Night #8

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Fifth Ave, New York

He woke reaching for her. In the weakened state between sleep and consciousness his body went seeking her warmth, only to be sharply reminded of her absence when he encountered nothing.

Arnav bolted upright in bed, jaw clenched from the effort not to yell out his frustration. Cursing silently, he kicked at the tangled sheets, raking a hand through disheveled hair as he turned towards the balcony.

New York City. She was dozing, resting up for the day scant hours away, but her energy still pulsed. In the predawn, tall sleek buildings loomed like overlarge shadows over the streets. Anything could be bought, sold, or traded within those shadows; a price point to every facet of lust. She understood this and wasn’t coy about it.

The city offered the chance for victorious triumph alongside the possibility of miserable failure and every shade in between. Here was the place that gave you exactly what you wanted out of it. However, the price demanded in exchange was often too high for most men.

For the first time, he felt the crushing weight of that price. Shoulders rigid, he starred out, exploring the unfamiliar feelings of emptiness. He was a man who lived in his mind, a businessman who shunned messy entanglements in favor of cool logic.

So why the hell did he feel so damn empty?

Because she was gone and he wanted to hold her.


They said it took twenty one days to form a habit. How the hell had he formed an addiction in only half of that time?

I’m Lavanya.

He closed his eyes at the onslaught of those words. Two words. With just two words she had upended his world. Damn her. Grim-faced, his honed features starkly etched, Arnav turned away.

Shower. Shave. Suit. Shot of caffeine. The rituals that defined his mornings.

Before her.

Why did they make him feel so damn empty?

Because she was gone and it was only now that he realized how much he had altered his routine for her.

Walking out the door, he deliberately ignored the file sitting in quiet accusation on the coffee table. It remained unopened since NK had tossed it there four days earlier.

He hesitated at the threshold, turning back for a second glance. Arnav felt something trying to break through, to pierce the numbness that had settled over him, but he shoved it down before slamming the door behind him.

Sunrise was a mere slash of insipid red above the city’s skyline as he entered his office. Work. The one constant in his life he could always depend on.

She had left him. So what? Arnav told himself angrily. The stone in his chest, the way his hands clenched for an unknown fight and his belly coiled with tension, had nothing to do with her. He had a damn company to run. An upcoming fashion show he had been neglecting. Yes. That had to be it. He was worried about the fashion show. Nothing to do with her. Or the way her anguished green eyes had …

He glared at his desk with antagonistic frustration. Dammit it, what was the point of lying to himself. He had no desire for work. He had desire only for one thing and he was afraid that he had just let that one thing slip out of his grasp.

Why was he so empty?

Because she was gone.

And he missed her.


4 days earlier

The Peninsula, New York

“I’m Lavanya.”

“I’m Lavanya.”

“I’m Lavanya.”

Arnav stood rooted in place as Khushi walked away from him. Her words beating like a mantra in his head, coursing through his veins before they settled like a stone in his gut. A fist of panic clutched at his insides as the distance between them widen, but he was incapable of moving as he focused on brutally shoving down the memories that threatened to rise and choke him.

He felt the stab of an intense stare drill between his shoulder blades as a female voice cried from behind him, “Khushi!”

In seconds, Robbie stood before him, fury emancipating from every pore.

“How could you?!” Robbie demanded. “How could you let her go?”

For a split second she thought she saw raw pain flash across Arnav’s face but it was gone so fast she had to have imagined it.

His eyes were chips of ice as he turned to her. “Did you know?”

She gave him a disbelieving look edged with outrage.“You’re unbelievable you know that? Who the hell do you think you are to stand there and judge the rest of us? This is strike two, Raizada!”

Robbie fingers curled into tight balls at her sides as Arnav stood starring at her coldly. She wanted nothing more than to sock sense into the man before her, but Khushi topped her current list of priorities.

Instead she made do with a scathing glare, spinning on her heels to stalk down the sidewalk.

She had barely taken five steps before her upper arm was seized by NK.

She tensed, filled with the urge to lash out. “Let me go.”

“Robbie, calm down.”

“When will men learn that telling a pissed off woman to calm down is like throwing gunpowder over fire?!” she snapped.*

“Fine, then let me take you,”

“I think your boss needs you more than I do.”

NK’s grip was firm as he turned her towards him. His mouth compressed.

“Robbie, you’re not Khushi and I’m not Arnav. Don’t make the mistake I did. We protect who we need to, but you separate it from what’s between us. Get me?”

At her glare, he only pulled her closer, “Tell me you get me, Robbie.”

Robbie sighed, recognizing the wisdom and truth in his words. “I got you, but now I need to be there for Khushi. Go do some head knocking, okay?”

Satisfied, he gave her a reassuring squeeze before letting go.

“Call me, tonight.”


“I’m sorry I ruined your night.”

She stood shivering as he hailed a taxi, rubbing her fingers up and down bare arms, eyes downcast, her entire body a study in defeat.

Aman looked at her. For the first time he allowed himself to study the young woman who shared his blood, but one he knew so little of. The weight of guilt was heavy as it settled on his shoulders.

“It’s not your fault, Lavanya. In fact, you should have been invited.”

Her head jerked up.

“Oh no, I would never expect… I’m… used to it,” she quickly reassured him.

Aman stiffened, his protective instinct surging as he watch her stumble through the words while quickly trampling down that brief flare of hope in her eyes. What the hell have they done to this girl?

Treated her like a dirty secret and ignored her existence for the last twenty years. Right.

He knew Arnav had his reasons, but when will they stop paying for the misdeeds of the past? This girl had grown up devoid of family and dignity; right now he felt only shame for standing by and doing absolutely nothing for so long.

She deserved more care than that. They all deserved more. Certainty settled into his bones. It was time big brother was made to listen to some hard truths.

“This family is capable of handling anything except for what happened in Lucknow, but Arnav isn’t heartless. He just needs to make that realization.”

Lavanya looked at Aman in genuine surprise. This was the first time they exchanged more than a nod across a room. She didn’t know how to react to the gentleness and was afraid to believe what his words hinted at.

“I don’t want to cause trouble, Aman,” His name felt foreign on her lips, but it brought certain warmth. She had been cold for so long. “I just-” Her words were interrupted as a cab pulled up to the curb.

“I know,” he gave her a strained smile, “I’ll be touch, Lavanya. Goodnight.”

Little sister.


Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York

There was a lump in her throat that threatened to block air to her lungs. Khushi swallowed convulsively as she looked around in surprise. She was back at the old apartment, with no clear memory of getting there. She had simply walked and walked, the chill in her body made her immune to the freezing winds.

The shrill of the landline made her recoil in shock. The high pitch keening assaulted her ears as her knees stiffened before they gave way beneath her. Curling into a tight little ball, she tried forcibly to block thoughts of Arnav from her mind.

In the dark, she searched desperately within herself for the stirring of anger. Why couldn’t she be angry? Anger would lend her strength, strength she needed at the moment. The anger didn’t come, but hurt did. In waves.

She would have screamed if she’d been able to draw enough breath, but all she could do was huddle helplessly on the floor. In that moment when it became nearly unbearable, she felt a pair of arms close around her.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry,” Robbie whispered.

“Just hold me, Robbie, please? No questions just let me cry.”

“Shit! Shit!” Robbie cursed even as she gathered Khushi closer. “I’ve got you. Let it out, Khushi. I’m not going anywhere, okay? Cry it out, sweetheart.”

At those words, Khushi lost the last shred of control over her emotions. She clung to Robbie’s shoulders as her body wracked with sobs.

She cried until her throat was raw and burning, until her eyes became swollen from the strain. It was then that his words cruelly went on replay, battering away at her heart. But she had nothing left to give. Her tears had dried out, leaving only an aching hollow. Khushi closed her eyes to drown it all out and finally exhaustion reached its pinnacle, giving her the oblivion of sleep.


The Peninsula, New York

He made eye contact with the bartender, tersely ordering a drink.

The guests were long gone, leaving behind enough of a mess that it required a full two dozen hotel staffers going rounds with oversized plastic bags and sweepers. His lips curled, only the best for a Jha, no matter the expense.

“What was your intent in bringing her tonight?” Anjali asked quietly as she approached the bar.

“I didn’t know, alright? No one thought to fucking share that the Supermodel was an illegitimate sibling of the saintly Raizada brothers,” Shyam replied curtly.

“Why? Why do you do things like this?”

“Not everyone can live up to the image of perfection, Anjali,” he sneered.

“Why can’t you be honest, Shyam?”

He looked at her disbelievingly. “You’re kidding right? You think our father, Mohit fucking Jha, would accept it?”

“It’s not about him accepting, Shyam. It’s you who needs to stop rejecting yourself!”

“You don’t even know what you’re talking about. And I sure as fuck don’t need life lessons from my little sister. Focus on your little wedding and leave me be.”

He slid a hand inside his jacket, producing a slim, leather-covered box. As he flipped the lid back, she caught the flash of rubies and diamonds. With a careless flick, he tossed the necklace at her. “Saw this at Tiffany’s, a fitting engagement gift for the Jha Princess don’t you agree?”

“Shyam, there isn’t any shame in ..” she continued, but she was only talking to his rigid back.

Anjali hands’ clenched around the cold strand of precious stones, her lips pressed together as hurt crawled into her chest. There was a time when they had been so close, when there had been shared secrets and lighthearted teasing.

