Night #11

We are dedicating this Night to our Mel. Without you there would be no FWN. Simple as that sweetheart.

AR Corps, New York

Arnav’s exhale was a long measured breath as he leaned back against the leather headrest. It was done. Preparation had taken four days due to AR’s prior obligations as well as the resources they had to extoll to keep relentless pressure over Daniels’ media sources. They were preempting Sheetal’s show by a mere nine hours, but the scope of news coverage Aman managed to privately garner for their press conference was sufficient to take the sting from her impact.

Regardless of willingness, today was sure to set into motion a multitude of changes on the professional and personal front. Glancing at the clock he was unsurprised to see the clock ticking close to seven am. That he’d spent all night in his office was not unusual, the female form curled on the long couch, however, was.

His female.

The last few days had shown Khushi to be Shashi Gupta’s daughter. She hadn’t balked at the punishing hours; instead, she’d jumped right in, revealing a mind that had soaked up far more than the teachings of dead Greeks. While she held her opinion in reserve unless he specifically asked for it, her ability to quickly gauge situations and handle those involved with dignity echoed some of her father’s greatest strengths.

Beyond that, she had effortlessly tapped into something instinctive within him, leading to decisions that he would have normally dismissed out of hand. Again, the thought should have jarred; instead he was filled with an undeniable sense of anticipation.

With a flick of his wrist, the screen before him went black. He moved towards the discreet glass closet that housed a selection of business suits for the occasion when he couldn’t spare time to return to the hotel.

Arnav ran a hand down his shirt front, making quick work of the buttons as his eyes drifted over the body he now knew as intimately as his own. His fingers halted as her eyes opened and their gaze met across the expanse of his office.

“Arnav, you should’ve woken me.” His body locked as her voice, husky from sleep, washed over him. She looked tousled and flushed and so fucking gorgeous it was all he could do not to close the distance and pounce.

Curious to see what she would do, he casually undid the last button. Shrugging out of the crisp white, he deliberately flipped the lock on his office door as he walked to her.

Her eyes widened as the lock clicked into place, a blatant announcement of his intentions. As he came closer, she inched back.

“Arnav, we’re in your office.”

“So?” He leaned down until his lips were within kissing distance, “I want you.”


“My building, my office, my couch, my woman,” he interrupted arrogantly.

Khushi’s eyes narrowed, “That’s a lot of possessives, Mr. Raizada.”

Arnav’s mouth tilted to one side. “Any of them false?”

The hands that taught her the meaning of passion slid around her, guiding her against his bare chest. “Well, are they?”

Her hands went up to frame his face, “No.”

Her honesty was richly rewarded. Arnav sealed her lips with his own, deepening their potent connection until they careened into the dark secret world of lovers. Their mouths melted together, torching away everything, but the sound of two thundering hearts.

Through the fog of desire, he sensed the tremor that swept through Khushi, one so slight he’d have missed it had they not been so intimately fused. Arnav recognized that shiver, felt it every time he had her in his arms, and it never failed to excite. It whispered her secret to him, betrayed a sexual vulnerability she reserved for him.

He had known the exact moment she made the decision to relinquish herself. That morning aboard The Jalpari, Khushi Lacene Khumari had become irrevocably his.

Khushi clung to Arnav as he molded her body lovingly, guiding her backward as he lowered his hardness over her welcoming body. His hand was easing the stretchy fabric of her dress out of the way when a brisk knock sent them jerking upright.

What the fuck.

“If it’s either of those two idiots, you are to inform the judge that the double homicide was justified,” Arnav muttered raggedly into her hair.

Khushi pressed her lips into the hallow of his shoulder as laughter bubbled forth.

“What?!” He barked.

On the opposite side of the door, his receptionist cleared her throat uncomfortably, “A gentleman is here to see you, sir.”

“Who?” Arnav snapped impatiently

“Mr. Trent Matthews.”

Arnav looked down sharply as he felt Khushi tense.

Great. Trent Fucking Matthews.


“Why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“There’s nothing left to say, Trent. Please go.”

He didn’t go. Instead, he came closer, lifting a hand with the intent to touch.

Khushi instinctively recoiled. “Step away,” she demanded.

“Khushi,” he said her name like a plea. “I’ll be a free man in less than two months. You and I can start again.”

She stared at him speechlessly. The words were simple enough, yet her mind refused to process it. At the moment, her thoughts were still tied up in Arnav.

The moment his receptionist had announced the name of their visitor, she had felt a menacing tension radiate from him. She was completely poleaxed when Arnav had issued instructions for Trent to be shown to the rooftop and then sent her up to meet him. Alone.

She hadn’t missed the clench of his jaw, the straight line of his lips, nor the shadows under his eyes as she walked out. Yet, he hadn’t stopped her. Why? Arnav’s thinking process was often a frustrating mystery, but she was determined to get an answer. After she handled this unavoidable confrontation with Trent, Khushi acknowledged.

She focused on the man in front of her, slightly surprised to realize that the blues she’d once thought of as piercing, did nothing for her now. His eyes carried none of the heat that kindled a response from deep within her.

“We never started, Trent.”

“The two months we had together, it’s all I had to hold onto all these years,” Trent said earnestly, “I love you, Khushi.”

She stiffened, staring at him incredulously, her eyes widening in disbelief. When the seconds kept ticking past in silence, she realized he was serious. “I don’t believe you.”

Trent flinched. “I deserve that. I made so many mistakes with you. I know I did. But I didn’t have a choice. My family, my future, I had to let you go and before I could find you again, I fell into marriage with the wrong sister. I paid for those mistakes, Khushi. In more ways than you can ever know.”

“We always have a choice, Trent. I’m making one now. Him. Faced with the choice between Arnav and any man, I’ll always choose him.”

“He’s not a gentleman, Khushi,” Trent started.

“Then, I don’t want one.”

“He made you cry. I witnessed it with my own eyes. You forgave him, why can’t you forgive me?” Trent demanded.

Khushi crossed her arms. “Yes, he did. However, it didn’t take him six years to own up to it.”

“Tell me what I need to do you make you believe I’m serious.”

Khushi looked at him thoughtfully. There was no anger or pain as she looked upon the features that had softened with age. This man had no power to hurt her, because he no longer mattered. Trent Matthews was merely part of a nightmare that lingered on for too long. One, she had finally woken from.

“Trent, do you remember the first time you saw me?”

“Of course I do. You were the most beautiful girl I ever saw.”

“What was I doing? Wearing?”

His face clouded, “Khushi, that was years ago.”

“True. But when it’s more than a physical love, you remember. That first moment is one you nurture in your heart, until it is imprinted on the mind, a cherished memory you call upon as you take your last breath.”

“Khushi, that is romantic notion that has no basis in reality.”

“It was that way for my mother,” she responded proudly.

“Do you think it’s that way with Raizada?” exasperation edged his retort, “He’s a playboy enjoying the novelty. Once he’s finished, he’ll dismiss you like all his other wh-”

“Finish that and I won’t be responsible for where your body ends up on the Hudson, Matthews.”

This came from behind her, each word threaded with violence. The world righted itself, as she felt his body close in on her back. Khushi didn’t resist, she leaned into Arnav, his solid strength the only reassurance she needed.


The air snapped with tension as the two men faced each other.

“You should have heeded my advice, Matthews. Instead of panting after another man’s woman, it would have served you better to pay attention to the company that funds your upkeep.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Trent demanded through clenched teeth.

“Check your email,” was Arnav’s cryptic response.

Khushi glanced questioningly at Arnav as Trent pulled out his phone, unsurprised to see his public mask firmly in place. Spending time at AR, she finally understood what NK and Aman meant when they said Arnav was a different man in her company. With his executive team and staff, he was economical with words to the point of being rude. He didn’t foster friendships, didn’t seek female attention, although both were frequently offered. AR was his work place, and he expected everyone to work.

Trent’s vicious curse interrupted her thoughts. “Is this a fucking joke, Raizada?”

“Only if you consider marching orders comical,” Arnav replied with deceptive lightness.

“I’m not one of your employees.”

“Actually, as of last night, you are. One I don’t care to keep on payroll.”

Trent’s eyes flashed at that none too subtle insult. “That’s impossible. The Board would have known if you were planning a hostile takeover.”

“Your Board members were paid handsomely to keep the knowledge to themselves.”

“You manipulative son of a bitch!”

A shudder of relief ran through Khushi as she watched the handsome face consort into an ugly mask of hostility. She’d one been fooled by the veneer of charm, but this, this was the real face of Trent Matthews.

When Trent charged forth in a threatening blur, Khushi stepped forth in an instinctive gesture of protection.

“Khushi, move dammit! I don’t want to hurt you.”


Halting, Trent glared at Arnav over her head. “Are you going to hide behind a woman?” he demanded disdainfully.

“Khushi.” That was all. Just her name.

“How can you protect that bastard? He just stole Gupta and Co!”

“No, he just saved it,” she answered quietly. With her focus on Trent, she failed to see how Arnav’s eyes warmed at her complete trust.

Trent’s face tightened, “Khu-”

She cut him off, “I know Arnav. He doesn’t act without valid reasons. It’s over, Trent. You’ve lost.”

Trent looked at the woman standing proudly within the arms of another man, fiercely defending him, and it came to him just how much he’d lost. She could have been his, all that beauty, that passion, that loyalty. Now, it belonged to the man behind her. And within their business circles, Arnav Singh Raizada had the reputation of holding on to what he considers his.

There was a burn of deep envy as his shoulders slumped, the fight suddenly drained out of him. Since seeing that glimpse of her after all these years of wondering, he had clung desperately to a hope. That life would right itself, if he could just go back to that juncture and take the right path. Now, he knew he had waited too long, drifted too far.

“We’re done, Matthews. Any further contact will be between our lawyers. My team will be at Gupta and Co. first thing next Monday,” Arnav informed him coolly. “I’ll have someone escort you.”

“No need, I can see myself out,” he glanced at Khushi with hesitation, throat working. “I need to say something.”

“Say it and go,” Arnav allowed impatiently.

For the first time since that wretched day in his parent’s home, Trent met her eyes squarely. Khushi could see the hint of remorse flickering through the blue depths as he held her gaze. “I… I loved you. I did. In some ways, I still do. Just not enough. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

No words were spoken as Trent turned his back to leave. Khushi felt Arnav’s arms tightened around her shoulders, curling her into embrace as she laid this prolonged chapter to rest.


The door barely closed on Trent before Arnav spun her to face him, eyes searching.

“Since when?” Khushi asked him.

There was a certain grimness he didn’t try to hide as he answered her, “Roughly three years ago, Payal started selling Gupta and Co.’s smaller subsidiaries. I had Aman look into it.”

At his pause, Khushi urged, “Tell me, Arnav. I need to know.”

“She was starting to liquidate. Your father was well respected, but goodwill only extends so far in business. The company was underperforming and several key investors were already making noises of pulling out. When Payal started making discreet inquiries for buyers, we found them for her. She never cared enough to check that the oversea corporations she was selling to belonged to AR.”

Khushi arched her neck to look at him fully. “Why?”

“Gupta and Co. is Shashi’s legacy. AR would not exist without him. I owed it to him.”

“I’ve kept up on news coverage of Gupta and Co., and this never made headlines. You must have exerted a lot of influence to keep it from being public knowledge, so why the hostile takeover?”

“I started this for Shashi, but I ended it last night because of you.”

Her eyes rounded, “Me?”

“Khushi, you’ve given yourself to me and that mean no one fucks with you. Ever.”

Khushi sucked in a breath. “Arnav, that happened before I met you.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

She almost smiled at the fiercely punctured words. “Will this be part of your announcement at the press conference today?”

“We weren’t sure until last night, but yes. After that, everything from their camp will come off as spite.”

Khushi bit down on her lips, “Payal will not take this well.”

“She has a lot to answer for. Everything she sold was without the knowledge of the Board. They will not be forgiving.”

“What happens next week?”

“That’s up to you.”

Confusion marred her brows, “I signed away my shares to Garima years ago.”

“As of last night, you’re the owner of 15% of the voting shares,” Arnav stated carefully.

Khushi was stunned. “Arnav, what did you do?”

“She essentially blackmailed you. Since you refuse to entertain a lawsuit, I secured them through a different means. Your father spent his life building up the company, how do you think he would feel if it all fell apart within a few years of his death?”

“It must have cost a fortune!”

“Yes,” he acknowledged, “In total, we obtained 55% of the voting shares. It’s an even split of 20/20 between Aman and NK. The company’s image has suffered greatly under mismanagement, but recovery is possible. Putting it under AR’s umbrella will expedite the process. The members of the Board recognizes the importance of legacy. That is why they tolerated Garima and Payal. They didn’t realize they had another option. You’ve shown repeatedly that you are capable. You lack experience, but Aman is ready to be CEO. A few years working alongside him as well as AR’s top execs will be the best training for you. The only question that remains is your willingness.”

Overwhelmed the by sheer magnitude of what he’s done, it took Khushi several moments to find her power of speech. “You’ll be there with me?”

Arnav reached out, tucking a stray hair behind her ears, “Right beside you.”

