, anger overrode fear.

Recklessly, she jabbed her elbow backward, throwing her weight into the movement. It was enough to elicit a satisfactory grunt from her assailant. Before she could open her mouth to yell for help, she was twirled around. Khushi had a blurred glimpse of height and wide shoulders before she was yanked against a solid chest, her voice muffled against a dark wool coat.

“Khushi,” a strangely familiar male voice whispered in her ears.

Recognition ended her struggle but did nothing to dilute her panic induced fury. Great. Arnav fucking Raizada. Flattening her palms against his chest, she shoved free, “Damn you! I thought I was being mugged!”

“And you decided to fight back?” Arnav demanded in disbelief. “Are you insane? What if it had been a mugger armed with a knife or a gun? Don’t you know you’re supposed to hand over your bag rather than risk serious harm?”

“Like hell!” Khushi snapped, pushing her hair out of her face with impatient fingers. “You should know better than to grab someone from behind!”

He stared at her. As moments ticked by his face slowly cleared, then to her shock, he burst into laughter. It seemed to startle him as much as it did her. Perfect, the man also had a great laugh. As a woman, she usually would appreciate the rich baritone of that sound, but as it belonged to the person responsible for her current predicament, it was unwelcome. Disgruntled, she gave him her best glare.

“You’re right.” He acknowledged ruefully as his hand reached out and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. It was then he noticed the tear stains.

His eyes gentled, “Did you lose your job because of me?”

“What do you think?”

“I’ll talk to your boss.”

“Don’t bother. And why are you here instead of doing the countdown with your fiancée?”

“Are you jealous?”

Distaste shimmered in her response, “A man cheating even before marriage isn’t worth much.”

His jaw tightened. “What do you know about the engagement?”

“I see you don’t even bother to deny it. The minute we got the catering contract, it was all the girls talked about. How one of New York’s most eligible bachelor was finally settling down,” she spat.

“It’s true.”

For some reason the confirmation hurt, badly. She wanted to be far away from this man, who was making her stomach churn with an unidentifiable something. “Get out of my way.”

“But you have one fact wrong, Aman Raizada is engaged to Anjali Jha, and currently he is with his fiancée waiting for the countdown.”


“My brother.”

Her face flushed in mortification. “I… I…”

Arnav looked down at Khushi. Fighting with her was more exhilarating than having sex with other women. “Now that we’ve established I’m not a cheating bastard, will you?”

She blinked at him, “Will I what?”

“Leave with me.”


“Why?” he echoed.

“Yes, why me?’

The air snapped around them, didn’t she feel the sparks? “There’s chemistry between us. I want to explore it.”

“That’s it?”

“Isn’t it enough? We’re two consenting adults, attracted to each other, and don’t deny it, Khushi, I know when a woman is interested. So I’ll ask one last time, will you?”

“If I say no, what will you do?”

“Walk away.”

She didn’t want him to walk away. Not tonight. She wanted a night that would erase all the problems of her life, no matter how temporary. This man could give her that. She was sure of it, but at what cost?

“Does your offer come with dinner?” she blurted. Khushi was instantly mortified, but the words couldn’t be taken back.

Arnav nodded slowly, his expression suggesting he found her strange.

Khushi’s hands balled at her sides. She knew it was reckless. She knew it was one of the most impulsive things she’d ever done, but something about this man robbed her of reason; she was navigating purely on instincts.

“Okay. I’m not for sale,” she added tightly, her voice just above a whisper. “I asked for dinner, but that’s all.”

Pain slashed through Khushi as memories of harsh voices and bitter accusations drifted through her head until it surrounded her like dense impenetrable clouds. It showed in her expressive eyes before she could mask it.

A curse broke from Arnav. His expression was strangely torn as he studied her.

As Khushi tethered on the brink of calling the insanity to an end, he slid a finger under her chin. The touch so unexpected, she couldn’t help but respond, lifting with him so that her gaze met his.

“Will room service do?” The question was softly worded. Intimate. His gaze was fixed on her face and she was too captivated to look away.

Jerking herself from his intense regard, Khushi glanced down, taking in her clothing. There was no going home and changing. She cleared her throat and gave him a jerky nod.

“Anything in particular you’d like?” Arnav asked.

