Night #12

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3 days later

Bronx, New York

Payal sat at the edge of the chesterfield, one leg crossed over the other, her back ramrod straight. The posture had been conditioned into her since an early age, Garima’s strident voice hissing in her ears, “Sit up straight Payal and show them your breeding. No daughter of mine will embarrass me in front of others!”

Breeding, like a pedigree dog.

“I’ve signed the shares over to Khushi. I just came by to tell you I’m leaving.”

Garima’s expression was filled with derision, “Well this is an about face. Running away?”

Payal’s fists balled at her sides. “Do you know why I chose to stay at the hospital for my recovery? Because I didn’t have a home to do it in. And during those weeks there was nothing for me to do but think. Do you know what I realized? I have nothing. Nothing. No man to hold my hand, no family by my side, no friends to yell at me for being stupid. It was just me, loud thoughts and ugly truths.”

“Really, Payal, I’ve explained to you why I was delayed. There’s no need for the attitude.”

The tone was cool, condescending. She hated that tone. Payal’s mouth twisted bitterly, “I’m never going to be good enough for you, am I?”*

Garima sniffed, “You’ve always been too common Payal.”

“What I am, Amma, is a result of your upbringing.”

“Don’t pin your failures on me,” the older woman snapped.

“You’re right. It’s my own fault for allowing myself to be your pawn. Against Shashi, against Khushi.”

“You are nothing without me.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. I’m going to find out. And I’ll do it the fuck away from you.”

“Did hitting your head damage your memory? I didn’t force you to do anything.”

Payal laughed, the sound as hollowed as she felt. “No, you just manipulated a child to do your dirty work, but what do you know about being a mother?”

Garima paled as the barb hit home. “Get out of my house you ungrateful bitch. Just remember that it was me who took you in when no one wanted you.” Her eyes iced over, “Not even the woman who birthed you.”

The knot in her chest grew, threatening to choke off air. She stared at the woman she’d called ‘Amma’ all her life. The one who’d taken her in when her no one else had wanted her, then proceeded to direct every breath she took from that moment forward. To be fitting in Garima’s eyes required subjugating all individuality, and she had finally realized, all humanity.

She’d tried. God knows she’d tried. And she had nothing to show for it, but an empty life.

Payal stood up slowly, allowing her eyes to drift across the room, touching upon the lavish furniture, the prized artworks above them, the hand-tufted Windsor rug, the marbled floors that never saw a speck of dust. Luxury at its finest, and yet, the flawless walls had never housed a day of happiness.

She stared at Garima dead in the eye as years of suppressed resentment spilled forth, “You’re a snob and a cold bitch. Do you know what my biggest fear is? Looking into the mirror and seeing you. Before that becomes an unalterable reality, I’m going to go. As far away as I possibly can, from you.”

Garima reared back as if she’d been slapped. “Then go! Just know that once you walk away, you won’t be getting a dime from me.”

“I promise you, I won’t ever come begging. Goodbye, Garima.”

She pivoted and headed for the wide double entrance, her heels beating a steady staccato against the floor. It ended abruptly as she passed the threshold, leaving behind a lone woman and an empty shell of a house.


Hours after Payal left, Garima remained immobile on the sofa. Her bones weighed down by the ugliness. Why did it always spiral to spiteful words with Payal? A heavy silence answered her.

When the last ray of sunlight flickered out, she stood, making her way to the bedroom in the dark. She sat down before the vanity she’d been given as part of her wedding trousseau. Wrinkled hands reached for the far left shelf. Touching the gold knob, she paused. Her mother had been right. Cosmetics and good skin care masked the face, but the hands will always reveal a woman’s age.

Slowly, she pulled at the knob. Nestled within the lacquer was a single envelope, faded by the years. Her finger smoothed over the crinkled edges. It had been a very long time since she’d read its contents.


Time is a funny thing. You always think you have plenty of it, until mortality rears its head and you find yourself running against the final grains. The reaper is coming for me, Arnav. I welcome his visit, for he will take me to my Laramie. I have been dreaming of her lately. Beautiful dreams. Before he comes, I need, no I must, pen down these thoughts.

I leave this life willingly, save one worry. My daughter, my happiness, my Khushi. The daughter I never publicly acknowledged, could not acknowledge, because I was weak.

Never take the easy road, Arnav, because once you do, you’ll find yourself taking it again and again.

You are the son I always wished for. Knew it the day you entered my life. Many others came before you, fancy laptops in their smooth palms, the promise of the moon on their lips. Saw right through those eyes that reflected only greed. I’ll never forget the day you walked into Gupta &Co., sans appointment, four sheets of paper in your hands, the burning determination in your eyes spitting at anyone who cared to look.

Wanted you for my girl. Always have. Signing the documents that puts Shantivan into your hands tonight is bittersweet. When I lost my Laramie, I wanted it to be a wedding gift to you someday. The only man I could entrust with my life’s most precious cargo.

You must wonder why I never introduced her to you. While I’m willing to bet my fortune that Khushi will touch your heart, I cannot risk hers. When my love died in my arms, our unborn son still in her belly, she asked one thing of me- to never allow Khushi to become a Garima.

I had a mentor Arnav, owed my success to him. When he told me he wanted me as his son-in-law I was flattered. Took the easy road and that’s where life went wrong. 31 months. Had I waited 31 months, I could’ve had her freely, could’ve had everything. Instead, I lived in hell.

Knowing you, you will find out about Laramie and I’m sure it will echo unpleasantly of your past. If nothing else, I ask that you do not judge me too harshly. Not all men can brave trial by fire and I failed mine.

I tried loving my wife. Gave as much of myself as I could . A man and a woman coming together is like two halves of a circle, but there are gaps between the edges. Children. Children completes the circle, cementing the bonds of love and lust. Someday, I hope you will experience this joy, for I cannot imagine more worthy a man. Perhaps then you will fathom the full scope of this confession.

My heart burns something fierce to think of the trials my Khushi will soon face. I’m afraid my sins will take its due on this beautiful child. But she is strong, Arnav, stronger than I. With a purity that shines from deep within. She is her mother’s daughter and I’m thankful for it.

Look over her for me. In any capacity you are able to extend. As I lay myself down to this eternal rest, peace will only be delivered in knowing I leave her with a protector.

I love you, son. And I pray that one day you will read this with a good woman by your side, one who will show you that there are bigger rewards than contracts and deals. That between the black and white, there are not only gray, but a vibrant range of colors.

Wait for her, Arnav. I promise you, she will be worth the wait. And when she comes, give yourself over to the warm embrace that will teach you the true meaning of life.

Shashi Gupta

She carefully refolded the letter, returning it to the drawer.

Garima raised her eyes to the mirror.

You’ve won, Shashi. You’ve won.


2 weeks later

Fifth Ave, New York

She missed him. With Aman away on a month long honeymoon, Arnav and NK had to make up the difference. He’d left four days ago for the week long conference in Los Angeles, leaving her satiated in their bed with the command of ‘miss me’.

Impossible man, as if she had a choice.

At least her days were productive. He’d sent his top executive team to Gupta & Co. and with their guidance she was learning the core business structure of the company, along with their position within the dynamic market of retail. It was fascinating and demanded her full attention, thus allowing the hours to tick by quickly.

But the nights were a different matter. They had become so bad she’d taken to wearing his shirt to bed, taking comfort in the subtle male scent that lingered on the fabric- although that drove her crazy in an entirely different way. She still had three more nights to get through.

He hadn’t even called. Not once. NK had phoned and texted to check in, asking if she needed anything. How could she tell him that the only thing she needed was his insensitive boss?

At the sound of the door Khushi turned, stunned to see said insensitive man at the threshold. His eyes locked on her just before he prowled across the room. The muscles of his body were bunched, rippling under the charcoal suit. He looked strained and irritated. And so gorgeous she wanted to launch herself at him.

Instead she forced herself to remember how he had withheld from her. Consequently, the first words out of her mouth after days apart were angry indignant ones, “You couldn’t spare the time for one phone call? I waited to hear from you ev—”

Her grievance was abruptly halted as he pulled her flushed against him, tilted her head back and kissed her. The smoky taste of him hit her system, sent her senses reeling, made her weak-kneed.

“Arnav,” Khushi protested, pushing at his chest.

The arms around her tightened. “Being away from you is pure hell. My focus was already shot, I didn’t need your voice making it worse,” Arnav rasped.

As far as retorts went, that was a good one. Very good.

She rested her head against his chest, “I hated it,” she admitted, “Our bed was empty without you.”

Arnav grunted in agreement. He bent and slid his arms under her legs and shoulders. As soon as she looped her arms around his neck, he lifted her, moving them to the sofa where he settled her over his knees. A borderline painful sense of relief filled her as she curled into him and felt his long sigh of contentment echo her own.

Khushi jerked up as she remembered he wasn’t supposed to be here, “Arnav, there are two more days to the conference.”

“Yeah and we’ve got three hours before I need to board the jet.”

She stared at him. “You flew across the country for me?”

“No, I flew across the country because it’s the sane thing to do after a ten hour conference. Because I enjoy flying in the middle of the night. Because- ”

This time, his words were cut off as she moved to straddle his lap before melding their lips. Hard, hot, and openly hungry. Her fingers spearing into his hair as they shared a breath, alternating between air and kisses because they needed both.

It was while he feathered a caress over the hollow where her pulse throbbed that he made the observation. Arnav lifted his head, “Are you wearing my shirt?”

Faint red tinged her cheeks as her lids swept down. “It smells like you,” she mumbled.

Arnav eyes glittered as he looked down at her bent head. “You didn’t ask my permission, Khushi.” He hooked his fingers in the neck of the shirt and pulled her closer, “I want it back. Now.”

Heat invaded her body, “Now?”

Arnav ran a hand down her spine. “Strip.”

With the intoxicating knowledge that he’d flown across the country for a few hours together coursing through her, Khushi was compelled to fulfill this demand.

So slowly, as if they had days instead of hours, she took his hand and rested it at the edge of the shirt. When it fisted on the cotton, she laced hers over them. Keeping her gaze steady on his, she moved their joined hands upward, revealing herself inch by inch.

Once the shirt was tossed unceremoniously to the ground, he held her within the bounds of his arms, looking his fill.

“You’re coming with me in the morning,” Arnav muttered as he buried his face in her throat.


4 days later

She shook her head in disbelief as she hung up.

The sneaky bastard. He wasn’t fighting fair.

His sister, and not just any sister, his eldest! In her sweet Australian lilt, Noami had shared, as in shared. The way you would with someone who was about to become family. Of how pleased their father was when her little brother was born because that meant finally having another dose of testosterone to ‘balance out the scales’, stories of him running around in nappies, funny as hell anecdotes of his teenage years, and the heartfelt wishes of all his sisters that he would bring a girl home.

She’d rung off with the promise-threat that Nyssa, Nora and Nadyne would be calling to introduce themselves.

Robbie picked up the phone and quickly hit the speed dial. “Khushi!” she wailed the moment the call connected.

“What’s wrong?”

“He’s launching a full scale attack!”

“What are you talking about?” Khushi asked in confusion.

“He had his sister call me. His sister, Khushi!”

“Was she rude?”

“She was amazing! And ruthlessly charming!”

“Ruthlessly charming?” The question was heavy with amusement.

“It’s an open siege!” Robbie declared.

There was a thick pause before Khushi’s voice drifted softly to her. “From here it looks like a beautiful war, Robbie.”

Damn. It was. The kind where you felt like the winner, even while waving the white flag. Her defenses were already shot batting against one Ryan. Add four ruthlessly charming women to his side?

She was totally screwed.


Gupta & Co, New York

Khushi looked up as NK breezed into her office. By the size of his grin, she was sure he’d heard the last bit of the conversation and knew exactly who had been on the other line.

“You’re not playing fair,” she accused lightly.

“She’ll get over it. My doll likes to play games with me.”

Khushi smiled at NK’s possessive emphasis. She loved that for Robbie. “They’re good games, NK.”

“Yeah, the best,” he agreed readily, “but it’s time she gets that I’m not playing anymore, Khushi.”

She sucked in a breath. Laying both of her hands over his arm she looked up at him, “NK?”

He peered down at her, saw concern battling with hope in the green depths. It was then that he realized she was also in his heart. Not because of what she gives Arnav, not because of her bond with Robbie. No, she was there because Khushi Lacene Khumari was a good woman.

“We took different roads sweetheart, doesn’t mean we’re not heading in the same direction.”

“Fuck,” NK muttered as her eyes filled.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, wiping at the corners of her eyes, “I’m just happy. For both of you.”

Yeah, a damn good woman.

“That’s good, because I need some arsenal here.”

“Don’t give up on her, NK. She’s built up a defense because she’s been hurt, but she’s in there, waiting for a prince to scale the walls.”