Khushi felt a mixture of fear and excitement. She wanted this, she realized, the chance to discover what she was capable of. No more running from the past or herself.

Reading the answer on her face, Arnav grinned. She’s going to be chasing after your heels, Shashi.

Khushi’s expression grew thoughtful, “Arnav, why did you tell Trent?”

“That was personal,” Arnav replied with barefaced satisfaction. His look telling her clearly that by personal he meant her.

This time she did smile. “Robbie’s right you know. The caveman instinct is still deeply coded in the male DNA.”

A gleam entered his eyes. Before she could decipher it, Arnav had lifted her effortlessly into his arms, “Tell her, it’s important to pay homage to one’s ancestor.”

“Arnav!” Khushi yelped as he tumbled them into one of the rooftop’s daybed.


“What are you… I … … we can’t… we’re on the rooftop!”

“Yeah and security’s guarding the access door. No one will disturb us.”

“But- ” Her protests were lost as his hand came up to cup her jaw. With the lightest pressure, he swiped his thumb across her lips, mirroring the action with his eyes and finally with his lips.

To her surprise, and if she was completely honest, disappointment, Arnav pulled back after a few deep kisses.

His smile was heart stopping as he gazed down at her, “You would let me have you right here, wouldn’t you?”

She tried to look away, but this Arnav didn’t allow. “You don’t know what it does to me to know you’ll give that. It’s something I can’t explain to you, but it’s a gift. Yours to me. And Khushi, I think it’s fucking beautiful.”

It was disconcerting how attuned he was to her thoughts. Lifting herself she pressed her lips against his. A silent communication because the words were clogged in her throat.

He sat up against the frame, settling her between his legs and simply held her.

“You’re a fraud Arnav Singh Raizada,” she whispered into his chest.

Of all the things he’d expected her to say, that wasn’t even on the list.


“A fraud,” she repeated.

“Are you going to elaborate on that?”

“The image the world sees when they look at you, it’s not even close to the real you.”

“It’s part of who I am, Khushi.”

“It’s who you had to be,” she corrected him, “As adults, one of the first things we learn is how to defend our vulnerabilities. It’s necessary, but it locks us in as much as it keeps others out,” she snuggled into him, “Thank you for letting me in.”


Arnav’s arms tightened around her. They had to face the world at noon, but right now lying with Khushi above the city that never sleeps, he was content.


Dread rose like a twisted serpent as she mentally prepared herself for the conference while keeping a wary eye on the press. There was an oddly fascinating rhythm to the brisk shuffling of people and equipment – an organized chaos.

So far they haven’t caught sight of her in the shadowed end of the stage, although that likely had to do with the fact that AR staff members were charmingly encouraging the group of over fifty reporters and their crews to partake in liberal amounts of hors d’oeuvres and wine. A part of Aman’s strategy that he claimed to be crucial in cultivating a receptive atmosphere. But will they be sold on the half-truths? Half-truths, just like her life.

“They’re here,” her manager murmured.

Lavanya turned just in time to see flashbulbs explode as three towering frames entered AR’s auditorium. They made a formidable picture of unity. How she ached to be a part of it.

She kept an eye on Arnav as he ascended the stage, flanked by Aman and NK. She wondered if he knew how much he was giving away as his eyes searched and fastened on the woman sitting in a semi-private corner. The security team surrounding her delivered the clear message to keep a respectable distance.

As soon as Arnav and Aman took their seats, NK’s gaze zoomed in on her. Spending the last few days in his company, that keen sense of surrounding no longer took her by surprise. At his nod, she willfully forced motion on her shaky legs, feeling painfully conspicuous as she took the seat between the brothers.

When a firm hand closed over hers, Lavanya jolted. Looking up she caught Aman’s wink before he turned to address the wall of reporters.

“Good afternoon and thank you for joining us! Time is a precious commodity to everyone here, so we won’t waste it. We have several announcements today. There will be follow-ups from our PR department, thus each organization will be granted two questions. We urge that you do not waste it on the frivolous. I’m sure all of you are wondering why there’s a beauty amongst us today,” Aman flashed a dimpled grin, “AR is proud to announce that Ms. Lavanya Kashyap has agreed to come on board as the face of our new campaign for Asia.”

Murmurs traveled through the room.

“AR has never given such a large contract to a model outside of your agencies. How did Miss Kashyap earn this?” a male reporter from The Cut demanded.

Lavanya cringed at the insinuation. Her fingers unconsciously curled over Aman’s hand, seeking strength in its solid warmth. She knew him. A man nursing a year old grudge because she’d turned down his advance.

She knew it wasn’t lost on Aman either as he responded with cool emphasis, “AR prides itself on selecting the best candidates for every campaign. For our plans in Asia, Miss Kashyap is, without doubt, the best.”

“You can’t deny that rumors are swirling. What’s your relation to Mr. Arnav Raizada, Miss Kashyap?” Douglas Kern continued doggedly.

She could feel Arnav tense at the question, but they had prepared for this. Straightening her spine, she took Aman’s lead and smiled at the crowd.

“Isn’t it your job to read between the lines, Mr. Kern?” she asked sweetly

“Just making sure I know which lines to read between,” he rejoined caustically.

Lavanya took a bracing breathe, “Then try familial lines.”

Silence descended upon the room. She knew this was the calm before the storm.

“Miss Kashyap, are you saying you are related to the Raizadas?”

“How long have you known?”

“Why keep this a secret?”

She had expected the questions to be relentless, after all, who had a more voracious appetite than the Press? Each one battered at her brave front, but the last one held the power to break her.

Don’t crack, don’t crack, she reminded herself. If any of them sensed even a drop of blood in the water, there would be a feeding frenzy.

It was Arnav who put an end to it, face closed, his mouth a grim line, “You have the rights to know my business decisions, but I have the right to protect my family.”

Lavanya couldn’t hold back the small gasp. Lifting her eyes, she caught her reflection in Arnav’s. He seemed to understand her need for affirmation. His use of family, did it include her? A strange glint entered those dark orbs before they warmed.

Acceptance. She heard it, but more, she finally felt it. Through the roaring in her ears, she could barely focus on the next question.

“You are all public figures Mr. Raizada, we are exercising our rights to an honest answer.”

“True, but perhaps you should try exercising basic decency, I hear it gives the soul a good rinse,” Arnav tilted his head towards the young journalist, his tone was cutting as he continued. “You want your due? Fine, you’ll be given what you’re entitled to. I do hope you’re prepared to defend it when your editor calls our PR department and ask why Star Gazette is no longer invited to our conferences.”

Lavanya watched the woman wilt in defeat. Visibly forcing the traces of resentment out of her face, the reporter cleared her throat, “Our publication is interested in news, Mr. Raizada, not infringing on private matters.”

“Excellent, then you’ll be interested to know AR Corps has officially acquired Gupta & Co.”

Arnav’s words switched on an electric current in the room. This was headline news. He had their attention. All of it.

“When was the deal finalized?”

“Is there a plan of action in place?”

“Will you be replacing the CEO?”

“Would you call this a takeover?”

“Many of you are aware that the late Shashi Gupta was my mentor. Gupta & Co. has suffered due to poor management and changing consumer demands. The purpose of this acquisition is to preserve his legacy,” Arnav stated firmly, before giving Aman a nod.

“Within the coming weeks, we will continue to provide each of you with updates on AR’s plans for Gupta & Co. Change is inevitable and necessary; however, Arnav and I promise to do our best to make the transition as painless as possible. And with our track record, I can say with confidence that our best isn’t half bad.” That earned Aman an appreciative chuckle from their audience.

Lavanya observed both brothers with admiration as they deftly handled the press. The media had always been the aspect she found most insufferable as a model, even as she recognized it was a necessary evil. But here, Arnav and Aman were in essence dictating and the hardnosed crowd was eating it up!

“Payal Gupta has filed for divorce. Is there a correlation?” one bold reporter asked, with a sly glance at Arnav.

“You’re connecting the wrong dots,” he replied, a slight twitch on his lips indicating he’d found her question amusing.

“Please clarify, Mr. Raizada.”

Lavanya saw his gaze travel once more to Khushi. Something shifted in his expression as their eyes met. If triumph and tenderness could co-exist in a single space, it would most accurately explain that something.

“Not at the moment, but perhaps you should keep an ear out for a merger.”


Manhattan, New York

“Not at the moment, but perhaps you should keep an ear out for a merger.”

Her lips compressed as the camera panned to follow Arnav’s line of vision. It zoomed in on the rapt face of that woman.

Khushi Lacene Khumari. A fucking waitress. A secret heiress.

It burned that he was willing to go through such lengths to protect the other woman. The words were practically a declaration of intent. Marriage was on his mind. Arnav Singh Raizada was actually contemplating connubial bliss.

Sheetal jolted when someone rapped at the door.

She glared through the peephole as she made out the distinctive form of NK Ryan. Of course.

“I’m not interested in hearing from the lapdog. Tell your master to come himself,” she informed him as she opened the door.

NK gave her a bland look, “He’s otherwise occupied.”

“Catering to his whore?”

“You’ve been declawed Sheetal, so let’s save ourselves some time. I’ve been tasked to do this and trust me when I say it’s in your best interest to hear me out.”

“Ten minutes,” she allowed ungraciously, “I have to head to the studio.”

As soon as they were seated, NK took out his iPad. He deftly flicked through several screens before handing it over to her.

A shaft of rage lanced her, paired with heavy humiliation as she starred at the footage. It was a recording of her visit to AR, where she’d laid herself bare before Arnav in the conference room.

“He set me up!” she cried in outrage, as bitterness overrode pain.

“Did you really think he wanted a strip tease in his conference room?” NK asked drily.

“What does he want?”

“Replace Payal Gupta on your show.”

“It’s too late, the shoot’s in three hours and we have no backup.”

“With today’s announcement, anything out of Payal’s mouth will only come across as sour grapes. We have procured a replacement guest for you.”


“Anjali Jha.”

Her lips twisted, “And if I refuse?”

“Sheetal, your credibility isn’t exactly built on solid foundations. This video goes viral? You’re done.”

“He wouldn’t,” she protested.

“You think you know Arnav, but you don’t. He doesn’t want to take this route, but fuck with him and he won’t leave you with anything. This is mercy. Don’t push him.”

Sheetal felt the color drain from her cheeks as the reality of NK’s meaning sunk in. She couldn’t afford to take the hit on her reputation, which meant she couldn’t afford to call Arnav on this bluff.

Swallowing back pride, she looked at NK straight in the eye. “I want Anjali and Aman. A pre-wedding exclusive.”

NK nodded, he’d expected such a request. “They’ll be arriving at your studio in an hour.”

“And the video?”

“As long as you keep your word, it doesn’t exist.”


Gupta & Co. Headquarters, New York



“No! I’m not giving that thieving bitch a damn thing,” she screeched vehemently.

Aman Singh Raizada loved women. They were beautiful creatures placed on earth to be charmed and wooed. He was prepared to walk the sacred seven circles and worship one for the rest of his life. Yet, at the moment he was dangerously close to throttling the one before him.

“You gain nothing by taking this stance,” Aman reasoned, frustration ripe in his voice.

“You want me to agree? You’ll have to fight me through the courts. She signed away the rights to those shares years ago.”

“She was coerced into signing away those shares,” Aman corrected, “Payal, out of respect to your father, we’re giving you the chance to walk away quietly. Sign this and we’ll handle the Board on your behalf. I’ll give you a few minutes to think it over.”

“I don’t need to think it over. The answer is no.”

“Then let me clarify, when Arnav gets here, this offer is off the table. I can promise you, his terms will not be nearly so beneficial.”

“That slut deserves nothing!”

“Call her a slut one more time and you’re not going to like what I’ll do,” Arnav’s voice cracked through the room with the sharpness of a whip.

Payal spun around to face six feet of livid male. It added to his raw masculinity, sending a base arousal coursing through her. The cold contempt in his eyes fueled the bitter hatred in her heart towards Khushi. Why her? What was it about her that drew out such fierce protective instincts in men?

Her words were defiantly pronounced as she glowered at him, “You’re mistaken if you think I’ll cower like my weak ex-husband or that spineless brat. She is nothing. I’m the Gupta heiress. Me!”

“Then start acting like it. Shashi was a good man, where the fuck did he go wrong in your upbringing?”

“A good man doesn’t fuck around on his wife!” she snapped.

“There are justifiable exceptions,” Aman muttered.

Feeling cornered and wanting to lash out in all directions, Payal combed trembling fingers through her hair. “I want to meet Khushi. Face to face.”

“Why?” Aman demanded.

“She wants the executive chair she should have the guts to come forth from behind you to claim it herself.”

“She doesn’t want it,” Arnav responded casually.

Payal jerked her head towards the documents on the table. “Then what the hell is that about?”

“What she’s entitled to.”

“That bitch isn’t entitled to shit!” she snapped.

“You’ve been warned. Careful how you take her name, Payal.”

“Or what?” she challenged him.