Despite the hard body clench at the thought of filling her empty stomach, she forced nonchalance into her reply, “Edible is pretty much my only requirement when it comes to food.”

“You should raise your standard.” Arnav replied seriously as he beckoned to someone behind her. Khushi was chagrined to realize his driver had witnessed their entire exchange.

“Get the car.”

“Yes, sir.”


“We will have to wait until after the countdown, sir. The limo is still parked in the underground garage and all traffic is stalled.”

“Fine,” Arnav clipped, annoyed by the delay. Now that he had her agreement, he wanted to be alone with this woman who managed to infuriate and intrigue in equal measure. He took her hand to pull her away from the curb. It was then he noticed they were ungloved and ice cold.

“It’s 30 degrees and you’re in jeans and a rain coat?”

“Sorry, I left my ermine one at home.”

Exasperated, Arnav pulled off his scarf, and awkwardly wrapped it around her. Dissatisfied when she continued to shiver, he unbuttoned his coat, his hands closed on her waist and pulled her into him.

Khushi startled as she found herself cradled against his chest. The wool of his coat felt unlike any other fabric she’d come across, but it was the heat from his body that urged her to move closer.

Despite her chilled skin she was soft, so soft and vibrant that his palms felt singed where they touched. Amusement touched his eyes as hers widen, the pupils expanding until only a thin rim of green remained. When her hands lifted for balance, a forceful response rippled cross his skin at the connection between palm and chest.

His gaze fastened on her mouth, saw the full lips part as she drew in a shaky breath. That revealing act stripped away his usual patience, Arnav lifted her on tiptoe and bent his head.

Her lips were velvet. If he was a romantic, he might even say they felt like rose petals. Slanting his head, Arnav increased the pressure of his mouth, urging hers to open. Her scent filled his nostrils. Not perfume, but a combination of minty freshness and woman.

Desire pounded through him and he pulled her tighter, sliding his arms around her and fusing her to his body. He felt her shudder, felt the tremor as she arched into him. Triumph flooded Arnav as her arms slid upward, twining around his neck as her lips parted to allow him deeper access. Arnav was unaware of the low growl that sounded deep in his throat as he plundered her sweetness with his tongue.

Khushi was drowning in sensation. They were on a public street, but she couldn’t remember why that should matter. His kiss had melted the world away, narrowed down to just the two of them, nothing mattered except his lips moving over hers, connecting them with exquisite pressure.

“3…. 2….. 1…. Happy New Years!” came the thunderous roar of the crowd.

Arnav lift his head as the noise penetrated. He felt dazed, disoriented to find himself on the street and irritated by the intrusion into the sexual haze that clouded his mind. Dimly he could hear the voices of the people passing on the sidewalk around them, hear the laughter and screams, but they meant nothing.

He looked down at the woman clinging to him, her eyes glazed over with passion. She was fire in his arms, not just accepting his kiss, but responding to every touch with equal hunger. He wanted more.

Fuck, was Arnav’s final thought before he bent to take her lips back with his, just as the night sky exploded in dazzling fireworks, celebrating the beginning of a new year.


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      I’ve been doing an IPK rewatch, that first meeting between them was so charged with sexual tension I had to incorporate it into our fic. Thus we granted Mr. Raizada the kiss he so wanted 😉

      Glad you enjoyed the first chapter, but let us know what you didn’t like too. It’ll help us shape the story better. Cheers!

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    1. Hi Alai, yes the perfect kiss. We didn’t want a love at first sight, so I’m glad you choose the word attracted because that was what we were aiming for.

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    1. We actually didn’t plan on posting it last night lol. K’s finger hit the wrong button, and we were both what the hell. It was ready, so no big deal. Miss Perfection just wanted to do more editing.

      Keeping their personality from the show is a must for both of us, although, we are kicking out anything we didn’t like from the show.

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      I thought we’ll give poor Aman a break from being Arnav’s whipping boy. Isn’t little brother just adorable?
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      Shyam however I’m fighting with S on. We’re like an old married couple =p

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    1. Hey sweetie, sorry about that. Yours truly got the boot from IF, and I’m too weary to bother with reposting. All future updates will be here only.

