Night #6

Wednesday afternoon

Lower East Side, Manhattan

To any self-respecting woman, Arnav’s offer to sweep in and take over would be infuriating. An honest woman, however, would admit it was also tempting. It was this temptation that was making her dig her heels in. What she had managed to attain thus far may not be much in comparison to his empire, yet it was proof she was able to piece together a new life from the tattered fabric of an old one. They were lovers, but she would never allow herself to become her mother.

Khushi forced thoughts of Arnav outside her head as she headed in for the interview. She had more practical thoughts to deal with at the moment, like how rent was due in two weeks and her bank balance was heading close to a bleak zero.

She looked up at the sign. No doubt he would have a lot to say if he knew she was interviewing to be a cocktail waitress at a bar on the Lower East Side. However, since she was let go with no reference, there wasn’t much of a choice. Mr. Raizada will just have to deal.


This was a mistake, Khushi recognized immediately upon entering. She’d walked right into a strip club. Shit!

This was the result of not putting her mind on vetting where she was applying. The heavily tattooed man behind the counter was intimidating; the two muscular bouncers by the doors had that look that made her skin crawl. At eleven, the place was also nearly empty.

“Well, what can I do for you beautiful?”

Gulping down her nerves, Khushi offered a polite smile. “Hi, I came for an interview with Mr.Levine.”

“You’re looking at him,” his eyes raked down her body. “You’ll do. When can you start sweetheart?”

She started backing up towards the door, “Well, I was under the impression this was a restaurant bar.”

His eyes narrows, “It is.”

“I mean, I didn’t realize this was a … er gentlemen’s club.”

Mr. Levine sniggered, “Look boys, a judgmental little bitch.”

“No! I only meant I misinterpreted your advertisement. Sorry for wasting your time. I’ll just be on my way.”

“Hold on. Came all the way here for the job didn’t cha, what’s the rush?”

Beefy hands closed around her upper arms.

“Let go!”

“You’ll go when I say you can. No little uppity bitch is going slink into my club and throw attitude.”

Khushi was fighting back panic when she heard a voice, with an unmistakable accent, come from the doorway.

“You heard the lady. Let go.”

NK. But it was an NK like she’d never seen. Gone was the easy going manner, the laid back smile. In their place was a grim concentrated countenance of a man who was primed to fight – and win. This was the man Arnav trusted with his life.

“And who the fuck are you?”

“Nobody, unless you fuck with me.”

“She yours?”

“No, but she’s under my protection.”

“She’s not yours then it’s none of your fucking business. Missy thinks she’s too good to work for me. Needs a lesson.”

“The only one getting a lesson here today will be you if you don’t let her go.”

“Yeah? Says who?”

Suddenly the bouncer wasn’t next to her but flying across the room. He slammed into the wall with a bone crunching thud.

“Lesson one,” NK clipped. He turned just in time to dodge the punch from the second bouncer. In a span of thirty seconds Khushi stood in frozen shock as NK delivered a series of jarring blows, not taking a single one himself.

He was skilled and speedy, giving him a clear edge. Unable to take another hit, the solid wall of muscle landed on his knees with a howl of pain, hands clutched over his abdomen.

“Lesson two,” NK said as he turned to the now pale-faced owner, “Should I continue?”

The man took several steps back, shaking his head vehemently. At that NK’s hand closed around her arm and without a backward glance, Khushi found herself being dragged out to the sidewalk.

“NK!” she snapped. “Slow down! I can’t keep up.”

He turned around to glare at her. “What the fuck is the matter with you?” he demanded slowly, his voice vibrating with unchecked fury. “A strip club, Khushi? Really?”

“I didn’t know!” He was scaring the hell out of her. “And you’re scaring me.”

“Good,” NK bit out.

“Arnav sent you,” the accusation was stated with an odd mix of defeated anger. “He doesn’t trust me does he?”

“He’s concerned for your safety, and after what just happened back there, he’s right.”

“It was an honest mistake, NK. I’m grateful you were there. It doesn’t mean I appreciate the reason why you were.”

“You matter to him, Khushi. Don’t make this into something it’s not. He wants you taken care of, give him that.”

“He wants control.”

“In Arnav’s vocabulary, they are one and the same. Your problem however is that you’re focusing on the words. With him, you need to look beyond them.”

“I don’t know what you mean!”

“Intent is everything with Arnav. You need to understand the motive behind his words and actions. They are often at cross purpose. Look for the cues that will tell you what he really means.”

“What cues?”

“You need to learn that on your own. Once you do, once you understand the language of Arnav Singh Raizada, you’ll realize who’s really in control of the relationship.”

Khushi gave a frustrated sigh. “I need to get to my second interview.”

“You’re not going on another interview, Khushi.”

“NK, I need a job.”

“You’ll be taken care of,” NK rejoined, ushering her towards the waiting cab.

She yanked her arm out of his hold, “Yeah? Is that so? Should I ask him to pay my rent? Leave utility bills on his desk? Lay a palm out for one of his credit cards when I need a new pair of jeans?”

“Why not? He has the money, and he’s made it clear he wants to.”

“Damn you both, I won’t be kept! You may look down on what I choose to do, but it’s my life. Dignity is the only thing I’ve been left with! I won’t allow anyone to take that from me,” to her shame, her voice lost its strength and tremored to an end.

“What, or better yet who, are you running from, Khushi?”

She turned her face away from NK’s leveling stare, “Nothing, I’m sorry for this scene. You didn’t ask for it,” she paused for a calming breath, “Would you mind dropping me home?”

“And where’s home?”


“Fine, I won’t make you say it. But Khushi, in my experience, denial has a nasty way of causing wreckage.”


After dropping Khushi off at the door to Arnav’s penthouse, NK didn’t return to the office. Instead he headed to his own apartment to ensure privacy for what he had to do.

NK didn’t like his conversation with Khushi. She was definitely running from something… more likely someone. It was time to dig.

He scrolled through his contacts until he found Chet, a former associate of his life before AR. Chet specialized in comprehensive background checks, finding what others didn’t want found, and what most aren’t able to dig up.

“I have a job for you,” NK informed him the instant the call went through.

“What is it with you since you started working for Raizada?” Chet’s deep bass voice rumbled in his ear. “You don’t know how to say, ‘Hello’? Even a quick, ‘How ya doin’ mate?’ But, no. It’s always, ‘I need shit done and I need it done yesterday.’”

NK fought for patience. “Hello. How ya doin’ mate? We good? Now, I want you to dig up everything you can on a Khushi Lacene Khumari. Absolute discretion is required.”

“Who is she?”

“Yes or no, Chet.”

“Depends. First, you best remember you’re the one asking for a favor.” He let that sink in.

NK swore. “Sorry, Chet. She’s important.”

“To you?’




“You know, he doesn’t expect payback.”

“I know. The Raizadas, well they overlooked a lot. That’s why I stay and that’s why I’m calling in a favor.”

“They’re lucky to have you. And you are lucky to have me, you little fuck.”

“I know it, as you never fail to remind me.”

“I’ll dig. How deep do you need me to go?”

“All the way.”

“To birth?”

“To conception.”

“Fuck, she a liability?”

“No, but something in her past might be.”

Business taken care of, he hung up and punched a text to Robbie.

NK: “We need to talk.”

Robbie: “That sounds ominous, Handsome.”

NK: “About Khushi.”

Robbie: “What about her?”

NK: “She has secrets up to her ears and behind those dimples and head of curls, you are the keeper of those secrets.”

Robbie: “Your boss’s paranoia must be rubbing off on you.”

NK: “No, just riding my instincts. I also have the time and several fortunes at my disposal, so if you don’t share I’ll find out anyways.”