Arnav’s smile was a cruel slant. “There are many hungry reporters, Payal. Give them a whiff of scandal and they’ll gnaw it down to the bare bones like a hound. I know you’re familiar with the practice.”

“You don’t have anything on me—” Payal began.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t make you bleed where it matters,” he countered, cutting her off without hesitation. “Sign the papers, but this time I’m not paying you a damn cent. Had you treated her right, you could have been equals, but you aren’t even worthy of being her shadow. Khushi will get what belongs to her. You stand in my way Payal, you’ll only incur damage.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits, “Go ahead! I don’t fucking care what they say about me, but damned if my last act as CEO of my father’s company will be signing over my shares to that little slut!”

Arnav nodded in acceptance, “You’ll be hearing from our lawyers.”

“Just remember, hungry hounds don’t care whose hand they bite,” she warned. With that parting shot, Payal spun on her heels and exited the room with deliberate steps.

Aman slanted a glance towards the grim countenance of his brother as he collected the legal documents, “She meant every word.”

Arnav grimaced. “I know.” Fuck.

“I had no idea that much crazy was buried there. What now?”

“I want her on 24 hours surveillance. Let NK know we’ll need him to dig. Deep.”


Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York

“I agree with, Arnav.”

“Robbie! He’s pushing her into a corner.”

Robbie lifted her shoulder in a careless shrug. “So what? After the crap she pulled she deserves a full serving of Indiana retaliation. Since I can’t have that, at least allow me the pleasure of enjoying Arnav Singh Raizada’s cold dish of justice. A different flavor, but I must say your man definitely delivers.”

Khushi groaned in defeat, “You’re not helping! And since when did you start to see eye to eye with Arnav?”

“Since he got his head out of his ass and became total dream man to my girl.” Robbie grinned at Khushi’s shell shocked look. “I admit, it wasn’t easy, but Noah opened my eyes to some truths. Besides, I love how he’s taking your back.”

“So do I, but…. wait, Noah?!”

“Shit! He’s going to kill me.”

Khushi’s eyes brightened, “What’s the K for?”

“Oh no, that I’m taking to my grave.”

“You?! You are keeping a secret?”

Anjali’s sweet laughter broke through them. “Girls, let’s save this conversation once we’re properly dressed. It’s unseemly for me to laugh so much while wearing mere scraps of fabric!”

Khushi turned to Anjali, who was currently poured into a white and gold bikini set that vacillated between class and sex.

They were at the apartment, although the humble space had been transformed into a luxurious fitting room worthy of the most upscale boutique. When they had girl’s night, Anjali had confided about Aman’s honeymoon request. Being Anjali Jha, a shopping excursion that veered into bikinis and lingerie territory would be of high interest to every New York tabloid. A secret smile had stolen across Robbie’s face and she promised she’ll find a suitable alternative.

This morning Khushi and Anjali received calls from an excited Robbie, demanding that they head over– pronto!

Khushi had been stunned as she was dragged through the front door. A set of three-way mirrors anchored both ends of the living room. Their old furniture had been swept away, replaced by ivory chaise lounges and cocktail tables brimming with breakfast. Sinking her feet into lush rugs of pure silver, her eyes swept the walls, where sleek racks of fantasy lingerie and swimwear beckoned.

Robbie’s explanation? Victoria’s Secret Director was a close friend of NK’s, and he assumed NK was making the gesture to impress her. Anjali could safely shop without anyone being the wiser. She’d tossed Khushi a naughty look, adding that both Raizada brothers were aware of this little shopping adventure and that they were “anticipating” the results.

The first half hour had been awkward, particularly for Anjali, who had never bared herself outside the privacy of her own bedroom. Her shyness was quickly shed as Robbie started to share funny anecdotes from her modelling jobs, while casually stripping down. Before long, excited chatter and laughter rung out from the apartment as the women recognized they were truly amongst worthy members of the sisterhood.

“Anjali, you don’t understand,” Khushi informed her with mock seriousness, “Robbie’s favorite word is spill.”

“It is not!” Robbie protested.

Anjali grinned at their banter as she turned to the mirror. She bit down on her lips as heat prickled her face. The top barely covered her breasts, stretching across each slope with sinful daring.

“That bikini is going to send him to his knees,” Robbie declared gleefully, “It’s perfect!”

“You don’t think it’s too… revealing?” she took another dubious look at the swimsuit that was essentially interlocking triangles and strings. She didn’t have Robbie’s defined waist or golden glow. No, she was simply Anjali.

Something on her face must have revealed her inner the turmoil, for Khushi immediately asked if something was wrong.

“No… well.. it’s just…” embarrassment lodged the words in her throat.

“Anjali, it’s just us,” Khushi reminded her softly.

Anjali sat down on the nearby lounge and took a bracing breath. “I’m almost twenty five and well, other than kissing I don’t have any experience.”

“And you’re marrying a man whore in six weeks,” Robbie stated matter-of-factly.


Strangely it made Anjali relax. “I know he dated a lot of woman. This isn’t about that. When I told Aman I didn’t believe in making love outside of marriage, not only was he incredibly understanding, he agreed to wait. He did that for me and I don’t want to disappoint him on our wedding night.”

Robbie nodded thoughtfully, “Ok, since you’re sharing, how long has the guy been abstaining?”

“A year.”

“Damn, color me impressed!” Seeing the anxiety on Anjali, she quickly added, “Sweetheart, trust me on this. As long as you’re you, he’s going to be grateful as hell.”

“Robbie, I don’t’ have your confidence.”

At this Khushi spoke up. “Anjali, before Arnav, my one experience left me cold. Robbie also had her share of bad relationships. All of that made me realize that it isn’t about the mechanics, it’s about choosing the right lover. I think that in this room, there are three very lucky women. Share your fears with Aman. The kind of man he is? He’ll make sure it’s good for both of you.”

Anjali looked to her, “Did you…. with Arnav?”

“The first night I met him. It’s hard to explain, but it just felt like the most natural thing to share with him. And he- ” she flushed.

“Well don’t leave us hanging, spill the rest!” Robbie cried upon Khushi’s hesitation.

Khushi smirked at the outburst and immediately all three broke into laughter. She went over and sat down beside Anjali, “Arnav took away my doubts. All of it. But that only happened because we exposed ourselves to each other.”

Robbie crinkled her nose, “She’s no fun, but she’s right.”

“And I suppose you’re going to spill all that’s happening with NK?”

“The man is made for sex,” Robbie declared, “Although you’re right. Considering we have brothers and manly besties, better not compare notes. I might die from the orgasmic thought.”

Deciding that there was only one way to address her incorrigible friend, she teased, “Is there a reason all your choices of sleepwear are of the black lace variety?”

“What can I do? My guy’s got a fetish.”

Robbie moved towards them, grabbing Anjali’s hand and nudging her towards the mirror, “The minute the modeling career is over, I’m going to eat until I have your figure. You look like a woman and damned gorgeous at that. So, is Aman going to get the opportunity to salivate over this or what?”

Surprise flickered through her eyes at how accurately the other woman had read and understood her. Even close friends from her high school days never looked beyond the carefully projected image of Mohit Jha’s daughter. Genuinely delighting in her current company, Anjali giggled. “It also comes in turquoise and hot pink!”

Khushi smiled as she watched Robbie’s blonde against Anjali’s brunette. She had long considered Robbie a sister and it felt wonderful to add Anjali to this tight circle. Yet, it also made her heart ache for the woman that she did have blood ties with. She knew Payal, knew what she was capable of doing out of spite. It hadn’t mattered before, because then, Khushi had nothing to lose. Now, however, she did.

Arnav would not relent. This she knew. Which left her with only one choice – it was time to reach out to Garima.


Three days later

The years had been kind to Garima Gupta. Other than some grey at the temples, her face still retained the regal beauty of her youth. While many looked upon her unlined features with envy, those who’d experienced life’s zealous embrace viewed the lack of wrinkles and crow feet with pity.

“Thank you for coming,” Khushi said politely, lifting her drink for a fortifying sip. There was only a single table between them in the small bistro off 29th Street, but Garima’s cool demeanor added miles to the distance.

“Would I’ve been allowed a refusal?”

“Yes, but I’m glad you didn’t.” Khushi replied honestly.

“Arnav has become a formidable presence,” Garima noted, “Shashi would be pleased. Although, having his protégé fall for his beloved daughter would have been the bigger coup.”

Khushi was unable to contain her surprise, “He never introduced us.”

“Only because I asked him not to,” Garima’s eyes swept over Khushi, darkening as they took in her glow. She had seen this look of love once. Not in a mirror, but in another woman. The other woman. “I wanted Arnav for Payal, but you proved yourself to be Laramie’s daughter.”

Khushi tucked away the knowledge that her father had wanted Arnav for her. That was something to be examined in private, not before the woman she’d spent her teen years trying to please. Her innumerable efforts had not been met with scorn, but something far worst- indifference.

“All I ever wanted was to love and be loved by you!” she wanted to cry out.

Instead, Khushi drew herself up. “I’m sorry if my existence hurt you. However, I didn’t ask you to come for this. No matter how long we stand and look back, we cannot change the past. The only choice is to look ahead.”

“I’m aware of your reasons. However, I will save you the trouble of asking. The answer is no.”

“Please. I’m not asking for myself. Do it for Payal’s sake.”

A half smile ghosted the older woman’s lips, “Do you know it is your compassion that makes her hate you so much?”

“Then that’s on her.”

Silence marked the moment as they regarded each other.

Garima looked at Khushi carefully, “If I’m to convince Payal, I’ll have a condition.”

“Name it.”

“You won’t like what I’ll ask.”

“Then we will negotiate.”

“If appears being in Arnav’s company has brought out the businesswoman,” Garima commented with amusement.

“Just state your condition,” Khushi replied, already weary from this encounter.

“Leave Arnav.”

Khushi looked down, watching as her hands clenched and unclenched the fabric of her dress. It took her a few moments, but when she finally raised her eyes to Garima, they blazed with green fire. “When I was eighteen, you gave me an ultimatum. I never blamed you, nor regretted my choice.”

Garima strummed her hands over the wooden table as her eyes darted towards the doorway. “Then what is your answer now? Will you leave Arnav in exchange for my cooperation?”


“No?” Genuine surprise colored Garima’s voice.

“If that is your condition, I cannot meet it. In all the years I had to face your contempt and the hatred of your daughter, I learned one lesson well – to protect my happiness. Arnav is my happiness. It is not something you can put a condition on.”

Khushi was abruptly out of her seat and surrounded by steely arms. Arnav’s angry rasp entered her ears before the shock even registered, “You’re damned lucky I like what I just heard, otherwise you’ve earned yourself a spanking for this.”

“Arnav! I-”

“I know,” seeing the strain on her face, his voice softened, “but since I’m here, we do this together. Okay?”

Tension melted from her body, replaced by reassuring warmth. At her nod, he seated both of them, before turning to face Garima.

“You should know better than anyone, I don’t take well to games.” Arnav stated, not bothering to temper his anger.

“Arrogance has led to the downfall of many.”

“So has spite,” he threw back without hesitation.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you?” Arnav’s eyes bored into Garima’s “Khushi is no longer a defenseless girl you can blackmail.”

Khushi watched as her stepmother visibly blanched before she tilted her chin, her tone autocratic and cold, “I always knew you wouldn’t leave things be with Gupta & Co.”

“Had I wanted Gupta & Co., all I ever had to do was ask.”

“You weren’t willing to pay the price.”

“Let’s not pretend any longer, Garima. Shashi’s stipulation may have been marriage to his daughter, but you and I both know, it would have meant marriage to Khushi.”

“I know no such–”

“Yes, you do. Just as you know Shashi found something more important to him than the company he spent his life building. It is the reason why he asked you for a divorce every year since Khushi’s birth.” Arnav gave Khushi’s hand a squeeze, his eyes asking for her trust. Later, they promised her. So she held her silence, even as she reeled from the onslaught of revelations.

Garima’s laughter was brittle. “You’re very through.” she turned to Khushi. “There was no love between Shashi and myself. Our marriage was an exchange of wealth and connections. I upheld my end, but him?! He betrayed me with your mother. He made me a fool!”

“Yes, he did.” Arnav agreed readily, “Whatever his reasons, it was a betrayal. But he’s dead, Garima and the one you’ve been hurting all these years is the one innocent person in this mess.”

“You are just like him,” she accused, “Ruthless. You will force my hand for her, just like he did.”

“If you can’t see the difference, then there’s no point for me to explain.”

“Payal will fight you.”

“Then we meet in court. You are correct about one aspect. I will be ruthless. Do you understand your cost? Every media outlet will cover the trial. New Yorkers enjoy a good show, if your dignity is the price, they will deem it a worthy sacrifice for their entertainment. Or perhaps you wish to have your daughter nurse her hatred behind a cell? That is the reality you’ll be faced with, Garima.”

She seemed to deflate. In that moment, Garima Gupta looked every one of her years. Almost as if the aging process had waited for such a vulnerable moment to claim complete surrender. “If we cooperate with you, what will happen?”

“Payal signs over her shares to Khushi, that is nonnegotiable. You may keep your remaining shares along with an honorary position on the Board. If you choose to sell, AR will pay you market price for them.”