Now her beloved older brother was a hostile stranger, a shuttered face across the dinner table with the jarring voice whenever he addressed her. She wanted desperately to break down the wall he’d fortified himself with, but how?


Fifth Ave, New York

NK stalked into the living room ahead of Arnav, heading straight to the bar. With economy of movements, he plunked down a row of glass tumblers as if they were cheap plastic instead of fine crystal.

Running a hand through Arnav’s liquor inventory he deliberately pulled out the bottle of Elit by Stolichnaya. Carelessly, he poured the prized vodka across the tumblers. Slamming down the half empty bottle he threw Arnav a look of challenge.

“This is what you need right?”

“Don’t start, NK”

NK’s expression hardened as he held Arnav’s stare. “When will you realize that people can’t read what’s on your mind when you spew shit you don’t mean?”

“Back the fuck off!” Arnav demanded, running an agitated hand through his hair.

“You know what? I’m sick of cleaning up after your mess,”NK rapped out as he tossed a thick file onto the table between them. “That is Khushi’s file. You can man up, read it, then go fix what you broke, or you can drown in these tumblers and let her get away. And let me tell you right now, you let her go – a woman like her? Some fucker with more brains will come along and move right in. Then all you’ll be left with are regrets and empty sex.”

“Are you done?” Arnav snarled.

With unexpected speed NK maneuvered around the furniture, just as he reached Arnav, his arm pulled back, delivering a clean clip to the jaw.

“What the hell, NK!” Arnav shouted as he staggered under the force of the punch.

“A man I hold much admiration for once told me that truth doesn’t establish people, in fact, people establish the truth. What’s your truth, Arnav?”

“Get out.”

“I’m trying to help!”

“And I’m telling my employee to leave my property.” Arnav responded quietly in his coldest tone.

“Fucking unbelievable. You think you’re the only who’s suffered? Grow some balls, you dick. We all have baggage, but not everyone carries them around like weapons. And you know what? Consider the punch my resignation letter.”

Arnav blanched as the door slammed behind NK, the sting of remorse moving through him. Swearing he dragged himself off the floor and made his way to the bar.

Reaching for the first shot, he threw it back in one gulp, wincing as the liquid turned to fire down his throat.

Khushi. Lavanya. Khushi. Lavanya. Their names echoed in his head until they melted into a single beat.

In rapid succession he downed the row of vodka, waiting for the the alcohol to make it to his brain. Nothing. It was going to take a lot more tonight. To stop all these damn feelings.

Turning back to the bar he didn’t bother with the glasses this time, taking the entire bottle as he headed towards the sectional. In the dark he drank. Until he was able to bank all thoughts of her, of them. Until the walls that kept the rest of the world at bay slid firmly back into place.


NK: “Still awake?”

Robbie: “Been waiting for you.”

NK: “Nice to know I can still keep a beautiful woman up.”

Robbie: “How did things go with the boss?”

NK: “Let’s just say, the boss part is now past tense.”

Robbie: “What?! The asshole fired you?”

NK: “Clearly, we need to work on your impression of my abilities. I quit, doll. A resignation letter delivered through a knuckle punch. How’s that for professionalism?”

Robbie: “You actually punched him?”

NK: “Clipped him in the jaw.”

Robbie: “NK?”

NK: “What?”

Robbie: “You just topped my list of heroes tonight.”

NK: “Yeah? Does it come with a reward?”

Robbie: “Greedy.”

NK: “Always. How’s Khushi?”

Robbie: “Asleep… she’s hurting NK.”

NK: “You okay?”

Robbie: “Other than severely high blood pressure and having to fight the urge to commit acts of violence, I’m fine.”

NK: “I meant your hand. That punch made contact with bones.”

Robbie: “Oh please, he had a weak jaw. Are your knuckles carrying manly bruises?”

NK: “Fucker has a steel jaw. I prefer kisses to bandages.”

Robbie: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

NK: “You in bed?”

Robbie: “It’s strange, but I always end up horizontal when I’m talking to you.”

NK: “Shouldn’t have told me that, Robbie-girl.”

Robbie: “I like that.”

NK: “What?”

Robbie: “Robbie-girl. Somehow it reminds me of the girl from Indiana. I miss her sometimes.”

Robbie quickly pushed the accept button as NK’s name flashed on her screen.

“You’re strange, you know that?”

“Says the man who just punched his boss in face on behalf of the sisterhood,” Robbie retorted.

“Only half the reason, the other fifty was on behalf of the male race.”

She hesitated, “How is Arnav?”

“Is that concern for the enemy?”

“He let her walk away tonight. That kills, NK. And while I wouldn’t hesitate to give him a case of blue balls, I think he’s hurting too,” Robbie’s voice trailed off.

“What are you going to do when we hang up?” NK asked, needing to change the direction of their conversation.

“Try to sleep I guess. Tomorrow promise to be one hell of a day. You?”

“I plan to fall fast asleep so I can dream of a beautiful blond with her flyaway curls and wisps of lace.”

“Mmmm… I think she’ll approve of that dream,” she replied with sultry sweetness.

NK felt himself stir in response. “I hope you’re this brave the next time I get you alone. Got a thing for fighters?”

“No, I think I’ve developed a thing for NK. Just NK.”

“Fuck me, I need to wind down not get riled up woman!”

His heated accusation brought her the first smile of the night, “Stop flirting then!”

“Needed to get my mind off things, you make an ideal distraction, Robbie Sinclair.”

“You’re worried about him aren’t you,” she stated quietly.

NK emitted a long sigh. “The stubborn ass is probably drinking himself to death.”

“What are we going to do with these two, NK?”

He took a fueling breath, steeling himself, “I don’t know the answer to that, Robbie. Just stay close, yeah?”

“I’m here. Go get some sleep.”

“Don’t hang up, tonight.”

“I’ll be on the other end of the line. Good night, Handsome.”

“Sweet dreams, Doll.”


3 days earlier

The Peninsula, New York

Payal headed towards the conference room with smug glee pulsating under her skin. Even Trent’s adamant refusal to come didn’t bother her today. At the threshold she halted, her eyes sweeping over the empty chairs. At the head of the oval table, Devyani Raizada sat with hands folded, a steaming cup of tea on her right.

Reining back her annoyance, Payal forced her lips to curve in greeting. “Good morning, Mrs. Raizada, where’s everyone?”

“Shut the door and take a seat, Payal” Devyani responded mildly.

Payal moved nonchalantly to the chair at the other end of the table, “I’m sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news last night.”

“Are you? It was delivered with such relish I thought you were rather enjoying yourself.”

Payal schooled her features as she studied the composed woman; there was enough bite in the words to send her mind racing. “I’m not sure what you mean by that.”

“Do you know why the stock in your father’s company continues to decline?” Devyani questioned as she lifted the porcelain cup to her lips, her dark eyes clashing with Payal’s narrowed browns above the rim.

“I didn’t know we are here to speak business.”

“Indulge an old lady.”

“The Board believes, and I agree, that customers are fickle, there’s no sense of loyalty to be had anymore.”

“That is a misguided assumption. Stocks plummet when the CEO squander opportunities. Since you dropped your announcement you had over twelve hours to convince me. Yet, you left last night secured in your claims, whereas my grandson spent the time discrediting you from every possible angle, thus rendering the conjectures ineffectual.”

Payal’s mouth tightened, “Obviously you’ve made up your mind before this meeting. What is this then- a life lesson?”

“No, it’s my respect for an old friend. However, I want to make it clear that this will be the last time you receive such consideration from this family out of regards to your father. Besides, I’m well aware that a question has burned in you for a long time. I felt it was time to clear the air.”

“And what question is that?”

“You must have wondered why I never agreed to a marriage between you and my grandsons. It was the one thing I had to refuse your father. Do you know why?”

“Oh, do enlighten me, Devyani.”

The blatant disrespect needled no response in the older woman as she continued serenely, “Because to you, Payal, either Arnav or Aman would do. They were interchangeable. “

“Do you honestly think Anjali would be with Aman if he wasn’t a Raizada? Or that a girl like Khushi actually wants Arnav for himself? He’s her golden ticket.”

“I’ve lived a long life, child. While age alone does not lend wisdom, it does assist one in shifting through truths and lies. I’m inclined to believe Aman’s version of past events. It does evoke disgust, but not directed at Khushi.”

“You are inviting a snake into your home.”

Nani laughed even as she expression became steely. “That girl wouldn’t know what to do with venom in hand. But you do, don’t you Payal?”

Payal shoved the chair back, “I’m disappointed. My father would turn over in his grave if he knew how you treated me today. You’re choosing to protect a woman who took my happiness. Do not blame me for what happens next.”

“Your father would be ashamed if he was sitting in my position at the moment. His wealth may cushion you, but heed this. While I’m alive, no one hurts my family.”

“You’re an old woman clinging onto the belief that she’s actually in control. Chairwoman of AR’s Board of Directors is a mere title, I’ve wasted my time,” Payal hissed.

Devyani shook her head as she took in the bitter mien of the young woman, “Payal, if nothing else, reflect on this. Holding such resentment close to your heart will only eat you from inside. Hatred isn’t a weapon that you can casually use to attack those you perceive as a threat. It’s a curved blade, and any harm you do, you do it to yourself.”*

Payal’s insolent laughter echoed in the conference room as she yanked open the doors and stormed out.