For moment he stared at her. Seconds later, a beautiful smile stole over the strong features as he burst out laughing.

“NK? Are you going to fill me in on what you found so amusing?”

Still grinning, he leaned down and gave her a peck on the forehead, “Nope. I need the element of surprise. But I promise you, Khushi, I’m sending those walls tumbling down.”


1 week later

Manhattan, New York

Anjali pressed her lips together as she looked at her brother. Since Aman started speaking, his face had gone stone cold. She winced when his eyes sliced to her, the betrayal in them crippling, “You fucking told him? You fucking told him?”

“Watch your tone, Shyam,” Aman inserted warningly.

Shyam ignored the warning, he also ignored her flinch when he blasted, “You had no fucking rights, Anjali!”

No rights. For some reason those two words set her off. Suddenly she was mad, no she was furious. It washed away her guilt, wiped away the sympathy. She’d taken his coldness for years. Had quietly allowed herself to be the punching bag between him and their father. Because she loved them. Because she was a Jha.

Well, she wasn’t just a Jha any longer. Her eyes went to Aman, his were suddenly dancing as he saw the rare spark of temper flame to life.

She stood up, leaning over Shyam. “No rights? What about the right of a sister? What about the right of someone who loves you? I’m acting on my rights because I can’t bear to see you hiding who you are anymore!”

Shyam rocked back at the force behind her words. This was an Anjali he had never seen. That he hadn’t known existed within the mild mannered girl. “Anjali-“

“This is me doing the only thing I know to do so you can be free to be you! It’ll take you away from here, from me, from our family, but maybe,” her voice broke, “just maybe, I’ll have my brother back someday.”

The tears burst forth as she finished. Aman rose from his seat, shooting Shyam a look that clearly said ‘fix this’ as he gathered his wife into his arms.

Shyam sat starring at the folders for a long time, Anjali’s quiet sobs drumming at his ears, her words ricocheting in his head. The folder containing documents that would put him in charge of AR’s latest venture, launching the company into Spain’s flourishing markets.

He shifted his gaze to Anjali. Noted the way she was nestled protectively in the younger man’s arms. Her protector. Once, that had been his job.

Spain. An ocean away from the pressure of being Mohit Jha’s only son, from being compared to the Raizada brothers, from the little sister he’d allowed himself to become a stranger to. Fuck.

“Does your brother know?”

“No. And it’ll stay that way. As far as anyone’s concern, you’re simply the best candidate for the job.”

Spain. Thousands of miles away from New York. A fresh start. Where maybe, he can figure out who the hell is Shyam Jha. His little sister’s gift. Fuck.

He slowly reached for it. Tucking the documents to his side, he stood.

“Anjali.” He waited until she looked at him. In a gesture he’d made since the day she was placed into his arms by their mother, a gesture he hadn’t made in years, he swiped the tears off her cheeks with his thumb.

She froze, but said nothing as he exchanged a nod with Aman and left them.

Her hands tightened around her husband. Her eyes shone as she gave him a tremulous smile.

While Shyam hadn’t said anything beyond than her name, it was enough. She’d seen a glimpse of the brother who’d loved her all her life. The bond was still there. They can’t ever go back, but she felt hopeful for the future.


3 weeks later

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York

Robbie starred at the paper in her hand. Her eyes jumped from the “Notice of Intent to Demolish” to the signature at the bottom.

NK fucking Ryan was a dead man walking.

On cue, she heard the brisk knock.

“Robbie, open the door.”

“You’re unbelievable!” she shouted at the wood panel.

There was a brief silence before she heard his curse. “We need to talk.”


“Open the door or I’m kicking the damn thing down.”

Robbie crossed her arm, “When pigs fly!”

Her mouth fell open at the sound of splintered wood. Half a second later, NK barged through the unhinged door, towering over her, his broad shoulders blocking out the light.

“You broke my door!”

“Considering the building is getting demolished, you’re not focusing on the important fact right now.”

Arrogant and completely unapologetic. Unbelievable. Her anger hitched up several notches. She waved the notice at him, “I can’t believe you’re doing this because I won’t move in with you! Other people live in this building NK! People who can’t just go out and rent one of your posh apartments because they can’t afford it!”

The air around them went static. His face shuttered as his eyes speared her. “That’s your opinion of me? That this is some fucking tantrum? Because if it is, we’re done.”

Robbie felt her stomach lurched as he spun around. NK had never turned his back on her. Never. Compelled by genuine fear, she darted after him, throwing her arms around his waist from behind, “Don’t go.”

NK halted, but his body remained stiff and unyielding. “Did you read the entire notice?”

“I saw the important part and your signature,” her voice was pitched low, but the accusation was still there.

“Read the notice.”

“NK, I-”

“Robbie, read the fucking notice.”

She pulled back, waiting for him to turn around. Sure he wasn’t going to leave, she read the notice. Every word. Shit.

She winced as she glanced at NK. His eyes were hard. He was pissed, scary pissed. At her.

“We bought out your landlord. The building is going to be demolished because it’s a goddamn health hazard. The neighborhood is good so we’re going to rebuild. Decent-sized affordable condos that aren’t fucking airless boxes. Because this place means something to you and Khushi, and Anjali is part of that, the three of us are pitching in so you girls get the top floor. For girls’ nights, or whatever the hell you want to use it for. We’re doing this so we’ll have the peace of mind when you’re here, knowing my security’s keeping you safe. It’s a large scale project so it’ll take time to rebuild. That means current residents need to vacate. Those who need the financial assistance will get it from AR. You are going to need a place to stay. Right now, I’m of the mind to leave you to deal on your own.”

She face planted into his chest, “I’m an asshole.”

NK fought back a lip twitch. “I’m fucking furious at you, Robbie, so don’t you dare be cute.”

She groaned, pressing deeper into him. “I’m a total asshole.”

On a sigh, NK’s arms went around her. “You’re a pain in the ass with far too many suspicious bones in that body, but you’re not an asshole.”

She peeked up at him from under her lashes, “But I just fucked up.”

“Yeah, you did. But clue in, Robbie. Do I look like a guy who puts up with shit for no good reason?”


“My sisters calling you. You think that’s something that happens a lot?”

“If you think I’m so much trouble, why do you put up with me?”

“Because next to all the drama, you’re also gorgeous, got the best ass I’ve ever seen, and Doll, I’ve seen plenty. And when you’re not overthinking shit, you’re funny, loyal and the sweetest thing I’ve ever had in my bed.”

They were standing so close, he heard the sharp intake of breath before she blurted, “No one’s ever loved me back the way I wanted. They see the hair, the ass. They want that, until someone better comes along.”

NK looked at her, “Then they were fucking morons.”

“I survived them, NK. I survived them because they didn’t really matter.” She could hear her heart pounding violently. Swallowing audibly, Robbie plunged ahead because it was too late to turn back. “If I let you in and you walk away, I won’t survive. It’ll destroy me.”

He jerked at the unexpected confession. “You aren’t going to lose me.”

“You can’t promise that,” she snapped, “It’s easy to say now, but when you see someone- ”

“Yeah, I fucking can promise that,” he shot back, ruthlessly interrupting her.

“Life happens, NK, you can’t make those kinds of promises.”

“Shit happens, but life needs to be lived,” he retorted “Robbie, lay down the defenses, we’re done playing games.”

At her silence, he continued, “Never begged a woman. Never cared enough. For you, I’ll do it, but I’ll resent doing it. You need to give me you, so I can give you me.”

She sucked back another breath, and the vulnerability in her eyes was almost enough to make him relent. Almost.

“Say it!” he ordered, his arms tightening around her.

“Dammit, dammit, dammit! I love you, asshole!”

A smile built across his mouth until it became a full-fledged grin. “Damned right you do. Now say it without swearing at me.”

She scowled at him


“I love you.”

All of a sudden she was flying through the air only to land on the carpet with the full weight of NK on top of her. His mouth hovered just above her own. His voice was rough and deep when he informed her, “You just made me a promise and you better fucking believe I’ll be holding you to it.” Before she could respond, he kissed her, hard, and deep.

“You moving in?”

Her full lips moved into a pout. “You’re being a damn bully and your closet is tiny.”

“I have three bedrooms, convert one.”

Robbie rolled her eyes. Then her blues focused on him. “Well?” she demanded.

NK smirked. “Well what?”

“Do you love me?”

He bent close, until she could see the flecks in his eyes. “Hell yes, I fucking love you.”

Her heart flipped.

“Again,” Robbie demanded, “This time without swearing at me.”

His face softened, “Love you, Robbie.”

She closed her eyes, savoring. When she opened them again, her hands reached up and cupped his jaw, “Don’t settle.”


“Ma’s other advice before I left. She sat me down on the porch swings and told me my father is a good man. She had a good life with him, but it was her settling and she was always left wondering. When I moved to the city I was tempted. Then I would remember ma’s face when she told me to never settle. I’ve waited for a long time, NK. Waited my whole life for you.”

How did Noah Katlyne Ryan respond?

“Thank fuck there was no fairytale for you in Indiana.”

Robbie’s arms tightened around him, but when his head descended, she raised a finger to stop him, “You know, the prince scaled the walls for his love.”

“Doll, if he had a wrecking ball, he would’ve used it.”

He swallowed her giggle. This time his kiss didn’t end until there was nothing between them, just body to body, heart to heart.


6 months later

Fifth Ave, New York

Arnav took another sip of coffee, his eyes vacillating between the Wall Street Journal and the door. They snapped with impatience as he waited for the necessary ingredient that kick started his day to make an appearance. Upon the fourth round he was rewarded.

She stood silhouetted against the door frame, long hair tumbling over creamy skin, wrapped in nothing but black sheets. The drowsiness in her greens melting away as she met his perusal.

His mermaid, his woman, his Happiness. His. In every way but one.

Correctly reading the intent in his eyes as he rose from the chair and moved with purpose towards her, Khushi started backing into their bedroom. “Arnav, we’ll be late for work.”


“We’ll be late for work, again,” she emphasized.

“Work can wait.”

“Are you sure you’re Mr. Raizada?” she teased when he reached her.

His arms circled her waist, his mouth descended to her neck, “You’d better be sure I’m Mr. Raizada.”

“You have a Board meeting today,” she felt obligated to remind him.

He tugged the sheets from her, “It can wait.”

“Aman expects me at the office in an hour.”

Arnav took her in on a deep breath. If there was one scent he preferred over his soap on her skin, it was the scent of him on her. “He can wait.”

“NK –“

Arnav pulled back, tugging at her hair until her face was tilted up to his, “Are you trying to write a book?”


“100 Ways to Ruin a Romantic Moment.”

She bit her lips, knowing it would only encourage him if she allowed the laugh to escape, “Are we having a romantic moment?”

A none-too-gentle push sent her sprawling across the bed. He took a moment to remove his pants, eyes running over her nudity before joining her, their bodies colliding in the sweetest of impacts. “They can all wait, I can’t.”

Her breath caught and held when he parted her thighs and pressed between them.

“You need to stop foregoing your shirts in the morning.”

“Why? Too tempting?”

“Terribly tempting.”

Her arms glided across his back, tracing corded muscles that she’d long memorized.

“Take me inside you, Khushi.” She lifted her hips and positioned him at her entrance. When she looked at him, she saw his gaze was not on her, but where they were about to be joined.

“Arnav,” his name was half plea, half demand.

A wave of tenderness rode over Arnav, mixing headily with the lust as he heard her, “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” she breathed as he filled her.

“Love me?” He thrusts were deliberately slow, ensuring she felt him in every part of her.

“Always,” she whispered.

His hands slid under her, gripped tight, urging her to meet the new rhythm. As he felt the intimate pulses of her release around him, the rightness of it settled to his bones. In filling her body, she filled his soul.

He had asked her to be his without specifying the length of time. The last six months had not been a test of her, but of himself. To fall in love with Khushi was the easiest thing he’d ever done. What many people didn’t understand was that to be in love was a different animal. The stakes were higher.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

There were small moments where the old fears of being left still lurked in his mind, but after nearly a year of her tenderness, he finally tasted an unshakable truth. Being in love with Khushi meant being the man he was meant to be. Not the lost boy, not the hungry teenager, not the cold capitalist. Just the man he was supposed to be.

Thus, holding her as she came apart within his arms, Arnav had his answer. She’d given the promise of her on their first night. She’d given all of herself freely to him in the last six months. Now, he was going to give her always.


1 week later

Upper West Side, New York

Devyani looked across the dinner table at her oldest grandson. Peace surrounded him tonight. A peace she’d first glimpsed when he’d brought a girl named Happiness to Shantivan for the first time.

She’d held her tongue for the last six months, knowing that to push him too soon would be a mistake. Instead, she’d nurtured hope in her heart that living with Khushi would fix what his mother broke.