      What else can you expect from our gorgeous Raizada bros? Although, reformed bad boys do make for good husbands ^^
      You know the entire time I was editing that scene I was also texting my boyfriend about how we should head to NY for the countdown this year. He was NOT happy when I told him my reason for wanting too. =p

    2. Well thanks for tracking us down 🙂 No more IF for either K or myself, too much hassle.

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    Now let me go the second chapter and try to understand each one of them more.

    1. canapoem ~ I love seeing our players through your eyes. And the questions you ask!

      I’m with you on being a little amoured with the name Arnav Singh Raizada. It’s so arrogantly regal yeah?

      We are firmly on the ship that believe in the red thread of connections! ^^

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    I am following you on twitter but not sure how to contact you personally. So I am posting the message here. Thanks.

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    1. A warm welcome Sadh to FWN! 😀 We especially love bringing out the welcome committee when it’s for a friend of friends ^^
      I hope those ladies warned you what you’re in for. Looking forward to your company through the Nights.

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    I decided to take the plunge and I am already hooked to it reading the night #1. Arnav and Khushi both are enigma to me. Like Arnav said, there is this instant chemistry between them.
    Aman is a playboy but Anjali brought about a change in him. I wonder how!
    As much as I loved the dreamy eyed Shyam seeing the cast, I loathe him now. Why is he competing with Arnav?
    Devyani Raizada is the perfect matriarch. And she wants to see both his grandsons married giving her the heir.
    Moving on to the next part to read and understand the characters better.

    1. A warm welcome to FWN Arunima! Wonderful to have friends descend upon us 😉
      Do let us know how you enjoy the waters. The plunge is always scary, but we promise a hot tub environment from here on out. 😛

      1. Thank you for such a warm welcome. 😀 I have already taken the plunge and I am definitely going to enjoy the waters when you have promised a hot tub environment. 😉

        1. Welcome aboard Arunima!! We love new passengers, especially when they come upon the recommendations of friends 😀 Do let us know how you like the hot tub experience!

  50. started re reading it again…n trust mee im enjoying it more:) first time i was in a rush to reach the end, now i’m enjoying every bit of it!!!!

  51. Beautiful chapter hate shyam but loved the sizzling chemistry between arnav and khushi and also aman as arnav’s brother is something new

  52. Although I have read a lot of Arshi fan fictions, i just came across ‘The Quickie, IPKKND Ficverse’ about a month ago and I’m so thankful to find so many stories, completed ones, by so many talented authors.

    I’ve just started reading this and although the setting is different, you have stayed true to the characters of Arnav and Khushi. This is exactly the ASR that was depicted on the show at the beginning. So far I’m riveted.

    1. Yeah, K’s Ficverse is a major time suckage. Better watch yourself 😛
      Welcome to FWN chand K.! Always lovely to have new company. here. Do share should we manage to keep you riveted 😉

  53. “Colpo di fulmine. The thunderbolt, as Italians call it. When love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can’t be denied. It’s beautiful and messy,
    cracking a chest open and spilling their soul out for the world to see. It turns a person inside out, and there’s no going back from it. Once the thunderbolt hits, your life is
    irrevocably changed.”
    ― J.M. Darhower, Sempre

    Is that what you are pointing us towards?

    Words can be massaged, chained, woven, stitched , taken apart, rebuild into new orders and burdened with new meanings to make the descriptions more vivid, clear and real, like a gorgeously curated image. Yet here you make your words work harder, into going beyond description, to bring insight into the characters, to reveal their personality and how they feel. You invite us to make our own conclusions and to find clues, dispersed into the update liberally…It doesn’t matter if all these little pathways are not to be explored, they are there to make us hold judgement until we see more and find our way into the story.

    There is resentment with life, both felt, acknowledged, and strongly kept like an armour by both of them. The past that Aman mentions and that has Devyani praying for him, there is a void waiting to b filled with something different, unexplored and exciting, the thrill of the chase longing to be set free. But on whom? There, it recognises another kindred spirit, so hurt that the pride is the only thing left to clamp the brokenness together, not to unravel further at the strained seems that are on the verge of breaking. A little more for the night to end…

    Alas, being an object of contest between two alpha males (?) vying to outdo each other is the last straw that might break the camel’s back. But, wait, Shyam leaves her. Is riling Arnav his main target, or does he have a hidden plan to take this squabble further into his aspirations.