Devyani exhaled deeply as she took another sip from the tea cup. The herb was especially bitter when cold.


Gramercy Tavern, New York

“What’s the damage?” Aman asked as he met NK on the sidewalk.

NK shoved his hands into his pockets, “I quit.”

Aman snorted at the brusque answer, “NK, there’s not a quitting bone in that giant frame. Besides, this makes it what? The seventeenth time in the last six years?”

“No joke mate, I’m done.”

“He pulled rank didn’t he? Look, it’s not like you don’t know Arnav spews shit when he’s feeling cornered. You taking the girls’ side probably didn’t sit well.”

They walked into the bustling establishment, receiving a warm greeting from the maitre d’ before being led through the arches and straight to Gramercy’s private dining room.

“It’s a magnum night, bring us the Cabernet Franc, Quintarelli, Alzéro to start, sweetheart.” Aman requested with a charming smile for their waitress.

“Excellent choice, Mr. Raizada. Will you also be dining with us tonight?”

“Yes, tell Michael to send out his special, but no need to stop in. Looks like you guys have a full house.”

Aman waited until the staff left to fulfill their orders before turning back to NK.

“Look, take a few days to cool off. I’ll even throw in a raise when you come back.”

“Do I look like a man who can be bought with cheap money?” NK snapped.

“No. You’re a man who comes with a fucking premium price tag, but we’re too lazy to find a replacement.”

“Asshole,” NK retorted, but a grin eased over his stern features.

“Never denied that one,” Aman laughed, “I’ll even cover dinner.”

“Payal, taken care of?”

“The Dragon Lady did us proud this morning, but I’m going to need to you to put some eyes on that one.”

NK nodded, “Woman has more than some crazy in her. I’ll get a pair on her and Matthews.”

“Speaking of, saw him nurse the jaw last night. That you?”

“Can’t take credit for that. Robbie took care of the little prick on her own.”

“Hell, now there’s a fine woman,” Aman responded with genuine appreciation.

“I’ll drink to that,” NK agreed as the wait staff brought in their magnum and an array of house signature appetizers. “What did you tell our Lady Dragon?”

“The truth.”

At NK’s skeptical glance, Aman grinned. “No really, complete disclosure. You know she sees straight through the bullshit. We get through this, Nani will demand it anyways, so why hinder the process of acceptance?”

“You’re awfully sure Khushi will want anything to do with Arnav after this disastrous episode.”

“She’s in as deep as he is. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter.”

“Why not just give up your day job to play Cupid?”

“Screw the Roman pansy, I’m the Greek Eros. And I recall taking on a consenting partner five months ago.”

“Who also told you we should have looked into the skeletons instead of going in blind.”

“NK, have you ever seen Arnav behave with a woman the way he does with Khushi? Hell, I feel like running down the street belting out Hallelujahs. Besides we knew it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing.”

At NK’s arched brow, Aman continued earnestly, “Think of it like a glass of water. Clear and pristine, but bland as fuck. Squeeze in some lemons, things get murky, but once you combine it with the right amount of sugar, it makes for one hell of a satisfying drink.”

“Did you just give me the lemonade metaphor?”

Aman shrugged, “It’s a classic for a reason.”

“Save yourself the embarrassment next time and don’t create your own convoluted version, yeah?”

“Dick,” Aman retorted, affectionately.

NK exhaled, “What now?”

Aman turned serious, “It’s not just Khushi anymore. Lavanya is part of this, too.”

“Feeling daring are we?”

“She’s blood, NK. Half, whole, what difference does that make? All I know is that the way she wore her defeat last night made me feel about two inches tall.”

“So what’s running around that Princeton brain?”

“I figured we’ll need to let him stew for a few days. He’ll fight it, but I give him a week tops before he goes crawling.”

“Good thing we have your experience with Anjali to call upon. Made my top ten favorite days to see Aman Raizada on his knees for a woman, although I’m betting the Arnav version will be equally memorable.”

“Your day is around the corner, jerk,” Aman muttered darkly, “And I’ve already claimed ringside seating.”

“Arnav,” NK prompted.

“Nani wants the first go. Khushi being Shashi’s daughter and the woman she turned out to be? I don’t think we’ll need heavier artillery. After that, it’ll be up to Khushi. Luckily there’s no challenge a woman loves more than unfucking a man.”

“Jesus, don’t let Robbie hear you.”

“You know that name is dangerously close to having a permanent place in your lexicon.”

“Got a problem?”

Aman grinned as he leaned back into the chair, “Nope, fucking thrilled for you.”

“Most days, you’re my favorite Raziada.”

“Hell, you’re going to order dessert aren’t you?”


2 days earlier

It was time, past time, he told himself.

Nerves roiled in his gut as he punched in her number.

“Khushi? Please don’t hang up, it’s Trent.”


Four Seasons, New York

Payal eased into the hotel’s plush lounge chair, carefully examining the glass of merlot in her hand.

Dark red. Like blood. Every fucking thing went back to that.

She could still feel the burn of humiliation from her encounter with Devyani Raizada. The ungrateful bitch.

Her fingers clenched until the delicate glass shattered, a large fractured piece slicing into her palm.

She watched in fascination as fresh red dripped over the broken shards.

Laughter bubbled in her throat at the sight.

She’ll remind them of their place. Every last fucking one.



AR Corps, New York

“The view doesn’t change when you’re looking from the same place,” Devyani stated as she walked into Arnav’s office. She’d been there long enough to read the lines of tension on her grandson’s shuttered face. It spoke volumes that someone as conscious of his surrounding as Arnav hadn’t even realized he was being observed.

“Nani,” Arnav greeted as he turned from the window.

“I took the liberty of telling your secretary to clear your calendar this morning.”

“Is there something you need?”

“Yes, I would like to have a meeting with my grandson.”

“Aman talked didn’t he?” Arnav demanded on a grimace.

“He’s concerned about you, as any younger brother would be.”

“I’m fine.”

She sniffed disdainfully at the air, “Is that why you’re standing there looking mean and miserable while reeking of alcohol?”

When she received no response, she headed towards the door, “Come.”


“Somewhere that will provide you with a new perspective.”


Arnav raised a brow when they drove up to the pencil-slim silhouette of the 103-story limestone building. “Are you serious?”

“I went through a lot of trouble to clear the building for the next hour, so don’t think you have a choice. By the way, they are expecting a hefty donation at the upcoming fundraiser for the remodel.”

“Of course,” Arnav muttered as they walked through the main lobby. His eyes skimmed over the Art Deco inspired glass panels, lingering for a moment on the 24-karat gold and aluminum leaf mural that paid homage to the machine age.

The two elevator rides up through 86 floors were marked with silence. Less than a minute later, they stepped into the city’s highest open-air observatory. No matter what heights a man reached, the 360-degree view of New York from the Empire State Building was of unparalleled magnificence.

Nani tapped a curved fingernail against the railing. A wistful look entered her eyes as she took in the snow blanketed outlines of Central Park.

“Why are we here, Nani?” Arnav asked at length.

“I think that was my line the last time you dragged me here. Incredible how fast the years just slip on by…. Do you remember what you told me that day, Arnav?”

A wry smile twisted Arnav’s lips as the memory came to him, “Yes. I told you to get use to the view. Arrogant wasn’t it?”

“Absolutely, but I believed you. Only seventeen, but already a man in every way. I’m proud of you, Arnav, so proud to call you my own. But somewhere between that visit and now, I think you’ve lost your way a bit,” she paused, “Lavanya.”

Arnav stiffened. “We’re not talking about her.”

“We are,” she countered sternly.

She took Arnav’s hand into her own, understanding the flare of surprise in his eyes. This was something they had silently agreed to never bring up.

Because of her own selfishness, Devyani acknowledged. Because speaking of it would bring up deeply painful memories. So she had buried it, and in doing so, made terrible mistakes. It will sting to try and fix them, but it was only just.

“Fourteen years ago at this very spot you gave an old woman new dreams, Arnav. Something solid to cling on to, but it came at the cost of your youth.”

“Nani-” Arnav interrupted.

“Oh hush and let me finish. I’ve been a selfish woman, Arnav. Losing your grandfather then your mother … my world collapsed. Suddenly, at forty seven I was solely responsible for raising two young boys. And I was scared out of my mind. So terrified I had to lock up everything that happened in Lucknow to find the courage to move on. At first because it hurt too much and then it just became a habit. But now I see what I did robbed you and Aman of the truth,” she continued in an unsteady voice.

“It was an arranged marriage between your parents.” Devyani braced as Arnav turned to look at her in surprise. “She always wanted you to believe it was a love match, but in truth the Raizadas and Mallicks were neighbors for decades, we never considered another option. They tried to be happy, but when two different people are forced to share a life, it’s not easy. Your mother came to me within a year of marriage wanting a divorce, but in my day it was unheard of. So I told her a child would solve the problem,” she paused then to let go of his hands.

“Your arrival brought much joy into our lives, Arnav. Never doubt that. And for a time, things steadied between your parents. Aman’s birth kept up the appearance for several more years. Yet happiness eluded your mother and eventually your father turned to other women. I blamed him for her death, and he deserved it, but he wasn’t the only one responsible.”