NK wasn’t surprised when his phone rang two seconds later.

“Don’t hurt Khushi,” Robbie’s voice was laced with panic.

“I have no intention of doing so, but considering the magnifying glass Arnav lives under, I can’t protect her when I don’t know what I need to protect her from.”

“How can I trust you?”

“Go with your gut feeling. What’s it saying?

“That life is about to change.”

“Do you want the change?”

“For Khushi? Absolutely. My last two birthday wishes has been for her to get the happiness she deserves.”

“And that’s why I think you’re worth it, Robbie Sinclair.”


At the genuine surprise in her tone he decided to lay it out. “Any woman, who uses her own birthday wish for another woman’s happiness, is worth the bullshit games.”

“Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

“Beautiful Robbie, your looks alone could inspire a man to rope the moon for you, why the doubts?”

“Huh. Men always expect payment in kind.”

“Now I think it’s you who need to widen your circle of acquaintance. Anyways, stop distracting me.”

“They’re not my secrets to tell, NK.”

“No, but they’re yours to protect. We’re on the same team, Robbie.”

“What makes you so sure he wants more from Khushi then the others?”

“Who do you think chose Kumar’s Catering for the party?”


Fuck him. How did that slip out?

“You tell me what you mean right this minute, NK!”

“I’ll tell you, if you invite me over this evening.”

“That’s blackmail!”

There was a challenging silence.

“Fine! My rehearsal runs until five. Come over at six.”


“Oh please, as if you don’t know it.”

“I’ll see you at six, and Robbie?”


“BL is expected.”


“Black lace.”

“You’re not even at first base.”

“Impatient for a taste of me?”

“No! Just making a point.”

“Noted. Now I’ll make my point. I’m up for bat tonight doll.”


Fifth Ave, New York

As soon as she entered the penthouse, Khushi threw off the knitted sweater she’d been wearing. Feeling suffocated, she paced the living room with pent-up energy.

Who was she angry with? Arnav for his high handedness? Or herself for giving in? Should she view his action as protective or controlling? Was she allowing the worst kind of repetition of a lesson she’d already learnt too well?

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” the malicious reminder slithered through her mind.

No, she wasn’t like her. She couldn’t be like her. To be like her led to heartbreak.

What to do now? Stand her ground and continue as they were, taking each day as it came, and when it was over, leave with a bruised heart, but her dignity intact? Or, did she dare to venture into his world and see if she could make it her own. Could she risk being cut open in pursuit of this happiness?

Khushi came to an abrupt standstill, in a room surrounded by glass, over seventy stories above New York City, she encountered her fork in the road.

Who was it that intoned the irrelevance of reality in favor of perception?

NK’s question came back to her, “And where’s home?”


Where was home? Why hadn’t she protested when NK took her straight to Arnav’s?

Her eyes swept the room. They met with four corners of luxury incarnate, but it was hollow – until he walked through the door and filled it with his presence.

Home to her had never been a place, but rather two arms holding tight. Home was warmth, the warmth of her mother’s embrace. Home was shelter, the shelter of her father’s arms.

Khushi sank onto the sofa, heart racing as she thought of how she felt in the last few nights in the moments just before sleep when Arnav put his arms around her, pulling her into his warm embrace.

Was Arnav home?

Tucked against him, she felt like a lost traveler returning after an unexpectedly long trip. In his arms she felt protected. Cherished.

Her breath stuttered.

She had given him her body, allowed him to take over her dreams. Even her heart beat in tune to his. Could she hand him her complete trust? Such an exchange would be equivalent to signing over her soul to him. Would he want such a burden? Would he understand its fragility and take care?

She had trusted before, only to discover a mirage. That crack would never fully heal, but her soul was untouched and whole.

If Arnav broke her trust, she would break. A shattered mirror without a reflection.

Abruptly, the late nights and lack of sleep caught up with her. Khushi made her way to the bedroom, stopping short at the door. Why couldn’t she enter when he wasn’t there? It somehow felt intrusive.

Laying her head down on the bed in one of his guestrooms, she closed her eyes.

There is no truth. There is only perception.” Right, Mr. Gustave Flaubert.

She was not her mother. Her beloved mother had not dared to ask for the whole man. Khushi will not settle for anything less.

A smile kissed her lips as she drifted to sleep. The fork in the road had vanished, for she was already walking on her chosen path.


Arnav: Where are you?

NK: Had to take care of business. On my way back.

Arnav: Khushi?

NK: Safe in your tower.

Arnav: Anything I should know?

NK: Enter your place with caution.

Arnav: What the fuck, NK!

NK: She’s fine, but pissed.

Arnav: Women.

NK: Yeah…there are only 3 things to be done with them.

Arnav: ….

NK: Love them, suffer for them, or turn them over your knees.

Arnav: You’re mixing your reading material.

NK: Oh please, Henry Miller was a pansy.

Arnav: And Hugh Hefner wasn’t?

NK: One would assume you’ll side with the empire builder.

Arnav: Not when it’s an empire of bunnies.

NK: A valid point.


AR Headquarters, New York

The door to Aman’s office opened and closed.

“I can’t believe you’re ditching our long standing Wednesday nights at Gramercy for a chick. Whatever happened to the bro code you little…Nani!” Aman yelped as he looked up from the screen. “Sorry, thought you were NK.”

“I’m well aware of that,” she rebuked. It surprised her that this grandson will soon be a married man and starting a family of his own. Aman was so childlike in many ways. In ways Arnav never was, in ways he was never allowed to be.

“We weren’t expecting you this week, anything wrong?”

“No, I was nearby and thought I’ll drop in…. Arnav, how is he?”

“Something happened,” Aman stated astutely, making Devyani smile ruefully. Why did she always underestimate the shark-like instincts that existed beside the carefree front?

“Yes, I said something I shouldn’t have. Arnav does not forgive easily.”

“You are family, Nani. One of the few we have. Whatever our differences, Arnav and I can never repay your care and guidance.”

“Any grandmother –” she started, but Aman was quick to interrupt.

“Perhaps, but few grandmothers are entitled to be called Lady Dragon,” he gave her an impish grin, taking the wrinkled hand and placing a light kiss on them. “I’ll talk to, Arnav.”

Her eyes misted for a moment, she gave him a light tap on the cheek before she harrumphed and raised a brow.

“Since I’m here, I want to tell you before approaching Arnav. Your mami has sent a photo of her friend’s daughter from Delhi. She will be coming this summer to study at NYU-”


“Aman, I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth. You know it is my dearest wish to see both of you settled with a good woman by your side. You have found your Anjali, but your brother’s choice in women has me worried.”

“Nani, first you will live a full century. It is the will of the Raizada brothers, who would dare go against it? Second, you promised me three years.”

“Yes, but an entire one has passed by and you haven’t produced a single candidate for consideration!”

“I found her six months ago.”

“What? How? Who?

Aman laughed, “Thank god you did not have a granddaughter, poor girl would have been married off the minute she turned eighteen.”

“Aman Singh Raizada! Don’t hold me in suspense. You actually found someone?”

“I wouldn’t dare. And yes, she was in our backyard this whole time.”


“Nani, I promise you, both of your grandsons will be well and truly married before the next New Year. She meets every requirement of yours, mine, and NK’s,” he paused thoughtfully, “Arnav’s too for that matter. It’s like someone upstairs crafted her just for us.”

“Who is she? When can I meet her?”

“You’ll meet her at the engagement party. However, you must promise me one thing.”

“You’re beginning to sound like your brother. Not everything is a negotiation you know.”

“It’s too late bemoaning that now, the ship has long sailed.”


“Right. I found her and I’ve placed her in his path. The rest must be up to him.”