    There is passion, of a type not felt before by either of them, that makes them do things that they never thought that they would do. A passion that is unbidden, lying in wait to pounce, to guide and rule their actions. Is this the colpo di fulmine passion? Will they get to feel the exuberance from letting go of previous rules, the clarity of understanding that it is different, the ecstasy of being kissed and held like never before? Does this passion come with the grief of being parted, the hatred of not succeeding?

    Why does Arnav feel that she should bee a guest and not a staff member? Why is he hell-bent of protecting the brother from someone he recognises is the best thing to happen to Aman? Why does he feel restless that this devotion has eluded him? It feels that it is self imposed. Why are the eyes so important? What memory do these green depths release? Why is Khushi uneasy at the mention of Arnav’s surname? Is she related to them? Are you leading me astray? Or opening my eyes so I have 20/20 vision? Hmmm…too early to tell.

    I love her dignity, although difficult to maintain. Has she hit hard times?

    While we wait for the limousine to arrive and the butterflies to settle in our stomachs from the passion of that first kiss, I think that this not only a coincidence. Most of the time, the most unusual meetings and glances have been set up. And here I am not naive enough to think that it was divine intervention. Stupid conviction or not, I am willing to see it through. Has Shyam played a bigger role in setting them up, he gave up pretty quickly? Does he know more of the past and what sets Arnav off?

    Let’s see if this passion is the source of their finest moments, if they obey it till the end. Someone mentioned room service…to the hotel we go…

    P.S. Is there an obsession with green from both of you? Jade handle of dagger in CC and green eyes here.

    P.P.S. Finally the clothes are given their importance…I salute you for this.

    1. Holy shit Genie! One spear and you’ve hit the bulls-eye… we shall have champagne on the house waiting for you in Night #9. 😀

      The best comments are those that comes in the form of questions. It’s a delight to have such a seeking mind navigating through this world. You must not allow the early stages stem the flow!

      P.S. Don’t you know?

      It’s not that easy being green;
      Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.
      When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold-
      or something much more colorful like that.

      It’s not easy being green.
      It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.
      And people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water-
      or stars in the sky.

      But green’s the color of Spring.
      And green can be cool and friendly-like.
      And green can be big like a mountain, or important like a river, or tall like a tree.

      When green is all there is to be
      It could make you wonder why, but why wonder? Why Wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful!
      And I think it’s what I want to be.


      P.P.S. Our man is an actual billionaire, with a wardrobe budget above Star Plus executives combined pay grade 😛

    2. Whenever I chance upon your comments in the Ficverse, I fall a little more under your spell dear Genie. How do you find the time to read such a wide scope of tales and ooh the love that pours through!

      Passion is oft shunned in favor of her golden sister, Love. Yet she is our favorite. That wicked sense of fun is damn alluring!

  54. First of all, a big thank you for accepting me as a member on this blog.. 🙂
    I am hooked to this ficverse, since the time I have come across it, which is not very long ago. With so many beautiful stories from so many fabulous writers!! I, think, earlier, I was just a ‘fan’ of ArShi stories, now am ‘addicted’!

    FWN set up is different, with way more finesse and grandeur than the original show; but, the basic essence of Arnav and Khushi, seems to be the same; which is really appealing for me.
    Arnav seems to be just like what he was in the initial episodes; brooding, cynical, uncompromisingly forthright. Khushi comes across as someone who has to carry the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders.

    Am loving it!!
    Much love,

  55. As promised, here I go! I’m taking this plunge now that I don’t have to go through Refresh Hell; patience is a virtue I unfortunately don’t have. 😉

    “The hunter had long become the hunted.” I love this quote; it conveys the restlessness, perhaps even desperation in our protagonist. I hesitate to call him the hero, for in the Iss Pyaar I am well-versed in, Arnav was never the hero.. Let’s see whether your Arnav deserves that title.

    Aman. A faceless name in the original you have brought to life as Arnav’s younger brother. And a charming one at that. I like this Aman, strong enough to stand up to Arnav yet soft enough to bend for Anjali. I like the sibling relationship here; one knows what the other needs, while the other recognizes what the former wants.