“Why couldn’t you have fallen in love with Payal?” Garima immediately regretted the unguarded question.

Dark eyes leveled on hers solemnly. The image of the fiercely determined young man she met all those years ago in Shashi’s office flickered through Garima’s head.

“Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it does. Speak to Payal.”*

Arnav rose from the seat and folded Khushi into his arms. As he led her out, Khushi was compelled to turn back. For a moment she thought she saw a glint of grief and was sorry for it. But too much had happened, too much pain laid between them, allowing for only one option. She faced forward, putting one foot in front of the other, and let go.


Khushi was still lost in thought when the Aston Martin eased into a stop. Glancing up, she was surprised to see an unobstructed view of Brooklyn Bridge through the car window.

“Where are we?”

“Where I go to think,” Arnav replied simply. “Now come.”

A half dozen steps took them to a wooden bench. Arnav brushed away the lingering frost as he took a seat and pulled Khushi into his lap. The move so natural, it was as if they had done this every night.

She curled into him, taking in their surroundings. Against his steady heartbeat, the distant roar of traffic was somehow muted. Thousands of lights burned a brilliant silhouette of the city above the inky black of the East River, but here only the soft glow of a single lamp post kept the dark at bay. It was the contrast that he came for she realized. A reflection of how he often felt when the veneer of the public figure melted away, leaving only the man.



“What’s going on in that head?”

“I thought you brought me here to think,” she murmured.

“Yeah. Aloud,” Arnav said pointedly.

Her hands inched upward until they touched the silky edge of his hair. “Do you come here often?”

“Only when necessary.”

“How did you find this place?”

He was quiet for a long time. “When sleep refused to come, I would drive. There were nights when I wished I could just drive beyond the reach of the city. Only to realize I had no destination. One of those nights led me here.”

She heard his unspoken loneliness and ached. Wanting to soothe, she cupped his face with gentle hands, dipping her head until their lips brushed. Once. Twice. Endlessly.

“Arnav,” she whispered his name softly.

“What?” he whispered back.

“Do you know why I don’t want to engage in this fight with Payal?”

“You’re too compassionate for your own good,” Arnav muttered as the reason for bringing her here came back to him.

“There is no halo above me, Arnav. There’s hurt, there’s anger, there’s hate.”

“Then why?”

“Because Payal’s life led to Trent and mine led me to you.”

Arnav tightened his hold around her waist, burying his face in the curve of her neck. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Love me. That is all I need from you. Leave Payal her pride, it’s all she has left.”

“Khushi, I hear what you’re saying, but she won’t leave things alone.”

“What can she do to us, Arnav? Tell the world I’m Shashi Gupta’s illegitimate daughter? Those I care about already knows that, what does it matter if others do? Use Trent to get between us? We’ve already put him behind us. As for sabotaging Gupta & Co., I don’t believe she’ll do that. She is also his daughter. If that doesn’t count for anything, then you need to let me fight my own battles.”

“You really don’t care?” he asked her seriously.

“Do you?”

Arnav had long been disenchanted with the word beautiful. There was hollowness to the term so often applied without discernment. But the woman before him, she didn’t just deserve the word, she embodied it.

His fingers tangled into her hair, angling her towards him. The kiss was long, deep. Catching his breath, Arnav pulled back until he could see her face.

“We do this your way on one condition,” he waited until he had her full attention, “Move in with me. We’ll work out your part of the rent with Robbie. With how things are going with NK, I doubt she’ll be there for much longer.”

“Arnav,” she balked.

He’d already seen the hope and pleasure swirl within her greens before fear joined them, “When you said home is within my arms, did you mean it?”

It mattered to him. Even within the shadows, she could feel his intensity. “Every word.”

“Then why would you want to lay yourself to sleep elsewhere?”

“I don’t. I just thought you might want the space.”

“Khushi, how have we fallen asleep every night since I took you to the Jalpari?” he demanded.

She focused on his throat, “Making love.”

“That the action of man who needs space?”


“Are you going to move in with me?”

He could hear her sigh, but her voice held only sweetness as she answered him, “Yes, Arnav.”

“Deal. Now let’s seal it. Kiss me.”

Khushi was laughing as she bent her head. She rained light kisses on his stubborn forehead, down the bridge of his nose, but an inch from his lips she pulled back teasingly, “Now, you kiss me.”

Her heart split open at the brilliance of his smile, “It’ll be my pleasure.”


The Eventi, New York

The banging was loud and incessant. It sounded like it was coming from right outside his hotel room. Fuck it was right outside his hotel room.

Trent threw back the sheets, cursing as he stormed towards the door. He really needed to move, but it felt imprudent to make such permanent decisions at the moment. Life had derailed spectacularly and he had no clear idea how to get it back on track.

“What the hell?!”

To say he was shocked to find his ex-wife on the other side of the door would be an understatement.

“What the hell?!” Trent repeated, startled to smell the alcohol on her. Payal rarely indulged, the loss of control wasn’t worth the small oblivion. Something must have really set her off, something to do with Khushi. Fuck, he didn’t need this.

Payal lurched forward, her arms flew out, grabbing onto him to steady herself. “Trent,” she slurred, “Have a drink with me.”

“I think you’ve had enough. Why the hell are you here, Payal?” he demanded impatiently.

“One drink.”

“Payal, other than waiting for a judge to put the official stamp on it, we’re divorced. I’m done with your bullshit.”

She leaned deeper into him, her arms sliding around his waist. “Please, Trent. There’s no one I can go to.”

“And whose fault is that?” he charged, even as he pulled her into the room. “One drink, then I’m putting you in a cab.”

“Can you lower the lights first? It’s so damn bright in here.”

Cursing, Trent shoved down on the dimmers. “I have gin or scotch.”

“Whatever’s convenient,” Payal replied, hoisting herself unsteadily onto the barstool.

Biting back the retort that she was inconvenient, he grabbed the nearest glasses, sloshing a healthy amount of gin into both. “Bottoms up.”

She didn’t touch the drink, even when he slammed down his empty glass.

“Drink and go home, Payal.”

“I don’t have a home.”

His brows drew together. “What drama are you playing out now?”

“There’s nowhere I can go, Trent. My own mother just told me to sign over my shares to her. To just quietly sign away the company to the bastard who is determined to screw me over for her. And you? You demanded that I sign those divorce papers for her. That’s what my life amounts to. A series of fucking signatures.”

A mixture of pity and exasperation filled him. “You handed me the divorce papers.”

She ignored him. “I wanted you to fight me! I wanted you to give a fuck! But you were only too happy to gain your freedom. They should warn you to check your heart before marriage. But they don’t tell you shit. You cheated. He cheated. All men cheat.”

“Payal. You’re drunk. In the morning, you’re going to regret this conversation.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care! I DON’T CARE!” she screamed.

“What the hell do you want, Payal? Do you even know the answer?”

“I want… I want to make her pay. Yes. I’ll be happy if she pays.”

“Khushi isn’t what’s blocking your happiness.”

“You say that because you love her. You’ve always loved her. Admit. For once in your life Trent Matthews, look at me straight in the eye and admit it!”

On a sigh Trent lifted his eyes, looking straight into Payal’s dark browns, “Yes, I love her.”

“Bastard! I hate you! Rotten bastard! Why? Why?!” Her small hands were clenched into fists as she pummeled weakly against his chest.

“Because she brings out the best in me.”

“Then why did you marry me?”

“Because I couldn’t have her and you’re the Gupta heiress. Is that what you want to hear? Why do you always push Payal? We could’ve had a good marriage, a good life.” Trent moved away from her, running an agitated hand through his hair, “But you never stop pushing!”

“A good marriage? A good life? Who are you lying to? Me or yourself? We had a mockery of a marriage. We existed in a half-life…. just like my parents. Does it kill you that she doesn’t want anything to do with you? But why would she? She has an Arnav Singh Raizada ready to kiss the ground she walks on.”

“Do you hate Khushi or are you jealous of her?”

“Fuck you, Trent! Of course I hate her! She ruined my family!”

“Your father ruined your family, Payal. It was your father who turned to another woman. It was your father who had a child outside of his marriage. The only man you’ve ever allowed yourself to love and he betrayed you. But I guess it’s easier to take it out on Khushi.”

“I loved you!”

“You used me! But knowing my reasons for marrying you, I figured it made us even. Now you need to grow the fuck up, Payal.”

Payal shook her head vehemently as if to clear it. “You’re wrong. It’s her fault.”

“Then tell me, in your head, why is it her fault?”

She stood up and started pacing, letting the years wash over her. It was Khushi’s fault. It was! She just needed to remember why.

“Payal,” Trent prompted.

“When she came to live with us she was always smiling. No matter how Amma treated her, no matter what I said to her she had a smile in place. All day, every day, it was the same smile. Like it was painted on her. I knew it was only for him. I knew it was fake. And I was right. As soon as everyone went to bed, that smile vanished, and then came the tears. Even muffled against her pillow, I could hear her. At first I hated it. It kept me awake, night after night.” Payal stopped and stared blankly beyond Trent.

“After a while I got used to it. It put me to sleep. I couldn’t stand it when she stopped. So I would do things to keep those green eyes flowing. You know what I realized? When she’s happy, it sucked the air out of my lungs. But when she’s sad, I could breathe easily. Only when she cries, can I find my laughter. Only when she’s broken, can I be whole.”

“Jesus fuck, Payal.”

She blinked at him. Trent watched the drunkenness clear as something profound and ugly sunk in, bringing with it fleeting clarity and she whispered, “You hate me don’t you? Of course you do. I ruined your chance with her.”

For the first time since he married her, Trent felt a raw ache for this woman. Her misery had never been more palpable, she’d never been so human. Whatever was between them was long dead, but tonight he could be her friend.

“I don’t hate you,” he replied gruffly, “I just never understood you. Payal, don’t take this the wrong way, but you should listen to your mother.”

Payal saw red. “I knew you would say something to protect that bitch. I knew it!” she hissed, shaking with fury.

“Sit down, shut up and for once in your life listen! This is not a way of winning favor with Khushi. There will never be another man for her outside of Raizada. She’s got him and he won’t shake loose. I had my chance with her. I fucked it up. That door is closed to me. Believe me or not, it’s your choice, but I’m asking for you. Did you listen to yourself Payal? You blame Khushi because you can’t blame your father. You hate her because you can’t hate your father. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life finding crumbs of happiness off another woman?”

“You weren’t there, Trent. You can’t understand. It’s her fault!”

“Payal, it’s because I wasn’t there that I can see this without blinders on. You can’t even think it can you?”

“Think what?” her voice was dipped so low, he could barely hear. Trent moved until he was within touching distance. Taking her hands into his he said as gently as possible. “You don’t hate Khushi, Payal. You hate Shashi Gupta.”

She yanked her hands back as if burned, putting them over her ears, “Shut up! I shouldn’t have come here. I knew you couldn’t be trusted!”

Trent flinched. “You’re right. And it may be years too late, but I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not the man you needed me to be. But in this one thing, I know I’m right. Payal -”

“I want to leave,” she interrupted, coldly.



Trent exhaled a frustrated breath, knowing it would take something beyond him to make her see. “I’ll call you a taxi.”

“No, I’ll be fine.” She moved towards the door, refusing to look at him.

“Payal, let go now and there will still a bend in the road for you. Keep on holding tight, it’ll lead you right off the cliff.”

Silence, then the firm click of the door. She was gone.


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*adapted from Kissing a Fool by Doug Ellin

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    1. And have I told you lately how much I look forward to your comments? Never fails to bring a giant grin 😀

      A smitten mints? *fist pump*

      I couldn’t agree more. While we’ve skirted around this point throughout the story, a sisterly showdown is definitely in order. I think we can promise some explosions…..although how everyone fares after the smoke clears out is very much up in the air 😉

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    Loved it S&K

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    Glad that chap of khushi is closed…. wonder how payal is taking the news..

    Proud of Lavanya…. loved the way she seeked support from Aman and tried to be confident… waiting for a pic of Aman,Arnav n la…
    After Arnavs apology she didn’t mock him, instead hugged him… she does love them a lot in her own way.
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    Now coming to the updates.

    One thing an individual can never get used to is being alone. It is just human psychology to be desirous of a family. To be surrounded by people who make us feel loved and who accept us for who we are. Familial bonds have the power to brave and defeat any complications and hardships that life throws at us.
    I am very happy when Lavanya, a woman wronged both by her blood and the circumstances surrounding her, finally got her merited position in her family.

    Moving over to Sheetal. A perfect example of how a person’s manic drive to wreak vengeance overshadows both prudence and cognition. Arnav in ASR mode always plays his cards right and emerges a winner regardless of the hand dealt. Thus he would certainly hold the ace of trumps to eviscerate his adversary when his Khushi’s dignity and safety was in balance. DUH!!
    Sheetal’s grossly underestimated the Shaatir Dimag !!

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    I hope you give Payal a befitting bitter end. Nobody deserves it more. At least Trent acted out of weakness and Sheetal was delusional but Payal has no excuses.