“What if he lets her slip through his fingers? You know your brother doesn’t allow anyone in, especially a woman. Not after what happened in Lucknow.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that. He’s wrapped up in her so tight; he’s already forsaken his normal modus operandi.”

“Our Arnav?”

“Yes, Nani, our Arnav, your chote…does this mean you will be leaving me the lion share in your will?”

Aman winced as the thick HR handbook hit his chest, the Dragon Lady sure had a good arm.


Wednesday  evening

Fifth Ave, New York

As soon as he stepped into the penthouse, his eyes searched for her, experiencing an odd pang when she wasn’t there to greet him. Only a handful of days and he had grown used to seeing her as soon as he returned, anticipating that first touch after hours apart. That unsettling sense of coming home.

It hadn’t escaped his notice that she rarely spent time in the apartment while he was at the office, or how she went back to her place every day for a change of clothes. With any other woman, this attitude would have been appreciated. What was it about this one that changed the entire equation?

He conjured her to mind. He had dated women more beautiful and sophisticated, had slept with far more experienced ones. But none of them, not one, responded to his touch the way she did. He wanted her in a way he didn’t think was possible for a man to want. He wanted to taste that lush mouth, to make those green eyes burn, to watch her body take his with abandon. It was a want that was edging damn close to need.

The thought brought him up short. He—Arnav Singh Raizada—needed no one. Raking his hand through his hair, he twisted his aching neck to ease the mounting tension.

Khushi. Her name alone evoked his proprietorial instincts. She made him feel… something. Despite the extensive scope of his lexicon, he didn’t have the word to put a name to this feeling.

Where was she?

He derided himself for his eagerness even as he strode towards the master bedroom. No Khushi. Panic flared in Arnav’s gut, propelling him to move through the rooms.

He found her in the last guest bedroom. It took several moments for his eyes to adjust to the dim light. The relief upon making out her feminine shape on the bed made a mockery of all his assurances of control. Arnav found himself standing by the bed and looking down. She was on her side, hair spread out across the pillow, hands tucked under one cheek.

His chest constricted as he read the lines of exhaustion on her face. Without conscious thought, he reached out and traced a finger lightly across her face, gently brushing back her silky tresses. Just then she stirred, making him tense. Quickly removing his hand, he stood in statue stillness until she settled. Arnav found his mouth tipping up as her even breathing gave way to a soft snore.

Catching himself the smile faded. He barely knew her, and yet she held power over him, handed to her by his own body. Without intending to do so, he had spent most of the day with her on his mind. It was a first. His jeal- no, possessiveness, was also a first. Her immunity to his wealth, definitely a first!

Arnav realized then it was the sense of navigating through uncharted waters that was upsetting his equilibrium. He was a man hardwired to operate within the premise of terms and conditions, whether it was business or personal. It was time to put an end to this limbo and set the particulars of their arrangement.

However she was getting two concessions he would never tolerate with any other.

The terms will be negotiated in bed. The proposal agreed to verbally.

He didn’t mind the first, looked forward to it in fact. Her keen mind and passionate nature guaranteed an engaging battle. But the latter bothered him. He would prefer a written contract, legal and binding. However, Khushi had too much self-respect and innate romanticism to sign something so cold. It was a compromise, of sorts, but one they could both live with.

Decision made, he went to prepare. A strategist to his core, Arnav recognized how vital it was to set the stage.

An hour later, a discreet knock came. He opened the door to accept the package containing items he had specifically requested from concierge. Finally on familiar grounds, Arnav allowed himself a small smile.


Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York

He was going to end up falling in lust with her. NK accepted this truth as they went down the produce isle and he caught Robbie eyeing the cucumbers overtly before sneaking a glance at his thighs.

He suppressed the grin before picking the second largest of the cylindrical vegetables and placing it deliberately in the cart. She starred with interest before looking up to meet his eyes. Hers sparkled with humor.

He had barely knocked on the apartment door, when Robbie had torpedoed out and dragged him back to the streets. “Grocery!” was her singular explanation.

After paying for the purchase, his insistence, they’d each grab a bag and headed out. It was a warmer night than usual for a New York winter.

“You want to take a cab or walk?”

“It’s only ten minutes, you can start sharing what you meant earlier today as we walk.”

“Impatient little thing aren’t you.”

“Never call a woman ‘little thing’ when her feet are wrapped in spiked boots.”

“You do have a way of making your point, Doll.”


“I know your name.”

“Then use it.”

“What’s wrong with doll?”

“It’s generic and it tells me you fall back on it when you don’t remember the name of a woman you’re with,” she threw at him.

NK paused mid stride and starred at her back. Oh yes, he was definitely falling.


She spun around to face him, chin tilted in challenge. “What?”

“Anyone ever tell you, you look extremely kissable when pissed?”

“No, but I see you’re about too.”

“I’ve always hated predictability,” with that NK moved towards her, wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her to him. She starred at him and just as her eyes fluttered close in surrender, he grinned. Leaning close, he gave her ear lobe a light nip. “Not yet, I’m going to take my time for a good warm up before I go to bat for you. Because when I do, it’ll be a home run, Robbie.”

Her eyes snapped open, something in him delighted at the fire that blazed in them. “You NK Ryan, are a fucking tease.”

“Yeah, but you like it.”

She blew out a breath, and then with slow deliberateness, swiped her pink tongue across her plump lower lips, awakening all his male senses with the feline action. “Call,” she challenged.

Fuck him, she was all woman, all vixen, all …Robbie.

“Okay, you’ve made your point. Let’s get inside before things freeze down under and render that little show moot.”

He was gratified by her giggle. There was pleasure to be found in coaxing a laugh out of a beautiful woman.

As soon as everything was placed into the small fridge or the tiny cupboards above the gas range, she turned to him. “Kumar’s Catering. Now.”

“They aren’t four stars by any stretch, didn’t you find it strange that such a small company received an exclusive contract to host a Raizada event?”

Robbie’s jaw dropped. “You mean…”

“Aman meets up with old friends in the Lower East Side every month. These friends were from the days when they first came to New York. To make them comfortable, he never chooses the place. Six months ago, they ended up at Kumar’s Diner.”

“That’s where Khushi was busing tables.”

“Yes, the place was packed with male customers thanks to her. Something her boss took full advantage of, but she didn’t seem aware of. That’s what caught Aman’s attention. She was polite, friendly, but immune to the attention.”

“But surely, one meeting…” she trailed off as a memory came to mind, “Ohmigod, don’t tell me you’re trench coat guy!”

NK grinned, “Very good. She left an impression, but he had to be sure. So he sent me.”

“She thought you were homeless!”

“I know,” NK said quietly, “and whenever I’d outstayed my welcome, she paid for my coffee out of her tip.”

“But… why? There’s no shortage of women willing to become Mrs. ASR.”

“Yes, but they weren’t for him. Nani was leaning towards an arranged marriage. Aman and I knew he was close to agreeing. He’d been restless this past year. Mergers and acquisitions were no longer enough. He needed someone, although he would never admit it. So Aman asked Nani for a reprieve, three years for us to find a woman that meets all of our criteria. If we failed, we’ll support her decision.”

“That’s insanity! I’m not sure if you two are the best thing for him or the bane of his existence.”

“We didn’t do anything, only arranged for him to see her.”

“What made you think he would notice her?”

“We’re men, Robbie. She’s not exactly hard on the eyes. I’d like to tell you it was her sparkling personality we took note of but then you would call me out for the bullshit. Anyone on his arms needs to hold her own against the women in his world.”

“Khushi will kill me if I don’t share this with her.”

“And Arnav would turn us into eunuchs without batting an eye if he finds out.”

Robbie giggled, unable to control herself, she laughed until tears of mirth rolled down her cheeks.