No matter how many years passed by, she could still hear his screams from that day. Still remember the sight that greeted her when she followed the animal like sound, of her daughter lying in a pool of blood.

The pain of losing her daughter was equal to the horrific knowledge that there was nothing she could do to shield him. Arnav lost his innocence that day and she’d lost him. He’d remained a boy only in age and that too was gone in a blink of an eye.

When his eyes lifted to her, she knew. He was back. Arnav was back.

“Nani, will you get Ma’s kangans? I want to have them inscribed.”

From the other side of the table, Aman let out a whoop of pleasure. “About fucking time, brother! I thought I was going to lose the bet with-” he stopped abruptly at his grandmother’s glare. Clearing his throat, Aman hastily amended, “Not that marriage is a betting matter.”

“Welcomed news, mate,” NK grinned, “Should we draw up a prenup?”

“If Robbie goes after my balls, yours will be in harm’s way,” Arnav retorted.

Devyani closed her eyes as years of anguish purged from her heart. Yes, her boy was truly back!

“Nani,” Arnav called out. His face softening as he saw the emotions swimming in the eyes that were so similar to his own.

“Of course, Arnav. Of course. I’ll go get them now.”

Her heart warmed as she heard Lavanya’s soft congratulations. It had been no surprise when the young girl had quickly bonded with Aman, giving Arnav a wide berth. That self-imposed distance was lessening every day, but Devyani knew they still had miles to go before it was bridged completely. It would appear that life was determined to teach her patience.

She came back just in time to catch Arnav’s easy smile as Aman threw an arm around Lavanya, “That leaves you, little sis.”

She paused at the doorway, surveying the picture before her. To witness your child finding love was one of life’s greatest blessings, one she’d wished her daughter was still alive to see.

But you do see don’t you, beta?

She looked at them in turn. Aman, NK, and now Arnav, her work was nearly done. Nearly. Her aging eyes settled over Lavanya, sighing at the wistful look on her face.

It was Aman who looked to where she stood, wiggling his brows at her. He hadn’t missed it, her shark rarely did. She watched as he snuck a peek at Arnav, then gave her a slow deliberate wink.


Del Posto, 10th Avenue, New York

“Ohmygod,” she breathed, looking at the giant red gemstone nestled within the white velvet.

“Can I take that as approval?”

“Is it a ruby?”

“A radiant cut red diamond. Harry Winston,” he added on an afterthought.

“Your scoreboard just went up a hellueva points, Raziada.”

Arnav grinned, but his eyes were serious, “It’s traditional to ask permission from the head of family. So will you, Robbie? Will you give me Khushi? So we can both take care of her?”

Her body locked. Unmindful that they were in the middle of a crowded restaurant, she burst into noisy tears.

“Doll.” She looked up to see NK holding out a tissue. The man was prepared for any situation. She took it, then taking several breaths to calm herself, she laced her fingers in his before turning to Arnav.

“The first day I met Khushi, there was more hurt in her eyes than any woman deserved. I didn’t have a right to make demands. Then she became family. She shared some, but withheld much more. I hated that bruised look, but there wasn’t much else I could do. The morning she came back to our place after spending the night with you, that bruised look was gone. Gone. You know what replaced them? Dreams. Dreams you put there. And every day since, minus one bogus episode, you’ve made her happy.”

His eyes darkened and she knew he got it. Reaching across the table she gave his hand a squeeze. “So yeah, Arnav Singh Raizada, I’m going to give you Khushi, because you are better than the prince I wished for her.”

Arnav’s eyes met with NK’s. He’d decided to make this gesture because it felt right, but he had not expected to be humbled.

“Thank you,” he told her sincerely.

Robbie tilted her head back, “Are you going to make my girl the happiest woman in New York City?


“Good. As you are well aware, my guy has some serious muscles. You don’t keep that promise, we’re going to fuck you up.”

“He works for me you know,” he felt obligated to remind her.

“Yeah, but you don’t’ sleep with him,” she replied smugly.


New Year’s Eve, New York

Arnav took a moment to inhale the crisp air. A dozen handfuls of stars decorated the deep cobalt, but their faint distant light was no match for the carpet of diamonds spread out below the glass terrace.

Tonight, however, even New York with all her majestic splendor paled in comparison to the woman before him.

She was draped in a sheer ivory saree of the airiest chiffron. Stripped of embellishment, there was nothing to distract from the soft flow of fabric over her curves. It would have bordered on being plain if it wasn’t for the choli, the French silk dipped in vibrant crimson infused an undeniable sensuality.

It was a love letter to a woman. It was his love letter to Khushi.

He knew the message was read when she’d joined him, braving the cold in nothing else, those green eyes luminous with love. He looked down at their joined hands and felt a deep jolt. Once he had wondered how it would feel to have someone by his side, a woman with her hand in his, a gleam in her eyes as she glanced up to him with a smile gracing her lips.

Now he knew. And it was critical that she knew as well. Arnav reached into his pocket for his mother’s kangans. His body heat had warmed them. The word he’d had etched along the inner ring were clearly visible. Hamesha. A promise within the symbol of eternity.

Before taking her hand again, he ran his fingers over the delicate inner skin of her wrist where life pulsed. Keeping their eyelock, he slipped the gold over it.

“A year ago I walked into a ballroom, so damn tired I just wanted the night to be over. Then I saw Anjali look at my brother. The devotion in her eyes disturbed me, because seeing it, I realized it was something I’ll never have. Fifteen minutes to midnight I found myself chasing after a woman. I didn’t understand the urgency, didn’t know why it mattered. I just knew I couldn’t let her disappear.”

Khushi’s eyes went liquid, “Arnav.”

“She made me want, she made me need, she made me love. And because of it, the man I was meant to be stands before her. She gave me her body, gave me her heart. Tonight, I’m asking her to give me one more thing.”

“Tell me what you you need, Arnav.”

He slipped the second kangan over her wrist. “Will you give me the promise of seven lifetimes, Khushi? To live each of them with a husband’s privilege?”

Khushi’s heart clenched tightly as she looked at him. She’d thought herself prepared. A part of her had filled with anticipation of what tonight promised when she’d dressed for him. She wasn’t. She was not prepared for the beauty of this man.

“Marry me, Khushi. Marry me, tonight.”

Khushi had finally found her voice, but the last word gave her pause.


“I don’t want another year to pass without making you mine.”

“But our family- ”

“Are waiting impatiently in the observatory,” he gave her a grin, “Now say yes.”

Her forehead dropped against his chest, laughter bubbling within. Of course. How could she forget? He was bossy.

“Khushi,” Arnav demanded.

She looked at the kangans he’d placed on her wrists. His mother’s blessing of forever. She couldn’t wait to start.

“There is nothing I want more than to be your wife,” she whispered.

Raw happiness flooded his face. “Then you’ve got yourself a deal.”


Entering the observatory on the 102nd floor, she found their family gathered in a semi-circle around a small flame. Khushi stood rooted in place as it hit her. Only her Arnav would have the arrogance to turn the Empire State Building into their mandap.

Robbie broke from NK’s side, her arms stealing around Khushi’s waist. “Always knew you’ll look beautiful in white, sweetheart.” She gave a deep squeeze, moving over for a glowing Anjali to offer her quiet good wishes.

Devyani’s eyes were wet when she drew Khushi into her embrace, “Thank you, Khushi, thank you!” she whispered fiercely to her ears. Looking up, she saw Aman give NK a fist bump before sending her a brazen wink.

The ceremony itself was kept simple. Their union did not require prompt and ceremony. Khushi knew that when she had the chance to catch her breath; she would pour over each detail, committing them to memory.

Now, however, her everything was centered on the man she’d just completed the seven circles with. She saw Arnav silently mouth ‘Hamesha’ before he placed a band on her finger, red fire set against white gold. She understood the difference, the gold bands marked her a Raizada, this ring was a declaration to the world that she belonged to him.

As his hands cupped her face, her lids swept closed, her mind bursting with memories as she waited for his kiss. He’d entered her life on one of the year’s coldest nights. Once, she’d believed that you had to say a farewell to winter to feel the warmth. Arnav taught her differently.

You just needed to open your heart for the warmth to seep in. The kind of warmth that made you feel secured in the love behind it, a love of seven lifetimes. Because if the heart was willing, one night, one kiss, can lead to forever.

As their lips met for the first time as man and wife, the night sky exploded in dazzling fireworks, celebrating the beginning of a new year.


So… watcha think?

If you’ve enjoyed the update, please let us know below. Your questions and comments helps us shape the story and also improve as writers. Thank you!

*adapted from Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

A / N:  We’ve reached the end ladies. Thank fuck! 10 months is a long time. When we set out on this journey, we didn’t know what to expect. Taking the plunge was nerve wracking, but we are so glad we did. If we made you smile, sent a tingle down your spine, drawn out a sigh of pleasure or two, than FWN was a worthy endeavor.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, (especially those who took the dip 10 months ago!). Thank you for the late nights, for the laughs, for the love letters, for lending your support on Arshi’s New York adventure towards happily ever after. To you – Cheers!

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  1. Congratulations to both of you for reaching this milestone!
    I will be back tonight with the longest love letter in history. Just had to reserve this first comment 😀

    1. Where do I start? I promised both of you a fully honest review, so prepare for a long and wordy love letter (novel). It is also very late, so excuse if it’s not entirely coherent.

      First up are my thoughts on FWN’s last night. To say I love it would be an understatement, but yes, I fucking loved it! What an explosive way to end an amazing journey. Although I took in each morsel with a heavy heart that it has reached an end.

      I think I’m going to be part of a minority, but I loved Shashi’s letter. The set up to it, the fact that Arnav doesn’t even know it exists, and how it must be a salt on the wound every time Garima pulls it out to read. I liked how you gave Shashi’s side of the story, while leaving final judgement up to the reader.

      The winners are clearly Khushi and Arnav. In learning to let go, they are embracing a beautiful life and future together. In her stubbornness, Garima is clinging to absolutely nothing. It is interesting that it is Payal who points this out. I’m glad she finally woke up to this realization, years too late, but like they say – better late than never.

      NK and Robbie stole my heart in this update. It’s theirs, I offer it up freely. They sizzled here and they did it with so much heart, there may have been a few tears when Ma’s advice was finally revealed.

      A beautiful and poignant culmination of love is all I can offer up on Arshi. I love how you sprinkled classic IPKKND into this finale, adding the signature S/K spice into the mix. Our lovers have come such a long way within a span of one year, from strangers feeling the tug of desire to soulmates of seven lifetimes. It is a ‘Hamesha’ truly earned.

      Who else but Mr. Raizada would have the balls to provide his bride with such a mandap? 😀 (Also, don’t think I didn’t catch the little snub of the 6 months reference! Haha – I love you K!)

      FWN is a true journey, of lust, of friendship, of self-reflection, of love, of life. Oh you made me smile alright, you also had me laughing out loud, screaming in frustration, giggling like a crazy woman, and staying up on many nights, racking my brains to make connections as I wait in anticipation for an update.

      Like many, I took the plunge because I adore you two, but after the first night, it was always about the characters and the magical words you used to weave out their journey.

      Arnav and Khushi – In many ways they are very typical romantic leads. Cold business man meets wronged sweetheart. IPKKND and Cinderella, yes, we have seen this set up before. Yet, you made me fall in love, madly in love with these lovers. Because your Khushi is the very best of IPKKND’s Khushi, you kept the spunk, you kept the heart, but you gave her a past that rallied the sisterhood, you gave her an outlook of a mature woman, best of all you gave her an amazing inner strength that never came off as contrived, but so genuine, there was no choice but to root for her. In Arnav we have a flawed hero, a man emotionally closed off due to his past. He is cold, he is bossy, and there were moments I was all for the unleashing of Indiana retaliation, but not once did I ever feel he was unredeemable. And once he recognized what a gem fate (otherwise known as Aman) place in his path, his pursuit of Happiness was nothing short of heart thumping magic. By the end, I felt Arnav deserved Khushi. He earned her love and the right to be the man by her side. In this critical regard, the show failed us. It’s impossible to enjoy happily ever after when you’re given a mockery of chacters, so thank you both for this New York journey to a happily ever after that is truly deserved.

      NK and Robbie – The two unexpected treasure of FWN , who shines as brightly as our lead pair, at times even managing to eclipse them. I’ll confess here, I’m not a fan of the show’s NK. I found his character vapid and pointless. But the moment this giant of a man entered his boss’s bedroom, fbombs flying away, I found myself in lust. And when he set his sight on a blonde woman, giving her a real love that beats out all the fairytales, I fell head over heels in love. You two need to take a bow for Robbie. Because this story would not have been the same without this fearless woman, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and is the best friend we all yearn for. I love how protective she is of Khushi, I love how her outspokenness actually harbors vulnerabilities, and lastly, I love her journey with NK. It may have started out as flirty games of the heart, but it ended in one of the most honest confession of love I’ve ever read.