    Can’t wait to read more. Please do update a.s.a.p. I kinda go crazy when I don’t get my fix timely 😀 😀 😀

    1. Yup! You gals have been so wonderfully patient, it only adds to the ever growing guilt 😀

      In Payal’s mind it all makes sense. I can’t wait for see what you think of it when we finally reveal her thoughts. But for now, I think it’s time to veer into some romance… and more importantly to some – bromance territory 😉

  117. Payal is one stubborn woman..she is not willing to give up and to claim her so called rights she can go to any extent…
    I thought Arnav has everything in control then why the hell is Payal not accepting the facts..I mean he is the major share holder now right?

    P.S:Surprised to see that the blog has been made private,but thanks a lot for the invitation.

      1. Appreciate it. It was a hard decision, but there was a lot of headache yesterday, and we are currently very moody over the abuse of our trust. I don’t like private blogs, so as soon as we find a solution, it’ll be made public again.

        So things will be fairly quiet in the peanut gallery since S and I realize there are only a very small group of people we wanted to invite 😀

          1. Do not underestimate this small group dears!! If we time it right rulama(Rashmi) and I can make it roll.. 🙂

          2. Yes we are small but high energy group…. oh yes… You know how nuclear fission takes place,,, All starts with a nuclei and you have chosen something like U235 and P239… 😉

    1. Arnav is the majority shareholder, however Payal still own shares. As a matter of justice he wants THOSE exact shares to revert back to Khushi, not just the 15% he purchased for her. Our guy likes his pound of flesh 😀

    2. He’s trying to reason with an unreasonable woman… this should be the expected result! 😉

      Of course, we do enjoy your company meera! I doubt we’ll keep it private for long. I’m not nearly as pissed off as I was yesterday, but a few days of shimmering down is good for everyone.

  118. I know closing off the blog must be killing you K, but it makes sense to me. I can’t believe that after all this time, people think they can actually get away with plagiarizing a fanfic. Lazy and in poor taste. Anyway, thank you for not punishing the rest of us. 🙂

    (Mel is still in Canada, she’ll be back this weekend to share thoughts on ‘her’ chapter lol)

    I’ve been waiting for Payal’s part to comment. Trent and Sheetal’s ending was perfect. One never had a backbone to start with and the other is too selfish to make any real sacrifice for her supposed love towards Arnav. She is so insignificant, Arnav doesn’t even bother to show up in person. How perfect is that?

    I agree with mints23’s comment about NK’s delivery style. It’s always so on point!

    The press con was awesome! You made an interesting choice in choosing Lavanya’s point of view. The small (but significant!) support she received from her brothers was so heartwarming. She’s finally where she belongs and I trust that time will allow this bond to blossom fully.

    Back to Payal….I’m rather glad she’s putting up a fight. It’s true to her character, but it does make me wonder why she hates Khushi that deeply. I hope Night 12 will provide an answer to this.

    Now, can we get to the wedding and more importantly the honeymoon? Aman and I are both waiting with baited breath!

    1. My exact thoughts, Holmes. I mean Payal’s hatred runs quite deep.
      Just as you, I too admire her. I mean, single handedly she is willing to take on the AR behemoth. An audacious woman with some serious mettle!!

      This is exactly what I love about FWN. The individual personality traits have never been compromised. From the inception of the tale to the now near completion, not once has any character been tampered with. That and the fact that FWN women are very feisty and resilient. Which makes me want to truly appreciate even the spiteful Payal!! Take a bow S & K.

      1. Priya! Man I totally miss spending time here.
        You like them feisty do ya? … no surprise there. It’s a good thing we like to cook them up that way then 😛

    2. LOL I love how you know it’s K who’s agonizing. It was such an easy decision for me, took less then a second 😀 Well, we always knew it was a possibility, facing it though just made me pissy as hell.

      Focus on thoughts of weddings and honeymoons and we’ll mull on Ms. Gupta’s reason for her angst 😛 But yes, promise you we will indeed address this on the eve of FWN’s final night!

    3. Don’t you think that the father whom you look up to neglects you and thinks of the child of his second family is always taken precedence in his mind though not directly physically is enough of a reason for the green monster to raise its head… Moreover seeing the bitterness between mom and dad is itself enough to side the mother as the child would be more in contact with the mother all day through and her dad may be missing from the house days together to be with his other family… Though it happened for a brief period of time only its impact on the child would be lot more… Khushi would be the reminder for her of all that she lost and her dad sharing his wealth between them would be unbearable… When this could happen between siblings is it strange to happen between step sisters??? Payal would have loved to be the center of attention everywhere… She would have thought she is the heir apparent since childhood… But when the rug would have pulled with Khushi being the benefactor in his Will… will keep quiet??? Won’t Garima look at the benefits for her daughter only when she was in the marriage for the name as well as monetary benefits that came along with status?

      Why has Payal married Trent? Not because she loved him and he was useful in her business but because Khushi loved him and he loved Khushi but he was spineless to stand up for his love… This knowledge had been her power… Her world is I, me, mine, myself… The rest are all peripherals… She is a strong woman… She doesn’t play victim, nor make herself look pitiful but tries to deal with it… Though it is correct or not is another matter altogether… 😉

      1. So, so lucid. It’s like you have delved into Payal’s subconcious and figured out why she is the way she is. We tend to read a story, especially a fairy tale with the prince and the princess being the focus and their HEA being the ultimate culmination. But the same tale when perused from another character’s perspective, especially a gray one, makes you wanna look at the story from a whole new angle. The world indeed is not black or white, is it? We all have gray in us.

      2. This is so well worded rulama! You’ve managed to delve directly into Payal’s psyche and revealed the darkness within. I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment.

        When one’s world is defined by “I, me mine and myself” there is little room for any other consideration. Although, I admit to a grudging respect for how she refuses to compromise on her belief. How many people, particularly women, would dare face off against an revenge seeking Arnav Singh Raizada? It can definitely be counted on one hand!

        If she could only learn to love with the strength of her hate, how different her life would be. I believe that is our duo’s intention. Two sisters, two very different lives carved from personal choices. Payal could have had everything, yet she herself pushed those blessings away. I do hope there will be a moment of realization in her reckoning.

        1. Pyreoftomes…If she could only learn to love with the strength of her hate, how different her life would be.
          This is where Khushi comes in…
          When something bad happens, you have three choices…
          You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you…
          Khushi has chosen the first in the beginning and the last one at the right time… Payal chose the last one thinking that she is strengthening herself by trying to destroy Khushi but was laying the solid base for her own destruction…

          Payal is of thought that she is the puppet master… but in reality it is Khushi… She is twisting Payal around her little finger… Why do I say so?… All Payal’s thoughts are Khushi centric… She is trying to counter every move of Khushi… wants to grab everything Khushi has…. she had made the headway for sometime but sadly it is like hitting her head on to a rock now because her mallet has struck a vein of iron covering called Arnav Singh Raizada along with two others flanking him… She is yet to realize the extent of protective covering though Khushi is quite powerful in her own way… 😉

          1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I loved this exchange ladies! This is why we are so slow to update. You keep feeding us ideas with your wonderful comments!

          2. An excellent way of putting it rulama. I can’t agree more about your analogy of the puppet master. Payal’s obsession with Khushi dictates her life. She has no free will, and sadly, she isn’t even aware of it.

            I can almost see the cliff looming right before her, unless she opens her eyes, it’ll be a deadly drop down to the bottom.

  119. Unlike Sheetal Payal is going to be difficult. Handling her may prove to be a little difficult for Arnav. She too has dirt on his family and would expose her unmindful of her own family or name.

  120. Oh boy! Is she going to be a tough nut to crack or will she dig a hole deeper than she can ever climb up… Payal is one bitter soul… Bitterness… the result of clinging to negative experiences… Has she not heard that it serves her no good and closes all the doors leading towards future… Does she think she has a leverage over Khushi??? Living in fallacy cherished…
    That was a good one S & K…
    Thanks for the invite…

  121. Payal turned out to be what I had guessed and somewhat hoped for, it makes FWN what it is. 🙂 What I am truly hoping to unfold is how will she be finally overturned and by whom? For once, I hope she be dealt with by Khushi and not Arnav. That would be a fitting end. Shazam! 😛

    Sheetal got what she deserved, that is all I will say about her.

    Thank you ladies for continuing to bring us closer to the Finale of FWN despite of running into plagiarism that has taken away so many amazing writers from this fandom. Sigh… Hope you girls are successful at resolving the security issue.

  122. Ab aaya na kahani mein spice. The twisted Payal… I want to see what she has in her mind to ruin her sister. I am sure anything that she plans is only going to bring forth the spark and fire in Khushi. An angry ASR is worth a million bucks… but a livid Khushi is just as entertaining. Payal has reached the state where no logic and sense works for her. Her hatred is so deep-rooted that she cannot think beyond it. I wish she had someone like Aman and NK… who would knock sense into her brain… like Arnav has most of the times. Even though I hate her with vengeance, I also feel sorry for her loneliness. Its not a good place to be when the most important men in your life… your father… your husband… have loved your sister more than you. I do hope everyone finds their peace somehow.

    When I first got your mail about making this blog private… I was like phew! I found you’ll before you’ll became untraceable. I would have hated to have missed out on these wonderful winter nights…. that is how much I love this story!! Will be waiting to see the catfight… as much as the bromance in this story has been interesting… I think a catfight would be just as much fun! 😉

  123. Lovely bonding between the 3gals.. love the way khusi and Robbie made angeli feel comfortable in their pack.. eehhh bikini, lace and sex talk… can’t get any lol…..

    Thanks for the lovely update girls… update soon

  124. Oh boy! 15! *rubbing my hands with glee*
    Thank you…
    You know I loved this update…
    Not because of the bonding between the three but because the way Khushi’s heart went out to Payal…. Knowing that she will be unable to reach out to Payal without disturbing the equilibrium her thought to reach out to Garima is a master stroke to diffuse the anger in Payal which was stoked by Garima herself in the first place… Now that Garima knows that her daughter is not in a win-win position she will not let her develop lose-lose situations… For her in reality… Khushi is the sole anchor and life jacket… whether she accepts it as life line or a gauntlet is up to her…

  125. It feels like I’m back home 🙂 I missed it so much the last few days when I had no access to it and went into depression 🙂 well part of it was also a lot of things happening in my real life too but anyway I’m so happy to be back and I have to catch up on the updates. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hey, Shyamidutt. Life has this uncanny ability to jolt us from our happy place, every now and then. We just gotta embrace life with all its uncertainties. And accepting becomes a lil easier when we have a beautiful Arshi fic acting as a portal to the land of dreams. God bless all the wonderful writers who give us an alternate universe to escape to.

      Welcome back. A big hug from this family. Hope the obstacles are sorted out soon and you once again become the happy bunny you ought to be. 🙂

      1. Aww thank you 🙂 Yes it’s so true and it definitely makes things easier if there is a beautiful Arshi fic like this to make everything better. I am facing the beginning low of the empty nest syndrome:(. Both my daughters have jobs now and moved out to far away places on either end of the east coast. It will take me sometime to adjust and FWN helps so I felt a little lost when it suddenly disappeared but all is well now thanks to S&K :). Thank you so much Priya, a big hug right back to you 🙂

        1. Ahhh you’re pulling at our guilt strings.
          While I can’t relate, I’m glad FWN is serving such a purpose.
          Your daughters are heading towards a beautiful life sweetheart, let’s wave them off with a kiss and many many happy tidings. It is one of the hardest job of a mother yeah? *deep crushing hug*

        2. There are many years to go before my little ones spread their wings and take flight. Yet, I cannot help but be apprehensive of the day when they finally leave the nest. It’s gonna be one bitter-sweet moment. 🙂

          Best wishes to your daughters. May the wings of their dreams take them to many many great heights. 🙂

  126. Well I wonder how fowl payal is going to play…..Arnav should know that payal would go to any extend to destroy kushi……
    It’s wonderful to see kushi n Robbie bond with Anjali. after all they will be soul to the trio…3 musketeers..

  127. After a lot of frustrated attempts at refresh and ‘Request Access’ finally I got in. So thanks SnK for that!
    Oh.. Payal seems tough one to crack!! But whats the fun in a cake-walk for MIBs??? She may not be formidable but Payal seems a tough opponent! “You dont hve any dirt on me” seems too confident.. So Game is ON.. and became more interesting!
    I hope Khushi reaching out to Garima will not reduce the fun quotient!! 😉

    1. I second this. While I’m all for Garima finally making an appearance and provide some insights, I want a Khushi v. Payal moment.
      GAME ON guys!

    2. Ah, but the important thing is you’re in the rabbit hole yes? 😀
      When Payal has her last moments, I shall expect sufficient commentary from you dear Shree!

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    1. I see that’s where everyone’s mind is… we’re going to have to make sure honeymoon is delivered bang on with steam and well… STEAM! =p

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      I think something caught fire at the deadly combo of moonlight, ocean and skinny dipping 😉

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    The price Garima has made Khushi pay time and again shows exactly what a cold bitch she is. She made Khushi surrender her entire inheritance to bury her parents side by side, must have had some influence in ensuring Khushi never found proper jobs and now wants her to give up Arnav knowing very well Payal does not stand a chance with him anyway. All she wants to do is to take away and keep taking away from Khushi everything and everyone that matters to her.