    Finally, Khushi’s entrance. Effortlessly capturing Arnav’s attention, and why shouldn’t she? She has always been a heroine, at least in my eyes. Love that he has already realized her worth; she is someone who should be on the guests, not a waitress cleaning up after them. I see that possessiveness has already entered the equation as well. And why do I feel she is the first person to make him laugh in years? I love this Khushi. She has an inner backbone, spirit, and soul.

    I’m glad to see our Khushi here is a fighter. And there’s mystery too.. Why should she tense on hearing the Raizada name? Ahhh, she thinks he is Aman. Poor thing, being punished just for being beautiful. And Arnav… I see the arrogance is there in spades. Thinking to give Khushi a chance to apologize when it is him who owes her. And Aman clearly isn’t going to let off the hook. Business must go on as usual.

    And so it begins, with a kiss. K, you and S weave gold with your words. And I’m finally ready to dive into the magic you both have produced. 🙂

    1. I’m so excited to have you here sharing this adventure with us Anna! A warm welcome to the world of FWN, Very wise of you to wait for the end of Refresh Hell… although there will be no escape for CC. 😉

      Dive without fear, we’ll be there to catch you! ^^

  56. Gooooddddd…. I was already tired of the matriarch wearing elegant beige sarees.

    Strong people all around… even the dirty Mr.Jha !

    Can’t wait to see where this kiss takes 2 strong people !!

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    It’s gripping, Flawless, captivating. Arnav and Khushi you shown have same effect like in the show.
    First night gives insight if their life but Khushi is still a mystery.
    I felt sad when Shyam and arnav approach her for same reason and she got fired from job for no reason of hers.
    Don’t know why she give it up to him so soon? Was hunger is the reason or something else? Will come to know later.
    But the chemistry between them can be seen. I am looking forward to it.
    I am hooked to it.

  60. This is super fab! You have me totally hooked and i’m so glad i’ve found you girls again and now that I’m following you, you cannot get rid of pests like me. You’ve given us Anjali and Aman together – something that i dearly wanted the show to do. Though with Shyam and Anjali being siblings, i cannot believe you’d have Arnav and him in competition for the same woman…nope, not possible with you girls. Nani in an Oscar de la Renta? Love it! I can picture that toe curling kiss in my head…very clearly but where is the one-leg-lifting-automatically?? Still…LOVE IT! xx

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    Start always reflects upon what this journey has for it’s readers and this particular start had me captivated.
    Each character has a different depth, has a different way through their feelings, the enchanting atmosphere and the perfectly described chilled nights of York. The aura created around each character and especially Arnav & Khushi radiates their with in. The first step into getting the characters was easy, they seem two simple people having some normal issues but the way they have been outlined is speaking that there is more to that! Possessive Raizada? Who minds Arnav with an attitude like that from the very start? What Khushi has in herself is a lot to take in, waiting to explore her! I must say, I’m HOOKED!

  62. nice story. and thanks one of the member of IF who mentioned about this story.nice start and i am going to finish this at a stretch

  63. Hello

    I got this link from a post on ipkknd forum where someone mentioned that this ff to be a stunning one am glad to be here and big hugs to the writers for writing this awesome story. I am so loving it..especially the pictures the website and the way all the details have been the B& W effect..truly it has old era charm..what made you choose NY and new year’s eve..was just wondering..anyways I like the introductions, starting scene and the first meeting of Arnav & Khushi..Nani is one of my favourite characters..loving her here too..Such a posh much of fun and so tempting…


    1. Hi bhavna, welcome to FWN! Ship is too kind, but I’m glad her PR got you to click the link :d

      We wanted to throw Arshi into a big city setting and run with it. Since we’ve both been to NY in winter, it seemed like the perfect fit for a steamy adventure. 😉

  64. Hi guys! Got the link to this story from IF. I am intrigued and captivated just by reading the first chapter and can’t wait for more. So it kind of helps that this story is complete and I have a smooth ride with no speed breakers.

    Anjali and Shyam are siblings? Who’d’ ve thought? Hats off to that.

    I am really looking forward to read more on Khushi…she was mortified with what her boss thought of her, yet she accepts Arnav’s offer. Wanting to forget her miseries for just one night and who better than THE Arnav Singh Raizada?
    Oh and that kiss?? Yummy!!!!