      Aman and Anjali – How easy it is to be outshined when your older brother is ASR, but Aman surely held his own! I adored this smooth talking playboy, who wears his heart on his sleeve for the woman he loves and his family. And how can I neglect to mention a most hilarious wedding night? 😀 Anjali has a small role, but it was well crafted. These two bring out the best in each other, and I’m glad we got to experience the culmination of their love story.

      Payal and Trent/Garima and Shashi – I’m surprised by the ending you chose for these characters, but after some thought, it is fitting. At the halfway mark I realized that FWN isn’t about a villain, or even villains. It’s about catching people in different stages of thought and life. Sometimes that makes you the bad guy, sometimes you are the hero. (Although Garima still sits right there on my hitlist)

      Manreet’s comments on the Dragon Lady said it all. I have nothing to add other than to say I’m so glad you two included this formidable woman.

      Shyam/Lavanya – The only grips I have with FWN is with these two. I understand you pulled back on Shyam’s character to expand on Aman (definitely not sorry for that) and Lavanya was always meant to play a small part. Still, I feel it was a missed opportunity. Shyam’s ending lacked an emotionally punch, because when we finally got to it, he was so much a part of the background, it doesn’t leave too much impact. I enjoyed the scene more for Anjali’s growth, but he was never redeemed enough for the earlier nastiness towards Khushi to deserve such a sweet sister. I also liked that foreshadowing between Aman and Devyani in regards to La, but I really wanted to see her relationship with Arnav change after the press con. I wanted to be shown, not told that there were changes. And it’s all really your fault for making me care so much about these characters!

      The Bromance/Friendship/Sisterhood – It deserves a special mention, while I was most charmed by the bromance, I loved the friendship and sisterhood just as much. It was the most unexpected, yet hands down the best part of FWN. The unshakable friendship between Robbie and Khushi, the hilarious equation of Aman and NK, the rock hard support NK gives Arnav, the brotherly affection NK and Aman has towards Khushi, and the bond forged between Robbie and Arnav out of nothing but their shared love of one woman….. in sum… Perfection.

      As a first time collaboration, you two have managed to spin a tale that is as heartfelt as it is romantic. I love how you tackled the story so fearlessly. Keeping the soul of IPKKND while making it your own. FWN isn’t just one of my favorite Arshi ffs, it’s now one of my favorite romance novels.

      Thank you for this beautiful story and for making me a part of this amazing journey. I loved that this gave us the chance to get to know each other so much better, and opened the doors on many new friendship for me.

      K & S – Please take a well deserved bow!

      Ever yours with love, Pyre

      1. Beautifully articulated Pyre. Your comments truly encourage the rest of us to see beyond the words and red herrings to appreciate this novel in all of its romantic glory.

        Thanks for helping to elevate this story and its journey dear 🙂 xx

      2. Novel? No. But it is one heck of a love letter 😀
        You know the most rewarding aspect about writing this story was the act of writing itself, but half a step after it is reading the PG. Yours in particular is one I wait with bated breath for. ALWAYS!

        Thank you for these thoughts on the character, it give such a wonderful sense of accomplishment that our intent was conveyed. Lol of course there was a dig at the 6 months, you know our K!

        Your grips… 😀
        I don’t regret Lavanya, I think any more focus on her would have taken away from the core of the story. Less is more Pyre!
        But you have my complete agreement on Shyam. I think we reached the point of not really having the desire, nor the time, to explore him with the depths he deserves. I also feel that way about Trent. Although had we dragged it out any longer, our rabbit hole would be bombed. 😛

        I’m going to miss FWN…. although we have one final send off before that farewell 😀

      3. As far as comments go, yours is the one I actively search for. You spell it out with such articulation and eloquence. You have a way with words that leaves me envious. You have truly added so much to this amazing story brought to us by S & K.
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        If I could bottle up your words for that rainy day I’ll do it in a heartbeat.
        That we adore YOU goes without saying, but it’s for so many reasons beyond what connects us here. You are the voice of reason on crazy days and the voice of encouragement on the sleepless nights.

        While I have hound you incessantly about sharing your thoughts more often with other writers, I’m selfishly thrilled to be a beneficiary.
        I will take a bow when I feel it is truly earned, we have miles to go yet before we reach it! So now, let’s raise the glass in a fond salute and luxuriate in reaching the damn conclusion! =p

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    1. I’m aware you are a writer, but as I avoid IF like the plague, I have yet to indulge in your corner of the ficverse. (If you ever jump ship to a blog, we’ve got ourselves a date! 😀 )
      From one ff writer to another, I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of having your story read and then… Nothing.
      That silence is cuss inducing (heavy on the fbombs 😛 ) It makes you wonder why the fuck you do this, why you should continue.
      But then comes along that group of readers, they are small in numbers, but oh! the difference that they make!
      During this 10 months journey, K and I were on edge of calling it quit 29 times. Yes, I counted! But then we would go into the peanut gallery and BAM we’re back to keyboard pounding.
      Because it doesn’t matter if it’s only a handful, when someone connects to your words, when they understand the world you’re building, it creates a sense of purpose.
      Thank you for being part of our purpose, for helping us reach the culmination of this tale.
      When we leave the world of FWN, it is these warm thoughts that we’ll carry with us.

      1. Only 29? 🙂
        S, sometimes I forget just how young you are. I read the frustration of these lines, and you’ll have to forgive me, but it does make me smile. After spending my life with a man who keeps all his thoughts to himself, I had to teach myself to accept life’s silences. Of course there are moments when I want to wring an extra word out of him, but then I remember the beautiful life he gave me, one where words would fail to fully capture.

        Taking part in this journey, I’ve watched as your following grew, the comments and likes ticking up and the excited frustration of Refresh Hell mounting Night after Night. Take pride and joy in that. Even when you wish for more, a very normal and understandable reaction, I hope you’ll remember that it is not the validation of others that makes an endeavor worthwhile.

        If FWN brought you happiness, if it made you laugh and shed some tears while writing, and brought you closer to the people you cherish, that is the real gift. More than these characters, I love your equation with K. You two have a tight knit friendship and it is wonderful that together you are able to create a blog for us to gather, to dream, and to bond.

        1. Thank you Pyre. I cannot agree more. It is oh so tempting to rest our laurels on the praise of others, and even more so to mentally plummet when your ears echo with crickets. Yet, what kind of world would we live in, had men and women not forge ahead, listening only to the guiding voice in their head?
          Chin up my S! And ahem… go write SS or start CC 😀

          1. The mood for SS totally left me. I feel apologetic, but then if I were to go back I’ll likely go on a murder rampage. There is a reason why writers kill off their characters in the end.

            I’m actually working on the one shot I ranted to you about weeks ago, but it’s all too blue when I want it to be yellow!

          2. Let me start by apologizing if I’m crossing a line here but reading these conversations back and forth I am daring to add my two cents. Let me first tell you I’m 47 years old with a 25 year old a 22 year old daughters. Though it pains my vanity to admit it I’m probably old enough to be your mom 🙁 So forgive me if it feels like I’m lecturing you though I rarely do and try to avoid that instinct even with my own daughters. I feel through your conversations that you are a little bit disappointed with the response you are getting. Don’t be. It’s not always easy to vocalize your thoughts and feelings and I know because I have that problem. I spent a good 2 hours trying to let you know how much this story affected me, only because it doesn’t come naturally to me I had to make an effort. That’s why I named all those people I was jealous of because I read and appreciate their thoughts and think to myself – why can’t I write such nice responses. I love reading the comments as much as I do reading the story.

            When you do something that is very big and eventful in your life its natural to feel a little down after its complete. Remember you commented in your reply to me that you wanted to always write an Arshi FF? Well you both did it and in what a brilliant fantastic way. You both created a masterpiece. You must be proud and happy. You touched so many people with your story. Not everything can be expressed in words. That doesn’t mean you did not achieve what you set out to do. I’m going through a difficult phase in my life. For the first time in 25 years it’s just me and my husband. I’m trying to deal with this change and do you know what helps me, writers like you. I pick up my iPad as soon as I wake up and the first tab I open is FWN. I read whatever part I feel like reading with my coffee and do the same before I go to bed. That’s the last thing I read before falling asleep. It makes me happy to get lost in your words and it helps me deal. This you don’t know till I tell you. But this is the power of your writing. Like a song you listen to when you feel down, when you feel happy or just listen to it because you love it, this also similar. You might not always know how your work touches others but touch it does. So feel proud of yourselves and enjoy this moment. I used to watch the show because I liked Arnav and Khushi but you gave us a story that is beyond the show and much more than it. I may never watch the show again but I will always read your story for as long as it is available to read. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I felt a bit of something in those responses – your disappointment or sadness, I can’t put my finger on it but I couldn’t just read and ignore it. Forgive me if said anything I shouldnt have, my intent was not to hurt you. After doing such a good job I couldnt let you feel down and just ignore it. Please continue to write if that makes you happy. You should always do what makes you happy not what makes others happy. If they are also happy then that’s good but don’t let others take away from you what you love doing.

          3. shyamidutt …..
            I read over my comments this morning and I’m torn between a wince and a laugh. I sound like a whiny brat don’t I? 😀 You’re not overstepping at all and I actually appreciate the two cents. There’s a lot of pressure in my AD and I use this space to vent out frustrations. K knows my moods and just how to pull me out of it.

            I also did something yesterday which I swore to myself I would never do – compared myself to another writer. It was petty, it was immature and it made me spew crap I didn’t mean. Let there be no doubts that K and I appreciate our readers, for taking the chance on reading something that is essentially created by two amateurs. We, myself in particular, are also very vocal people – hence the lengthy updates and wordy notes. It takes reminding that we need to dial down on the demands and expectations. No one owes us anything. And as K constantly tells me, it’s bloody entertainment.

            It brought a smile to imagine you in a kitchen somewhere in the world, coffee mug in hand indulging in a chapter of FWN. It’s a fantastic image to hold. Thank you for opening up and giving this to me.

          4. I’m very slow to pick up on things, but this requires a comment.
            S, when I met you on the forum, I told K you were scary! Yes, scary! Heh, heh. Do you know what she said? She said that right beneath that prickliness your heart beats fiercely. It didn’t take long for me to realize what she meant. You are very open with your emotions and your thoughts, and honestly, it can easily offend people when they don’t know you well.

            You hold yourself to a high standard (both of you do) and demand the same of others. It worries me sometimes that you will feel let down. As I see it happened here. However, as Pyre and Shyamidutt has so wisely pointed out, it isn’t what is said or not. You set out to do something and you did it. With style!
            Now, I want to see the joyful S and K, who celebrates life with the warmth and friendliness that has drawn a wide range of people together, from different parts of the world and different age groups. When things are frustrating, of course you are allowed to let off steam. But then, like the message of your story, let it go and be happy. Always here for you babes. Love Mel

          5. Me? Scary?! LOL
            K never said anything, but then, that girl keeps secrets well 😀
            Mel Mel, don’t worry about me. You know I get into these flunk once in a blue moon. If anything it actually helps the writing when I’m pissy. … even better when I’m pissy drunk 😛


            😀 You knew I would not be able to resist!

            The love is returned tenfold Mel.

          6. My sympathies shyamidutt. I understand how tough this transitional stage must be. I do believe we need to see it all as a cycle. One where we must always look forward for happiness and look back only when we wish to smell the roses of yesterday. 🙂

            Ha, ha. Don’t worry too much about vanity here, there are many of us who’s right behind your heels or already ahead of you!

        2. Sigh…. I know it. It’s just that much harder to live it. But as long as I have my girls, it’ll all be fine. I think what I need is to hit the sheets and get a decent cycle of rest. I’m becoming K with all these snatches of Zzzzs and well…. I don’t have her disposition 😀

          1. I already had a vent and rant session with Manreet and Mel.
            What you need is to bump into an NK. Keep you nicely occupied =p

        3. I wasn’t in the right mind frame to really reply to this yesterday.

          Dearest Pyre, thank you. For always giving a little extra of yourself when I need it ….and treating my fragile ego with kindness 😛

          I’m lucky to have such indulgent friends and I damn well know it. I’m missing home more than I thought I would and I as a result I’ve become too fixated on this virtual life. It’s not healthy and I’m working on taking a step back, focusing on the important things and enjoy this ride for what it is.