“I don’t find any humor in the possibility of losing my manhood.”

“Oh no, I’m not laughing at that.”

“Tell me.”

“Whenever I wished for Khushi’s fairytale, I never thought her fairy godmother would come in the form of two playboys!”

NK grinned, “Well, looks like we have a little secret.”

“Yeah, looks like.”

“I told you our side, now it’s your turn.”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Robbie,” his voice held warning.

“NK, with Khushi, trust is everything. I cannot break her faith in me. It would break our friendship.”

“Things might get ugly.”

“There’s more isn’t there?”

“I’m not sure. Since you refuse to provide insight, I have to connect the dots on my own.”

“I don’t like it.”

“You’re welcome to fill in the blanks.”

“Give me another option.”

“Come to the engagement party.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“She’ll be introduced to Nani and their closest friends. Your presence will help.”

“Am I going as Khushi’s friend?”

“I would invite you as my date, but that’s not your scene.”

“If my friend’s happiness wasn’t in your hands, I would be tempted to toss you out.”

“Lucky me.”

She sighed, “Ok, I’ll go… as your date.”

NK burst into laughter at her pinched expression. “Don’t worry; you won’t have to kiss a frog at the end.”

“Lucky me.”


Wednesday  night

Fifth Ave, New York

Anticipation curled through him as he walked back to the bedroom, much like the adrenaline rush he used to feel when a lucrative business deal fell through.

He leaned down and brushed her lips with his. Only a whisper of a kiss, but it was enough to wake her.

Khushi blinked and focused on him, “You’re home early, aren’t you?”

Did she realize she called his place home?

“I am. I canceled the last meeting.” He didn’t tell her that it was because he’d been unable to concentrate on anything but her that day.

Arnav smoothed a lock of hair off of her cheek. “I have a present for you.” She sat up on the bed, frowning, one leg tucked under her, and ran a hand through her hair. Before she opened her mouth to protest, he placed a finger over it. “Not what you’re thinking. Come see it first.”

He took her to the master bedroom. Pausing by the dresser he grabbed the afghan throw he’d requested and wrapped it around her. Then with a hand on the small of her back, he guided her to the balcony.

The city glistened in a wondrous symphony of jewel tones below.

Arnav smiled to himself as he watched Khushi’s eyes spark in surprised pleasure. She moved to trace a reverent fingertip over the exquisite lacquer.

He walked up beside her, speaking softly as he closed his hands over hers, guiding them around the equatorial mount.

“They named it the Skylight-Elliott Refractor, for Ernie Elliott. He was a craftsman for one of England’s most prestigious telescope makers after World War II. In the 1980’s, he was commissioned to recreate a special edition of the 80mm Victorian brass refractor. A batch of twenty four were made, a few were sold immediately. However, due to a change in priorities of the company and a shortage of tripods, the remaining telescopes were encased and placed into their vaults. Unexpectedly, it took thirty years for the company to recall and revisit this particular edition. They married the telescope with a handmade oiled oak tripod by Richard Day. Most like this one bear minor marks caused by long term storage, but its value comes from retaining the authentic original patina on the brass lacquer.”

“Arnav, it’s magnificent!”

“Yes, it embodies a rare glimpse into the past even as we use it to look towards the future,” he replied, turning her around to face him.

“Why?” she asked simply.

“You won’t accept gifts, however, you said nothing of sharing an experience. I thought this would appeal to you.”

“It’s perfect. I don’t’ know what to say.”

“Say nothing. Enjoy it with me.”

He spent the next half hour showing her how to adjust the settings, moving the ascension axis to track the Canis Major until they found Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Her enthusiasm made him realize he’d given her less than any woman he’d taken to bed, when he wanted to give her so much more.

He would, Arnav decided. For he has discovered he wanted to hoard these moments, with her next to him, eyes alight with pleasure he was responsible for.

She turned to him; lips curved in a smile of wonder and said, “A thank you isn’t sufficient, so I will not utter it. Instead I just want you to know that I have lived this moment to the fullest and will always cherish it.”

Her words touched an unstrung cord in his heart, yet he willed it to quiet. It was time to move forward with tonight’s agenda. “This is only a small taste of what I can give you, Khushi.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s time we talk about our arrangement.”


“Arrangement,” her smile dimmed as she tasted the word tentatively as one would something foreign.

“Yes. I don’t think it’s wise to move forward without clear expectations from both parties.”

“We are in the bedroom, not your boardroom. And this is a relationship, Arnav, not a business contract!”

“In every interaction, it is best to outline the term and conditions. That way there are no disappointments.”

His words splattered like black paint across her bright canvas of joy.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked as she turned and walked back into the room. The words chilled her flesh when she’d been immune to the icy sting of winter air just moments before.

“Because you are everywhere I look. In my head, in my blood, like a goddamn fever. I’ve never felt this way and I don’t like it!” he snapped from behind her.

“Well, I’m…sorry.”

Then something elemental exploded through Khushi. She couldn’t handle the way he blew hot and cold. Give her the stars one moment then yanked her back down without warning. She stepped forward until she was within inches of Arnav’s chest.

She poked him with a finger, forcing him to move back slightly. “Actually, I’m not sorry. Why? Because I never asked for this! I never asked for this attraction between us. I never asked for you to take me to bed. I never asked to spill my guts. I never asked to fall in lo… I’ve had enough of Mr. CEO so jaded he places commercial value on human connections, Mr. Control who doesn’t even know what he wants—“

“What the hell are you saying, Khushi?” Arnav demanded incredulously.

Khushi was past caring—beyond awareness of what she was saying. Truly the man works her up like no others. He stopped backing away and Khushi looked up, at a complete loss for words. The air cracked around them.

With a sudden movement, Arnav reached for her, pulled the afghan away and yanked open her blouse and bra, so she was bared to him from the waist up. She gasped in shocked outrage, but just as swiftly Arnav drew her close, taking both of her hands with one of his and anchoring them behind her back.

Words of protest were silenced as his mouth came down on hers and a fierce explosion of need flared in her belly and between her legs. When he felt her lips yield, Arnav lifted his head and looked directly into her eyes, “You’re wrong, Khushi. I know exactly what I want, and she’s right here in my arms.”

She attempted to free her hands, but he was stronger. His other hand slid down her back, skimming to her front, and then with a few brief flicks of his fingers undid her jeans, pulling them down over her calves until she stood before him in only her panties.

Straightening, Arnav coaxed her against him. She could feel the evidence of his desire through the trouser’s heavy fabric. The friction against her own sensitized body was making her tremble. And then his hand moved up over her waist and higher, around the front, over her belly to the swell of one breast. Khushi was dizzy with needs that clamored through her body like waves pounding against the shore.

When his hand closed around that breast, and his mouth left hers to make a carnal passage downwards, her legs couldn’t hold her up any more. She would have sunk to the floor if not for Arnav’s arm supporting her.

“Please…Arnav…please…” she begged, hating the weakness in her voice.

“Please, what?”

“Please…let me go…”

“I think that is no longer an option for you,” he told her seriously.

“What do you want from me?”

“A verbal contract defining our expectations of each other.”

“Why?” she whispered.

“It’s …necessary to me.”

“And the terms?”

“You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine, then we negotiate.”

She looked at him and took a deep breath for fortification. “Let me go first.”

“No. I like this position.”

Her eyes spit fire at him. Then she closed them, shutting him out. NK’s words from earlier in the day came to her. Look beyond his words and actions. Find the cues.

Why did he feel the need to label their relationship? To box it within the parameters of detached terms like arrangement and contract? What was his intent in sharing the night sky with her? Something she felt certain he had never done before with another woman. His actions were inconsistent; some might even characterize it as irrational. The root cause of irrationality was fear. But what did he fear?