As he absorbed her words, a myriad of questions sprang to Arnav’s mind. “Why are you telling me this now?”

“The two things your mother cherished from her marriage were her boys. Seeing you like this would break her heart. Children shouldn’t bear the consequences of their parent’s actions. I’m sorry, deeply sorry for every time I carelessly used the Mallick name against you. I made you deny a part of yourself because I couldn’t acknowledge the role I played in pushing my own daughter to seek escape from life. You are undeniably a Mallick, Arnav, but every inch is also stamped with Raizada.”

They stood in silence, unaware of the biting briskness of the wind.

“Can you forgive me, Arnav? For keeping this from you?” Devyani’s voice broke as he turned away. Her sin, Devyani recognized, was one of cowardice. If the penance was her grandson’s rejection, it was deserved.

Arnav starred out at the skyline as he sucked in a breath. This changed so much, but he needed time to process. However, he recognized one truth. The woman who was humbling herself before him was hurting deeply. When had he turned so blind?

She startled as he twirled back to her, taking her shaking hands in his. “Nani, how can you even ask that? Everything I am today, you had a hand in shaping. I’m sorry you had to carry the burden alone for so long.”

Tears spilled over unchecked as she starred up at him. The crushing weight of her secrets was given momentary respite. She should have had more faith in her boys.

“These words have been in my heart for so long, Arnav. I just didn’t have the courage to allow them an outlet. However, last Saturday, I was given hope as one grandson slipped a pair of kangans onto the woman he loved and the other brought me his heart.”

Arnav flinched at the reminder of Khushi.

“Am I wrong?”

He could have denied it. It was on the tip of his tongue to do so, when he realized it would be a lie. There had already been too many, so he countered, “How do you know for sure?”

She found her smile through the tears at his wistful uncertainty. “Your first waking thought upon daybreak, is it of her? The final image you hold in your heart before sleep claims you, is it of her? That’s how you know, Arnav. It’s rarer than most would have you believe. But when you find it and if you have the courage to withstand the trials that keeps you from being together, you will not taste anything sweeter than the fruit of that love.”

“She’s Shashi Gupta’s daughter,” he stated quietly.

“Yes. We live in very connected world, hmm? Make peace with the past, Arnav. We have so little family left, we can’t afford to lose another member. I lost something I’d thought I would have forever. It hurt something terrible to lose your grandfather, but you know what would have been worst? To not even have the memories of those golden years together. There is no hell on earth worst then regret.”

“What if it’s too late?”

“What do you want from her?”

Just the thought of her made him weak and senseless and stupid. It terrified him, but to not have her? It would be far worst, Arnav acknowledged.

“Everything,” he answered truthfully, “I want everything.”

Humor came into her eyes, “Then let me remind you. You’re Arnav Singh Raizada. When have you ever allowed anything to stand in the way of what you want?”


Fifth Ave, New York

Twenty years was a long time. It was a long time for resentment to fester. It was a long time for walls to be fortified with righteous anger.

Robbed of the certainty he’d clung onto for two decades, Arnav’s mind scrambled to make sense of Nani’s revelations. In some ways it changed nothing and he almost wished the truth had not passed into his hearing. But life didn’t work that way. Each new piece of the puzzle had a place, revising the picture it presented to the world.

Arnav was conflicted as he reached for the dense file on his coffee table.

He respected Shashi Gupta. Had often deferred to the guidance of the man he looked to as a father figure. How to reconcile that image with the reality of a husband who dishonored his vows and a father who abandoned his child? He felt cheated to discover that the man he held in such esteem had feet of clay.

Laramie. He had assumed she had been Shashi’s first love. A girl he lost long before marriage. Unwittingly he had dedicated the first collection of his career to a woman who embodied everything he reviled, the same woman who gave birth to Khushi.

Khushi. As her name skated across his thoughts, Arnav’s hand tightened over the file. She had managed to slip past his guard to a place no one had reached. Not even his own family. Neither had it been an underhanded breach. She had demolished the high walls he kept rigid around his heart and she’d done it in broad daylight. A woman who had so very little, yet gave everything.

He wanted that woman, but the past came along with her. With that thought, Arnav flipped opened the file that would expose the life of Khushi Lacene Khumari.

As his brain processed what his eyes captured, the story revealed through the trail of legal documents began to hack at the ice in his chest. A seething anger crackled just beneath his skin as he starred at the blank space on her birth certificate above the line for father.

He hadn’t even given her his name. Khumari had been Shashi’s mother’s maiden name. He hadn’t given her his time. One Sunday afternoon a week had been all the time spared to her.

And when Laramie passed away during child labor, it had taken eight damn months before she was brought to live with him. Even then, she was kept like a dirty secret. He had been a regular guest in the Gupta’s household, and not once had she made an appearance, or even been mentioned.

Shashi’s will bequeathed the majority of his private fortune and five percent of his company stock to his wife. A year before his death, two separate trust funds, each containing twenty five percent of voting stocks in his company had been set up under the name of his daughter, Payal, and his niece, Khushi, to be accessible upon their twenty-first birthday. Equal shares, together they would give the women majority interest in Gupta & Co.

Yet, days after Khushi’s eighteenth birthday, the account was shut down and everything, including the stocks were transferred into Payal’s name.

His Khushi had been fucking homeless for a year. A horror unlike anything he’d ever experienced before slammed through him. It physically hurt to think of her being alone on the streets of New York.

Initially she had tried for office employment, yet every application was mysteriously turned down. After that she had taken jobs at cash paying diners and even several bars. A chill slid down his spine as he read the reports on the places she had worked, places where she would have been preyed upon.

Thank fuck she had met Robbie Sinclair.

I’m Lavanya.

Regret flickered into his awareness and then roared through his veins. He’d proved to be no better than the man he was cursing. Guilt, a taste he didn’t care for, quickly followed as his mind supplied the memory of two pairs of anguished eyes. Arnav forcibly shoved it aside, shifting again through the documents as a nagging compulsion consumed him. Something didn’t ring true.

He knew Shashi. Perhaps not as well as he’d thought, but Arnav refused to believe he had misjudged the man so completely. Whatever his reasons for turning to another woman, his loyalty was the first trait that sprang into the minds of acquaintances old and new. There had to be more.

It was then he noticed that a second file had been clipped into the back, labeled simply Shashi Gupta. Fucking NK, Arnav thought ruefully. The man anticipated what he needed before it even occurred to him. Amends had to be made there as well. Arnav rubbed his jaw, figuring he could handle an additional knock- or three.

The file contained annual divorce petitions starting from the date of Khushi’s birth. All of them had been rejected outright by Garima’s lawyer. However it was the final document that knocked the breath from his lungs.

Shantivan’s original deed. Shashi had drafted it in Laramie’s name.

The elusive something that had bothered him the day he brought her to see Nani finally clicked into place. The green tiles of Shantivan’s roof. Of course.They were a near replica of Khushi’s eyes. Her mother’s eyes.

Dread skated over his skin as he recalled a long dismissed conversation from the day he purchased Shantivan. It was four days before Shashi passed away.

“It’s a home meant for Happiness. Sorry… she never saw it. Only one man in this world I could entrust this to. I hope one day you’ll bring Happiness to Shantivan, Arnav. Promise… promise me you’ll try,” he wheezed.

Arnav felt gutted, filled with the sudden urge to go to her. To take Khushi in his arms and just hold her. His body tightened. Dropping the files back onto the tables, he stood up and began to pace the length of his living room. Standing by the window that offered up the unobstructed view of the Brooklyn Bridge, he forced himself to pause and give consideration.

She had suffered so much, would it be fair to bring her into his world? In the days he’d known her what had he given her other than his anger and arrogance?

Personal happiness had never concerned him. He’d been content to focus on building AR Corps, telling himself it was enough. But it wasn’t. Not now when he’d finally had a taste of more. Call him selfish but he couldn’t give her up. He may not be the best man for her, but he was willing to bet his last dollar that no man would ever want her more.

Khushi made her bed when she demanded all of him. The full impact of their promise pierced through him. He was willing to offer all of himself, if she still wanted him.

Arnav froze, momentarily paralyzed by the thought of very possible rejection. He was well aware that beyond his wealth he was no prize. What did he really have to offer a woman but a doubtful mind and a distrusting heart?

But Nani’s reminder rang in his ears. Right. He was Arnav Singh Raizada. He’d never failed to obtain what he wanted. Khushi wasn’t going to be the first. Galvanized, he stormed out of the building, heart banging against his ribs as his mind mapped out his next steps.


AR Corps, New York

Arnav strode down the hall, ignoring the shocked faces of AR employees as they halted midstride upon witnessing the dishevelment of their normally self-possessed boss. He didn’t give one fuck. He pushed into NK’s office door open without knocking.

NK looked up and upon catching sight of Arnav, his face moved into a scowl. “I don’t have anything to say to you. VP just approved of my temporary leave,” he bit out.

“Too bad, the CEO is vetoing it,” Arnav responded.

“I’m compelled to remind you that there’s a specific clause in my contract that-” NK started

“I fucked up,” Arnav interrupted bluntly. Surprise flashed in NK’s eyes as he sat back in his chair. That was as close to an apology any man can expect to get from Arnav.

“Go on,” NK returned tersely.