    Garima ensured Shashi did not introduce Khushi and Arnav probably anticipating the outcome. Fat lot of good that did her. Fate had other plans anyway.

    Excuse me whilst I rant about the spineless Shashi Gupta for a while :

    1) He could have willed his own place of burial. That way Khushi need not have been pauperized. He lived with Garima for YEARS. He should have anticipated Garima’s actions after his death. He could have saved Khushi’s inheritance by putting it all in a trust fund.

    2) He didn’t HAVE TO listen to Garima and keep Khushi away from Arnav. He could have introduced them, hell even gotten them married without Garima’s consent. That was HIS daughter. Garima should not have had a say in Khushi’s life.

    3) He could have lived separately from Garima even without a divorce instead of heeding her demands. Granted. He is the one who betrayed his marriage vows but he should have had enough guts to walk out on either relationship.

    I LOVED that Khushi stood her ground this time and that Arnav heard her. (despite the fact that I would love a Arnav “spanking” Khushi scene 😀 😀 😀 ) Absolutely loved that Arnav put Garima firmly in her place. It needed to be said and she needed to hear it.

    “Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does” Even though Arnav was referring to Payal, I think it applies to Garima herself too.

    First the Jalpari and now his private thinking place….Arnav is truly opening himself to Khushi. With Jalpari there was an ulterior motive. He was playing to win her back but this is for real. Loved that they have come so far in their relationship.

    Khushi is truly beautiful inside out. The very fact that she wants to leave Payal her pride speaks volumes. I would have been out for her blood. I really wish Khushi does things Arnav’s way and lets him go for Payal’s jugular ( I am obviously a bloodthirsty hound) BUT I think Khushi’s way will make Payal BURN even if that is not Khushi’s intention. There can be no greater punishment for Payal, knowing that the only reason she is spared is because of Khushi’s compassion.

    Arnav once again proved to be the ultimate consummate businessman – making a deal that Khushi officially moves in with him in exchange for letting her deal with the situation her way. Since she is in his arms every night since Jalpari, looks like that’s a given right???? He just had to make it official!!! His vulnerability peeks through every now and then.

    1. sheelashanu – word of warning, I’m going to weep all over your bell peppers. Yes, yes and hell yes!!! This assessment is so bang on I savored every word. 😀

      There was much nail biting on our end in adding Garima in the mix, but now I’m glad we did. Hopefully, her purpose came across to the others too. As for your rant on Shashi – bravo on hitting the bulls eye with your third point. While he’s in the wrong, he compounded his error by not making a clean break. He gave both Lamarie and Garima a half-life. While it may not have been his intent, his choices ultimately spread the suffering to all the women in his life. Those who loved him most must reconcile with the fact that their idol has feet of clay.

      I so love your reading of Arnav. With Khushi, he NEEDS the words. Telling isn’t it? 😉

      1. Aww. thank you so much 😀 😀 😀

        I am so glad u gals brought Garima into the mix. Even though Payal is in the forefront, it was clear right from the beginning that Garima had a lot to answer for. Payal’s spite is an extension of Garima’s attitude. But then again it’s difficult to blame a woman for her bitterness when she is betrayed by her own husband. My only grouse is that she would have been better off taking it out on Shashi and not Khushi.

        There is still that lonely little boy still lurking in Arnav that Khushi needs to nurture. I am so glad they found each other.

    2. A pat on the back for this brilliant analysis, sheelashanu!!
      Shashi really is a testament to how one man’s serious lapse of judgement and lack of foresight has a domino effect of shattering so many lives across generations. Shashi Gupta, an able businessman and an excellent mentor but a flawed individual in his personal life.

    3. A superb analysis sheelashanu, thank you for sharing it! I think I’m equally addicted to the peanut gallery. The opinions and theories make such a delightful companion to the story itself. 🙂

      The more I learn of Shashi and Garima, the more I actually feel for Payal. She is the product of terrible parenting. A mother who’s vicious and calculating, a father who’s careless and unfaithful.

      I will add to your rant as I too cannot make heads or tails of Shashi. For such a brilliant businessman, he is a complete failure as a man. He may have loved Laramie and Khushi, but they received zero protection from him. In truth, none of these women received anything from him other than a lot of empty promises and guilt money. It is too bad they took it out on each other, instead of the real culprit. This attitude sadly dominates our culture. The woman takes the blame, even when the crime was committed by both.

      1. I love the peanut gallery as much as I love the fanfic. It keeps me (relatively) sane while I m going crazy waiting for an update 😂😂😂. U hit the nail on it’s head. In our culture, it is always the “other” women who are blamed like it is not the man who is breaching his marriage vows n committing adultery. Sigh!!!

        1. Sheelashanu — where do I start with you? Your thoughtful comments have become a point of discussion between S and myself. It encourages us to write a little more and delve a little deeper into the minds of our characters. Thank you for the this beautiful engagement with FWN. Some days I wonder what we are doing here, then I come into the peanut gallery, and the reason stares back at me – bright and brilliant.

          1. Thank YOU both for writing such a beautiful story on Arnav and Khushi. For all of us who truly loved IPKKND and were sorely disappointed at the butchering of the show, its wonderful to read a fanfic that truly does justice. There are probably hundreds of fan fictions out there but you gals really stand out. I have read so many of them as a silent reader. Never have I ever commented. The fact that I am so verbose here goes to show that you both are amazing writers.

      2. Yes! We are in the year 2015 and the struggle for equality is still that – a damn struggle. Until women stop fighting each other, our climb will remain treacherous and rocky.

    4. Sheelashanu… Beautifully analysed….
      Betrayal…Doesn’t only break your heart , but also darkens your soul… You’ll never forget the pain like a fog that forever lingers in the depths of your mind…. This is what happened with Garima and Payal….
      If Laramie lived long I wonder what would have happened??? Would Shashi have severed his ties with Garima thereby jeopardizing his business or stayed away from Laramie giving her a sense of betrayal????

      1. The million dollar question and you asked it rulama! I too wonder how things would be had Laramie lived. I can’t help but think Shashi would have eventually revealed his weakness, leaving a trail of broken hearts.

      2. Even if Laramie had lived, I doubt Shashi would have severed his ties to Garima.He was getting the best of both worlds so why rock the boat?? After all Garima wanted the status and Laramie was content with her half life. However, Khushi’s life may have turned out very differently had Laramie lived.

      3. “Betrayal…Doesn’t only break your heart , but also darkens your soul… You’ll never forget the pain like a fog that forever lingers in the depths of your mind….” Wow!!!! Rulama, that was almost poetic. What a way you have with words. Why aren’t you writing??

        1. They say…. Once the grammar has been learned, writing is simply talking on paper… I am learning the grammar…. As I am a slow learner, it may take me Hamesha… 😉

          1. Or you can simply ignore the grammar as we often do and just indulge in the writing (aka the fun part) 😀

  136. After reading a bit of Garima I now understand why Payal is like this..
    Khusi is truly a gem..she is selfless but my God the way she answered Garima regarding leaving Arnav was bang on..And Arnav really knows Khushi ,no wonder he reached the cafe .

    1. To be fair, Payal is the product of both parents.
      Garima by example and Shashi for breaking her trust at a vulnerable age.

      I was very tempted to toss a glass of water on that woman’s face, but refrained. Barely. 😀

  137. I still can’t make out this garima, and of course payal, shashi’s preference to khushi and laremie did all these things? So much of hatred,
    Good that khushi didn’t compromise, again, and arnav is aware of her thoughts, this will cut down future misunderstandings,
    And finally moving in together, that’s real a big step for them, bravo!!!!

  138. Well well well! After all that bromance through the line of frosty winter nights, it feels good to have the warmth of sisterhood. Robbie and Khushi have been thickest of friends… especially through their struggling times and truthfully it is not easy to add another friend into your circle. But then the eventuality of Khushi, Anjali and Robbie being together was never going to be a surprise, considering how close their partners are. I absolutely loved how you have tapped into Anjali’s insecurities… not as Aman’s fiance… but as a woman lacking knowledge. She does not care for how many women he has been with all these years… what matters to her is her living up to his expectations… In the end it is always about pleasing you man… ain’t it! I loved how Robbie and Khushi tried to boost her confidence and shared their own experiences. It was such a regular scenario between friends, discussing their lives… yet it just added depth to each character.

    Now to the woman… Garima! Sigh! I can only feel sorry for her… because any human being who hasn’t felt the warmth of love… ever… can only be pitied. She is more of a businesswoman than Shashi… because he had his heart in the right place, after all. Only he was too weak to listen to it. Like Khushi had said sometime ago on Jalpari… Larmine should have asked for more from her man. But then Khushi’s mother is just like her… giving and compassionate. Thankfully Arnav’s presence in Khushi’s life has atleast made her a little selfish towards her own happiness. Garima’s own prejudices and behavior have almost ruined her own daughter’s life. The mother-daughter duo still don’t get the fact that “love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist!!” Even though I am glad that Arnav heard Khushi’s words… I wouldn’t mind a peek into the spanking territory back home.

    Loved the entire scene where Arnav takes Khushi to a place where he prefers to think. I know he is still struggling to come to terms with her kindness and generosity. He wants to safeguard her, defend her and fight for everything that she deserves. He wants to give her the world while for Khushi, having Arnav besides her means the world. How far have they come in this wonderful journey. Arnav cannot get enough of making his wonderful little deals… and I am glad for this one, that would mean they would be living in together. I wonder how Robbie is going to react to this one… Lol! Waiting to see a Payal – Khushi faceoff… and the much awaited wedding of Aman and Anjali. 🙂

    1. If it was up to Arnav, he’ll place her in a maximum security tower where only he is allowed to visit. 😉

      Mr. Raizada and his deals are quite a pair aren’t they? But how can we complain when the results are just so delicious? 😀

  139. You know why Arnav agrees to Khushi’s request and has great faith in her being a good businesswoman???
    Its because he loves her no doubt… but she is seeing the situation in the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another… be it Payal or Garima… without giving up her own stand… Aware of how things are perceived by others…. Thats the quality of a good Manager…
    She has a great deal of empathy towards them… It is not because she has much to give but because she knows exactly how it feels to have nothing…
    Her mental set up is such that she cannot come out of the horrid past by wounding Payal or Garima… Her nature doesn’t allow her to wallow in misery and bitterness… She knows if she harbors such thoughts happiness will dock elsewhere and her life would become one turbulent ocean…
    But she is thankful to Payal for leading her to Arnav with her actions…

    Seeing the fear of loneliess lurking in the corner of Arnav’s eyes… Khushi has adopted the Chanakya principle… As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it… She does it effectively showering him with kissesssss… an effective workout, breaching the distance… 😉

    1. Rulama – you can’t see, but I’m pouting. Where were you when we started FWN? Such delightful readings of the characters, such a clear understanding of the explicit and implicit!
      Okay, okay. Enough with the greedy. I will cherish the current company and be grateful to a certain kitten. 😉

  140. the first person i wanna kick after reading this part is the great n stupid sashi…. he is one spineless person and coz of him all the women in his are suffering….
    and Garima has all the correct reasons to hate him and khushi, but as arnav said she shudn’t have treated khushi in that manner…
    I loved the girls shopping time:-))
    wish arnav didnt come on time wen khushi n garima r talking… wud have loved to see him spank her:-))
    love how khushi has the right words to say at the right time…. one line that she got arnav n payal got trent is enuf for arnav to fall for this woman all over….
    but i wud love to see payal n khushi’s conversation…. ofcourse without arnav:-) and waiting for the manwhore aman to drool over anji in her new avtaar

      1. You know… I have been wondering what really made Shashi wander???
        People who ruin their life have a strong tendency to blame others when things go wrong…. You get out of marriage what you put into it… Moreover, People are like oceans…. Some parts are visible, but, you can’t see shallow pools of truth and deep pools of dark mysteries…
        If someone is stupid enough to walk away from you, you need to be smart enough to let them go… though the hardest part of walking away is knowing however slowly you walk they are not going to run after you… Still you need to love yourself more as to not to put up with such indignity… Sadly Garima was lacking in that front and the result was bitter, contorted Payal…
        You might wonder why I am taking up for Shashi… He was not with a string of women but only one other than his legally wedded wife… So there ought be a reason for him to break his vows…

          1. One other thing that has stood out for me was behavior of Arnav Singh Raizada… He who had hatred towards his father for taking another woman in his life and have a kid from that liason, has nothing but reverence towards his mentor though the deeds were the same… So inorder to invoke such loyalty there ought to be a different side to the story that is incomplete at present…. Why is Garima keeping quiet on that front and Payal is not uttering a word against her dad… What was it that is going to unravel??? Payal not Shashi’s daughter??? Usually such bitterness is present when there is knowledge that it cannot last… 🙂

          2. OMG!……… :0 Is that what ASR is going to come up with when he digs into Payal’s past and use it as the trump card to counter her??? If so… as G. Buddha says… three things cannot be hidden for long… The Sun, The Moon and The Truth… 😉

          3. The more I think, the more definite I feel that I have stumbled on the truth…
            See ASR and Payal are in the same boat but ASR hated his father where as Payal doesn’t! ASR did not want to have anything with his step sister whereas Payal wanted to ruin her… When does this happen??? Only when one is on a shaky and sticky wicket… Khushi had never given her any reason to hate her but all the drama were due to Garima and Payal’s insecurity… Payal was hiding her insecurity by being judgemental about Khushi and trying to portray her and her mom as homewreckers… When does someone try to bring you down??? Only when they know that the other person is above them… So it totals to Khushi being the only biological daughter and the actual heir to the Gupta Empire…

          4. Are you kidding? We love it! Although SOMEONE clearly has FWN on the mind 😉
            Read our note at the top of Interlude #3… it will be of much interest to you!