And then she understood. Hadn’t she faced her own fork in the road just hours ago? It was the time for courage.

Opening her eyes, she encountered his shuttered face and tense jawline. Cues, how did she miss them before?

“I have one term, if you can’t meet it, the negotiation is over.”

She felt Arnav exhale in guarded relief, “Think carefully, Khushi. It may be verbal, but I plan to bind you with it.”

“I have.”

“Tell me.”

She looked straight into his eyes, “All of me for all of you.”

Khushi watched in fascination as his eyes flared, the hardness melting from his features, leaving only the man and an expression that made her insides curl with longing.

“You ask for a lot.”

“You have a choice, but I won’t accept anything else.”

“And if I say no?”

The prospect alone created a gaping ache in her heart, but she ignored it to reply, “Then I walk.”

“Can you?”

“Yes. I don’t deny that it won’t hurt, but Arnav this isn’t an ultimatum. This is me offering you everything I am.”

“We’ve known each other for six nights.”

“I know.”

“Why does it feel so much longer?”

He captured her wrist, laying a finger over the pulse. Again he was struck by how delicate her wrists were, almost fragile, as if they were to be handled with the utmost care. He studied her. Why this woman? This woman who asked for so little, yet wanted everything. If he gave it to her, would she be able to handle the burden?

“You may not want everything I am, have you thought of that?”

She answered with a question, “Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Take my pulse when we talk.”

“Your lips may lie, but your pulse will tell me what I need to know.”

“I’ve never lied to you.”

“An omission is also a lie, Khushi. And you are quite apt at omitting.”

“To protect myself, because outside of Robbie, no one has ever stood by my side.”

Arnav froze, her words clearing the cobwebs of his own clouded thoughts. Wasn’t that what he himself had done? Hardening himself, because there was no one there to take the blow in his place? Guarding his heart because he feared another betrayal? A betrayal that had left an aftertaste so bitter, it still lingered on his senses? Could he trust her? Trust her to take care?

He felt her hands running down his back, sending shivers of heated desire through him.

“Let me in,” she murmured against his throat, “I won’t hurt you, Arnav.”

But you have the power to.

He crushed the thought, but he could no longer rein back the need for her. Pulling her closer, his head bent to take her lips with his, moving over them with unabated hunger.

He finally released her hands, but only long enough to lift her onto the bed, easing the panties down her thighs and striping off his clothes with indecent haste.

Khushi’s mouth went dry as he stood before her, a tall, lean bronzed specimen of masculinity. All she could think was for this moment he was hers. She opened her arms to him and he fell on her, molding her softness against his stark arousal. Lost in each other, they kissed and touched, stroked and writhed, breath intermingling, short and rapid.

Abruptly Arnav pulled back and stared at her, “Yes. All of me for all of you, Khushi.”

The words ripped through her, opened her heart, held it wide for him to tumble in. Her eyes filled as he slipped into her, bracing on his arms to watch her face.

“It’s different,” she whispered, swallowing a sob as he moved deeper.

“It’s different,” he repeated, and then the need for words evaporated as their body took over communication.

Khushi’s body arched up to Arnav’s as her legs wrapped around his waist, drawing him deeper into an urgent spiral of potent need.

Arnav looked down into her face, saw how her cheeks were wild with color, how she bit her lip to keep her moans back. He kissed her lips to stop the biting, unconscious of the tender nature of his gesture.

Not long after, he felt her bite his shoulder in response to the way her body clenched around him until he could feel every spasm, urging him on to an intense orgasm. When it came, he blacked out for an indefinite time before the world came into focus again, body still pulsing.

Reluctantly, he pulled back, only to shift her close into his chest, gently urging her head into the crook of his neck and shoulder. A perfect fit.

With her skin against his, Arnav closed his eyes. His hands ran up and down her arms as he settled himself beside her. She was searing herself upon his soul and he just realized, he wanted her there.


Chelsea, New York

Trent walked through the door only to freeze at the scene before him. His wife was lounging naked on the sofa.

“What is this?”

“We haven’t shared a bed in months, I want my husband to fuck me.”

“I’m not in the mood for your games, Payal.”

“Why? Because you’re anxious to see the little slut?”

“Watch your tongue!”

“Or what?” she goaded.

“If you’re going to be a bitch – take it elsewhere.”

She rose from the sofa, not a hint of modesty towards her undressed state, and walked to him. Her hands swung out, posed to deliver a slap, but she clenched them tightly before it met with his face.

A smile twisted her lips as she ran her nails down the lapels of his jacket. She tilted her head back to observe him, “She’s probably in his bed right now.”

“What are talking about?” Trent demanded angrily.

“Khushi. She’s likely in bed with Arnav, moaning while he fucks her. Maybe I should follow her lead and find myself a real man,” Payal drawled mockingly.

She heard the savage hiss as he expelled the air from his lungs. From his expression she could tell that her barb had found its mark.

She felt sick, hating herself for allowing her feelings to betray her into such an acid comment. Yet, seeing that photo of Khushi had unleashed something within her. Her mind consumed by it. And Trent, her fucking husband’s lust was only fueling the burn.

“What’s happened to you, Payal?” he asked quietly.

“I’m still the same, Trent. You just never bothered to see me.”

“I married you.”

“Do you even know why?” At his silence, she turned away, making her way upstairs. “Good night, husband. Sweet dreams.”

Trent stood rooted in place until he heard the slam of the bedroom door. The bedroom they no longer shared.

He made his way to the downstairs guestroom, locking it behind him. Not bothering to remove his clothes, he fell across the mattress with heavy weariness, trying to block out the images Payal’s words evoked.


Does she still…?

He’ll have his answers soon.


Thursday morning

Fifth Ave, New York

Khushi stretched her arms up. Cool air caressed her skin as the sheets fell around her. Her mind conjured the memory of how Arnav had caressed that skin, roughly demanding one moment, then with aching tenderness the next. He had so many moods, so many needs, she was looking forward to exploring them. The sound of the bathroom door opening drew her gaze.

Arnav’s eyes grew warm as he walked out of the steaming bath and saw Khushi propped on the bed. She looked sexy as hell with the sheets falling around her, doing a spectacular job framing her curves.

His gaze roamed over her appreciatively until he encountered the faint purple bruises on her upper arm. He was instantly horrified.

“Was I too rough?”


He moved to the bed, touching the marks with his thumb.

She looked down, seeing the dark marks, “Oh no, this wasn’t you.”

Arnav’s eyes narrowed, “Who the fuck touched you?”

“Arnav, it’s nothing.”

“Your arms are bruised, it’s not nothing.”

“NK took care of it.”

“Story. Now.”

“In a roundabout way, it is your fault.”


“I didn’t vet my job application carefully… I thought it was a restaurant bar, when in fact it was.. umm.. a strip club,” the last two words were said in a rush.

“The rest of it,” Arnav demanded.

“I told them it was a mistake, tried to leave… the owner thought otherwise, so he had someone detain me. NK came took care of the matter. That’s all of it. Actually, since we’re on the subject, we need to talk about this secret bodyguard business.”

“I understand your need for independence. However, women’s lib needs to take a backseat when we’re talking about safety. I need to know you’re safe. That is non-negotiable.”


“I take care of what’s mine, Khushi. Even before last night, you gave yourself to me.”

“I’ve lived twenty three years without your protection.”

“What would you have done if NK hadn’t showed up yesterday?” he fired at her.

“I was about to pull out my wasp spray and –”

“A bit of spray is hardly sufficient defense!”

“It’s actually very effective. I’m well aware of the dangers of living in the city, Arnav. I’ve encountered them. We can debate what-if scenarios all day, but I won’t let that stop me from living my life.”