    1. Welcome! Some attractions simmer across years, while others are lit to a burning flame within the space of a moment. I’m personally not a fan of instant attraction, however it felt appropriate for this Arnav and Khushi. K and I have discussed over the years how the show would have been a helluva lot more interesting had those two acted on their attraction. So when it came time for us to dip our ink onto this ficverse…. ta-da 😉

  65. A recommendation on IPK forum brought me here. Even after years after the show ended, people intending to write about this couple shows how much we all adore them. And I am glad I decided to try this on. Even more elated that you started with Arnav Singh Raizada. No ASR shit. That name is too potent to be turned it into a mere acronym. When did barriers stop anyone from breaking free? Not him anyway. Good chapter with no nonsense and delving right into the picture. If anyone deserved to be Arnav’s brother then it had to be Aman. Thanks for doing justice to that character that was portrayed so trivially in the show. Aman-Anjali quite a pair they make. Guess mother’s go to any extent to protect their daughters even if it is a implicit warning to her would be son-in-law in a not so direct way about his vital organs. I am not surprised there.What is Shyam’s equation with the rest of the group? He sounds so aloof. Looks like his leering capabilities wouldn’t go away anytime soon. Alas.. every story needs an antagonist, assuming he is the one in this.
    I am begining to wonder if there is an inherent meaning when Arnav said ‘she doesn’t belong here’.
    Curiosity got the better of me and I jumped into next chapters before making a pit stop here to say hello. Will get back on other chapters in the respective posts. Wonderful start ladies 🙂


    1. Welcome Sree! Thank you! Yes, yes, with such a fine name, why shorten it?!
      We are not fans of Akash the Wimp.
      If a story gives you the villain in the first chapter without any build up… don’t read it. 😛
      Will be looking forward to your observations, don’t be a stranger.

  66. Wow….I made my way here to check this out from a recommendation on IF and am so excited at the promise of what appears to be a fantastic read!!!! Looking forward to the journey

  67. Captivated….

    Right from the start to the last word in this update, you’ve managed to keep the mind enthralled, intrigued and have slowly started satisfying the hunger of the ever present curiosity.

    Arrogance starts with an A and so does ASR. He seems smug and cynical, with a detached sense of being from the rest of the world. But he wouldn’t be what he is, without such defining qualities. The sibling camaraderie is striking. Aman creates the impression of an easy going guy in love, and certainly not afraid to admit it. Anjali seems traditional yet dignified,and someone who values the little things in life.
    At first Aman and Anjali seem like an unlikely pair, but they do somehow fit. There is something that comes across-an understanding, the way she looks at him- which says that there’s definitely more than what meets the eye.

    An innate strength and staunchness is portrayed by Devyani Raizada. But she knows what’s best for her family and can hold her own in front of Arnav Singh Raizada.
    Did something happen between Shyam and Arnav that lit the fire of jealousy and fierce competitiveness in him? (All answers I hope the Asli Duniya will let me find…)

    Something that I like about Khushi here is her dauntlessness. She doesn’t shy away from Arnav’s unyielding gaze, nor is fearful of back answering Shyam. Enraptured by her Arnav, he isn’t ready to let go of her yet. Khushi seems spellbound under the Raizada charm, none of her fault though… coz who can escape it ;P Needing an escape from her daily endeavors, she decides to spend one night with Arnav. But, a bitter experience has left her scarred, hasn’t it? Possessive feelings have already developed in Arnav, which he is yet to realize. Khushi’s probably the only person who’s been able to make him laugh, given his character. Time stops still. Everything and everyone fade-out under the spell of their scorching chemistry. And so it has begun……

    A splendid beginning S&K ! 🙂

    1. Do you feel tremors close to you S&K ? That’s me breaking the ground, jumping with joy ! XD

      Thank you so much for the mail !
      The sight of that wintry New York put the happenings of Night#1 right in front of my eyes, much like watching a film on silver screen.