“You know what’s in those files. Jesus, fuck NK,” Arnav said plainly as he slumped on to the closet chair, rubbing a rough hand over his face.

NK tilted his head to one side taking in the strain bleeding through the man before him. It seems the Dragon Lady had broken through. Still. Giving Arnav a leveling stare, he challenged, “Yeah? And what are you going to do about it?

“I recall my PA’s advisement for rectifying a fuck up is learning to crawl.”

As fury receded, NK made a fascinating discovery. Unless he was hallucinating, Arnav fucking Raizada just found his heart. A closer look revealed something equally unexpected. There was no trace of arrogance on Arnav’s face, in fact there was a hint of never before seen vulnerability mixed in with the exhaustion. And, he reeked of liquor.

He almost felt sorry for the bastard.

Prepared to relent, NK opened his mouth just as he registered the brisk knock on his door. “Come in.”

Pam, his secretary, stuck her head in, “Sir, I have a Robbie Sinclair on the line. She said she tried your cell and that it’s urgent.”

Damn, he must have left it on silent. “Put her through, Pam.”

Arnav’s body locked as Robbie’s frantic voice came through the speakers.

“NK, Khushi’s gone!”


So… watcha think?

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*adapted from The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

*adapted from Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

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    1. I love having you with us. Such a discerning reader is most treasured ^^

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      Should we reward Aman and NK for being model males? 😀

      1. Thank you…
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        That is what is lacking in this world and thats how role models come into being… 🙂

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      Lady Dragon will have her moment, after we take a quick detour for some… signature RoNK conversation 😉

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    1. Hahaha I think that has become the key question of FWN. What would Arshi do without the help of their friends?

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    1. Hi kereen! Welcome to FWN!
      Saw your marathon over the weekend – we humbly thank you. Will get to your other comments soon 🙂

      You know what they say about a woman scorned…. 😉

  29. An enigmatic metropolis of startling contrasts, that’s NYC. You have included the distinctions so effectively in the storyline that they have become intrinsic to the tale. While on the one hand, the city is all about Park Ave, Broadway, Gramercy, SoHo-TriBeCa, there is also Harlem, Washington heights and Brooklyn.
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    Aww, my bird has taken the first step towards becoming deserving of the BL!! “Shouldn’t have told me that, Robbie-girl.” -Smooth!! And with Robbie acceding to the advances, do I see the cucumber-black lace tryst happening in the near future?

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    1. This love letter….
      Priya. Priya. Priya. Muaaaaah!

      You could not have paid us a higher compliment. One aspect I especially enjoy researching while writing for FWN is the multifaceted soul of New York. It’s such a reward to hear it from one of cherished readers how it blends with the story. 🙂

      Your Birdie is hell bent on capturing hearts. I think he succeeded 😉
      I think reward for his efforts is surely around the corner!

      lol, K and I actually had a chat over our levelheaded Anjali the other day 😛 Wise words for our Jha siblings. Let’s see if gets absorbed into that thick skull!

      As for our ASR. When he sinks he really dives straight to the bottom of the sea. But surely no one will fight harder for his Happiness once the brain gives over to the heart, yes? And I think we’re all looking forward to seeing our stud on his knees 😀

      Thanks for showering us with love, despite your busy day Priya! Take care of yourself and your Arnavji 🙂

    2. Oh I’m so glad you brought up this point Priya!

      One aspect of the show that I felt was so under utilized was the rich setting the CVs originally came up with. Sheesh Mahal, Lucknow, Shantivan, Delhi with all its rich contrast and history was shoved aside for ONE POOL. And in the end, even that was butchered. >.<

      I'm ever grateful to the talented minds of our ficverse writers for picking up the slack. It inspired S and myself to marry the aspects of Arshi that fits so well with modern New York. ^^

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      People react to how they perceive things. It doesn’t even have to be real! But the sane among us will change and alter our course when provided with new insights. That is what distinguish Arnav from Payal.

      Ah yes. The wooing. Ahem. Let’s see what kind of game ASR is capable of 😀

      Trent… feel free to throw out the guesses, because my lips are sealed!

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    I’m sure Khushi is hurting as much as Arnav. Glad Robbie is there for her.

    1. But that punch was completely deserved!

      Sometimes when you’re in the thick of the situation its hard to see clearly. Those who have caring family and friends are truly blessed!

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    Payal… Tsk, tsk, tsk… Glad that she is drowning herself in alcohol…
    It would definitely give her the boost to make a mistake or two… hehe…* Evil am I not?*

    The final lines ….Humor came into her eyes, “Then let me remind you. You’re Arnav Singh Raizada. When have you ever allowed anything to stand in the way of what you want?”
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    1. ‘Devyani has made Arnav glance at his own heart and understand his heartbeat!’ – I love how you praised that rulama!

      Our Nani is very wise isn’t she? I envy Arnav his family!

      Oh he knows how lucky he is to have his bros, just not something he wants to share with them 😀

      lol. I almost pity Trent here. All he did was make one tiny phone call… 😉

      It’s alright, you’re among company. Payal draws out my claws as well. Tsk, tsk indeed.

  35. I’ve always loved Nani on the show, she was everything I wished for in a grandma – fun, caring, a sense of wickedness and very wise for her age. I think your Devyani just topped her. Admitting your mistake so your kids (well grandkids in her case) can learn from it is truly humbling. She was wrong in keeping the truth front the 2 kids which made them hate their father and Lavanya. But I applaud her for realizing her mistake and for making sure that Arnav does not make the same mistake. There is no greater feeling than love and she reminded him exactly what he has at stake and the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada does not let anything stands in his way. I am now looking forward to him going on bent knees and apologizing profusely in an attempt to bring back the love of his life. He needs to make peace with Lavanya too as part of this process.
    Where were these 2 bros when I was in NY? I would have ditched hubby and kids to join them at their table at Gramercy. I am glad you picked Aman instead of Akash to be part of this trio because Akash was a bit too much Mama’s boy for my liking. This Aman is so suave and debonair and matches his bro evenly. Anjali got a good catch there. Somehow being the younger brother gives you more breathing room and be more relaxed than the uptight first born who bears all the family expectations. So Aman definitely benefited from being the second born. He is repaying his bro by making sure he does not let his happiness slips away. No more plotting though because if these 2 are going to make this work, they need to work on it themselves. NK, whatever the Raizadas pay you is well deserved and you should take that salary hike along with many more dinners. You re certainly worth it and please do keep an eye on that psycho Payal and wimp of a husband Trent. I am worried about why he wants to see Kushi. So when do we get to see Kushi’s side of things?

    1. I’m humbled by the compliment! I really adored Nani in the show as well, it was a challenge to make our Devyani a worthy tribute!

      The image of our proud Raizada on bent knees is simply irresistible isn’t it?

      Akash. Best keep a lid on that one. My frustration with him actually exceeded all anger directed at Arnav even at his lowest point. So it was an easy choice to go with Aman.

      After some terrifying experiences with overzealous mobs, they have developed a bit of stealth while roaming the streets of New York. Although I do not blame you for wanting to ditch all in favor of a night on the town with two very yummy lads 😀

      Agreed. Arnav needs to earn the rights to his Happiness. It’s time to see what Mr. Raizada is capable of!

      I think it’s safe to say, Nine will be a spotlight on the members of our sisterhood. 😉

  36. Welcome back sweeties,how are you doing hopefully better,fabulous update now Arnav is going to win his lady love.

  37. I’m loving the bromance between NK and Aman, haha. Why can’t Arnav see that they are the best and what they do is for the good of Arnav?!

    Trent calls Khushi to apologize? To meet up with her? I feel like you gals are foreshadowing something bad between them is going to happen…..

    Someone needs to get rid of Payal .. NOW.

    Devyani is just the perfect person who can make Arnav stop running away from himself. No matter how much NK and Aman would try to talk sense into him (or punch sense into him), Arnav isn’t going to listen.

    Arnav needs to take action. Right now.

    1. Wow that last bit of update was so much information revealed…But omg.. ahh I hate you guys for ending it in such suspension! I feel like Khushi’s going to be with Trent and/or Payal. I hope Arnav finds her soon!!

    2. The bromance is one of my favorite (and thankfully the easiest) parts to write. 😀 He loves his bros, just not as showy about it.

      Mr. Matthews has things on his mind. But was the lady receptive? … I’ll leave that for you to ponder a bit.

      But Payal adds such spice! 😉

      Yes madam! One frantic Raizada coming right up!

  38. Aww Arnav baby… the bird has flown away….
    That would have brought down the intoxication…
    By the time you realized where your heart lay and why she was meant for you she has slipped like sand through your fingers…
    What will you do now… You’ll have to search for her in the maze of New York…!!!
    NK, your job now is cut out… Buck up pronto… But this time ASR will be around you to help out as he is no longer an ice mountain and you would be searching for his life giving red gold that makes him feel like a human…
    But don’t loose heart… For after the pitch dark midnight for the dawn to come, white has to merge with it bringing in various hues grey. When the daylight takes its place, its happiness all around comes with the chirping of birds…

    The story of Shashi is fascinating…
    Wonder how all the stocks meant for Khushi got transferred… Did Shashi himself do it to safeguard her from Payal and Garima??? He must have,,, That’s the reason he had sold Shantivan to Arnav… But what has really piqued my interest is how did Aman come across this??? While browsing through the records???