“It would drive me crazy if something were to happen to you,” he admitted. “This isn’t just about the average city criminals, Khushi. I’ve made enemies over the years, some who wouldn’t have a single scruple in using a woman as leverage. Our photo has been everywhere, there can’t be any doubt that you’re under my protection. Give this to me.”

“Will you be upfront about it?”

“Above board. They will be discreet, but you’ll be made aware of your security details.”

He was conceding a lot. While the thought of being followed around made her extremely uncomfortable, she recognized it was a necessity in his world.


“Thank you.”

“I want to work, that isn’t negotiable.”

“Fine, then come work for me.”


“I can’t have you in my office it’ll be too distracting, but NK has enough on his plate now he needs an assistant.”

“You can’t just give me a job, it wouldn’t be fair.”

Arnav shook his head ruefully even as he experienced a rush of pride. Her fierce self-respect and innate sense of fair play was a rarity among his circle of acquaintance.

“Then apply. Look up the entry level positions.”

“I don’t have a formal degree.”

He laughed at that, “Neither do I.”

“What? But, Harvard?”

“An honorary degree presented when I was a keynote speaker at one of their graduations. I side with Jim Rohn on this.”

“Jim Rohn?”

“It would be safe to call him the godfather of the self-help industry. He left us with this – ‘formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.’”

She hesitated, old fears lingering in her eyes.

Arnav watched her intently. “Trust me?”

Khushi nodded slowly, “Will you give me until after this weekend? I know you have questions, and I promise I won’t evade. It’s just, so much happened this week, you… it’s all a bit overwhelming.”

“Am I overwhelming?”

“Very much so.”

“Good, I like whelming you.”

“You are terribly arrogant.”

“It’s a respected trait in business.”

“Hmmm,. better hurry then or you’ll be late. If you lose your business, all that arrogance will go to waste,” she gave him a saucy grin.

Arnav looked down at her, his lips tilted at the corners, “Come to AR on Monday, then. I can even promise a personal tour from the CEO.”

“Doesn’t the CEO have to … work?”

“Of course, he’ll be recruiting fresh talent for the company.”

“He’s a very attentive CEO,” she smiled up at him. “I promise to think on it. Robbie and I have a planned lunch today. We were planning to ask you and NK to join us, but I would like some girl time with her. See you for dinner?”

“Are you going to gossip about me?”

“Arrogant and conceited,” she mocked lightly.

“Give her an update of our scoreboard,” he teased as he nuzzled into her neck.


“I’m not the one intent on keeping scores.”

“I’ve lost count,” she admitted on a blush.

Arnav smirked, “I’m pretty sure I’m on the losing end. We’ll need to balance it out…tonight.”

“Sex fiend.”

“A keen man,” he corrected her.

“My lover.”

“Yeah, your lover.”

He shared her smile by capturing it with his lips.


Upper West Side, New York

He took a sip of rich coffee, as he watch her enter Jean-Georges. Exactly five minutes late. How typical and uninspiring. His eyes traveled sardonically down the carefully displayed flesh as she glided across the restaurant towards him. She had the body of a goddess and a face to match it. He cursed quietly for not feeling even the slightest stirrings.


The rising star of New York’s modeling circuit.

Why would Arnav, a man who had an eye for beauty and profit, convince the board to turn her down? It was a puzzle. One Shyam was intent on cracking.

She folded herself gracefully into the seat, crossing one long golden leg over the other with purposeful sensuality. Too bad it was wasted.

Not a man inclined to waste the precious commodity of time, he dispensed with all pleasantries.

“Who are you to Arnav?”

Her body stiffened, no doubt she had been expecting another proposition from a wealthy man he thought jeeringly.

“Why did you request this meeting?” she countered.

“To quench a curiosity. Now humor me. Why would the CEO of a global fashion conglomerate turn down the newly minted runway darling? It doesn’t add up.”

“Then start subtracting,” she snapped.

“You’ve been seeking opportunities for a private meeting, why?”

“You’re awfully obsessive; does he know you spy on him?”

“I’m a major shareholder of AR Corps, it’s normal to keep tabs on my investments.”

“What do you want?”


“I don’t have them.”

“Mysterious women are out of vogue you know.”

His eyes flickered over her face. She remained completely still beneath his perusal, her expression calm and impassive.

“Very well. Why don’t we approach this differently? There’s a certain event next Saturday I’m sure you’re aware of. I need a date.”

Triumph swept through him as he saw her eyes flashed with interest. Although it was quickly masked, he knew he had her.

He slid a business card across the table. “The Peninsula, six o’clock, I’ll meet you at the door.”


So… watcha think?

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    1. Meera, I must say S & I are very happy to have you on board. While we write, we often exist in this bubble. Your comments make us take a step back and review where we took the story. ^^

      On Aman and NK – of course there’s more! We actually started dropping hints since Night #1. 😉

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    1. 🙂 Hold onto the guesses, Night #7 is next!
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      County/State/National/Federal Criminal Records – these cover anything from a misdemeanor to embezzlement

      Prohibited and Restricted Parties Search – known terrorists, money launderers, narcotic traffickers, illegal weapons traders

      Sex Offender Registry, Federal bankruptcy records, Driving records, Civil upper and lower courts,Retail Theft Database, Credit Checks – the names are self explanatory.

      This is a lot of database to go through and the average background check takes 2-5 days. If you will remember, when Arnav asked NK to look into Khushi, he had it the following evening. Connect the dots there. 🙂

      Also, background checks are limited to the individual, family doesn’t come up due to privacy laws. There are also state and federal mandates on what type of info can be legally obtained on an individual. AR is a global conglomerate, people keep tabs of their actions, NK knows what can be obtained through legal channels and what can’t.

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      1. Glad my comments gave you a break from studying. The explanation on the background check makes sense but you know with social media these days, I feel anyone can go and get someone’s life story online before they even meet them – that is if the person being looked up is active on the social media and uses the same name. I have a feeling that in starting over again, Kushi must have been very careful about all of these and erase as many past history as possible. I am glad NK knows a few shady characters who can go get the dirt though as I am very worried about our girl Kushi. Just don’t want her bubble to burst and that for once, she gets what she deserves in bounds. As for NK, well that boy seems to be very well proportioned already so I am sure he will rise to the occasion when the black lace is visible to him. I love the pillow top negotiations – very well coined as this is where women have perfected the arts of negotiations. Let’s see how Mr. Raizada fare in the bedroom negotiations.
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        1. Definitely no social media. Outtake #2 will provide a better picture of Aman/NK’s intent and thought process.

          AH… on all scoreboards thus far, Mr. Raizada seems to be on the losing end… we may have to do something about it. 😉

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      Thank you for these words Raila! It definitely buoys us with enough enthusiasm to write into the wee hours 🙂

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    1. I wish we had more room for Shyam in this story. But while he and La are minor characters, they have a certain role to play. No idleness for our characters! 😀

      There will be scenes at AR, but no promises regarding Khushi’s employment 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed the twist on Arnav’s degree, you are so damn perceptive, it keeps us on our toes with the twists 😀

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      NK is Arnav’s right hand man. He needs to have his game on. But no worries, we don’t let anyone off easy 😉

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    1. The queen of all nights? I love that! 😀
      Thank you. We do feel our updates are way long, but its nice to hear your enjoyment of them.
      We will be providing more insights to the Aman/NK masterplan in Outtake #2. Gotta make VIP for that juicy tidbit. 😉
      On Trent – we’ll get to him soon. Once you know his reason for marrying Payal, you’ll totally get his reason for dealing with the divorce delicately.

      Wild guesses shall be addressed in the next update, stay tune!