      You say there’s a special edition ? Good news just keeps coming. I hope to catch up by then and revisiting all that’s Arnav – Khushi and your magic is always a pleasure. 🙂

  68. Here I am… Again. Don’t you dare take this away again… Next time I will fight… I am warning you… I am capable of throwing a tantrum of mega proportions… But right now… Right now you are the most fantastic human beings (with very, very, very few exceptions) on the face of this earth. Laughing!
    Love and regards,

      1. Laughing… No… No… I meant what is the secret of the word itself. I remember the password of the Lounge and that was appropriate. I have been trying to decode this one and am having no luck.

        1. Heh, heh. S came up with it. And it’s a little nod to our old password.

          Masubu is the origin of a Japanese dish call Masubi, which are essentially rice balls.
          Samurais would carry the Balls in their bamboo Sheath. 😉

          1. Talk about tunnel vision… It WAS right there in the email… I swear I didn’t see it… what can I blame it on? I got it! Tears of joy clouding my vision. But thanks for answering me rather than questioning your decision to invite me here. Laughing! It is fun to be back. I am positively giddy.
            Love and regards,

  69. I am reteading fwn, understanding characters again. Last read i could not read all the way to end as i had to go to India to help my mom with surgery. She is all well. Thanks for the password girls. Here begins the journey again.

    Arnav Singh Raizada…. name breeds royalty.
    Khushi…. a flitting butterfly, tender, kind, happy.
    Metting at newyears in manhattan, kissing at the stroke of midnight…I wish they had done that in ipkknd…sigh😕

    But they say, when you meet at the stroke of newyears, you stay together. Let see what happens here.

  70. I’ve just logged in and I’m super excited to be reading it. I have a few days off and your password arrived just in the nick of time. Many muuuuaaaahhhhsss and hugs. I tried to send you both some jelabis (since it’s Khushi’s favourite) but then I thought, since it’s New York, a decadent black forest cake or tiramisu might be more appropriate. Now I find that I’m computer challenged and I have to ask my teenage son for help. God knows when that will happen, till then this message will have to do.

  71. I’m only in chapter 1 and I’m hooked. No wonder this is the most coveted story by all. Superb start of the New year eve and the night. Love it.

  72. Only some can create magic with words ladies – only a certain man can create magic with his kisses too !!

  73. Hey guys,
    Thank you for the password.
    Coming to the story, what a classy introduction to characters we all so dearly love. Telling u the truth your writing has done more justice to the suave , magnetic personna of Arnav Singh Raizada than the original writers (No doubt Mr.Sobti played greater part in making the character immortal for us. If not for him the character wud have fallen flat for sure.) Leaving fangirling aside. Loved that Aman boy is ..oops ..was a notorious playboy here. And our damsel in distress who turn to a knight in shinning armour when need be. This is how I describe Khushi. Lets see how she turns out in this journey.
    Ohh poor thing, Khushi’ s starving. Can’t blame her if beer burger jalebi seem more appetising than Mr. Raizada.
    And what better than scorching hot kiss on the snowy street s of New York on New years eve.
    I think I just rambled on . I should leave sumthing for the next ones.

    1. Hey Paka. Welcome aboard!
      We hope you’ll enjoy the journey of our damsel and her… tarnished knight 😉

  74. So let the fun begin… all over again.. ahhh the pleasure of knowing the story before hand and so now just laying back and enjoy each word to the fullest 🙂

  75. Thank’s for giving me access.
    A very entreating beginning,
    If this is how you start this journey I can’t wait to read it all through to the end.

  76. hi
    thanks for the providing access. sweet misunderstanding of engagement. n their first kiss on new eve.
    ASR uncomfortable with Anjali’s affection.Anjali is loved by everyone in Raizada family. Shyam is jerk. but thanks to him Arnav decided to go forward to khushi. n their journey began.

  77. Oh my God!
    That was superb. You have me hooked in the first chapter. And this designed blog makes reading an even more pleasant experience.
    You know I just loved the way you have written Arnav. He has class, attitude, magnetic personality that draws me. I will come back with a better comment. Just letting you know that I am here and I am enjoying.

  78. Well, I was hoping Shyam would not be a sleaze like he always was.. how naïve of me.. hotwa is ever the gentleman .. is he the knight with shining armour.. we have to see..

  79. Just started reading this ff and I really like the way you have written this story n I m looking forward to read the complete story as the story seems to be very interesting n its quiet different also.