  141. What !! Move In?? wo-hoo.. Party time!! It’s a great leap (of faith) for them both. Now Anji getting married , Khushi moving in what happens to Robbie??? Move in with Noah.. I think it’s high time she left that apartment!
    Update 9 and 10 were as usual awesome! Khushi Garima meet in person was a treat! The dialogues superb.
    While I hate Payal here I can understand her jealousy and hatred. The only problem is she let that hatred consume her whole life. The blame is on both the parents. Payal’s life was collateral damage that Garima caused by hanging onto the dead marriage!!
    Khushi standing up for her own happiness was superb!
    Shrewd businessman Raizada wasted no interest in grabbing the opportunity and asking Khushi to move-in!! Loudest claps and cheers!!
    So now Arnav lets Payal keep the shares?? How will Payal react? Whats Payal’s next move??

    1. So Miss Shree approves eh? 😉
      What will Payal do next has been running in our mind in loops. What she ULTIMATELY does is known to us… the other bits are still murky. However, does Mr. Raizada ever relinquish complete control? 😛

  142. Well thats one good treat awaiting after a tiring weekend for me….
    Garima my dear what did you think that Kushi would bend to your will again…she “LOVES”Arnav …and her legacy jaye baad mai as far as she is concerned she just needs him and with him on her side she needs nothing more..vbad move which she has realized now facing both love birds together she sees it…
    But Payal is a woman scorned and she is bend on revenge i doubt she sees anything byond that i wonder what her next move is even if Kushi n Arnav think what more she can do she is out for it…
    Well they have really started in backwards pehle Suhag Raath now move in together next i am sure is all the rasms n marriage …;-) waiting waiting!!!!

    1. Ah ha! Once more you are the first to see through our puzzle Mayuri! FWN is the ultimate tribute to A & K’s backwards marriage! 😀

  143. A part with just Khushi and Arnav was a pleasure to read and I savored it like a favorite dessert 🙂 but then the next part was like a bitter pill. I actually pity Payal, it’s both Garimas and Shashi’s fault in equal measure but I think for Payal it was easier to hate the other kid, than own upto a set of defective parents. I hope she doesn’t do something crazy that would ultimately end up destroying herself.

    1. As much as I love writing on Arshi, the curious writer can’t resist exploring the other inhabitants of our world. You gals are so indulgent, we thank you for it. However, we won’t leave you so parch in the upcoming rounds 😉

  144. This update was brilliant guys! If this is what the peanut gallery can inspire, I’m determined to keep the source at a free flow 🙂

    I’ve been eager to have a deeper peek into Payal, and this delivered beyond my expectations. The dialogue was so compelling, I felt I was in that hotel room with them.

    I thought we were done with Trent, but you are forgiven for bringing him back. Because, finally we are given a glimpse of the man who initially attracted Khushi. In all the Nights, I kept wondering what she ever saw in him. I finally see it here.

    A young girl facing so much pain at home, what would she be in search of? Someone who listens well would be my bet. Too bad for Trent, he allowed himself to be blinded by easy money. Six years down the line, he’s left with nothing.

    I felt literal chills reading these lines –

    “After a while I got … used to it. It put me to sleep. I couldn’t stand it when she stopped. So I would do things to keep those green eyes flowing. You know what I realized? When she’s happy, it sucked the air out of my lungs. But when she’s sad, I could breathe easily. Only when she cries, can I find my laughter. Only when she’s broken, can I be whole.”

    Payal’s mind is a very complex labyrinth, but at the core of the maze is simply a disillusioned young girl. She’s still that child, struggling to accept what was forced upon her. Some children adapt and move on, the less fortunate sink into the black. Shame on Shashi for failing to see this. And shame on Garima for ignoring what she sees.

    A standing ovation to you both!

    ….If you’re not going to indulge the spanking fantasies, the giving of the flower better be off the charts!

    1. I blow you a kiss and then run in for a tight squeeze. Who but our dear Pyre keep the blaze burning so bright? Journeys are all about the great company you have, and this one as been absolutely glorious because of you dear friend.

      That is an apt way of viewing Payal. I see her as someone stuck in a limbo of past and future. So focused on both, she forgets that life is literally passing her by. Our two sisters began their journey at the same fork in the road. Whereas Khushi chose the path of acceptance and forgiveness, Payal is spiraling towards self destruction. The significance is that they both had the choice!

      You too with the spanking? lol
      It’s food for thought. You never know with Mr. Raizada 😉

  145. I feel sorry for Payal, The main reason for Payal’s behavior is fault of Shashi and Garima. She is the product of loveless married couple. Shashi should have taken a stand and left Garima if he loved Lamarie, and he is also responsible for Khushi’s current situation. If he wanted Arnav to marry Khushi then he should have gone ahead and introduced them, why did he listen to Garima and didn’t go forward.
    Loved the Anjali, Khushi and Robbie’s shopping spree, awaiting to see the scene between Aman and Anjali.
    Khushi is moving in with Arnav, hope to see more Romantic moments between them in their Apartment

    1. Have we deprive you gals of the romance? 😀
      No worries, there will be a healthy serving of the hot stuff in our next

  146. Many a time you learn from bad experience… By coping you become stronger. The pain does not vanish but you learn how to manage it… This was how Khushi survived… yet seeing her survive without anything Payal is disturbed !

    As Dalai Lama says…. When you think everything is someone else’s fault you will suffer a lot… When you think everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy…Pride leads to violence and evil. The truly good gaze upon everything with love and understanding.. Thats Payal and Khushi…
    How very different path both have tread being in the same situation… One with backing like a wall and the other backed to the wall… As in Pope John Paul words… It’s better to cry than be angry, because anger hurts others while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanse the heart… By holding on to anger Payal had held on to the burning coal stoked intermittently by jealous bouts with the intention of throwing it on Khushi… but she was the one who got burnt…. Now Karma has come to slap on her face with even Trent washing his hands off her… Before that he has shown her the mirror…

    Right now, what has afflicted Payal is loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted… thats the gravest of the poverty… Though she was lording over she has been shot down to size…

  147. I am also pleased like Arnav after listening to Khushi’s reply to Garima. I’m glad that she isn’t behaving like the sacrificial lamb she has always been earlier. It makes me extremely happy that she is ready to take a stand for her happiness and won’t bow down anymore.
    Garima and Payal both are blaming the wrong person for their misery and betrayal they felt. I don’t know if they will ever understand the simple fact that Khushi is not responsible for anything.
    Girls bonding was nice to read…

  148. With Sheetal and Trent blissfully out of the way it leaves only Payal who is proving to be a mild roadblock in A&K’s road to happily ever after. But for not too long. She seems to be well on her way out of their lives for all intents and purposes. But I am actually glad that she was better than that moronic Sheetal and her jellyfish of a husband- spineless, brainless and easily see-through.
    Though to be honest I feel pity for her. On some level her hatred for Khushi is understandable albeit misguided. She never knew true love at all. She only had her parent’s marriage as an example which was more of a business transaction than a true marital bond. Saw her own father going astray and her home breaking down due to the betrayal. And then experienced that adultery first- hand with her husband going after the daughter of the same same woman who according to her ruined her life. With a sly, calculating mother and a negligent father- no wonder she has the warmth of an iceberg. But unlike her Khushi has finally understood the art of moving on and letting go. They both are defined by unfortunate incidents and the mistakes of their parents, the choices that they made have shaped their lives. Nothing kills more the person who hates you than your happiness. And surely nothing would kill Payal more than seeing Khushi content and happy beside Arnav after she did everything in her power to make her life hell and that the scraps of pride that she would be left with is because Khushi is Laramie’s daughter and thus bigger and better.

    I wish she would listen to her ex-husband- who is perhaps for once in his life not being a dishonest, selfish wimp and is actually right- and let go. She would be much happier when she finally stops obstinately clinging to her hate and animosity.

    Would it be too early to say,’and then there were none?’ Because I say it’s time for some fluff girls!

    1. Paper cuts are mild, but they still sting like a bitch 😛
      You have such a solid gasp of the inner workings of our characters eternalallure, I do wish you would indulge us more often. Yeah, yeah, greedy me 😀

      I think memories of those growing years are such an intimate part of us that leaving them behind becomes the singular herculean task of adulthood. We know it’s for the best, but it’s one hell of an endeavor.

      And then there were none? A strong possibility… just not quite yet.
      Fluff and other stuff, however, will be part of the next course! 😉

  149. So much hatred, so much anger, so much hurt and pain of being cheated on… A daughter who felt cheated by her father… for having a daughter off another woman… for giving the other girl more importance… for possibly loving her more. Even though I despise Payal and her attitude… I have always mentioned how it is sad to be in her place. Possibly she was a girl, craving for love from all the wrong people. Her parents only managed to add fuel to the fire of her hatred and jealousy towards Khushi. For once we get a glimpse of the Trent that seems like a guy one could be attracted to. Some ounce of humanity and kindness. While he tried to put some sense into a completely crazy Payal’s tiny brain… I feel bad for what her life has led her to. It will only shatter her. The only person I feel, who has been thinking about Payal’s betterment… and has truly tried to keep her away from her ruin… is Khushi… the one person Payal hates and wants to ruin. What an irony! I am still hoping to see the two step-sisters in conversation… maybe finally Payal can find a end to all this madness and Khushi can enjoy moving in with Arnav! 😉

    1. Sisterly face-off is in the cards. Just need a few more steps to get it there. 🙂
      Now just imagine had our sisters in question been Robbie and Payal! Would we have a Shakespearen tragedy or a Dante comedy on our hands? 😉

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        1. Hahaha indeed. With Robbie girl it would’ve been over before it began.
          A muak! for that. But hold off on such a compliment, so many stories tank in the final stretch! If I was a smoker I’ll be going through a pack a day. lol As it is, my nails are getting ugly trims 😛

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    As what am get from Payal situation is that she hates her father but she love him at the same time if you get what I mean …so instead she takes it out on his most price possession Khusi blaming her for ruin her “Happy Family” which never exist in the first place..

    But seriously the hatred Payal has for khusi I think if she got a chance to kill her she would.. just say *side eyes*

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    I guess I can say that Trent has finally got some sense in that brain of his lol that khusi is no longer his to have and I like how he handle Payal situation even though she didn’t like what he was saying but still he tried .. respect due sigh .. really hope Payal wont do anything silly because she will have the raging lion to answer to hehehehe..

    Nice one gals keep em coming.. eagerly waiting 😀

    1. Hahaha… I’ll admit we did consider the scenario, but that would’ve taken FWN into some crazy territory. I think it’s best we stick to the romance and comedy and leave the dramatic thriller to more talented hands.

      Arnav the Lionhearted? 😀

      1. “Arnav the Lionhearted”
        Brave, Determine, Fearless etc hehehehehehee.. and your right SM16 that scenario would take FWN to another leave, so am OK with the lovey dovey stuff 😀

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      Plenty of room on this bandwagon, so hop in! They have come a long way haven’t they?

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    1. But it is this trial by fire that test the strength of our bond. Those who brave it are richly rewarded are they not? 🙂

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    “I wanted you to fight me! I wanted you to give a fuck!” is reminiscent of what she told him earlier. She wanted him to refuse to seduce Khushi but he didn’t. She wanted him to fight to save their marriage but he didn’t. That self serving bastard even perjured himself stating he committed adultery with Khushi in order to obtain a divorce from Payal. That’s how far he was willing to go to gain his freedom from Payal and she knows it. That’s got to hurt.

    Payal laying the blame on the divorce which SHE asked for on Trent and insisting he cheated (which technically he didn’t since they weren’t married then) which again was at her own behest goes to show how skewered her brains are.
    She sees things they way she wants to. Reality and facts be damned.

    “I’ll be happy if she pays”- No darling you won’t!!!. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. Khushi has been “paying” for years and it still hasn’t made Payal happy. That should have given her a clue that it’s not Khushi who is responsible for her happiness or unhappiness.

    Trent hits the nail right on its head when he says that Shashi is the only man Payal truly loved and HE betrayed her and ruined her family. Payal hates Khushi because she can’t even think it’s her father’s fault. It’s just easier to blame someone else.