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    1. We enjoyed the cosmos ourselves 😀
      The way they handled the contract was so unsatisfying I’m happy for the opportunity to rewrite it our way.

      Oh yes Shyam, heh heh, now you understand the attitude 😉

  35. You have outdone yourselves with this Night, Girls. I just loved Arnav’s gift to Khushi. He gave her the stars. So thoughtful, so heartfelt, so genuine. A gift that wouldn’t compel her to compromise on her principles. Just proves beyond doubt that there is a warm, loving heart beating behind the cold, calculating facade of an astute businessman. A heart so guarded that he is apprehensive about acknowledging their relationship and entitles it ‘an arrangement’ instead. A man who is scared of relinquishing even an iota of control. A twisted soul that only finds peace when everything in his sphere is bound by the clauses of a contract.

    But then, he has met his match in Khushi. A girl who has been hurt and betrayed in the past, just like him, but who refuses to run away from the one potential chance at togetherness and ever after that life has thrown at them. She would not let evil win, she would never deny the fire that ignites every time they touch and she would not settle for anything other than a perfect fairy tale. “All of me for all of you”. Beautiful…..This line has bored deep in to my heart, carved a niche for itself and is going to stay there forever, hamesha. <3

    He is falling and is falling hard. Without her in it his world ceases to exist. He is vexed seeing the bruises on her arms given by an assailant. Her safety is his primary concern. Does he even know how protective and possessive he is of her?

    Will she take up a job in AR? What about the impending tempest? Will their relationship survive in the wake of the storm or will the gale destroy everything in its path? See, there are so many questions that demand answers, so many issues you need to address. So, start writing… jaldi, jaldi… 😉

    1. Btw, Shyamu’s produce did not ripen even with the scorching heat radiated by Lavanya. Interesting. So what was he doing cornering Khushi on Night #1 at the Raizada party?

    2. As always thank you so much for the genuinely sweet comments Priya! K definitely needs the pick me up today, so its twice as appreciated 😀

      Both Arnav and Khushi took the plunge, now let’s see how strong they are in face of the tempest. We are writing! Outtake #2 is currently in the oven lol

    3. If we spent anymore time writing, it would become a full time job =p
      There is something incredibly beautiful when two souls open up to each other, yes? 🙂

      Let’s see what happens when the bond is tested by fire. Will they melt or burn brighter? ^^

      1. K, sweetie….gr8 to receive your comment. Was missing you and kinda worried for you. was contemplating sending u a big shipment of seaweed 🙂 am sure that would hv lifted your spirits.

        1. Thanks Priya ^^ I’m good, just needed some time to clear my head 🙂
          HEE, oh how I would love to be on that desert island with weekly helicopter deliveries of seaweed, served by Mr. Raizada himself! 😀

  36. That was an awesome update… So..thanks to NK’s words Khushi was able to see Arnav’s emotions behind his words and actions.. But you got me with the way Aman and NK got Khushi and Arnav into each others life…but then there is already lot of back drop work and preperation going on and suspense building up for the Saturday night event and we are just about MIDWAY thru the story…yet the tease behind Khushi’s past…suspense against Lavanya-Aman and Arnav story…Shyam actual intent behind digging up things about Arnav…with glimpses of Payal’s bitchyness, jealousy can’t wait for the engagement party already…
    Robbie not disclosing Khushi’s story was so commenndable…and true to her words…its all about trust when it comes to Khushi..
    Both Arnav and Khushi have been gaurding their heart for so long and now that they have met and broken into each others walls…will they be able to take the hurt and pain in their counterparts heart..?

    1. We like to pack a lot of action into our Nights 😉
      That will be the main question going into the next update.
      Yes, they are willing to take the plunge emotionally. But it has always been the fundamental difference in thought that divides them. With their past about to fall over their heads like bricks… will their new found love crumble under the weight …. or shine brighter? 😀

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    1. Thank you Simba!
      I feel I should apologize for making you toss and turn, but instead my lips twitch at the corner in glee 😀
      This one was interesting to craft, as we had to move all our characters into place. Now its time to see what happens when all these forces collide 😉

    2. Sometimes, those with the hardest outer shell, are merely trying to protect their softer side. 🙂 I think that has always been the case with Arnav.

      Smooth sailing is definitely something you don’t get with us 😀

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    I do love that bond by the way. I like how protective Arnav is, but I can sympathise with how overbearing it may be for our heroine. That their evolving passion is leading to something… more, brings me girlish happiness I really cannot express with apt words. There progression though fast feels so natural that it is difficult not be enraptured by it all

    Meanwhile I never, ever anticipated Aman and NK to be these… Relationship Fairies? Calculating Cupids? What do you name these playboys who go out of their way to bring literal and figurative happiness into Arnav’s life? Such friendship is rare, slightly creepy, but beautifully rare. I suppose your teaser in the VIP section makes more sense now 🙂

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    P.S am so, so sorry for commenting so late.

    1. 😀 You’re guesses for Shyam’s poem were good… although you know we like to throw a wrench in everyone’s expectations from time to time 😉

      Our girl can handle him. Of that we never doubt!

      Hahaha, K will love your Calculating Cupids 😀 Actually, we are very aware that some of you are worried about these two. They are straddling a fine line in the overbearing ways and method. However, Outtake #2 should clear up many many misgivings. (We hope. If not… well then, we’ll just have to distract you with some … 😀 )

      Mysteries… Ever played Clue (Cluedo for everyone outside of the US)

      1. Actually I’m at a point where I surrender wholeheartedly. The white flag is officially up ladies. I’m a willing to submit to this story in its entirety whatever spanners, wrenches, candlesticks you wish to throw my way, I don’t think i’ll ever be able to predict what is going on! <3<3

        1. Not sure if that’s a good thing lol. Let us know of any red flags to the story please. If things feel like they’re coming from left field, we definitely need to know!

          1. No, no no it is a good thing! It is me wholeheartedly freeing myself to your storytelling. I cannot pick up on much of the foreshadowing for the life of me, so instead I surrender to you completely my dear xxx

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    Arnav and Khushi were hot as always. ‘All of me for all of you’…woo that sounded sexy, I am gonna use it someday 😉
    Girls, love your writing. Hoping to read more even when this is wrapped up.
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    1. Welcome back vyomashah!
      If we aren’t churning up mixed emotions, we’re not doing our job 😀
      There’s much give and take in any relationship, our couple is finding their way. Let’s see how well their bond holds against outside forces ^^

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    Here are some conclusions and predictions!
    Shyam is GAY!!

    Arnav wont be Khushi’s savior in night #7. It’s mostly gonna be Aman??

    Khushi is actually illegit child of Shashi. Hence Payal’s hatred.

    Lavanya may be connected to the betrayal Arnav thinks abt.

    The betrayal didn’t involve romantic relationship from Arnav’s side.

    So Khushi is/will be Arnav’s first Love!! (dancing..with joy)

    1. You are so cute I can’t even…. hahahaha
      Since you already studied, should we hit everyone with an exam? 😉

      Told onto these thoughts, much of the smoke will clear up in the upcoming Night. Although… who’s to know how the chips will really fall? 😀

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    I loved Robbie looking out for Khushi… But what a cousin she has… definitely evil. Asking her boyfriend to sleep with Khushi for whatever reason besides shaming Khushi. And when the said guy falls for the cousin, I don’t blame him. But even after marriage, he can’t even satisfy Payal. She seems such a sick piece to me too.

    For a moment there, I thought Anjali had also been part of that group, the reason she recognised Khushi. But luckily, they met under different circumstances.

    I loved the jovial ambience the brothers and NK have for one another. And hopefully the brides they bring into the lives, with flourish and not destroy them. I also liked the dinner they had together. And now we know that bringing Khushi into Arnav’s life is their doing too!