  80. Ok fine I couldn’t wait….My daughter is sleeping and I just couldn’t resist. I should actually be sleeping. It’s Ramadan you know…..18 hours of fasting and all and look at what you are making me do 😛

    I love contemporary romance. I lived in NY for 4 years before moving. Around Christmas and New Year…it is quite breath taking especially times square.

    The same restless Arnav arrogant and confident but also jaded. I am hoping we get to see his cunningness and shatir dimag that we missed on the show. Hoping shyam doesn’t rain on the future parade. Did you really have to include Shyam….couldn’t we have had the story without him. Naïve me???

    I did not have a problem with Khushi’s role in IPK. But sometimes her naiveness was a bit grating. Would like to see her portrayed as normal…for the lack of better word

    Nani in Oscar de la Renta…now that was a hoot…totally unexpected. Anjali is the traditional behen ji here as well….I would like to see more of her interaction in this story. I hope it is different from her annoying role in IPK.

    I like the feisty Khushi….she gives as much as she gets. I am curious how soon is she going to give in and sleep with him. Attraction….I have never felt an instant attraction to a guy….mind you I am married but this whole speeding up of your breaths and dhak dhak thing has me scratching my head.

    I like the interaction between the siblings. It is open and honest. Shows a great comfort level between them. I am glad he does not go Bhai Bhai like Akash did and speaks his mind when they argue about the prenup.

    Awwww…..poor Arnav jealous of his brother’s happiness?? Alone even in a crowd.

    I wonder what Khushi’s story is….I have just read Chapter One….so was just contemplating. I like her grit and determination when faced with Shyam.

    I am glad Arnav caught up to her and that kiss…sizzling….I just love romance

    I am not for sale….sigh…he is so sensitive to her moods and the way he reads her like an open book….that was what I loved in IPK and you have captured that beautifully here.

    I am glad you guys got that kiss out in the first chapter. I wish they would have bloody acted on that attraction in the show….it wouldn’t have lead to that ridiculous kidnapping scheme.

    Why do I have a feeling that I haven’t seen the last of Shyam….please don’t make him like the one in the show….that was ridiculous.

    Oh and NK is his assistant….. 😛 superb….hopefully he won’t be as elusive as Aman the secretary in the show…

    Thank you thank you….loved it so far

  81. first of all thank u tons for the access…!!

    Night #1
    what an update yaa….
    A beautiful new year night…
    Anjali and Aman getting engaged….
    Nani in Oscar De la Renta…really…wicked…😉!!
    The tension between Arnav and khushi from the first look itself looked Sexy…
    And that toe curling Kiss below the snow.. Ahh…how Romantic…!!!
    loved it…
    running for next

  82. You know I’m reading this again and suddenly i feel like I’m focusing on the little details of this chapter, like every time when you re read a story you get a different perspective and that feeling of understanding something which you didn’t get the last time is amazing! I love this feeling 🙂
    And the little detail i was talking about was the Indian touch to this chapter, i love how Anjali wore a saree and how khushi wanted jalebis! It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling, like wow even though the characters are adapting to another culture they haven’t forgotten their Indian roots and its just so relatable to me, since I’m a third culture kid and I’m just amazed how this story is still connecting to me and i cant tell you in words how this means so much to me 😀 gaaaah i cant wait to read the remaining chapters and let you know what different perceptions i understood! 🙂

  83. Guessssssssss who is hereeeee

    Thank you so much for the access guys!!!!! I just can’t believe I’ve made it!!! Whoooop

    Oh wow this story is amazing! Ive just read the first chapter but bloody hell. I’m so in love already

    Ooooo so Arnav and Aman brothers and Aman marrying Anjali. Ugh sensing Shyam to be an annoying git wanting whatever Arnav wants. Oooo and our Khushi is a working class.

    What I love is how bold Arnav is and how he just says we have chemistry let’s explore it! And on new years they share their first kiss. How bloody adorable I’m sensing High drama between these two in the coming chapters and I cant wait I read more but I have work tomorrow and need to sleep! So I’ll be back tomorrow night.

    Love you guys for letting me in on this. You really are gonna make me go through a rollercoaster of emotions

    Li xx

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    I have decide to read once again yr story today so I can relax a little bit…
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