          Truthfully, I was tempted to tell K to delete this series of posts, but finally decided against it. Owning up to this rashness is good for me, and a reminder that I need to think twice before splattering words on open walls. 😀

          1. Follow that wondrous voice in your head S, it will lead to you wonderful places. That I promise you. But should you ever feel it waiver, you know where to find me. (This goes for both of you) 🙂

          2. Hell… how can I stay moody when you are all so good to me? I’ll put extra effort in that Billet Doux now 😀

      2. Ha! What kind of moodiness is this?
        Was it only 29? I’ve lost count on all those texts that starts with ‘fuck this’ 😀
        Go write your Splintered Skies, it’ll serve both of us well =p

        1. I rather bury my head into the pillow. lol Well you know the source of this bitching. 😀
          I think my fingers are stiff… so the only option is to flex and flex and FLEX!!!!!

      3. Hahaha… what have I started here? It took me a while to scroll through all the rants and cheering up! But seriously S… you got nothing to feel sad about. You and K have crafted an exceptional story out there… so what if the response is not as great as you had expected… what with loads of silent readers and stuff!! But then a masterpiece is always more appreciated with the artist goes extinct… Lolz… Its the truth, what with me being from the art field and studying loads of then depressed artists, whose paintings are now sold in billions.

        Yes I write too… only because I enjoy putting my ideas into words… I have had long period of silences from the readers as well… but then it really does not reduce the joy from my experience. But then I am not too sure how you feel, considering your story is a thousand times better than mine… Lolz… so cheer up… you have atleast one writer fangirling over your work! 😉

        1. It is best not to take me too seriously Mints. I get into this flunk from time to time. I swear it’s tied up with some moon cycle 😛
          The art field? Sounds promising. What period are you drawn to?
          Extinct? Should I have K call upon the blog a meteor so we can go the way of the dinos? 😀

          Thank you for tolerating this bit of nonsense. Pyre gave me the excuse of age this round, so I’ll grab onto that and blow everyone a kiss. 😉

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    1. Miss Kitty… has been a long winding journey hasn’t it? Taking the opportunity here to say thank you once again for sending so many souls down the rabbit hole! We enjoyed your company over the course of these nights.

      Ah epilogue…. it’s in the works. Although I must say the lackluster response over the last few nights isn’t giving much inspiration. I think we are all burned out from refresh hell, and perhaps its best to end on this fairy note.

  37. Sorry for the late reply … It was a real busy weekend
    Nonetheless as always amaIng amazing amazing…
    Tying up of all the ends
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  39. Got all teary eyed with the proposal and asking for permission
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    I feel bad for Payal she was junta pawn in all this …hope her life gets better

  40. I chanced upon this story when chokri_asr and Manreet gill tweeted about it.
    So very glad I read it in a binge session on a nothing to do Sunday..’
    The readers comments say it all. A story well written .. As a reader you did not lose track of the story line or characters.. All had a purpose even Trent … Set in NY .. You described Brooklyn, Manhattan and Montauk well. The brownstones, the skyscrapers and the yacht…one was there to envision the scenes being played out..

    Well done to your very creative minds for all the twists you gave to this story, certainly keeping readers in the edge.
    Your couples were delightful, loving and at times annoying, but all of them had reasons… At times I wanted to join NK and Aman in shaking Arnav really hard..

    Robbie’s 3 strike rule was endearing simply because she cared for Khusi like no one else..

    Arnav had the inane ability to not even love himself.. Ruthless in the boardroom and even more when it came to women.. But he never hid it.. What you saw is what you hit…One actually felt his pain and anguish in your writing..
    Khushi was the poor little rich girl… But savvy enough to survive .. The scene in the cementry was heart wrenching… Yet the decency in her still allowed to her reach out to Payal.. Offer an olive branch .. Be it even just friendship..

    When Arnav asked Khushi to spend the weekend with him the movie Pretty Woman came to mind!!

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    You explored families dynamics and relationships that stood the test of time.. And truly who does not have family secrets in some shape or another …

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    1. Ladyr…. welcome welcome.
      Is that lil r for Raizada? 😀
      We love having new company over for dinner, although that’s quite a lot of digesting for the poor mind. 😛 And on a Sunday too!

      LOL! Oh don’t tempt with such naughty thoughts. Akash aka the Ballless Pansy is someone I have zero interest in writing. Zilch. Just a personal grudge from the days of watching the show. 😛

      Thank you kindly for dropping these lines. It is always frustrating to see your views tick up and left wondering. Glad you found us and delighted you enjoyed this sojourn through the Big City.

      1. Lol in my mind The R is for Raizada ..but alas in real life it’s the initial of the last name of my Arnav , he drinks black coffee …loves gardening … has diabetes ..had a live in relationship and that’s where the similarities end !! Thanks for such a warm welcome and clarifying the absence of Akash..Shyam could be happy with Mr Banks (Bankelal Ji) !!

        Seeta R

        1. Ok, it’ll be our secret Lady Raizada 😉
          Lol has the man been informed of the similarities? 😀 I know many boyfriends and hubbies have been driven crazy by the fangirling over one Raizada these last four years 😀

          We actually thought of a love line for Shyam halfway through, but then it slanted towards too much comedy and we did not want to offend. So, we shall leave it to the rampant imaginations to fill in the gaps!

          1. What one does not know cannot hurt one !! As long it is his name murmured its all good 😉 My imagination does runneth wild over Shyam and his possible love interests and antics.. Sigh would he swing both ways ?

  41. You have made me more than smile and sending a tingle down my spine. You have set my laptop screen on fire with your words, made me want to twirl in joy at times, to want to hug these people more than once and so much more than I can put in words.
    This was such a good and emotional update. I must say that it is hard to say goodbye to all of these pairs especially ArHi and Nk-Robbie.
    I am taking that in some world Lavanya will find her prince charming too.

    1. Thank you Aquagal! Lovely to know we managed to pull off some tricks! 😀
      Your company was most welcomed during the journey. Thank you for being there, update after update. 🙂 *hugs*

  42. Hii…I recently started reading this story and then I couldn’t stop…wish I’d found it sooner…can’t wait for the epilogue.
    I saw your favourite character polls and though I’ve loved all the characters, specially Arnav and Khushi…(nobody can replace that couple’s place in my heart..more so because of the many beautiful stories I’ve ended up reading that surround them)…I’ll have to say that here my favourite is Aman..hands down it’s Aman…your story made me realise how I’d much rather want to be with somebody who is similar to Aman…it was probably Anjali in the story that made him what he became for her but the sort of understanding that he has and the sensitivity (with humour) that he brings is heart warming…he was the first one to warm up to Lavanya too…and Shyam’s secret was another thing and I don’t know how to say more but I just love the way he isn’t an extreme character.. extremes look good in reality I’d prefer someone who understands and can be relied upon to react rationally when a difficult situation comes up and yet love he spent the night convincing Devyani about Khushi… He thinks..and it really must have been difficult for him to make a place in Anjali’s heart when she was grieving over the death of her first love…OK I’ll have to stop or else I’ll keep going on and on…I’m just trying to convey why I loved Aman ( + he’s a lawyer 😉 that adds to the appeal ). Awesome story…loved it…can’t wait for the epilogue… Gotta go..have a test to prepare for 🙂

    1. Hi nikki – welcome!
      I don’t think you would be saying that if you had been with us for the last 10 months 😛
      You’ve made a fine sensible choice with Aman. And for some reason I cannot stop laughing at your ‘plus he’s a lawyer’ comment. lol. My mother would so agree! Good luck on the test!

      1. Hey…thanks for replying and well I actually realised that another major reason for liking Aman was the actor you chose to play the character 😉 and I’ve always thought lawyers are extremely umm…I dunno…sexy? I guess my fetish for lawyers has something to do with a movie I saw as a kid in which i think Rock Hudson pl

        1. *played a lawyer…I don’t remember the reason now but the fetish remains :p …although every character is good in their own way and I’m usually a fan of the bossy, possessive and yet swoonworthy Arnav..these days I’m just sick of the mood swings of the people around me…Aman is a breather for me…and of course (+ he’s a lawyer) 😉

  43. Beautiful update.
    Thank you.
    When’s the next story?

    LOL! Kidding. I think I would find myself served up ala Hannibal if that was it right? (totally off topic, but K did you see the final?!!)

    Babes… I spent an entire weekend reliving the magic of FWN. It was in a two words – Fucking Fantastic.
    As much as I wish I don’t have Pyre’s flair, so this comment will just be your Mel pouring her love all over.

    There are so many things I love about the story, but more than that, I love what accompanied this story. We’ve known each other for years, but I felt all the late night chatting over FWN really brought us closer. You two are the best gift this fandom gave me and that is what I treasure most.

    I leave FWN with a very extended vocab that gives new meaning to: peanut gallery, rabbit hole, handsome, doll, mermaid, bossy, Indiana retaliation, fairytales and let’s not forget caveman! I also leave it with a heavy heart because the peanut gallery have been my virtual home for the last 10 months.

    You took two beloved characters and threw them into a seductive world of passionate nights and beautiful days. Then proceeded to claim my heart, night after night.
    I loved this version of Arnav and Khushi. Romantic, passionate, honest and so a tune to each other. The dhaks dhaks were strong every time they were together. I also loved their backstory, the way they overcame the hurdles, head on, with trust and with heart.

    What more, you gave me a precious Robbie, the best friend every girl needs, a straight talking NK that was both badass and the best kind of real, an Anjali who is sweet and SENSIBLE, and a laugh out loud Aman who is as hilarious as he is endearing.
    And what commentary on FWN would be complete without mentioning the Dragon Lady? I absolutely loved this woman, her courage, her wisdom and what a beautiful moment for her to stand in her home surrounded by her children.

    Night 12 was so hard for me to read. I actually stopped twice because I couldn’t believe this was the end! Robbie and NK nearly stole the thunder with their explosive confession of love. These two loyal souls deserved such a love story and if I was to be totally totally honest, there were moments I think I loved them more than Arshi. But then, you pulled it back to the main reason we are all here. The two beautiful people who rose above their past and found each other on a cold New Year’s Eve. Starting from Arnav’s realization that Khushi was it for him, to the sweet asking of her hand from Robbie, and finally the totally melting proposal that also managed to crack me up. I just love how despite the man he became, Arnav is still very much ASR!

    It was the ending I’d hoped for, but still exceeded expectations. For all the fairytale elements, FWN is a beautiful sketch on life, love and the power of letting go. Thank you K, thank you S for taking me along for this ride. I loved it, I’ll miss it, and I sure as hell won’t forget this adventure!

    1. Lol and I’m done with spamming 😀
      You have to blame the Supernatural marathon happening at my house this past week!

    2. I have a growing list of American tv shows to watch because of you and K!
      It does make for an interesting addition to one’s vocabulary. Although I don’t know how I would begin to explain if it slips out in daily conversations. 🙂

    3. Har, har. Oh how she jokes!
      I do not get how you can like that show and not love Dexter.
      So much emphasis on sensible. We promised you an Anjali that won’t make you grit your teeth together didn’t we? 😀 Although, if there was more time, I would’ve liked to expand her and Shyam.

      Would we love him as much, if he wasn’t Aranv Singh Raizada? (It’s insane how much I love typing out that pompous name 😛 )

  44. Guysss!!! I read the update at least 3 times, and still can’t get enough! It has left me feeling giddy, and wanting more!
    Payal’s decision to move out and move on is indeed a very brave. She needs to go away from all this. And find herself, without the manipulation. I hope she also finds the love of family that has been missing from her life.
    And. Garima!! God! she’s such a mess. But she brought all this on to herself. While I agree that accepting Khushi might have been difficult, but at least she could’ve had a beautiful relationship with Payal. But she was so swallowed up by her own misery, that she could not look beyond her own selfish little world.
    Shashi’s letter!!!! I guess by keeping it hidden, she thought she could squash out Khushi from her life. But she couldn’t do that for long. The truth would’ve been out eventually.
    But the letter has been so beautifully worded. (The great business tycoon a lovelorn poet, huh? :P) I wonder what’ll happen to Garima. Despite everything, I do hope that she finds her closure, and a second chance in life.
    I do wonder though. What would have happened to Arnav and Khushi’s relationship had they been introduced to each other through Shashi…
    But I am glad that they found it on their own (of course, with more than a little help from the two 😀 )
    Before you guys posted Night 12, I was reading the fist few nights again. And what struck me the most was the phenomenal progress of Arnav and Khushi and their relationship. Though you guys made it seem so natural and gradual.
    And Shyam! It’s so amazing what Anjali did for him. It must be difficult for her, too. How much ever estranged they might be, he’s still her big brother. Having him away on a different continent, would surely be difficult for her. But she gave him a chance to have a new start. It’s sad how his own family won’t accept him as he is. But I hope Anjali’s plan works out, and he gets a new start.
    Robbie and NK!!! Damnnnn!! You just nailed it! It was the toe-curling kinda thing!! They are so amazing together. And the calls from his sisters!! That just seals the deal! I couldn’t stop fan-girling over these two! Robbie’s wait has totally been worth it. She is such a cutie!!!!!!! 😛

    Arnav and Khushi! They’ve come so far, braved so much together, and finally going to start a new life. (Is there going to be a honeymoon??? 😛 ) The kangan and the engraving! One word, but the promise of a lifetime and more…sigh.
    It’s amazing how Khushi is slowly bringing out of all the pain he has kept bottled up. And he is giving her the love, acceptance, and security that she has craved all her life.
    And the part where Arnav asks for Robbie’s permission to get married to Khushi… (I swear I wasn’t crying, just a twig in my eye…) It was one of the most beautiful scenes. I like how he acknowledges Robbie’s importance in Khushi’s life (even though his caveman tendencies do surface from time to time 😛 )
    The wedding!!! It was sooo Arnva-esque!! Simple, elegant and so, so full of love! And And that too on the anniversary of their first meeting!! Couldn’t have been better!