    Poor Khushi… How much she had to endure…
    Was it her fault… Atleast Lavanya had her mother but Khushi had no one… Though Shashi was there he never acknowledged her in public! And to have a blank in her Birth Certificate under the father column! Even when under his roof, was Shashi able to protect her??? Nope…. Wonder what made Shashi do so??? Was Garima blackmailing him with someother thing???

    Interesting last bit S & K…

    1. Sadly we are still in the midst of winter. Chirping birds will just have to await their season! 😀

      The File as obtained courtesy of NK and his slightly shady buddy – Chet. Public records are pretty easy to obtain, when one knows where to dig. As for the rest, Shashi Gupta was a huge name in business, a good private investigator can discover all sorts of info. That said, there are some things that a paper trail cannot reveal 😉

      We like to provide answer while bringing up more questions. Need to keep you gals on your toes!

    2. A caution on our file – legal documents do not necessarily reveal the human intent behind them! 😉

      Let’s see if our hero has what it takes to track down happiness, and this time, keep her in his arms 😀

  39. ‘No matter what heights a man reached, the 360-degree view of New York from the Empire State Building was of unparalleled magnificence.’ – I so agree.

    “Yes. I told you to get used to the view.” The arrongance in that one sentence and the will to conquer it all…Ufff.

    I am all praises for Devyani Raizada. For her to own up to her mistakes and acknowledge the fact that the decisions imposed by both the families on their children had not only made their lives miserable, but that the next generation was also suffering. Her silence over the years might have carved the ASR out of Arnav, but in doing so, a 17 year old had been robbed off his adolescence. Highly commendable, considering her age and stature.

    “the other brought me his heart.” “You’re Arnav Singh Raizada. When have you ever allowed anything to stand in the way of what you want?”
    I loved these lines, S & K. The exact words Arnav needed for him to realise he needed let go of the past and make every effort to hold on to what mattered. It was time for ASR-action.

    I had always known, Khushi’s past would be excruciating to read.
    Was it Shashi, somehow influenced by Garima, who transferred Khushi’s stocks to Payal’s name? Wonder if conniving Payal was behind the closure of Khushi’s account and the rejection of her job applications, leaving Khushi homeless and desolate. You know, now I can see, why Khushi had paid for NK’s coffee from her meagre tips. I mean she always had a heart of gold, but having been a homeless herself, her heart had just gone out to a person on the streets.

    Now that Arnav knows about Khushi’s plight, he would have a better comprehension of Lavanya’s situation too.

    So, without the divorce with Garima officially going through, Shashi could not give Laramie and their daughter what should have been their right. But he had secured their future in a way, by leaving Shantivan to Khushi. Arnav’s Khushi indeed is a princess.

    And lastly, where is Khushi? Has she gone to meet Trent after receiving his phone call? Or is it, that this time the pain had become too overwhelming. With no fight left in her, she just succumbed to fate and took off.

    You have woven such an intricate tale, S & K. Instead of focussing on the problem at hand, my mind keeps going back to Arnav, Khushi and the one night on a street near Times Square which changed their (and in turn my) life for good. 😀 And as much as I want the entire plot to be unravelled, it is really going to hurt when the time comes to finally bid farewell to these winter nights.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth Priya!
      I’m so not ready to say goodbye to such amazing winter nights.
      S & I – what have you done to us?!

      1. I knoooowwww, Pyre. 🙂
        I mean it’s like all this time you have been leading a seeminly complete life, following the routine and then something as remarkable and captivating as this comes along, and you are left puzzled as to how you survived before this?!?

        btw, how are you girl? Hope you too found magic in the winter nights at your end. 🙂

        1. I’ll tell you. I was of perfect contentment. Dipping my toes in the occasional fic, nothing to sweat over.
          Now I spend my days stalking and my nights breaking down tidbits of a story that gives me the shakes when updates aren’t provided on a regular basis. FWN isn’t a story, it’s a drug. I’m too addicted for my own good. lol

          Nice to be among good company though. 🙂

    2. You are going to make a certain Captain very happy once she sees this note!

      Personally I was disgruntled over my own experience with the Empire State Building. Two hours of waiting hell amongst crying babies and pissy adults. But the view… okay, maybe it was worth it. 😀

      Aha! You’re the first person to ask after Garima. Even beating our Pyre 😛
      Well the fairytale included wicked sisters AND mothers didn’t it?

      How am I to respond to that?! I feel very blessed that FWN opened the door to so many new friendships. It is a most cherished gift, Priya!

      And hey, the winter nights may end, but we still have many nights amongst royalty and the scorching desert to look forward to! 🙂

    3. Oh Priya….. I lapped up all these comments with a happy sigh of contentment.

      When the heart is involved, it takes little to find one’s life entangled in a spiral of burdensome decisions. How to make all happy? Simply impossible. So we must forge on to the best of our ability and hope for the best.

      Arnav has half the answers. After all, a story told through legal documents alone is incomplete. Let us see what our heroine has to add to the picture before we take a step back and judge our painting. 😉

      Now how to express my love for your company without descending to trite phrases? It is connections like these that is the true reward of engaging in the ficverse. ^^

  40. loved the scene between the dragon lady and the evil sister.. i hope Payal recieves her just desserts soon . Felt so sorry for Khushi when the contents of the file were revealed. She deserves happiness. Am still not clear abt Shashia character. Good? Bad? Weak? Tragic? If he loved khushi why did he not acknowledge her? Why was she treated like a dirty secret? And why does Payal resent her so much? Tht doesn’t seem normal.. what did trent talk to khushi abt? I hope she hasnt gone with him.. girlzzz u wudnt do tht to us. Wud u? So many questions.. looking forward to getting them answered.. oh and i hope Khushi gives Arnav a really hard time when he finally finds her.. tht idiot.

    1. If you have a loose interpretation of ‘soon’ then yes, Payal will get hers 😀

      Excellent! I’m glad this update provoked a lot of questions. Mission accomplished! We like to unravel in pieces, so hang tight and keep your eyes and ears open!

  41. For fuck’s sake! You cannot hang us so heartlessly on this millimeter-line!

    Oh, God! How do you feel so profound to put it down through your pen? Creating a man is one thing. Living as him is completely another. We have no idea as to why Arnav is the way he is even after all he has been through. But one thing is for sure; when he cries, we cry. We are on the same page with him rarely; given how rarely he cries. But when we are, we are there fully.

    So much skirmish was bound to leave our thoughts overflowing.
    Much love!

    1. Heh. Didn’t you get the memo? We are the wicked duo 😀
      A little suspense is good for the heart. But we will promise not to overwork it.

      Compliments crouched with such eloquent touches… my favorite kind! Thank you!

      I couldn’t agree more. We may curse and threaten, but when those dark eyes moisten in remorse, no one is more eager to hand deliver Happiness into those waiting arms!

    2. You have a beautiful way of expression vivacereveur. Took a peak into your blog the other day. Why aren’t you extending your pen to the ficverse?!

  42. Arnav shud stop playing the forlorn lover. Y is he so stubborn n irrational!!
    He needs to tink wid his head not his *ss! he was supposed to be dis smart suave man not a
    egotistical brute!! Devyani a women of so much strength n character…..who gives has good as she gets…..I’m glad she showed Payal (tart)her place. NK wat an awesum friend but some ppl fail to realise wat dey miss until its gone.Just hope Khushi’s ok…..she must be emotionally exhausted by now……she just needs to be in a place where she is loved, supported n commforted so y did she leave? coz ryt nw Robbie is her only comfort
    U guys created FWN in a world that draws u in n won’t let u go!!
    A magnificent story with full of twists n turns……I’m truly loving it!!
    Every character generates absolute genuine emotion!! Awesum

    1. lol… I have not encountered ‘forlorn lover’ in a long while. But a rather apt choice! 😀

      Oh course! She is the grandmother to the Raizada brothers! The family rep needs to be upheld!

      Thank you Richelle, for the encouraging words. We cherish them and will use it to fuel the coming updates 🙂

    2. But he wears forlorn so well. 😀
      Stubborn? Yes. Irrational? I feel a need to defend. He became a man long before the burden should have fallen on him. It brings about a certain since of arrogance, because he wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

      What he really needed was to have his eyes opened. And lucky for all, he has a formidable Nani and two loyal brothers to keep him from veering completely off the road! ^^

  43. I lve NK for punching Arnav on the chin.
    I did say he was my favourite guy in this story.
    Love him even more now!
    Loved how Devyani dealt with Payal.
    Wow! What a woman.
    And then the way she broke through Arnav’s walls.
    She is one of the most interesting characters in this story.
    The end was a shocker.
    Has Khushi been kidnapped?
    But wasn’t Payal being followed?
    Then how did this happen?

    1. A fan of the Aussie? Better keep that on the hush hush. Priya is very possessive of her pony-tailed guy 😉

      Thank you! For some reason, Devyani was the character we sweated over the most. The matriarch is terribly intimating to tackle, so it boosts up my confidence to hear our intentions coming across!