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    How does Payal and Khushi’s past co-relate?

    And Lavanya? now Shyam wants details from her too! Even I am curious, which brother was she involved with?

    1. I see you finally took the plunge ^^
      Awesome! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Nights – although that must have been some reading marathon! =p
      It never goes without saying! We advertised it as steamy, we had better deliver!

      No no, don’t try to get secrets from us, things will unravel soon enough! 😉

    2. On your question regarding Shyam – it’s a love match for Aman and Anjali, but their family are making full use of it. Not uncommon for marriages between influential families and businesses to merge or at least have in-laws sit on the Board of Directors seats. Nepotism is very much alive 😀

      Oh the steam…. if only we can divulge the inspirations for them. LOL

      So many questions! Better stick around to find out! 😉


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    1. K & I were floored by the reaction to their exchange. So happy it delivered our intent. Ah…. will they? Must stay tune!

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    I am so happy for the “agreement” between Arshi haha, I hope that they can stick to it!
    I was shocked by Aman and NK’s plan, they put so much planning and thought into it and that makes me impressed!
    I am curious to know about Khushi’s past and Lavanya’s past too. I really hope that neither of their past has an impact on Arshi’s relationship.
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  47. I have said this before and I’ll say it again, a self-respecting Khushi is my favourite, that’s what I really loved about her in the show.

    Oh fuck! Strip club??? WTH darling, do your research more properly. Thank god for NK. Arnav is gonna have a nuclear meltdown when he finds out all that happened here. See this is what friend’s should be like, the way NK tells Khushi to look past words where Arnav is concerned and how he knows his boss so well, inside out is just heart warming yaar. NK gives some damn good advice man, he should really consider that as a full time job IMO!

    Can I please be in their inner circle! Man what wouldn’t I give to have such conversations with people! And the English!! I appreciate the English, the puns, the sarcasm, the wittiness and most of all the comebacks! sigh, you pull me in deeper and deeper with every update.

    Again, as I have stated before, I always imagine Drashti to be Robbie. Just saying. The very fact that she wants to be absofuckinglutely sure about Arnav before sharing secrets about Khushi is just a reminder of how beautiful their friendship is.

    What is Khushi thinking about??? M confused here? Is this about her mother? Man, Payal really screwed with her mind na. Damnit. This aint gonna be pretty. Khushi’s thoughts about “home” and the rest were a revelation. I wanna give you guys a standing ovation for that. really, not exaggerating/buttering u at all.

    Arnav & NK’s convo had me chuckling! You two change the mood so often and so easily in the span of just one update. God, Aman said that to nani!!! ROFL! This raising a brow thing is genetic kya? Coz I tried doing that and I failed, miserably. I failed so bad that my friends had a laughing fit right then and there. And I don’t know how Sobti does it so effortlessly.

    Anyway, Nani is on the lookout for the other bahu eh? What’s this about 6 months ago? requirements? this is beginning to sound like mafia-talk dude. There comes the humor again! Loving this!

    “His chest constricted as he read the lines of exhaustion on her face. Without conscious thought, he reached out and traced a finger lightly across her face, gently brushing back her silky tresses. Just then she stirred, making him tense. Quickly removing his hand, he stood in statue stillness until she settled. Arnav found his mouth tipping up as her even breathing gave way to a soft snore.” This just made me go all mushy.

    Great that he understands that Khushi won’t take too well to signing a contract about a relationship. Hmmm, what’s cooking in his head though.

    Cucumbers!!!!!!!!!! You have scarred me for life *squeals, covers eyes with hands and runs away*

    Robbie and NK! Can these two get anymore perfect! Loved the way Robbie dissected the uasge of “doll”. She’s one heck of a woman! Well well well, they had checked Khushi out months ago! Wait, that shouldn’t surprise me. The rest of that dialogue was enlightening to say the least.

    He got her a telescope! This man is an enigma and a softie and a sappy romantic . ““Yes, it embodies a rare glimpse into the past even as we use it to look towards the future,” he replied, turning her around to face him.

    “Why?” she asked simply.

    “You won’t accept gifts, however, you said nothing of sharing an experience. I thought this would appeal to you.”

    “It’s perfect. I don’t’ know what to say.”

    “Say nothing. Enjoy it with me.”” <– This.. just.. I got no words….

    I loved Khushi's rant!!! you go girl.. As for what happened later, you leave me speechless. Brevity so beautiful that it nearly took my breath away. "All of me for all of you". I really am in awe of you two now!!!

    Payal n Trent are the perfect examples of a dysfunctional relationship. Won't say any more.

    Arnav took that news of the strip club surprisingly well. But I'm glad that Khushi acceded to a bodyguard. She does need one now yeah. Shyam is out for some answers. This event with all the major players in attendance promises some heavy duty fireworks yo!

    Damnit I wrote an essay :O

    1. This man is an enigma and a softie and a sappy romantic
      lol! This actually pretty much sums up ASR 😀

      I miss your essays Breeze. Hope you’re doing well and not buried under AD.

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    So, Khushi was planted by Aman & NK?? Huh. But what kind of requirements does she meet?? What exactly billed her to be the perfect mate for Arnav in Aman & NK’s eyes. I love how these two show up at the most inopportune times & have Arnav’s back all the time. Now even Khushi’s back. I hope Khushi in all her zeal to be independent does not end up doing foolish things & end up hurting herself. I loved the way Robbie made NK spill his secrets w/o revealing any of Khushi’s… Smart chick! 😉

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    Loved the telescope scene, sweeten the opponent before arm twisting them. LOL 😉

    Hmm, NK is gay, so does he have his sights set on the CEO of AR Corp?? LOL Making Khushi his nemesis?? 😉 He seems to be such a slimy guy, not looking forward to him creating a scene at the party. Still thinking about Arnav’s past & whether it had anything to do with Lav…

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    And can I say that Mr. Raizada is one astute business man? That telescope was a fantastic gesture – but in the matters of heart – one has to take into account what the heart wants.. and Khushi’s heart wants it all. “Let me in..” How can he turn down that invitation?

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    1. A warm welcome to FWN Yoga! I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey. Twisty bends and all 😉 And thank you so much for leaving your thoughts as you read along. It means so very much to us!

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  59. I guess the people who know us the best would be, in most cases, our siblings. After all we share formative years, when choices, likes and dislikes are being formed. But to think that Aman judged Khushi to be the person for Arnav, based on one meeting… is that natural, beautiful or scary? Scary that Arnav caught one glimpse of Khushi and got completely hooked? Scary, because what if Aman had never met Khushi? Fine…. I know you talented writers would have created some other scenario… but some stories breathe life into their characters and this is one of them. So all I can say is that Serendipity is scary?

    Ok now onto the more earthy parts of the story. Cucumbers… Really? Have you SEEN the size of cucumbers available here in this city. If NK chose the second largest… she should have run for the hills… or which ever little town she came from.

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    Oh what are NK and Aman.. they have an eye for beauty and love for Arnav! I am kinda pulled to like them.. and a first story where NK is the assistant and Aman is the brother.. Khushi under NK? What better ways to protect her.. I second Arnav..whole heartedly.. the past is still hidden behind those speckels of darkness and peddled minds..

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    Absolutely love the trio – NK, Robbie and Aman!!

    Loving the way ArShi is coming closer; not just physically but heart and soul as well. Arnav can feel the tilt in the axis but, he is afraid to accept and embrace it as of now. Khushi realizes, she is in too deep but is afraid to voice her feelings, given her past experience. Loved the way she handled the ‘ negotiations’ for their ‘ arrangement’.. zero or one for her…no half way!!

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