    This comment has become far too long. But there is so much to say, yet not enough words.
    You guys have given all the readers a wonderful journey.
    I can’t thank you guys and all the other writers who have kept the spirit of IPKKND alive.
    I can’t believe that even 3 years after the show has ended, people are still a part of this.
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. All’s well that ends well right? 😉
      lol I love me some giddy and toe-curls!
      And many thanks samruddhi for being a part of this journey.
      I can’t agree more. It is insane that we are all still here, in more ways than one 😛

  45. what an awesome update- a very befitting end to a wonderful start.
    One part that really touched my heart was arnav asking for khushi’s hand in marriage from Robbies- what more respect can you give a friend/sister .
    Awesome and thank you for not giving
    Up Those 29times when you thought about doing that .

  46. I had a totally crappy 4 days and was almost ready to throw in the towel and then I see Night 12!!!!! Finally….light at the end of the tunnel me thinks but it’s not just any light, it’s a rainbow and at the end of it, a whole pot of gold!!!!
    Thank you for the dedication darlings, you made my day and sent my 4 totally crappy days into oblivion 🙂 🙂 :). Love you loads!!

    What a cold, cold bitch Garima is. She makes Siberia look warm.

    “What I am, Amma, is a result of your upbringing.”…Truer words have not been spoken. This one line says it all. The reason Payal is the way she is. I am so glad she is finally breaking free from Garima and is seeking her own fortune in life.

    “She’d tried. God knows she’d tried. And she had nothing to show for it, but an empty life” – Never thought I would but boy do I sympathise with Payal. She was a mere puppet in Garima’s hands after all.

    And then the bitch wonders “Why did it always spiral to spiteful words with Payal?”..Well…duh…she is a carbon copy of YOU so go figure it out.

    Shashi’s letter was bittersweet though it never did reach the intended recipient. Perhaps both Arnav and Khushi’s life would have been that much easier had he received the letter but despite Garima’s machinations they found each other anyway. And what they have is much greater, better and stronger because of the way they found each other. I am glad Arnav did not get that letter after all.

    Having said that, it does not negate the fact that Garima is an even bigger monster than I previously thought. She has obviously lost all humanity. I have no words to describe this …..person? woman? What the hell is she??? She stole a letter meant for Arnav so that Khushi won’t have the protection Shashi tried to give her. How much lower can anyone stoop?? Arrgghh..I want to KILL Garima.

    Reading his letter and having known Shashi thought of Arnav as his son and Khushi as his “most precious cargo” has got to burn. The biggest slap on the face : not wanting Khushi to be another Garima!! But the worst is the fact that despite all her manipulations, Khushi and Arnav found each other just as Shashi intended!!!! Woo hoo!! take that you bitch!!!. You lost and how !!!

    Thank God you followed that unpleasant scene with Arnav and Khushi. It felt like a breath of fresh air after choking on something really foul smelling. Seriously.

    Despite his command of “miss me” (which she no doubt did), it was Arnav himself who missed Khushi so much he flew across the country for an intended 3 hours together and then ended up deciding to bring her along after all because he just can’t cope without her. I am jumping in glee here.

    That man who is the beginning of this wonderful story wouldn’t “hold a woman’s hand in public, never hug before an audience, whom Aman accused of having “a minimum six inches personal space rule” with his “one dinner, one night, no repeats rule” brought down to his knees where he can’t spend 3 nights away!! Wow, just wow.

    Aman’s hope that someday Arnav will meet a woman who ties him up so badly, he can’t think straight has become reality.

    NK is delivering on his promise. Robbie is panicking after a call from ONE sister. Our boy has 3 more…and “ruthlessly charming” that too. Just loved Khushi’s response and that scene between between NK and Khushi was so very very heart touching.

    “Don’t give up on her, NK. She’s built up a defense because she’s been hurt, but she’s in there, waiting for a prince to scale the walls.”…does she realise it applies to herself as much as it applies to Robbie?? No wonder NK laughed.

    I am glad Anjali went from mild-mannered to furious…Aman needs to be kept on his toes after all. Looks like Shyam can finally break free and find himself and in doing that rebuild his relationship with Anjali.

    It is really so sad that even in this era of advancement, people who are “different” are ostracized. I strongly believe that every single person has the right to live life the way they deem fit as long as they don’t hurt anyone else in the bargain. Society’s dictates be damned.

    NK and Robbie, my two favourite people. Robbie with that huge chip on her shoulder that NK has systematically chipped off bit by bit. Her confession that “If I let you in and you walk away, I won’t survive. It’ll destroy me.” Was more poignant that any “I love you”.

    NK’s promise that Robbie is never going to lose him and that “You need to give me you, so I can give you me” was pretty poetic in its earthy honesty.

    Must say Robbie’s mom gives good advice!!!

    Just love, love, love how you incorporated that IPKKND “aane do” scene in here.

    Absolutely loved that scene between the 3 men, the dragon lady and Lavanya. You gals put to rest so many things in that one short scene. Brilliantly done.

    Bowled over by the conversation between Arnav and Robbie. He didn’t need to ask Robbie at all but by doing so he acknowledges her importance in Khushi’s life.

    After all that noisy tears we see the Robbie we all love peek through ..her threat to hurt Arnav via NK is he fucks up and her retort that even though NK is Arnav’s employee, she has NK by the balls coz she is sleeping with him was too cute and funny for words. Just so totally Robbie!!!

    Loved that Arnav designed the Khushi’s wedding saree, Ivory and of course “red”, that colour that will forever be associated with Arnav and Khushi in my books. One that matches her ring perfectly, ruby set in white gold.

    That scene thereafter brought me to Night 1 when he felt envy for the way Anjali looked at Aman, with such devotion in her eyes and … he wondered how it would feel to have someone by his side. A woman with her hand in his, a glimmer of shared understanding in her eyes as she glanced up to him, a smile of assurance upon her lips.

    I am so glad he doesn’t have to wonder anymore for now he knows. Khushi’s love has finally healed him.

    That was one amazing, mesmerising and romantic proposal. You just blew me away. I am amazed Khushi did not melt into a puddle right then and there. I am not surprised he sprung the nuptials on Khushi with zero notice. After all he did tell Aman that “I’ll be the one dictating the terms of my marriage.” Guess he did after all.

    Yup…only Arnav would have the arrogance to turn the Empire State Building into his wedding venue. That place where as a 17 year old he promised his Nani success, the same place she made him realise Khushi’s importance in his life. It is so befitting that he takes that final and most important step of his life right there.

    Loved how you ended it. It’s a full and complete circle from how they started off a year ago….with a kiss at midnight.

    Of all the “Arshi” fan fictions out there, this one kept me hooked. I cannot thank you girls enough for bringing us this story of one of the best jodis TV gave us before they butchered the show. Loved how you have incorporated bits and pieces of IPKKND’s best moments throughout the story while keeping Arnav’s arrogance and Khushi’s goodness intact. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions that ended with a bang. Thank you ladies.

    1. Our girls will be happy to see this lengthy note of love from you. 🙂
      I too have enjoyed your thoughts on FWN sheelashanu.
      If I ever miss a point, I can definitely depend on you and all the astute ladies here to draw attention to it. I have said it before, but the peanut gallery has been an absolute joy to partake in, FWN would not have been the same without it.



      Ah fuck, thank you so much for this unexpected but damn appreciated note of love sheelashanu. You know…. K and I had a conversation about how many readers will be able to connect all the little dots back to our earlier Nights and here you are nailing them one by one! Am I grinning like a Cheshire cat? Yup.

      Your comments on Garima cracks me up. There is an urge to set up ring side seats, throw Garima and Payal into the ring and have you be the announcer. 😀

      It’s Arnav and Khushi in New York, we had to make use of the landmarks! I think I wouldn’t be able to go through with the marriage after a proposal like that. Need an ambulance for the heart palpitations 😛

      Thank you for hopping on the roller coaster with us. We loved having you.
      And whatever it was that put you in a shit mood, I hope it’s completely laid to rest in oblivion!

      1. Connecting the dots is a result of reading multiple times while waiting for updates 😬😬😬

        If u ever put Payal n Garima in a ring, not only will I be announcer, I will volunteer to referee as well 😝😝😝

        And yes my troubles have been laid to rest or at least I have let decided to let it go n enter zen mode 😜😜

        1. Zen and me mix as well as oil and water so I congrats your mode 😛

          How I wish you were with us from day one, but that is the greed rearing it’s head again.

          I’ll give you Robbie as co-referee 😀

  47. Loved how the story ended without any loopholes. There are so many readers who comment brilliantly, it gives me a complex… hehe
    Although Shashi’s letter and his confession of being a weakling came as a surprise, it still didn’t make my distaste towards the man lessen. Neither could he stand up to Garima when Khushi’s mom was alive, but neither could he be a father to the two girls who deserved to be loved and taught to love. I realize not everybody is perfect and Shashi did have his faults. I would have liked to know about his relationship with Payal though, could he bring himself to love her at all? I would also have liked Garima to do one right thing in her life and send that letter to Khushi so that she might find some closure.
    I loved the fact that each and every character, except Trent and Shashi, were so strong. Even Garima, although defeated, stood tall till the end and sneered at Payal:) And Payal, I hope she finds her way and becomes a better person. She needs to forgive herself first and try and discover who she is. That she doesn’t want to become another Garima is a very very good sign.
    Robbie has come the farthest in this story, I believe. Getting to know Khushi at the beginning was the best thing that could have happened to either one of them. That Khushi found her prince was something that started to thaw her cynical heart a little bit. Love NK for never ever pushing her(till the end), reading her body language and chipping off the hard chip from her heart and shoulders. It was very emotional when she actually braved to confess that if he left her, she won’t survive. And the actual confession? God, they can’t keep away the ‘f’ word from the confession ?? .. it was hilarious:)
    When it comes to Aman and Anjali … I have a complaint. You see guys, I was sort of looking forward to any hot description, scenes etc that would convince me Aman was ok. That his celibacy of 1 yr was actually worth it. That Anjali was a lioness in their bedroom. They still feel like a sweet couple but lack chemistry here.
    I hope Shyam find the courage to come out and restore his relationship with those who love him unconditionally.
    And yeah…only Arnav would have the arrogance to turn the Empire State building into his wedding venue. That place where as a young boy promised his Nani success, the place where she made him realise Khushi’s importance in his life. It is so befitting that he takes that final and most important step of his life right there.
    His confession that he was envious of Aman and Anjali on the new year’s eve, of them having what he never expected getting or even realized worthy of having was very moving.
    The end was very befitting as they have come a full circle. Thank you guys for such a wonderful story. Can’t wait for the next one! But of course the much awaited epilogue remains. I am so gleeful:)

    1. You gals have such keen senses we stress out over ever update – I’m damn glad to see how many of you connected the dots that made our circle 🙂

      I LOVE how divided our peanut gallery is over Shashi. Had it been unanimous love or hate then we failed in his character. Lol its Robbie and NK – fbombs are part of the package!!!

  48. First of all sorry S&K for the late comment on the Night #12
    Truly an amazing update of the last night
    Ending from how it started the New Year but the additional things is of cos Arshi’s wedding!!!
    Love the way how Arnav propose to Khushi 😍😍😍and also how he asked Robbie😂
    Looking forward to the epilogue!!!
    Thanks for the pm😘😉😊

  49. What a perfect end to this story! It all started on New Year’s Eve and ended on one. And with a bang – what more could one ask for?

    Seriously, I loved the way there were so many shades of gray in all the characters, but that is what made them human and relatable to the real world.

    To find “that” person who can complete you is any young girl or boy’s dream. And here we have 3 lovely couples who found just that. You took us on this amazing journey of their lives, their struggles and triumphs.

    When you think of Arnav and Khushi, you think of the mindblowing passion and love beyond and above everything else and you truly showed that here.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of work and I do hope you keep writing and sharing more!