  44. Can I dedicate this Women’s Day to our dragon lady? A matriarch in every sense. “The other brought me his heart”……….spot on…..never misses her target. Even Arnav ,had to confess” I want everything”.
    The encounter between Payal and dragon lady was “spicy”. How I loved when she clearly told Payel that she was aware of her intention. I wonder is it Garima who influences her charecter? The divorce petitions that Sashi filed was rejected every time by Garima,guess she was not ready to let go of her husband and the fortune that comes with him!! Wonder what’s in store for the mother daughter.
    Resignation in form of a punch…….too good. NK must consider it every time he has to knock down some sense into that thick headed BOSS of his.
    Aman……he will surely make a wonderful big bro to Lavanya.The girls of FWN are damn lucky!
    Khushi goes missing……let’s see where we find her or with whom??? Arnav have some real crawling job!

    1. Feel free. But we rather dedicate it to our amazing ladies of the peanut gallery. Truly. How you all inspire us!

      So you’ve caught onto Garima… I’ll only say this. The fairytale included a wicked stepmother yes? 😉

      If the girls of FWN are lucky, then the men need to get down on their knees and thank the hands of fate for leading them to such fine women!

      Oh yes. C.R.A.W.L.I.N.G. 😀

    2. He may be willing to crawl, but I don’t believe his version of it will be in line with ours 😀

      It is human to want to hold on tight, even when you know the best course of action is to let go isn’t it?

  45. Hi S n K, Good to know that K is back with a “bang!” K I hope that you stay healthy.
    Just caught full night #8. Will need to come back to write something sane.

    But I must admit I enjoyed this night 8 more than night 7.

    1. I wondering where Miss Kitty went 😀 Good to see you Shree!
      Again I must thank you for spreading word of our story. It’s unexpected, so so very much appreciated!

      Why bother with sane when insanity brings so much more spice? 😉
      Shall look forward to your explanation as to why 8 triumphed 7!

  46. I must admit that I was too dense in not making the connection that Arnav expected better from Sashi who he holds in high regards than to repeat the treatment that his own father inflicted on his mother. Or even the one he inflicted on Lavanya himself. I love his reactions as he delved deeper into the files and his inquisitive mind looking for more. It is ironical that despite his views, he named his first collection about the other woman in Sashi’s life. Life sure is funny that way. The best part was his selfish decision to keep her in his messed up life because I do agree with him, the is no one who wants her, needs her and loves her more than him. Yes it won’t be easy but they can do this together. So the grovelling has started rightfully with NK first. Kushi going missing after the day (s) he had is not going to be good for his health but he sure as hell will not rest till he finds her. I hope she was not stupid enough to see the scum Trent Matthews. Or maybe she is doing what she always has done, run and start over again. Whichever it is, she has people who care for her now and who will not let her do it all by herself anymore. Let the chase begin . . .

    1. Arnav has tunnel vision. When one is so focused on scaling the highest peak, reminders are needed of nearby mountains.

      Karma enjoys her ironies that’s for sure!

      Yes, yes yes! It is due to that very reason that makes us so eager to deliver Happiness into those arms.

      Our girl is hurting, but her brain is still functioning! 😀

    2. Arnav’s definition of groveling is quite different from the rest of us 😀

      When the lover beats out the businessman, I do not think there is more swoon worthy a man. Our girl better watch out now that Mr. Raizada has decided to lay siege to her heart. 😉

    1. It’s backbreaking work to win back a woman you broke… especially when she has such a capable guard! 😀

      But… we like to think of it as a beautiful war 🙂

  47. Arnav has truly found his heart and his heart is with Khushi. <3
    Arnav not only realized how wrong he was for behaving the way he behaved with Khushi but also realised how unfair he has been to Lavanya. And that's a huge change in the arrogant man who was used to his ways, who never bothered to think things through from someone else' perspective.
    His anguish thinking about how Khushi would have lived all those years was touching. He was concerned, scared, hurting for her.
    The truth about his own parents and the truth about Khushi has brought about this change but where has Khushi gone? I hope she is safe because I'm sure she will still be ready to give all of herself in turn of all of Arnav. 🙂

    1. Arnav has always set his sights on man’s highest peaks. New York’s skyscrapers do offer up a challenge. Yet he forgets beyond them lay the unsurpassed beauty of the skies. ^^

      Sometimes, a compass goes a long way in pointing out the true North yeah? 😉

  48. I need time to assimilate all of my thoughts here. So many questions answered, yet so many more born.

    The poem I quoted before really does fit so aptly with these updates. They really do fuck you up your mum and dad.

    But the prevalent theme for me in this update is Home Truths.

    1] Khushi is as necessary to Arnav’s life as the air he breathes. It’s a home truth for him to reluctantly realise that this woman is one to whom he has calmly entrusted the heart he never realised he had. Be it in the cold, lonely nights, or the bottom of the bottle of Vodka. It is Khushi he craves and all that she embodies. Happiness, contentment… love.

    2] That Lavanya is an unwitting victim of a crime she did not commit is a bitter home truth for all of the Raizada’s to swallow. Twenty years on and they are still dealing with the fallout of one man’s infidelity. Lavanya’s vulnerability in light of the Raizada’s refusal to accept her really ate at me. All she has ever craved is acceptance. Such a simple hope the young woman yearns, and that the Raizada’s can love is wonderfully apparent, that they so cold heartedly rejected her, reinforces the idea that even with money or wisdom; nobody is perfect

    3] Khushi has witnessed such debilitating heartache in life, and it must feel like a home truth that she is incapable of escaping her past. Again – she was never at fault. A victim of life, trampled upon but not broken. I love and respect Khushi, I reply do. Because she embodies a resilience to life when others would have quit. I just hope that soon, Arnav makes good on his intentions. To hold that wonderful woman and never let go. To bring happiness to Shantivan…

    4] Home Truths and secrets shroud the Jha’s. They really are a Pandora’s Box of problems, but after realising such heartache into their worlds, will the hope left behind in Pandora’s Box illuminate their lives and problems too?

    5] Friendship is above and beyond all and this is a home truth for both NK and Robbie. They are beautiful pillars of support for those they love and fire when together. Together they represent hope in this story for me. Hope and voices of reason. I rely on them to cut through the bullshit of relationships they are wonderfully human enough to accept and work with and around people’s flaws. I love them for that I really do.

    6] Devyani is wisdom personified. Home truth. She stands by her boys and prioritises them above and beyond all others. And again I love her for that. She may be the dragon lady for others, but when it comes to her own, she fiercely protects. She isn’t perfect, but she is righteous enough and humble enough to accept her faults. And for that I admire Devyani, I really do.

    7] Payal is pining for a life she will never have. A home truth she is unwilling to accept with grace, and the conversation her husband has had with Khushi, will undoubtedly add fuel to the wrong fire. A fire that could destroy her world.

    8] Khushi is it for Arnav. Home truth. Now can he just hurry up and love that broken girl already?

    I hope this was unbiased enough for you S!

    A wonderful update as ever ladies, a lot of food for thought. As ever I look forward to the next round of fireworks xxxx

    1. Are we too greedy S? 😀

      Home Truths. It took us 6K + words, while you summarized it in two! I’m feeling rather inadequate…

      I’m glad S gave you the nudge, because how wonderful to read these thoughts from you Manreet! I agree on all the points, but #3 once again oust your feelings for our heroine. Which I absolutely adore.

      Don’t we all wish for that kind of resilience? To reach deep within and find the inner strength to provide solace and compassion when you have been deprived of it. It is what I most admire about Khushi’s spirit, both in the show and within our FWN endeavor.

      So yes. Time for our hero to put aside that bottle of vodka and go get the girl!

      1. Please don’t feel adequate, I feel so guilty! English A Levels left me somewhat addled with the ability to analyse and summarise beautiful work such as yours concisely. But its kudos to you and this wonderful storyline that analysing it is a joy for the latent student in me.

        I cannot wait for Arnav to get a shift on and win his lady love, although a quick glance at the teasers I really wanted to avoid has me worried. Curiosity really did kill the cat. :/

        I hope Khushi and what I am assuming to be her hospital stint is not as worrisome as first appearances would lead to me believe. Damn it ladies – your story and my subsequent heart problems will be the death of me! Xx

    2. Ahem, most satisfying. So much so I had to take a moment to soak it all in. 😀

      And sorry I took so damn long to get back to you. The latest update and my schoolwork has me in a daze half the time.

      I freakin love your Home truths!
      It really reveals your thoughts on individual characters AND tells us you’re not sleepwalking through updates … which to be honest, I think many readers do 😛

      Now off we go to fulfill #8! 😉

  49. I admit, it took a second reading for me to catch it. You two. So evil, but I love you dammit! Kya!

    After the hell Khushi have been put through, I fully expect Arnav to do everything possible to make her feel like a Queen from here on out. I will depend on our Robbie to make sure he delivers!

    For a moment there I was afraid he’ll be a noble idiot and let her go. Thank god our Dragon Lady reminded him that he is The ASR. I wholly approve of his selfishness, but it’s good he recognizes it.

    So my brain have been racing away upon seeing that taunting ending.
    I’m inclined to believe Khushi took flight as per her usual method of dealing with heartache. She is too smart to meet up with that wimp.

    Payal is determined to pitch herself against those she has zero chance of defeating. I applaud the confidence. I wonder who she’ll target next? Can we make it Aman? I would love to see him put Payal in her place. Think of the verbal fireworks!

    1. I agree that Khushi has taken flight too. But what intrigues me is what Trent had to say to her. Did he apologise? Ask to meet? Or did he reveal something important? Something that perhaps even goes against his own wife? The downfall of Payal is imminent in the upcoming updates. The question is – who has truly set the wheels in motion?