    A father is always a girl’s HERO right. No matter how bad a husband he is to his wife or how bad a father he is to the child.

    This one’s on Garima. Garima blamed the other woman not her husband and Payal takes a page of her book and blames Khushi not Shashi.

    Payal’s “I loved you” is very telling. I think she truly did. She kept testing his love and he kept failing (at least in her eyes). She could have seen it from a different angle. He betrayed the girl he loved for Payal (before he married her years later for her money). He must have loved her enough at some point of time. Her pushing has basically driven him into pulling away.

    “Only when she cries, can I find my laughter. Only when she’s broken, can I be whole.” : Anyone who needs someone else’s misery to be happy seriously requires PSYCHIATRICT HELP!!!!!

    I feel pity for Payal but she is the architect of her own life. She is no longer a kid. She is old enough to be able to take stock of her life and see things for what they truly are. But the fact that she refuses to even listen to Trent shows she is in deep denial. I won’t be surprised if she becomes completely bonkers and ends up in a mental asylum 😀

    1. Originally we had planned a bigger role for Trent and a smaller one for Aman. Somewhere along the way the bromance grew beyond our boundaries and well…you know what happened after that. 😀

      However, it felt necessary to show the glimpse of Trent that Khushi briefly fell for. Had he been this man all the way through, he could’ve had the beauty of Khushi in his life. Sucks for Trent and lucky for Arnav, this wasn’t the case.

      I wouldn’t rule out a padded room… although a good spanking has been known to do the trick 😉

      1. You can’t keep teasing us with the “spanking” and not deliver!!! Did you notice how many comments there was on the spanking that didn’t happen?

        I am so GLAD you eventually ended up having a bigger role for Aman. He together with NK are so essential to this story. The bromance is as good as the romance (sometimes even better).

        It was good to get this glimpse of Trent. Goes to show he is a good man, only too weak. But everything happens for a reason right? Khushi probably wouldn’t realise the depth of Arnav’s love if she hadn’t had her history with Trent.

        1. How can we not? Such blatant naughtiness lol
          Well…. it is not the same vein, but I do think you’ll like the start of Interlude 3 😉

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        1. Priya… Could you go through the previous page of comments and get to Anamika’s post and tell me what you think of what I have written over there??? 😉

          1. Have already read your thoughts. Am gonna post my comment in a short while. You know, a while back I had read a paranormal fiction. Similar finale. The protagonist who was the illegitimate successor from the very beginning, was in fact the only true heir, whereas the uncle who had claimed to be the real descendent came from a completely different paternity.
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    But for Payal since she could not do much she turned all her haterd to thats some damaged woman you have there ..she is not ready to see it beyond her view..even when Trent tried his best to make her understand…..she looks broken beyond repair..that means she is ready to do anything ..go to any extend to feed of her anger and hate towards Kushi because of whom she stands to loose what she had left ..her pride ..her Gupta heritage…

    And i could see the younger Trent in love with Kushi but not blinded by it and going after what he thot was his better prospect a marriage to the beautiful and precious gupta heiress..he did get short-changed not that he realized in until too late.

    1. I believe humans are made up of good and bad. That mixture is swirled about in various ways until we make decisions that amplifies one or the other. It is unfortunate for Payal that her current situation was brought about by her own hands. Sometimes it is so much easier to blame others, then to look in the mirror and realize the true culprit.

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    And of course the Khushi I fell for. A woman wronged in so many ways and by people who were her own. The little girl who lost her mother, the only real family she had ever known. A spineless father who denied her the right to a legitimate existence. A step mother and a half sister who despised her to the core. A pathetic excuse of a boyfriend who charmed his way into her teenage heart, only to shatter it brutally and left her to collect the pieces.
    Even though shrouded by negativity all her life, this woman has never lost her essence. She is humble without being submissive, selfless but certainly not cowardly. In spite of herself being grossly mistreated, she recognises where Payal and Garima come from. But she is not willing to be the sacrificial lamb.

    You know, the more I read about Payal, the more I feel sorry for her. She epitomises the quote by J.K.Rowling. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
    What a telling dialogue between Payal and Trent. Every word she uttered rummaged through her psyche and revealed her raw pain and vulnerability. And if Garima’s silence is indeed due to what Rulama has so perceptively pointed out, Payal is going to be destroyed. I mean, all her life she has hated Khushi for being the illegitimate who eclipsed her own legitimate happiness. Payal’s only saving grace being the Gupta bloodline and if this very solid fact becomes dubious, her already sore wounds are going to blow wide open. Right now she is treading very shaky grounds, isn’t she?

    1. What I meant is Payal already knows that Khushi is the lawful heiress but born out of wedlock offspring of Shashi… Payal had Shashi’s name attached to her but might not have been his biological daughter… Payal and Garima know that they are on shaky grounds and hence battering of Khushi who is oblivious to this… When you know you have no legal claim, attack is the best approach to keep the person away from the truth… That is why so much bitterness in Payal and her attempts to bury Khushi at each and every step… So far the fate was with them….Now with ASR’s backing equations have changed and Garima knows she has no chance… The truth will prevail however much they try to hide it…Maybe the entire Gupta Industries will come under Khushi and Payal will be left with nothing! Thats why wise counsel has prevailed and her advice to Payal to sign in favor of Khushi…

      1. Oh, so you are saying, Payal and Garima are in this together. You may be absolutely right. Somehow Garima conceding gave me the impression that she holds the whole truth about Payal’s paternity while Payal herself is in the dark.
        But honestly, theorising and analysing is really not my thing. Lol. I am almost always wrong. :-D. I suck at it!!

        1. My contention is Payal does seem to know and she had stumbled upon it long back… Maybe when Shashi was asking for a divorce… Overheard or eavesdropped… He would have accepted Payal… That is why Payal does not speak a word against him but targets Khushi who has the sole claim for him by birth… 🙂

          1. With this line of thought, legitimacy and illegitimacy takes up a new meaning… 😉
            One who is thought to be legimate hates the illegitimate yet she is the illegitimate having the facade of a legitimate…
            One who is thought to be illegitimate is the legitimate heiress yet has never been acknowledged because of the one who is thought to be legitimate but actually illegitimate… So who is really legitimately illegimate! 😉

          2. Should I hand over my detective badge? 🙂 Loved reading your theories about Payal, Rulama! I happen to agree 100%. Payal’s attitude suggest a deeper knowledge of being an unwanted child. I believe our duo has turned the dynamics of IPK on it’s head. Instead of Khushi being the orphan, it’s Payal!

          3. Are you kidding? I say we need to produce a new badge for rulama, but that one is staying firmly over your heart. Who else understand the working of these two brains better than you? 😀

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      Our Khushi has grown has she not?
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    as an innocent child she might have felt bad wen khushi was crying in the nights n pretending to be happy in the morning… and as payal lov sashi so much she cudnt think of him to be wrong in any way and she has convinced herself that khushi indeed needed to be punished. wonder why both payal n khushi like sashi so much.. and wonder why arnav respects him that much.
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    1. A (super belated) warm welcome to FWN Hail! We are glad to have you with us, and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts! ^^

    2. Dammit, I’m worse. A big welcome to the FWN family and the crazy peanut gallery Hail! Bet you had no idea what you signed up for 😀

  175. First, thanks for letting me in again… every time I looked for the chapter after 6/12 of 11, i was out!

    Anyway, coming to this chapter, I loved how Anjali was showing how ‘slightly’ insecure she was feeling regarding her first night. And, finally, NK’s first name comes out.

    At first I thought her meeting with Garima was a set-up, when Arnav turned up, but he was only there to protect her too.

    Payal really doesn’t have anybody right now, and hopefully she doesn’t take Trent’s words literally and jumps off a cliff.. though she might be doing everyone a favour.

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    First of all – I am so sorry for the late response. It seems like I am the only one who reads chapters in one go and I seem to be missing out on all of the speculation in between!

    Going forth I shall certainly try to read and comment as you update, but please don’t hold me to this statement- my instincts to read in one go usually win out and what a wait it was!

    The theme that I am selecting for this update is; Closure

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    “My building, my office, my couch, my woman”

    I’ve never been one for caveman adulation but damn it ladies, your Arnav makes me simultaneously blush and melt like a hopeless schoolgirl battling her first crush, he truly does.
    But the closure of him knowing that Khushi is his in every single way, really highlights the journey this lonely man has endured in these long and lonely winter nights. And his trust and love is highlighted so beautifully throughout this chapter with every utterance of support he lends Khushi whether it is in his physical presence, reassuring words or single glances.

    The scene between the couple and Trent was wonderfully handled. The man’s sheer desperateness echoed with every single word he uttered and honestly I didn’t know whether I should laugh at his sheer nativity or wince at his loss. As a character Trent has fascinated me on many levels and even though I have gone through various explanations of what I think of him, I am reverting back to my original thoughts; he is a good man trapped by bad decisions. It is a shame but he is also reflective of many people in life. His mistake was grave and the punishment truly befits the crime. He lost his happiness in every which way because his need for material wealth overruled his personal and most important wealth of happiness. His final realisation of this was his final closure on something which he had lived with and regretted for so long.

    I also felt that Khushi and Arnav experienced the absolute perfect closure regarding Shashi’s legacy. It was by no means an easy wrong to right, but Arnav’s relentless pursuit in doing right by Khushi goes a long way in showing not only the true man that he is, but also his mettle and need to bring all the deserved happiness to the feet of the woman who defines his existence, his own happiness. That all she needs is his love is a moot point in the face of Arnav’s determination, but isn’t that why we all love him so? His instinctive protectiveness of his happiness and everything which does and should define her, has always been the most endearing quality in my eyes of your Arnav.

    “As adults, one of the first things we learn is how to defend our vulnerabilities. It’s necessary, but it locks us in as much as it keeps others out,” she snuggled into him, “Thank you for letting me in.”

    The sheer poignancy of this statement is utterly beautiful. As children we are so naively trusting of the world around us and age and experience truly makes us cynical of all this world promises to offer. To find someone who genuinely cares, who you can wholeheartedly trust, is a priceless gift. Your Arnav and Khushi know and understand this better than most; they embody it better than most. They simply LIVE it better than most.

    Lavanya’s closure in all of this – in finally being accepted as a worthy family member and not the dirty little secret was so delicately and perfectly handled. Again it was Arnav’s strength countered with his soft eyes for Khushi that stole my heart. Your Arnav’s unfailing need to always do the right thing by his family earns him great brownie points with me, as it’s a sentiment I can empathise with entirely. It is not always the easy route, or one that is often acknowledged for its difficulties and trials. But for those rare moments in seeing in another’s eyes the unbridled love and affection for your every effort is one which makes it all worth it.

    Although it’s not a firm closure – the three heroes of this story working to protect their women, and primarily Khushi was a collection of scenes I both loved and frowned at. There is more to come with all of this – particularly with Payal, and it will not be pretty, it never could be. But one cannot help but think that she is getting what she deserves and also feeling sorry for the pathetic state of her affairs. If she had only learnt to appreciate everything she had to treasure, she could have been a happy woman in every facet of her life. Working to systematically destroy Khushi’s life has only brought about the destruction of hers. Karma is a bitch, and the heroes are relentless. What a bloody mess!

    Khushi’s interaction with Garima was a perfectly showcased journey of her life. Her need for acceptance in Garima’s eyes, to the eventual unwavering love of Arnav who is faultlessly by her side – wonderfully shown ladies, truly. It both broke and mended my heart to see Khushi trying so hard with Garima, but her strength and belief in her love made me wish to scream hallelujah! That she finally realises that her happiness is a priority too, is a selfish lesson so necessary in life. If you don’t look out for you happiness others won’t either. Not unless we are all destined to find our own personal handsomely possessive tycoon’s on the streets of NYC!

    It was a brilliantly handled closure though for Khushi to acknowledge and understand that her past is honestly just that now – her past. She should not let the poison bleed into her future, as with Arnav by her side she is destined for much, much bigger things.

    And that was in essence the update for me, a closure upon the details that could have prized them apart yet only served to bring them closer. Very selfishly, I loved the fact that this update was about them and them alone. Everything you addressed was directly linked to their happiness, figuratively and literally – what a long way that lonely young woman has come who was once starved to the bone now alive with the vitality of faith and love

    Beautifully written ladies – and please do excuse me if my ramblings make little to no sense :/

    1. Wow manreet, wow! This is the very reason why I’m stalking the peanut gallery. What a joy to be able to read such beautiful commentary as this. I love the themes you come up, and I bet our duo does too.

      You’re not alone on the caveman, I stand firmly with you there. However, life is all about exceptions to the rule isn’t it? Ha, ha.

      If only there was a handsomely possessive tycoon’s on the streets of NYC to be had! I’ll be on the next plane out. Married woman or not! 😀

      1. thank you so much Pyre 🙂

        Honestly – it becomes such a challenge to not read what’s written in either the chapter or the peanut gallery. Particularly the latter as it is amazing how many themes and nuances are interpreted from S and K’s words. Hats off ladies its quite the feat 🙂

        And thanks again Pyre for indulging me and my ramblings xxx

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