    1. Thank you! How could a story featuring Arshi not be amped up with some sizzle? 😉 We enjoy writing bit are limited by time and … energy boosts 😀

  50. wowww…
    hats off to u…
    what a perfect ending to this fantabulous story..
    enjoyed reading every bit of it…
    garima deserves the loneliness…feeling bad for payal…
    and yeah…arshi got married…
    thanks for penning down such brilliance…

  51. You know S&K, read Night 12th, it in a hurry on 29th but couldn’t comment as I was away…. But it has made me reluctant to pen down a few thoughts… You know why??? It means that the nights have ended! But still I need to do it in appreciation of all the hard work you have put in to bring out this masterpiece…. Well here it is in bits and pieces….
    Payal’s posture itself shows defiance…. Anybody does not need words from Payal to understand her defiance but Garima being Garima, the insensitive woman, who is still thinking in terms of her social circle in general, and its impact on her standing in particular is still trying to justify her stand and her absence as though a query from Payal tantamount to insolence…. Payal has understood the hard way that what she has now is her own self and she had surrounded herself with vacuum by following the path chalked out by Garima…. Now even her cries don’t get carried to another person and it vanishes before her own eyes… energy becoming one of the numerous minute particles in the cosmic space… its existence is unheard off….
    What Garima has understood from this altercation is just that Payal has shown her true colors of a person of unknown origin… She has not understood that the basic characteristic of a person is molded by the environment one grows up in… At last Payal has brought to fruition what Garima had taught her… To be self-centered… So far Payal had acquiesced to every wish of Garima though implemented it in her own way… The net result had been a big Nada for herself and Garima is placed in her circle with clean hands… This realization of soiling her hands for the undeserved has made Payal revolt and stand for herself… leaving Garima to Lord over the empty shell of a house…

    1. Thanks rulama for takibg the time to leave some thought, although I’m still waiting on the pieces 😀

      What a perfect sum up of Payal’s rude awakening. I’m usually of the motto – better late than never – but sometimes it is TOO late, and that’s the case of Garima.

      All things must come to an end, even the 10 months worth of Nights 😛

  52. When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms and misguided opinions, walking away is the best way to stand up for yourself. To respond with anger is an endorsement of their attitude… Payal just did that while emphasizing there is no way she was going to apologize for being a bitch unless Garima comes down her glass tower and acknowledge for treating her like a shit… Then maybe she would ponder whether to accept it or not…. Payal’s realization that she had let Garima dim the light in her eyes just because it outshone her made her take the bold and necessary step to take her life into her hands though quite late… Your statement …. Cosmetics and good skin care masked the face, but the hands will always reveal a woman’s age… show how pompous Garima is! Reading the letter her gaze taking on a wizened look acknowledged that she lost the war with Shashi though she had an upper hand in each and every battle all along…
    It was good to go through Shashi’s letter to Arnav where he wanted Arnav to be the protector of his Amaanat and not be burdened to take his gem, Khushi if he had no such inclination… Looking upon Arnav as the son he never had his advice to wait for the right person to be his companion and not make the same mistake as him is indeed heartwarming… But what has irked me is still Garima has not handed it over to Arnav!

    1. You are not alone in this irritation lol However isn’t it justice that Arnav and Khushi found each other anyways? And let’s not forget, we still have a lengthy epilogue left 😉

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    Am so happy that Arnav proposed and that Khushi said yes.
    I do think that Garima should give up now, especially now that she herself knows that she has lost.
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    Thank you for writing an amazing, toe curling, beautiful, lovely Arshi story!! ❤️ I’m not really good woth my words but know that I was blown away and was simply awestruck and now will have FWN blues 🙁
    I loved my beloved Arnav & Khushi but with this story Noah, Robbie and Aman became beloved too.. The story would have lacked it’s glory without these three..they lent an aura that’s indescribable 🙂 but then each and every character was special and integral to FWN..

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    1. Welcome to the PG Kavi. I appreciate this note although it would have been nice to have you along the journey. At least we are now aware of some toe curling. 😛

      Lol I suppose this is our baby, one we are often tempted to strangle. We’ve known each other for so long K can definitely finish my sentences for me, I can’t imagine cowriting with anyone else!

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    1. I dig mixed bags. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the Nights. As for the epilogue … we keep a keen eye on the peanut gallery – substance is appreciated, but quantity doesn’t hurt 😉

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    I loved how you showed Payal being a better person than Garima. She was raised by Garima and did every single thing to get her approval, her motherly love once. And in that wake she became the one to do all of Garima’s dirty laundry where Khushi was concerned.

    As for Garima, she knows how badly defeated she is, yet is not ready to give up. That’s why she hasn’t given that letter of Shashi to Arnav. She can keep up all the presence she wants but she too know that she is left with nothing.

    Now coming to the good and the best parts of update.

    I loved how Anjali became the reason of the freedom Shyam was looking for all the presence of living a life to please his dad. Finally he will get to breath free and maybe he will be able to connect with his sister again this time with no secrets between them.

    Now what should I say about NK’s proposal. It was Aussies invasion at best with the world class best artilleries in form of his sisters emotional atyachar. Robbie didn’t stand a chance, yet she tried putting up a fight but NK showed her with that just one kicked that ‘that’s how the wall crumbles when he wants’. Than it doesn’t matter whether it’s his kick or the wreckage ball ;).

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    1. Thank you rk!!! Some people cling to their pride when that energy is better spent elsewhere. I suppose to keep things lively we need all types 😀

      Lol I love that you gals enjoyed our NK and Robbie. It was so fun to write them since we weren’t restricted by any preconceptions. As much as I adore Arshi – it’s damn hard to capture their essence while making them ours.

      We look forward to the new beginning!

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    The main couple obviously take the cake but Aman, NK, Robbie, Anjali, Nani n Lavanya around them are equally amazing in their own way!! One thing I want to see in epilogue would be Shyam finally getting his happiness! Homosexuality is still a taboo in our society and I can’t imagine the mental suffering people like Shyam go thru just to keep up the appearances in the society! It’s like someone being denied of their right to breathe…
    Kudos to both of u for a riveting story!! Cya real soon!

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    You have done a remarkable job with the other 2 love connections as well, be it Noah Katlyne Ryan/Robbie Sinclair and their quirky love story or the reserved courtship of Aman/Anjali.

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    What I loved the most was the fact that you gave equal space to the other characters too. I specially loved Robbie and NK. Loved his proposal. He broke down her door. Haha! Good for him.
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    I’ll start with my favorites, NK-Robbie. Yes, I am utterly in love with them! How beautiful and real their growth has been. I came here for Khushi-Arnav and I found yet another treasure. NK-Robbie have definitely taken over for this once with your ways of presenting them to us. 🙂 I am hooked! Even as crazy as hoping that these two can be explored further in a tale of their own someday by you two. *Wishing*

    Now onto Khushi-Arnav, they have come full circle. In many ways that I had hoped and then in some that went way beyond my imagination. And yes, Khushi-Arnav as I prefer, always, hamesha. 🙂

    Aman-Anjali – These two have been a surprise package from the very beginning and still continue to be. I hope to see them in the epilogue, at least a glimpse. 🙂

    Sashi, Garima, Payal, Trent, Shyam – Don’t we encounter them all within ourselves at some point in our lives? May be, hopefully, not as viciously as Garima but I feel like you have presented us the dark side that all of us go through in some form or the other. They have been just as integral part of FWN as any other for me.

    Lavanya – Though insignificant as a character, I’ve really admired how you have been able to make her presence feel, strongly so.

    New York – What would a lot of us be without this intriguing concrete jungle? The soul of this tale, that magical potion to NK-Robbie, Khushi-Arnav, Aman-Anjali, bromance so potent, sisterhood so lethal, romance so real, so alluring, so enchanting; to Farewell Winter Nights.

    The time to farewell winter nights is here. I almost don’t want it to conclude, but I understand what begins has to end someday and I am eagerly awaiting for your vision to bring it all together as an epilogue to finally farwell the winter nights.

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Huma girl, exactly 11 months ago, K and I posted Night #1. I spent the rest of the night munching on fingernails, wondering who would be the first to comment. I think I had an attack on the nerves when yours came through. 😀 Thank you so so much for that. For that leap of faith was something we often clung to as we navigated through this adventure.

    2. It is indeed time to bid farewell to the winter nights, Huma. 🙁 FWN is special for it’s readers in more ways than one. For me it is the platform that introduced me to many good friends and for that I am grateful to S & K.

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    The way in which the loops was connected is admirable.
    What I loved the most was the friendship between the three guys, the three relationship…………… the romance.
    Other than Arnav & Khushi, Robbie was favorite and Aman and NK (Noah Katlyne…now that was hilarious) and Anjali and lavanya.
    I am sad that it has come to an end but have thoroughly enjoyed it and we still have an epilogue to wait for……

  70. My sweethearts, here I am.
    Finally able to conjure a few words, which I am certain won’t be enough to honour the sheer perfection that is FWN. Before I commence with my remarks on Night 12, I just want to reiterate the reasons why FWN has had me captivated from the very beginning of the journey. For me, FWN isn’t just an Arshi fiction. It is a story with a very intriguing cast, an all-embracing ensemble, if you may. Women in the story form the crux of the tale around which the entire script is woven.
    Khushi – a model of dignity, integrity and candour. Robbie – sass, style and spirit personified. Anjali – an icon of patience and righteousness. Lavanya – a gutsy woman who refused to withdraw in the face of the injustice meted out to her and strived to establish her rightful place in the society. Garima – an epitome of spite and hostility. Payal – an anguished, desperate soul, a mere puppet who pandered to hostility in order to gain just an ounce of love and acceptance from her mother. Laramie – an image of all that is good in the world. The Dragon Lady – I love her. Seriously. An embodiment of grace, honesty, dependence and forthrightness.

    Now about Night 12. I can’t believe this brings us to the culmination of a journey I have so thoroughly enjoyed. And what a finale!! How wonderfully have you blended all those beautiful Arshi moments that made us fall in love with the show and left us breathless. <3

    Shashi in a way redeemed himself with the letter. And though it never made it to Arnav, I guess it definitely taught Garima a lesson. That truth will out and true love will prevail…always, inspite of all the trickery. Against all odds.

    Robbie-NK romance was totally…. absolutely ufff. My parrot, all domineering, protective, possessive and hopelessly in love, totally a keeper. Robbie with her fears and anxieties. S & K, I have to take a moment and voice my legitimate grievance. Lately girls here have been mooning over MY NK. Including you, S. He is 'MY' Parrot. I have relinquished my rights only for Robbie. I am very territorial when it comes to my pony-tailed parrot. Just saying….. 😛 😉

    This night also gave me the much awaited Anjali-Shyam dialogue. And I loved the fact that Robbie's spunk has rubbed off on Anjali, or is it the aftermath of a very spirited honeymoon? 😛 Anyway, I am so happy that the bro-sis duo rediscovered each other.

    “It’s traditional to ask permission from the head of family. So will you, Robbie? Will you give me Khushi? So we can both take care of her?” Just when I feel, as a reader I have experienced every soul-stirring moment in FWN repertoire, you come up with something like this. It pierces my heart straight off, and leaves an indelible mark on it.

    Finally the Arshi proposal and marriage. Just too romantic and dreamy. A toast to new beginnings. Winter nights for all of us would never be the same again. Thank you, my sweeties for this indulgence. FWN has reinforced my unwavering faith that the Prince comes looking for his Cinderella, hamesha, and they do get their ever-after always, hamesha. 🙂

    I hope this love-letter makes up for my month-long absence and silence. See you at the Epilogue.

    1. Thank you so much Priya for coming here and leaving us this love letter. The fact that it came despite a seriously harried AD makes it something we treasure all the more. Muah!

      I see a complaint has been submitted to K about a certain pony tailed dude. What can I say? The man is so tasty, we all want a bite 😀 But in deference to your prior claim, I’ll allow you first honors. Of course this is only if you’re willing to face Indiana retaliation 😉

      There are only a handful of ladies here who took the plunge with us 10 months ago and remained by our side through the Nights and lengthy delays. I can’t even begin to express what that means to us. It is not your comments that I hold close (although I damn well love those!) but that of your sweetness and friendship.

      I think you’ll be glad to know we are keeping your love of long Epilogues in mind as we spin this final piece of yarn! 😀

  71. After accepting the fact that delaying my comment wouldn’t necessarily delay the inevitable ending and surviving the hellish internet connection, here I am finally, finally with my gushy, foolishly maudlin love letter, weeks too late. Please excuse my tardiness and accept my heartiest congratulations, S and K, on your successful debut as writers in this fandom. 10 months is a hell lot of time to invest in something and I am proud to say that I was there since the beginning. You started this tale with an élan that is rare to find and now you are ending it with the same flamboyance. FWN would always hold a special place in my heart, one that I will always come back to again and again.