      Or soon will it be NK or the Raizada brothers?

      Fireworks indeed! X

      1. These questions have been running around my mind all day. This state of frustration is not healthy when one has to work!

        My vote is Trent. He’s been in the background for much of the story. Considering the hands penning this story, I can’t imagine he’ll just remain a waste of space.

        To be a fly on the wall of that phone conversation!

        Also, your home truths were awesome to read. I find myself compelled to scroll through the comment sections lately. There’s good company here. 🙂

        1. Thank you so much dear, I never realised the comment was becoming so long until I pressed post! :/

          I’m inclined to say Trent too, but the man is such a damn coward. Is one slap from Robbie really enough to knock some sense into him?

          1. I doubt K or S will complain about the length of your comments lol
            Who’s to know, but I’m currently holding out for a Trent/Arnav confrontation.

    2. It’s mutual sweetheart ^^

      Duly noted. I’ll even drop Mr. Raizada a memo 😉
      Your wish list is getting as long as Mel’s. HEE. You know how it is. No promises, but we’ll give it due consideration.

  50. OMG! I am speechless. I loved it. What great revelations!!! I need to read it once again before I can write more…I will be back.

    1. I’m back. Awesome, wonderful update. Kudos. It must have taken a lot of patience on your part to write this update. I’m still reeling from it.

      Loved Arnav’s insight as he was reading through Khushi and Shashi’s files. He is always thinking outside the box, but his arrogance gets in the way. 😉
      Arnav has realized he is in love with Khushi—and not just a fling.

      I love NKs character. Strong and open minded. Hears both sides of a story before making any judgements. Glad NK punched Arnav. Knocked some sense into his thick head :). A true friend indeed.

      Khushi is a survivor. She has run away from those that hurt her…she will try to put the past behind her and rebuild her life no matter how much it hurts or how hard it is.

      Devanyi is rock solid. She may be a dragon lady. She has seen life and wants to protect her family at any cost. She knew when the time had come to reveal an ugly truth and come clean. She did. She was not afraid/ashamed to ask for forgiveness from her grandson. That’s someone with true character. She helped Arnav realize he needs Khushi in his life.
      PayPal is evil personified. Selfish as they come. Garima is to blame as well. She was not willing to let go knowing things were over between her and Shashi. Payal is following in the same direction. Waiting for her to fall off her high horse. I wonder who will be the one to push he off. 🙂

      Patiently waiting for the next night. Cheers

      1. Patience? No. Lots of hair tearing and swearing? Yes! 😀
        Arnav’s issue is very common. Things like business and acquisitions are linear equations they have no issue dealing with, but give them a problem of the heart? Total stone wall.

        Our NK is very ballsy isn’t he? 😉

        Oh our peanut gallery is out for blood! Payal should definitely watch her back. =P

      2. lol she’s rock solid BECAUSE she’s the dragon lady! 😀

        Okay I don’t blame our gallery for getting blood thirsty with Payal, but I do hope by the end you gals see more shades to her. I’m of the school of thought that no one is fully angel or demon. Just human constantly making decisions that leads to various roads and results. 🙂

  51. Awesome update. Beautifully written. Loved the parallel stories in the update. 😀 Really liked Nani and Arnav’s discussion where Nani makes him realize that his parents hadn’t had an ideal, happy marriage. Good that she also forced Arnav to acknowledge his love for khushi. But oh no, khushi’s gone. Hope that Arnav is able to find her and apologize to her for behaving like a jerk. Felt really bad for khushi that for a year or so she had by homeless. Anyhow, can’t wait for Arnav to apologize to khushi and get their relationship back on track. So looking forward to the next update.😊

    1. Hi ship! ^^
      Ah…. if anything, there is always more to the story. 😉
      We are shaped by our experience, both good and bad. While the lessons can be incredibly painful, it is those very trials that sets the human spirit soaring.

      I’m of the mind that happiness is earned. We are contrary creatures, are we not? If it comes too easily, it’s dispensable. But when you sweat blood for it, it becomes a cherished treasure. ^^

  52. Such a pivotal chapter. Some truths revealed, some questions answered while a lot other raised. Confrontations, revelations, acceptance, apologies. Life as they know it is changing. And every character had its own shining moment. A significant presence even if short.

    Dragon Lady doesn’t mince words, does she? Not when drilling some sense in her grandson or showing a loony, cold woman her place. She is strong and resilient, yet oddly vulnerable. A true Raizada who has kept what little is remaining of her family together by sheer will and strength. I loved how she frankly and bluntly told Payal why she could never be fit to be her family. She would have ruined my boys’ lives had she married one of them.

    I love how genuinely human all your characters are. With real faults, desires, fears and regrets. They have erred, they have wronged and have been wronged. They have made mistakes, kept secrets and inadvertently hurt others. But have also accepted them and are trying to rectify them. Even if there is a possibility of being too late.

    And our hero? How can one person be so aware of every other thing except his own heart? So easy to love and so difficult to understand. Sometimes it is hard to believe that he is the elder, more experienced one because NK and Aman sure make a lot more sense. Luckily, he has so many people who love him, fight for him, do not hesitate to give him a reality check from time to time. And still stick around even when he is acting like an annoying, recalcitrant child.
    But, then, I love reformed assholes and feisty heroines. And Arnav certainly fits the bill of the former, while thankfully, having enough of the latter to keep him in line for a lifetime 😉

    Waiting for the next night S and K! Bring it on!!!

    1. Thank you for that sweetheart!^^ In truth I almost wish we hadn’t included so many characters in FWN. There is a certain sense of guilt and dissatisfaction that we can’t do them all justice. Although, we will sure as heck try!

      I’m thrilled by the comments on our Dragon Lady! Truly unexpected, but most rewarding.

      As the eldest myself, I can definitely sympathize with Arnav. There is just that bit of added pressure that can be a damn burden.

      Perfection is a nice idea, but I gravitate towards flaws. It’s that edgy unknown that makes our interaction with each other so fascinating.

      HEE, the romantic genre would collapse on it’s head without the ever delicious reformed assholes and their feisty counterparts! 😉

    2. How did I miss this baby!

      You’re after my heart with this love note eternalallure!

      Humanness is the essence of FWN, it is what K & I try to relay with our limited abilities. Because life isn’t about the hero or the big bad.

      It’s just people, making decisions that takes them down promising paths and harrowing ones. Some have the vision and strength to turn back when the road they’re on gets murky, while others continue to tumble down a thorny one.

      It’s what makes life so damn interesting. No guarantees, just possibilities – both good and bad, make of it what you will!

  53. That was one amazing update Ladies, with all the characters background unveiled.

    First and foremost. Loved the Dragon lady. She was fabulous in unmasking Payal. She also put Payal in her place and is fully aware that Payal will continue to try to take them to task. Dragon lady will Protect Khushi. She is aware that the three men around her will take care of Khushi, at the same time has ensure Arnav needs to view things from a different point of view.

    How true if Nani had been open to her grandsons, Lav would have had all the love she deserved and Arnav would not have been so angry at life. Even without this information he would have brought Khushi back, but now things are much clearer for him.

    Loved NK & Aman and NK/Robbie’s conversations. Also the understanding between them.

    Trent needs to grow a back bone. Shyam needs to come out of the closet instead of harassing the women around him. He has a friend in his Sister and needs to hold on to that when she is standing by him.

    What is Payal’s Problem. She destroyed a girl’s life who was her sister just for her Father’s mistake. How could she make Khushi homeless and also insult her through Trent. Why has she destroyed her own life with she had everything. What was the need to take things away from Khushi and ensure she does not have a job as well after everything.

    If only Shashi had ensured a secure future for Khushi. In the end he ensured at least Shantivan will go to Khushi some day.

    It is going to get further interesting from here. Each trying to get their sanity back from the situations life has thrown at them and for what they have to prepare themselves against Payal as well.

    1. And to think, we haven’t even revealed the full story yet! 😀
      As mere human beings, we are ruled by our perception of the world. The best we can do is TRY.

      In the end, we must decide what matters most to us. Fame, money, revenge, love or family. They are all choices that comes with their own unique set of rewards and consequences. 🙂

    2. You did a great job highlighting the aspects that makes people and life so interesting damjar.

      We are human. With pretty limited vision no matter what some of us like to think. Our actions and words are often guided by a narrow perception of right and wrong. It is only when we step into someone else’s shoes that we are able to take on a new perspective. This is the case with our Dragon Lady. She lost a husband and a daughter. It’s normal to grieve, but in her grief she couldn’t see the damage that it was causing her grandsons.

      A lesser person would’ve clung to pride, but not a woman who earned the title of Dragon Lady! She love her boys, for them she forced herself to see beyond her own pain so that she can admit a mistake. It is this acknowledgement of human weakness that really distinguish the strong from the weak. 😀

  54. Finally I finished reading most of the comments as well! They are almost as enjoyable as your updates.
    And I swear I look out for Pyre,Raila, Priya.. The first 2 are master decoders.
    After reading the comments, I feel short of words.
    I dont have a ready answer why I enjoyed Night 8 more..
    One thing is night 7 left us in tears and heartbreak whereas #8 came with revelations and hope??
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