    You both took our favourite couple and weaved them into a tale of so much beauty and luminescence that it blew my mind away. Your Arnav and Khushi are one of the best I’ve read- their passion unforgettable, their romance gripping and their love dhak-dhak inducing. I loved the growth and transformation the characters went through by embracing their past and letting love lead them into the future. From a jaded, cyninal businessman wary of women and emotions, to a devout lover willingly tying the wedding knot and a scarred, lonely girl to the confident woman free to love and live- it’s wondrous how both Arnav and Khushi as individuals and a couple grew by leaps and bounds. And I love how despite all the sweetness, mellowness and contentment that marks the post-Khushi Arnav, he is still the same cocky, arrogant ASR audacious enough to convert the Empire State Building into his wedding mandap. He secured the biggest deal of his life, his hamesha, with the same flair and oomph that is characteristic of him in the business world. The beautiful culmination of their love and the beginning of their new journey, girls!

    I love how you guys pick out the various nuances and subtleties from the original show and give them your own twist. Like their 6 months of bliss and togetherness and the letter from Shashi for Arnav that he doesn’t even know about. The perfect twist from the original storyline of Khushi receiving the letter from Arnav’s mother. It also gave us an insight into Shashi’s thoughts, desires and the reasons behind his actions. Also the perfect slap to Garima’s bitchy face!

    My love for NK- Robbie and Aman-Anjali knows no bounds. It is all- encompassing and unconditional. The sexy, straightforward Aussie and his strong and sassy Indiana girl eclipsed everyone at times. Their declaration of love was as explosive as their relationship is- filled with teasing, testing and taunting. And I absolutely demand more of Aman and feisty Anjali. Bas! Epilogue is quite the perfect stage to satisfy that craving of ours.

    Payal, Lavanya and Shyam have all in a way begun a new life. Payal- by accepting the futility of her efforts to win the affection and love of Garima and eventually walking away from it all. Shyam- by grasping the opportunity given by his little sister to find who he really is. And Lavanya by gaining a family and its acceptance which she had been fighting for so long.

    FWN would not be the same without our formidable Dragon Lady. The paragon of strength and resilience, fiercely protective and loving, she was the foundation of the Raizadas. I love and admire her character a lot. The way you portrayed her has made her unforgettable.

    S and K, because of the brilliance of your prose, the power of your words and your storytelling prowess, FWN wasn’t just some fanfiction on our beloved couple but an experience in itself. It became an avenue to escape into a world of love and laughter, winters and warmth, romance and friendships, fairytales and princes of the best kind. Thank you for indulging our fantasies and giving us this opulent extravaganza. Wintry nights and New Years will never be the same again…

    1. Fuck. Sometimes you totally blow me away. Just saying, should you ever decide to pen a tale I demand first notice!

      I can literally feel all the pissy annoyance that’s been coursing through me find release as I read through each word of this delightfully gushy and not at all foolish nor maudlin love letter. Seriously, it totally switched off the bitch mode 😛

      Thank you for being with us since Night #1. And while I’m greedy enough to admit I wish you showered each subsequent night with such a love note, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you with us.

      It is always interesting to read feedback on the characters, and I’m thrilled to know our intent and hopes for the characters were conveyed.

      Our epilogue will be pure fan service I assure you. It’s less of a final chapter and more a final… mini book. Yeah, yeah, even while we were grumbling, we’ve actually been planning it out. Our way of giving thanks to you gals. 😀

    2. This is the very reason I stalk the peanut gallery. Wonderfully worded eternalallure. Had I simply stumbled upon this review, it would have compelled me to embark on the reading journey post haste. 🙂

  72. I wonder why it took Arnav’s shatir dimaag to realize if you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they are supposed to be there and beside you… Both their minds are a mess when away from one another for each the other is the one who lights up their days…Knowing this still their trial to go back to the old ways of immersing in their work held no meaning… The thrill of work was lost without the other… With such thoughts lingering all along will Arnav keep away from his love??? and miss an opportunity to peel off his shirt from her… No away… Its such a joyous task for him which he would not forego… So also Khushi’s company all along his work…

  73. This was indeed a beautiful chapter. Loved how Payal told Garima off and decided to walk away. Garima has finally realised that she has lost and is alone. Will Arnav ever get that letter of Shashi’s?

    Robbie has also finally accepted NK and they seem made for each other.

    That was indeed a beautiful request from Arnav to Robbie as the head of Khushi’s family. Finally, Arnav is at peace only given to him by his happiness.

    So going to miss this story.

  74. Am re reading FWN. Came across this……
    “Everything,” he answered truthfully, “I want everything.”
    Arnav’s aspiration and intention that he firmly expressed to the Dragon Lady on top of the Empire State Building. Exactly where Arnav eventually tied his Happiness to himself for eternity and beyond.

    He got his ‘everything’.

    Love you Girls for this beautiful story.

  75. *phew… I am done. Sorry ladies but I just couldn’t stop and drop in comments on each chapter cause I was impatient…. I am emotional! Awww! I have always loved Arnav and Khushi’s simple ways of expressing love which makes them that: Passionate and so alluring. You guys have brought out just that. The Arnav and Khushi here is just too awesome.

    I’ll be back with more words ASAP 🙂

  76. I am in two minds about this story ending. On the one hand, I am glad I joined it now instead of a year ago, because believe me, you don’t want me hounding you for updates every day, and that is exactly what you would have gotten. On the other hand, it was such a marvelous read that I am already feeling that bittersweet sadness that creeps in when one finishes an especially good book.

    NK & Robbie’s confession was absolutely perfect and completely fitted to them. Good advice, Ma!

    Aman & Anjali – these two are born to be fixers. And what a grand job they do of it.

    Khushi & Arnav – words aren’t enough to express how absolutely amazing your portrayal of this couple was. I am lost for words, and that’s not an easy feet to accomplish, ladies!

    Will join in on the Lounge tomorrow!

  77. you girls are fantastic! this is such an entertaining story, but underneath it all, are a bunch of very mature characters… in spite (yes, in spite) of all their past, all their insecurities, all their hardships, all their faults, all their struggles. their willingness to put their past behind them, to accept, to protect, to cherish, to love, and to give themselves completely is so touching. i love the fast pace, no lingering, no crying over spilt milk. yes, their ability to pick themselves up and move on, to make it big and to not be afraid of hard work….. i guess you get the drift – the list is endless. in short, you are awesome!!

      1. thank you, the pleasure is all mine!
        since you ask…. absolutely love the bromance. through thick and thin they stand by each other, never giving up and constantly being there. like that they don’t keep secrets that cause more drama.
        and most importantly, i adore your kushi and arnav. they are our every day regular (if you can discount the abject poverty, and too much wealth combo) people with flaws – yet beautiful people. you hit on true love here. and that is what makes this story so, so beautiful. their love, their attraction, their sincerity trumped their lows. their ability to push aside their sorrows, and misgivings and commit to one another, with implicit trust touched me. truly. if they were real, i would hug them for it. but since they are not, sending my hugs to you, for such beautiful characterization…

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      Your request have been reviewed. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated.
      However, we are looking for heavy-weight commenters.
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    1. Hi Dhara,

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      I’ll leave it to K to make the call on this one. Although, are you sure you wish to dive deeper into the rabbit hole?

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        About the sister bonding… Khushi, Anjali and Robbie have different opinions and expectations about life. In spite or these differences, not even once they judged the other’s believes. They respected each other. But I have to admit that the character I loved the most is Robbie because Robbie and I have a feature common, our endless support for our best friend. Just like Robbie, I can also turn into a tiger in no time to protect my beloved friends whom I consider as a part of my family. If only Lavanya had been a part of this beautiful bond by getting rid of the burden of her past completely.

        1. Hi, I got your invitation to view Lounge 69 in order to access Epilogue Series. However, even after creating a WordPress account and verifying my e-mail account, It still says that it is a protected blog. I don’t know where I did wrong through the accessing process. Can you help me to solve this problem, please?

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    1. Thank you. As we often write and edit together, the flow is not too shabby.
      Ah our Lounge is greedy as well. It likes to see a sacrifice of comment bleeding before it nudges.
      I hope you will indulge. 😉

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    Arnav came out every inch the ruthless businessman u wanted him to portray. Not once did u deviate from your path and made him act out of character. He never went mushy just bcz he was in love, but at the same time loved khushi with all his might. Payal was so right, he kissed the floor she walked on but held his own when needed to.

    Khushi was the victim of a man’s weakness, who unfortunately was none other than her own dad. What ever she suffered was bcz of his cowardice. Garima didn’t want a divorce so he made his own daughter an illegitimate child in front of the whole world. Pathetic… simply pathetic.

    The person who I felt the most for was Payal. Both Shashi and Garima ruined her life. No child wants to be treated second best by their parents but when the child is adopted, it makes the situation 10 times worse.

    Aman, NK and Robbie were just adorable characters. Could u plz give me the epilogue link as I really want to read what future life of all the characters will be plus I really want to read more of your brilliant writing. Are there any more stories of yours that I could read… If yes then could u plz share the link of your other stories.

    1. Welcome Farheen. You must share about the hesitation. Was there a fear this will be one of those “dark mature” stories along the lines of Fifty Shades of Crap? 😛

      Good! In all the FFs I read, I always skip Anjali’s scenes too. Woman’s got a bad rep doesn’t she?

      I love your reading of the characters! And who wants a changed man when he’s what you fell for in the first place? 😉

      More? Sure?
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      1. Hey, thank you for replying. Ah, the hesitation, it wasn’t bcz of the ” dark mature stories” as I feel u could always learn something from any story u read no matter how pathetic it is provided that it’s been written with correct grammar and spellings. Forgive me for being such a snob or whatever u want to call me, but I can’t enjoy a story written in bad English, as it kills the story.

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        Khushi’s character was nice but I don’t like a goddess khushi with no gray shades. In every story she is the epitome of everything that’s great. Hopefully in your stories, I won’t find such khushis. I am not saying that she should be a conniving witch but a little human streak is refreshing. I simply hated khushi in ipk who wanted to leave her house and husband for aarav.

        Last but not least, I simply hated the character of anjilli. I can’t stand a character with no self respect or dignity. The anjilli in your story had both the qualities so it made her tolerable.

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    The propsal was just….just. . Um….yummy 😉
    BRAVO BRILLIANT STORY, Loved all the twists and turns especially about Shyam 😉 better than anything thecindian soaps can ever come up with. ? Hell I wonder if the western soaps could do that .. just brill!

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    The story just flowed, everything fit, which are marks of great storytellers! Loved how each character wad writteven the ones that made you go wtf?!? Regardless thanks for writing/sharing with me/us.

  100. Wow ….Arnav and Khushi have come a long way. What a beautiful Night it turned out to be, New Year’s Eve again….
    Loved this.

    Off the Night….I am unable to access the wordpress account past few months despite help from the WordPress team…is there another way I read the other related portions of FWN…let me know plz

  101. This was one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read. The story had everything, suspense, strong storyline, balanced characters, human imperfections and justified events. Every character explored and done justice to. Arnav, a true Byronic hero, one of my favorite Byronic heroes, was molded so perfectly according to this story line. Although, he was not entirely a Byronic hero in this story. But, he had the elements. And, I loved them,
    Khushi, a character all humbleness, but she gave the human touch with, “I have no halo around my head.” Nobody is perfect. And, I finally saw a human Khushi in a fanfiction.
    I liked Aman more than NK. I don’t know, maybe the subtle happy go lucky touch.
    And, the best-justified character hands down would be Payal. Whatever we shape to be, is because of the people and situations we face. Hence, every human is different. She could have been a better person. But, as they say there is no innate conscience, Payal was doomed to be imperfect. I feel for her.
    The story was beautiful, so well put, every loophole covered. Every single action justified. It is an art to handle a story with so many twists and turns. Your story is one of the maturest I’ve read as a fanfiction.
    Please allow me access to read the epilogue too. Please. Please. Please.

    1. Hundreds of readers and you are first to name Mr. Raizada a Byronic hero. 😀
      I’m glad the story was enjoyable.
      Payal took our fancy in the last lap, I look forward to your thoughts on where we end her journey in the Epilogue series. ^^

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    Another thing which really stands out is the bond b/w the 3 boys and b/w khushi and robbie. The 3 men share a unique chemistry and their bromance is very entertaining. The protectiveness aman and NK feel for arnav is very endearing. That is how the love between siblings should be. Even though NK is not related to them by blood…I always thought of these 3 as real brothers. I also love the bond between aman and lavanya. I wish we got to see some more of the bond b/w arnav and lavanya and how it changes more over the course of time.

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